Big Brother 11 – Natalie tries to be original calls Jeff a terrorist

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:00pm Backyard Jeff and Natalie near the couch talking Jordan and Russell near the hammock talking. Natalie is trying to tell Jeff that she has never lied to him once and she was the one fighting for him to stay.. she goes on to say that Jessie wanted him out and she convinced him to keep Jeff, “Jessie would of Evicted you Week 3″Natalie continues saying that Michelle was always the target not Jeff, Lydia that Russell and finally Jeff/Jordan. Jeff defends using his wizards powers saying that if he makes it to final 2 than its the greatest move every otherwise it?s the dumbest move. He explains to her that he plays this game to win not to just survive one week. Natalie sys the biggest betrayal was not have Jessie go home but having Michelle go back on her word and put CHima up. Natalie tells him that Michelle is not to be trusted. Lydia joins them and start screaming “C’mon Jeff vote me out, Vote me out Jeff come on uhhu huh, do me a favour and vote me out”…. She gets called to the diary room. Jeff tells Natalie that all he wants is for everyone to get along and play the game like decent people. Natalie agrees says that she was not and is not part of Chima and Lydia?s games. She tell him that she can control Lydia’s vote.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:15pm Backyard Jeff, Michelle and Jordan. Jeff going over everything Natalie said.. Michelle is getting made, Jordan tells Jeff why do they bother do they think we are stupid.. Jeff doesn’t know how on earth Natalie believes he would trust her. Jordan says she is going to Nominate Natalie and Lydia up and Natalie is going to be evicted. Jordan thinks that once Natalie is gone Lyida will wither up and die. They agree that Natalie is stronger in competitions, she has a real chance to be a HOH winner. This is why they all agree that Natalie has to be the one to evict.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:10pm Redroom Natalie, Lydia and Kevin. Natalie is telling them everything she told to Jeff (minus the evicting Lydia part) She laughing saying that he fell for it. Natalie tells them that Jeff has a very bad temper and if he losses it he’s scared he’ll get kick out… Lydia say great that’s who we’ll evict him. Natalie with a big grin says Lydia you must make Jeff so mad that he does something stupid and gets expelled.. Lydia “No problem”. Natalie bashing Jeff calling him useless in the game and (here is an original one) calls Jeff a Terrorist.. Lydia says that BB gave her pick hair Dye and she’s going to go colour it. Kevin asks about the unitard… Lydia says she’ll be putting it on later.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:20pm Bathroom 2 witches and Kevin Lydia dyeing her hair bright Pink
Lydia says she?s going to look like a character from the cartoon crazy town. Kevin laughs and say no you have the same colour hair but the unitard is different.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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“Natalie tries to be original calls Jeff a terrorist” lol.. i love it


Jeff has more class than to be bullied into doing something stupid.


I like your updates, but I don’t understand why you can’t just summarize without calling people nasty names? If it wasn’t for that, I probably would have donated to your site. Just because you don’t like someone does not mean they deserve nasty name calling.


Hey Sonia why don’t you start your own big brother website and f-off




That’s right!!!! Let her have it Laquisha, your ROCK…..


it s the game, maybe its not the site for you. don t use the lingo as an excuse for your cheapness.


i agree…well said!


I agree and it seems to be getting more and biased.


This is a fan website. Of course everybody is going to be biased towards their favorite players. I am too. And so are you.


stop whining the site is not bias it just chooses to side with the nice people you got a problwm with that? there are thousands of BB blogs and im sure some cater to the assholes

LeeAnn Loves BB

I love this site!! Love the fact that you tell it like it is and updates frequently. If you guys don’t like it then don’t come on here!!


Im with ya!!!Hey did’nt chia look like~~~~ dennis rodmann,,,lol


i find it funny! keep up the good work onlinebigbrother 🙂 don’t change a thing! Love this place! Thank you!!!!


buy-ya or bye-ya, freeloader


How did Simon even insult someone? Are you and I readig the same title here? Nat said what she did. There isn’t any name calling involved.

As a side note though I am so glad Chima is gone. I wanted her gone since week 1. She was so whiny, and didn’t even appreciate that she was there. I use to like Lydia but ugh… she has been played so much… I wish Kevin would just ditch the sinking ship! Hopefully he will since he is a smart guy.

For the record though I wasn’t a big fan of Jeff and Jordan’s. I did feel like they weren’t really trying to play until recently, but now I see how BWAAAH the other team is. I actually think Jessie, and even Ronnie were the respectable ones of the “that” group.


you do know you don’t have come to this site, you can just wait and watch cbs. as for me i love IT here !


i find his summerizing including the “nasty names” not only entertaining but right on target……’s his sight therefore he can do what he wants. don’t worry, i highly doubt they would have donated $ but i will when the shows over !!!!!


