Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Chima is going to have a “WORD” with Production and Kevin flips to J/J side

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

START WATCHING the live feeds today! See what they CAN?T show you on TV!! TRY it FREE for 3 DAYS!

6:09pm backyard Jordan, Kevin, Michelle, Russell, and Jeff. Kevin says he thinks was a deaf guy trying for the show… He was a hot deaf guy.. JEff asks how can a deaf guy scheme.. Kevin Read lips?

They continue to talk about deaf people… Kevin thinks the deaf guy had some kind of hearing device.. Russell sys he probably was only partially deaf.

Michelle leaves.. Jeff says i wonder what her husband looks like, “whenever I try to envision someone it always get it wrong” …. just regular chit chat Jordan has a song in her head and can’t stop humming it.

Jordan and Kevin on the couch Jordan is trying to tell Kevin that he is “Gucci” with them. She goes on to say that she knows he was hanging around the other side because he wanted to make sure he was safe with Chima… Jordan brings up her seeing Kevin scheming with Natalie and Jessie and she was pissed off, Jeff mentions he was pissed to. Kevin says they were talking about majority rules. Jordan points out to Kevin that JEssie was just using him for the numbers they had no plan of keeping Kevin.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

START WATCHING the live feeds today! See what they CAN?T show you on TV!! TRY it FREE for 3 DAYS!

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:22pm Jeff and Russell playing pool… . Jeff swearing away, Russell brings up the HOH competition saying that Michelle was really fast in the answers. They start talking about Chinese food…

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:33pm Natalie, Chima and Lydia join them outside… they just talk to Kevin. Chima is sitting beside Kevin just friendly chit chat.

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No Problem Simon – U DA MAN
This site rocks


You’re doing an AWESOME job!

Randy Wolfgang

Kevin is no dummy and he could easily switch to the Jeff side which means Lydia would probably follow suit.

J&J ALL the way

OMG – on another website, they’re saying (Chima says this) that she, Lydia & Nastalie want to walk off the show. What LOSERS!!!!! All because of jesse leaving? Jeeeesh! Give them their wish, Michelle – at least 2 out of 3 of them! Double elimination…..


Jeff predicted this, that Natalie and Lydia would just give up if Jessie was evicted.


Chima’s pissed cause the whole time she thought she had power all she had was a goody basket and a soft bed. LOL let the bitch walk. America hates her anyway.


is this for real i wish they would bring back some real player 🙂 not want to be queen racist

big brother fan

love your site simon!! i dont get the feeds and its nice to know what really goes on in the house instead of believing what they portray on tv. thank you!!


can anyone explain to me how the double eviction will work?


Ahhhh, Chima, Lydia and Natalie want to go home. Kevin is sucking up with Michelle, Russell, Jordan and Jeff. Can you say sore losers????? LOL Wow, it will be easy for Michelle to make a decision this week. All three will be fighting to go home.


They are bitchy emotional nutjobs right now. Give it a day or two, they will be back to gaming. Nat and Chima are just PISSED that they lost their leader. They don’t think it is shitty what happened to Jessie, they think it’s shitty what happened to THEM. They were coasting to the end, but their plan just came to a screeching halt.


no, they will not. theyre just mad right now. once they chill out they arent going to want to go home.

there is no way. just mark my word and watch… they dont want to go home.


jordan is such a dumbass telling kevin jesse had no plan on keeping him around and he was only using him…. what the hell is jordan playing on doing? taking him to the final to ??? NO SO SHES USING HIM AS WELL WHAT A DUMB ASS!!!!!

Randy Wolfgang

Double eviction – if it works the way it did in past years. One HG is evicted, then they play for HOH and POV all in one hour and then there is a second eviction. It does not mean the two nominated by Michelle automatically go home if they don’t win POV


Great Job Guys! You had the info first I think and I posted your site in the chat rooms!


HELP! East Coast DID NOT air Big Brother tonight. Instead air a preseason Redskins game. I am soooooooooo upset. Been waiting to see Jessie’s and Nat’s reaction all week. Someone please give me a play by play.