I totally agree I too love the updates but they have been getting more and more bias and mean by the day. It’s like hey we get it we know who you really hate and that you love to come up with new nicknames for them everyday, not the wonderful and loving Jeff and Jordan of course and not the loud moth tyrant Russell just a chosen 5 or so. Geez


I like the name calling!!!

LeeAnn Loves BB



Hey, I like the name calling!


Its a little different when its a fact, like, Nath is a nasty person.. and the sky is blue…






Becareful Simon you might offend Sonia! Ha!

This is where the name calling comes from Sonia us fans and they use it! what is so wrong with that?


Jordan got it right. Get rid of the girl who keeps poking the bear with the stick. Swat that nat right out of the house.


Nasty Nat has really lost it….doesn’t she realize that all she is doing is giving Loony Lydia a free ride out of the house by starting all of the bashing again?? And what’s even funnier is the fact that Nasty really thinks she won Jeff over!!! HAHAHA….isn’t that the funniest?


I am so happy Jordan won HOH. They need to get Natalie out and it will drive Lydia crazy knowing she is in the jury house with Jesse!!! Lydia would probably quit the game!! How nice the house would be without those little girls!!!


I could not agree more Lisa. obviously nat or lydia either one have not realized that the one going home is the one that gets to spend a whole glorious week cleaning and cooking for Lord Jessie!! AND as a bonus, give him hand jobs!!!! wow, where do i sign up for that???

i love jeff

get out of it then

i love jeff

will the HOH competition air tomorrow? SIMON do you have information about that?.. oh and also who got the other luxury prizes, like the 5000, the trip, and the phone call ? thanks for the site simon.


WTF is Natalie wearing? Did she lose the competition and has to wear a jester costume??? She looks ridiculous.


Natalie is a moron. Lydia is a nutcase. Kevin should have separated himself from the loser crew last week. I really hope Chima is highlighted in the media as the selfish, weak, spoiled, racist bitch she is.


chima (good riddance) nat and lydia are ruining big brothers future. If the show does return next season will they want to show after dark and live feeds???? Probably not, that way they can control what we see. Too bad the girls are that immature, so sad. What a stupid plan, do they really think jeff will lose it and hit them??? NO


I am not a fan of Lydia, but her dorky costume makes me laugh (good not bad)
I honestly think she looks better in it haha!
Anyways, I hope Nat gets the boot! I want to see her butt gone. Again congrats to Jordan for getting HOH and good bye Chima!


I don’t understand why someone doesn’t remind Natalie that Jessie COULDN’T evict Jeff because the cliques were still in effect. There was never a time that Jessie did anything to help Jeff out. In fact, he deliberately got rid of the people he knew would be Jeff’s allies later on. Sigh.

Jeff knows what he is doing. He knew getting Jessie out first would break the other team’s spirit. And it worked. And, getting Nat out works on two levels – yes, she *could* be a bigger threat than Lydia in comps, but there is the added bonus of distracting Lydia yet again by letting her mind run wild with what Nat and Jessie are doing all alone in the jury house. I have a feeling she would stalk Jessie once they are back out in the real world.


right right natalie wants to be alone with jessie without any cameras around so she ca cheat on her bf what she wanted to do in the BB house but everything is live ……. i would drop the bombshell on natalie about lydia and the secual relationship with jessie just to piss her off, but wait til she says some thin crazy about him THEN do it and watch lydia and her fight and they both get expelled cmon Jeff DO IT


Wow Natalie if your going to lie then do it right. How could you convince Jessie not to put Jeff up week 3 if he couldnt.


I know this is VERY mean of me but I can’t wait for Jeff to tell Nat about Jessie and Lydia’s ‘undercover adventures’. When Nat finds out Lydia was sexually active with her darling Jessie there will be so much DRAMA!


Thanks for the update. My heart was pounding before I found out Jordan won. I was so afraid the Nasty Gnat or Psycho Chlamlydia was gonna win. They’d better get rid of Kevin though, because if he’s in the final two, he’ll probably win the whole half mill! I just don’t think Kevin the Pussy deserves to win! Holla! 🙂

Mr. E

The more I listen to Michelle and Jordan talk s*** about about Russell for no reason, the more I realize I really want Jeff to win.


It’s not exactly for no reason. Russ totally betrayed Michelle during his HOH when he told Chima he knew about the backdoor plan from Michelle. Michelle told him that in confidence – during that same conversation with her he asked her to go to final 2 with him. So why should she trust him? And Jordan has been pretty intuitive about people’s character, and right on the money judging who to trust. The two girls are planning ahead and both are making sure they are on the same page when it comes to getting Russell out before its too late. I think Michelle wants to take Jordan to the final 2, and Jordan wants the same thing. Both are afraid they couldn’t win if up against Jeff or Jordan. Smart game play, IMO.