Simon- i remember last summer your site crashed, I was thinking the same thing when I saw you had over 300 comments! thank goodness! That was a heck of a lot of comments tonite! wow your site was on fire!!!

Do you all think Michelle is still with Jeff/Jordan like she said she was last week? for some reason I do not think she really likes Chima but was doing all she could to stay off the block since she did not use the POV on Ronnie. I think she played them. I hope I am soooo right!!! But who knows!!!!

Jordans face was priceless tonight!!! her jaw was on the ground!!! I was hysterical!

remind me how double eviction works? How is the second person chosen? do they all vote?


I thought it was something like that I just could not remember since it has been over a year! Thanks Simon!!!

btw, i plan on sending some money next week when I get paid. been a tough year but wanted to give some money for all the hard work you and Dawg do for us fans!! So THANK YOU!!!!!

I think Michelle will definitely put up natalie as for chima we shall see. I pray she really is playing them and not Jeff and Jordan!


I lost respect for Kevin.

Tsk tsk.


I wish would could have seen it live so we could see if Russel ever thanked Jeff for taking him, Lydia didn’t seem to happy after she seen who replaced her on the block. I also want to know what Jordan said when she heard that Jeff had the secret power. Her face was priceless when he stood up.


I’m a little concerned w/Michelle being HOH – she is so easily swayed! I hope she remembers that Jeff has been nice to her the entire time. And Kevin…WOW did I want to slap him when I see him follow Chima’s advice during HOH comp and put Jeff and Russ up together. UGH! All of them need to grow a pair!


“one flew over the michelle’s nest” has a huge wood for Jeff, she’ll never put him up…..she has to go wipe herself everytime she’s anywhere near him!


I thought I was the only one that sees that.

Mr. E

Chima, Lydia, and Natalie all said they would walk off the show? ROFL! Where did they get these losers from?

Anyway, Kevin has to know there’s not even a spot for him on the team and there’s no way they can trust him.


was it my imagination or did Chima signal to Kevin in the HOH comp to choose Jeff and Jordon ??
is that fair and can or should she be penalized for it ???


She did and Wimpy went with it… I hope he’ll man up a little bit in the next days. He really acts like a Sissy most of the time


Maybe it’s time for Jeff to make his ‘other’ wizard move and tell Natalie about all of the sexytime going on between Lydia and Jessie.


Chima, Lydia and Natalie want to walk out of the BB house because Jessie left LOL buncha losers!
what was the point of playing the game

Kevin is such a loser , I hope hes the next one out


Thank you, Simon. TV does not give us the true picture of these HGs. I think if they aired any of what Chima really says, she would have more people hating her. I hope she goes soon. She was telling Kevin who he should put up against each other. Control Freak!!


Personally i think Michele is playing a brilliant game


Yeah! If she can, she’ll eventually dump Jeff to take Jordan to the end.


sounds like a good week for a triple eviction!


I say, send the 3 packing and have the rest of the cast vote in 3 that have been evicted. Kick their butts to the kerb! No money for them, no press, no publicity, just send them packing. Make a statement. I bet Braden, Laura and Casey would love to come back into the house. It would be AWESOME to grant them their wish! LOSERS!


natalie and Shitma can go next week


Oh I like that Shitma! Now it’ll be Gnat & Shitma (pronounced Shhheeetma)

i hate j&j

OMG yall need to stop hatin on jesse , he was the entaintment in the house nd stop hatin on chima just cuz she will tell u stright up also plz dont start hatin on kevin . yall need to leave them kno to make this show more plz michelle do resonable peaople a favor nd put up jeef and jodon plz make sure they both leave. they r very stupid nd annoying nd trust me yall jeff aint that cute hes average ther r way betta fishes in the ocean plus anyways to u people who love espacialy the ladies GET OVER YOURSELF HE AINT NEVA GONNA GO WIT YALL ASSES


and by entertainment you mean sleeping? get out of here and dont post unless you have something useful to say lol


please yall,learn to friggin spell!!!!