WOHOO, i can’t wait to see Natalie leave, and then everyone in the house tell lydia that she’s alone with jessie in the jury house and just rub it in her face, she’ll quit, lolllll. Just to think all of the people that would have liked to be in this big brother, and those 3 bitches get the chance of a lifetime, and are so ungrateful. WOW


isn’t funny how scum seems to gather together at the bottom of the barrell? lydia, nat and chima all at the bottom trying to look up.


natalie fighting for jeff to stay? when i been watchin the show and not once did she fight for him or jordan to stay that ;lil bitch learned form jessie how to tell lies and she will be gone just like him


lol….what is Nat wearing ? … looks like she raided that golfer, John Daly’s wardrobe closet.

Evel Russ

My guess is that the HOH competition was the golf thing and they got goofy golf clothes to wear and she is the only one who hasn’t changed out of them yet.


why why why !!!!!!!!can’t NATTY JUST LET IT GO N’ GET ON WITH THE GAME…n’ WHY does somebody not enlighten her that Lydia wants alone time with Jessie…..Please kevin tell NATTY so she can bash lydia for awhile….be something new to hear instead of old news…Please..I am not that fond of reuns..


What’s up with Kevin? Why is he going along with Nasty and Lydia? He needs to run from them as fast as he can. He was Chimas bitch too. I like him, but don’t understand him at all.


because he is a lil gay B!TCH!!!!! and a dumbass


Love the site. Got a big kick out of Sonia saying she isn’t donating because of your name calling. I was going to give Sonia $500,000 if she didn’t say that. Oh well.
I am just amazed that Lydia wants out of the house so bad to go be with Jesse. When she gets out and realizes the things he said about her she is going to go off the deep end. Let the cutting begin. I just wish Jeff would go ahead and drop the bombshell about Lydia, Jesse and the handjobs. I’m thinking he probably has too much class to do that but I sure wish he would.


LMFAO, $500K, very funny, thanks Roger!

mimi in mo

How does Jeff know about the Lydia & Jesse handjobs?


hmmmm….lol….I thought she was talking about simon and dawg printing the ugly names we call the hgs in our comments… that right Sonia ? while your up…go get me a beer b*t*h ………… 😉


I love how Natalie & Lydia approach every conversation ” when I win HOH i will not put u up” Did i miss something? What have they won?

LeeAnn Loves BB

Simon don’t pay any attention to what these idiots are saying about your site……we love it!! Keep up the good work.


lydia looks retarded just like she is on the inside


with the pink hair in the unitard


oh snap BB made their own unatard “CAPTAIN UNITARD crazier than the rest, can leap form one man to the other in a single bound”


The nicknames are great!! Funny, probably friends and family coming in defending what could possibly be the biggest bunch of idiots in one alliance in BB history!


Natalie is the most ignorant bitch to ever play this game. She really thinks Jeff is buying her crap? Pa-leese!!!! Spare me. Jordan is gonna rock this house and send Nasty right to the jury house so she can lick Jessie’s nuts (she’s his pit bull, remember? Haha). Chlamydia will be painted into a corner then because her “Sugarbear” Kevin has already proven he wont save her. I’m sure any day now Kevin will cozy up to J&J because his numbers are dwindling. Probably once Nasty goes. These people are ridiculous! They’re acting like children jus because they cant run the house by intimidation and bullying anymore. Did they honestly believe they could run it forever? OMG! Anyway, GO JORDAN!!! WOOT WOOT! Those bitches underestimated my girl. Keep it up guys, this site is fantastic! And those of you with a problem with it can go to a new site. That’s less pro Chia Pet/Chlamidya/Nasty comments we have to read.


When is BB going to control these HG. I have never seen such horrible behavior. Michelle is just as bad as the other two by yelling things like “wear the leotard bitch”. I think Jeff is close to losing it and Russ is still a bully. I hate this bunch of HG. I love drama but this is over the top. Something needs to be done to ensure the mental and physical safety of the guests. Just my thought not slamming anyone or supporting anyone. Jordan needs to watch herself as well because she is starting to get mouthy like Michelle, he needs to break Michelle and Jordan up or it may be two girls in the end.

Mr. E

Russ is still a bully? Clearly because only a bully would stand there quietly listening and waiting for a chance to talk, then voice his concerns about the repeated uses of racial slurs behind his back while Natalie and Kevin shout him down, and then leaving the room? Very abrupt and confrontational behavior. How do they let him stay in the house? Fact is, he has done the opposite of what people expect him to do at this point and now he’s being accused of plotting by Michelle and Jordan because he hid in his room instead of pushing peoples’ buttons.


My guess is that Michelle is putting the “plotting” bug in Jordan’s ear to stop Jordan from talking game with Russell and possibly finding out about their final-two deal. The last time Michelle “confided” something in Russell, he immediately went to others and put Michelle in a position where she didn’t feel she could trust him with the information she shared. I don’t like that Russell is apparently getting isolated, but I can understand, from a game stand-point why Michelle would be coming from this angle. Just a thought.


Oh I meant Russ was a bully not still a bully, sorry. I am just saying in general that the HG this season seemed the less mentally stable group in comparison to other seasons.


OK and…god I can’t believe I am going to say this, it pains me but….Jeff is the only one acting like a human being in the house. I don’t want to be team jeff but I have to support the one person who is acting like a civilized person…..this is such a hard thing for me to say, but admitting it is the first step right 🙂


we knew you would come around 😉


I know, I want Jeff to win but I think Jordan may turn on him if Michelle influences her anymore.


yeah welcome to the good side LOL


ronnie i mean lying is the game,
i knew you will come to your senses.
now you read all the feed and re watching the episode…you agree with us right?
chima and her goonies are the evil force…


It’s the best web site. I would donate a million if I could.


You are the best Simon! I cannot believe that Lydia & Chima passed the psych evaluations to get on the show. Lydia is pathetic about Jessie.


I love this site and appreciate all the work that goes into it. Thank you!!!


Dittto me to Debbie, out of all the other BB11 sites this one is number 1 by far!




I actually like that hair color. Lol. But YES she is a nutcase! It’s a shame too, cause she was my favorite at first.


thse damn B&^%% (Nat/ HandJOBLYDIA) are crazy wtf i hope Nat goes home this week


and hopefully lyida next week.


wow this game is all luck…the retard as HOH is proof!


Really it should be an easy week, considering the 2 everyone wants out are the 2 that wanna leave. Pleeeeease let them go. They are nasty. What is the deal with Jessie? He is not all that. In fact, I think Dan from BB10 was a hell of a lot cuter. I think Jessie is more into himself than anyone I have ever met. Major turn off!!! ( wonder who he’ll actually pick when it’s just those three in the jury house? Three-some maybe.) Lydia and Gnat have been getting pretty close lately. ( btw- love the nick names- funny as hell)


Here we go again with the comments from Natalie. Her using the “terrorist” card like Chima did. I agree the people that is from New York lived that…we don’t need her slinging that word out for them to re-live that again. I am sure the ones from New York live that day EVERY day without some little punk like Chima/Natalie throwing that word out there.. I am hoping Nasty Nat goes home next..maybe then Lydia will calm down as well. Lydia wants to leave so she can have her alone time with Jesse I am sure, and I am sure Lydia will be upset if Nat goes to be with Jesse before her. We all lived through the 911 attacks but the ones there in New York felt it more so then me…I didn’t have family there but had a family member who was on a flight that day and I was so worried that he was on one of those planes…so enough BB with allowing the whole terrorist thing being used in the house… I hope next season they find some people that want to play the game as adults and not like five year olds….wait…I think five year olds act better then Nat/Chima/Lydia..


the only thing Jeff has gotten upset about and showed that he was upset was when he found that somebody had messed with his personal belongings…..I would have been upset….I don’t like my personal stuff clothes or whatever soted through by somebody else…I understand his anger ….


I like Jeff and Jordan but love Russ, I think he has been playing the game from the first week. I definatley give him credit having to deal with the 3 witches of BB 11. Go RUSS!!!!


Chima, How did you escape the and get to a computer.


Does Jordan get the HOH room???She should or else that wouldnt be fair.


How does Jeff Know that Lydia did handjobs on Jesse???


I think Kevin hinted about it to Jeff the night that Lydia said she was going to cut herself. They were out on the couch and Jeff asked him what was wrong. Kevin was upset because he tried to talk sense into her but then 30 min later she went back to Jesse.


Hmmm – nothing like using a public forum to completely contradict yourself. Silly name-caller … sheesh.


Hahaha Tam.

The Original Jim

GTFO already. No one gives a shit what you think you uptight, pretentious snatch.

Mr. E

Audio bleed had production asking Russell about the other people in the house that have used racial slurs against him. They said they didn’t want to remove anyone else from the house and wondered where his head was at before they cut to FISH.


That should settle the issue then, at least regarding comments made about him. I really hope so. I also hope Russell doesn’t suddenly remember someone else said something at a later, more convenient time. I would like to think he wouldn’t and he said he’s looking forward to a clean and friendly game in the future, but he did say he would do “anything” to win. I hope that’s not the case.


Well maybe if they didn’t go around doing what they did they wouldn’t be given the nick names they deserve. I like the nick names they gave those 3 girls and it fits them well.


Tomorrow Nights Show should be VERY interesting..curious to see how production puts all this together for everyone to see