Amen, brother/sister!


R u kidding me with your spelling?


OMG you need to put down the meds and the alcohol……jesse was the least entertaining in the house; chimpa is hated not “cuz” she tells it straight up but because she’s an ignorant wanna be and very very mean and angry……if you are what is considered reasonable, Lord help us all!!! Jeff is a cute, honest, funny fish in the ocean and has his confidence of his machismo shines especially compared to the eunichs (jessehead and russell……)

Educated Black Man

Dear I hate j&j,
Did you go to school? Please post a cohesive, properly worded argument!! I would sit here and point out all the glaring errors in your little rant, but that would take forever. Chances are you wouldn’t understand the explanations anyway. I actually feel sorry for you. May I also suggest you read what you write before you post. You come across as a thug with no reading or writing skills. How sad it must be to be you. Go team Jeff and Jordan! I cannot wait until they kick the chimp off. She is an insult to all African Americans!!!!!
*Just to be clear to everyone, please don’t judge us all by the actions of one “uppity” individual, thank you all.


To: Educated Black Man


Educated Black Man

Thanks den, I appreciate it=)


“*Just to be clear to everyone, please don?t judge us all by the actions of one ?uppity? individual”
No way, we will hate on stupid posters right along with you!!

Educated Black Man

That sounds like loser talk. Go be-a-moaner somewhere else=)


The planets have finally aligned to create this huge black hole and poor King Jessie got his conceited ass sucked right into it. Way to go Jeff!!!


Cant wait for BBAD tonight.


OMG i hope Michelle doesnt put up Russell or Jeff


Oh I think she might because Russ called her a liar in front of everyone.


Chima is Bat-SH!T CRAZY


Worse nightmare would have been if Chima won HOH again this week. I would have puked on my brand new carpet.

Mr. E

If she did, I would have had to give her props.

LeeAnn Loves BB

whoohoo!!!! I love it! Two pump chump Jessie is gone!!!! WTF was up with him pulling off his shirt? What ‘man’ wears a picture of himself around? Gnat and Chiapet are pissed….ha ha What is up with Lydia? Good grief. I know she just wanted Gnat gone so she could have Jessie all to herself lol I want Chima or Gnat gone next…….I don’t care if Michelle is alittle crazy (heck who isn’t) I’m just happy that if J/J didn’t win that Michelle did.


the best thing would be if they walked off i would have to lol and reconcider not watching the show. chima thinks she runs the show and wow watch out production “she is going to have a word with you” ohhh scary. look out

did anyone every find out why it was not a live show??

thanks simon for a great site!!


It wasn’t live because of the threats that Chima made towards the crew. They couldn’t chance putting her on live TV and have her go nuts. I kind of was looking forward to seeing that tho…………………..Her go nuts and Russ droping her with left to the lips !!!!!!!!!!! LOL No I don’t like to see women being abused BUT Chima isn’t palying with a full deck. I don’t think this is over yet…. Look for Chima to get some sort of warning or something. Did you see the look on her puss when Jeff took both of her selections off.


What sore losers. Come on. If Nat, Jess or Chima had won the CDE, don’t think for a minute they wouldn’t have used it to save Ronnie. They were high on power, but Jesse was the only one smart? enough to see how imaginary Chima’s power was. Great game play, gloat while you are ahead and abandon when things get tough. I hope Chima and Nat are gone next week. As for Russ, like him or not, he really has kept his word to both Jessie and Jeff. Not that I don’t think he will turn on Jeff when it is in his best interest to do it, but he has also been up front about that, saying its a game, and to get to the final two, he will eventually have to backstab to get there.


Natalie was always a sore loser. When she played chess or any other game and lost she’d mope. Good riddence when she goes

Jessica-J/J all the way

deuces…jessie…you suck! btw wth kind of legend is he suppose to be?


I am NOT a Jessie fan but all in fairness he did take it like a man.


legend in his own little little little mind….what a dork he is


He’s a legend in his own mind. 4weeks last year……5 weeks this year. Loser

Mr. E

Michelle won’t even look Natalie in the eye as she walks through the room. I think she knows they were planning on getting her which means she doesn’t have to kiss anyone’s *** anymore.


no one even celebrated what up with that? I could of slap lydia for crying, now she wants to lay with nasty nat.


I love Jeff right now! haha! I just hope Russ doesn’t turn on him!


BTW I wanted to say thanks for this site, it really helps me pass the time at work and I am a sucker for spoilers


you know she wanted to kiss nasty nat


I am so proud of Jeff!! Chima needs to go next with her “all about me” attitude…she is disgusting


“i hate J&J” , of course you are a Chia pet, Mr. I love myself, and Pig Pen. Of course a fan of that alliance can’t spell or speak anything close to a semblance of english. Nobody was hating on Kevin, but there’s a reason why everyone hated those three…..they were all drunk with power and so full of themselves. Thank GOD for the Coup d’etat. Only Chima would think that she has some kind of control or power over production. It’s the perfect example of how conceited she really is. It almost looked like Jeff threw that last question and gave it to Michelle, but she was moving quick. The really scary thing is that Michelle seems to be pretty close to Chima.

what the...

I completely agree. I wanted to jump through the screen when Chima Jess and Nat would be talking about who then wanted out each week. I think they forgot that Chima was only HOH for a week! Drunk with power indeed! I love it when they say things like “america loves me!” if they only knew. ALSO, wanted to say THANK YOU to Julie when she shut Jessie down tonight when he said America got him out both times…..puuullleaaasse!


So sad to see Kevin marching to the beat of Chima’s drum. I thought he was a better player than that.


Lydia is the crazy one,crying over woman beater Jessie leaving,does this chica not know,he was gonna stab her in the back?Jessie was for Jessie,2 yrs of playing and still never changed his game play,what a steriod freak.Notice Nat never shed a tear,but crazy Lydia did,either she will leave to be with musclehead,or make out with Nat.Chima pack your bags you loudmouth biggot,you could be hated more than Ronnie!


I was whooping and hollering when Jeff stood up! And didn’t you LOVE how Jordan dropped her jaw and it stayed there for quite awhile. lol. Hellloooo Jordan…if he’d told you he would’ve lost his power. lol. It was too cute. Yes I’m a huge Jeff and Jordan fan. What I couldn’t tell is if Lydia was grateful for being taken off the block? Is she going to hang with Chima and Natalie over Jeff who saved her? Yes we know the house would’ve voted Russell out BUT still even Kevin didn’t take her off the block and Jeff did.

Michelle confuses me so it’ll be an interesting week. I will be praying that either Jeff, Jordan or Russell wins that HOH. I know in the end Russell will be concerned about Russell but I would trust him THIS WEEK to honor the fact that Jeff saved him. Let’s hope they keep their alliance to the end.

I’d LOVE to see BOTH Chima and Natalie go home next week.


if chima and natalie go home next wee that would pretty much be a clean sweep of the sheep

Mr. E

Ha! As soon as the Lydia/Natalie/Jessie love triangle was resolved by removing Jessie, Lydia and Natalie don’t go at each other’s throats…they friggin’ become best friends!!! That’s it. Hit them all. Burn it to the ground. Don’t leave anything on that team that can grow back.


Chima dumped Russ’ suitcase. What an obsession she has! All because Russ wouldn’t let her play with his man toy. She can deny it, but the feeds don’t lie. I wish they would just toss her, no stipend, no jury house and bring back Casey, Laura or Braden,


WTF! If Russ or Jeff had touched Chima’s property she would have run to production…Russ or Jeff wouldv’e gotten in trouble and prod wouldv’e kissed Chima’s butt and gave her a gift. That is a bunch of crap and I want to see Chima get some crap for it. What a loud mouth sore LOSER! I still don’t understand why Chima got to play in the HOH comp??


If Russell is keeping his word, why didn’t he vote to evict Jesse?


I’m very nervous about that— could be in case jessehead watches the show and then russell will have his vote at the end………………but i think internally, russell’s feeling a little girlie about having been saved by jeff so now by voting for jeff he feels like he’s gotten some of his manhood back….get the tweezers!


I like that.. “Girlie Man”.. Hahaha thats funny and probably true.

just getting good

Did I miss where Russel gave his word he would evict Jessie? From what I have seen, there was no chance to discuss which of Jessie or nat would be voted off. I understand that Russel would feel Jessie would be a better “chance” for him to get further than natalie would have given him. I don’t blame Russel for voting to evict Nat.


Jeff did what he had to do….as alot of you have said, anyone else would have done the same had they been in his situation. I am like the rest of you that voted for Jeff to get the CDT…had he chosen NOT to use it, I would have been VERY upset, as I voted for him with the confidence that he would USE IT to further himself in the game. Those of you mad at him for using it on King Jesse and Nasty Nat are just mad because they didn’t get the votes to receive the CDT! NO ONE likes bullies, and that’s exactly what they were. A point I want to get to is who does Jesse think he’s fooling when he said he “kept true to his word” and didn’t “lie”….????!!!!??? He is so caught up in his lies that he and Nasty Nat are starting to believe them themselves!! Does he not realize that “America” sees him for who he really is and Nasty Nat also, and that’s why THEY DID NOT GET THE VOTE for CDT??? Julie called him out though when she told him that EVERYONE in the Big Brother house has to deceive in order the further themselves, and that it was no secret! And Jesse saying that Russ “backstabbed” him when he put Ronnie up is a joke! Russell was HOH, and it was HIS choice. Jesse damn sure didn’t ask Russell’s opinion when HE was HOH! (neither time I may add) He and Nat made those decisions on their own….and let it be known that they were doing what was best for THEMSELVES! So why would Russell want to evict someone that was for THEIR best interests and not his?? Do they just not get it??


I agree with everything you’ve written.
Jessie seems to have forgotten that he told Russell to make a deal with Jeff during the HOH competition to put Ronnie up. Jessie told Russell that he and Jeff both wanted Ronnie out. Russell just followed through on the deal. Jessie is a lying idiot.


…and when Jessehead was HOH he repeatedly told EVERYONE, he wanted their “opinions” but it was up to him…………he said that over and over and over again…..yet when little bittie russell had his own opinion (about ronnie) all of a sudden he was going against his team……………….ugh, I’ve watched every season and every season the people who are the worst backstabbers do nothing but call nasty names to the others who end up having to do the same to them……………jeff is like a breath of fresh air …………….go JEFF go!


YES! everyone seems to forget that! I could never understand what Jessie was complaining about when it was totally his idea…. that whole group seems to believe their own B.S. like 5 mins after they make it up. Russ’s bad too for not remembering and throwing that in Jessie’s face.


Not only did Jessie lie during his pathetic speech, so did Natalie. She said she has stayed true to her word and has told the truth! Hmmm…I guess she’s forgetting about not only lying but actually making stuff up. I agree that people who compulsively lie start believing their own lies. I am sooo glad Jessie got the boot and hopefully he’ll be followed by Natalie and Chima. I don’t care in which order, as long as they both GO! Bullies don’t win and always get what’s coming to them…that’s the truth…


I meant to say: I will be praying that either Jeff, Jordan or Russell wins that POV.


Yeah man, kudos on the site. It’s addictive, like the after hours on showtime. So, what is this about Jeff is going to tell Natalie about Lydia giving Jesse handjobs or him pleasuring her, or something?


Lydia told Jeff that she was pleasuring Jessie at night. Jeff’s held on to that little nugget—but maybe it’s time he tell Natalie all about it and let Nat know that Jessie was playing both of those girls.