Big Brother 11 Spoilage – Who does the Wizard put up, next weeks HOH and 5th eviction results

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

As of 3:00pm PST the feeds are still cut.. The lunch show staring BB9’s Chelisa and her sidekick is still on. It appears that these 2 jet setting reporters have just finished eating. As far as we know the feeds will not come back on until 6:00pm PST after the show airs on the east coast… For all you west coast gangtas we’ll have the result the second they are known. Unless the site crashes in which cause you’ll hear me screaming.
I will continue to update this post until the feeds come back…. Tonight should be a Awesome night on the feeds and here at If you gotta work tomorrow call in sick ( i am ;) ). Once Jeff tells Natalie about Lydia’s hand jobs to Jessie things are going to be CRAZY!
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Jeff the Wizard used his power and put Jessie and Natalie up
Lydia votes to Evict: Natalie
Russell votes to Evict: Natalie
Kevin votes to evict: Jessie
Jordan votes to evict: Jessie
Michelle votes to evict: Jessie
5th person evicted is Jessie
Michelle is HOH

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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461 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilage – Who does the Wizard put up, next weeks HOH and 5th eviction results

    1. me too although I hope does NOT use the power. My guts are rolling I’m so nervous for Jessie. Good heavens. I think I’m going to have to be medicated if it soon doesn’t start

  1. I think Jeff’ll be using it…Otherwise, why is the show pre-recorded? Besides, he has been boasting in the DR about Chima having no power whatsoever this week. I just hope Chia-Pet will choke herself while throwing her 2 yrs old tantrum

    1. I think it was mentioned that its being pre-recorded because Chima threatened something if the wizard was used to take Russ off.

      1. I really don’t understand why CBS would ou could feel threatened by anything that psycho says. After all, it’s their show and not hers. It’s all about ratings as usual

    1. Thanks for the support! We do this because we love Big Brother … your support and thanks is what keeps us going … Its not easy covering the 24/7 feeds but thanks to all the generous donations we are able to upgrade the site so that it wont crash on days like this…

      Tonight’s going to be crazy …and I cant wait to find out if Jeff uses his Power … its going to be insane watching the wrath of Chima on the feeds!! If you don’t already have the feeds sign up for the 3 day free trial and check it out … not only do you get to see all the action and DRAMA tonight for free you are also helping support us by signing up through our site TRY it FREE for 3 DAYS!

    1. Russell will turn but maybe not first week, a word is a word, look for week two for the turn but keep in Mind I believe Russell is still in the Jessie Crew with to much evidents showing and pointing he is.

      1. But with Jessie gone, I don’t see him sticking with Natalie – and Chima should be his worst enemy – she is the one who was so adamant about evicting him!

  2. Jeff used the power!

    He put up Natalie, then Jessie.

    Jessie took off his shirt to reveal another shirt underneath that Cos thinks had his own picture on it. (weird!)

    The vote was done immediately. It was 3-2.Jessie was evicted!

    Voting to evict Jessie was Jordan, Kevin and Michelle.To evict Natalie was Russell and Lydia.(Jeff did not get to vote)

    Chima DID get to play in the new HOH. It was a comp. where questions were asked of two people, the winner of that round got to pick the next two people to go up against each other and so on. When Kevin got his question right, he pitted Jeff and Russell against each other, Jeff got it right. Cos thinks it was either Chima or Natale that pitted Jeff and Jordan against each other. (bitch!) It came down to Michelle and Kevin.Michelle won HOH.

    After the comp was over, she remembers hearing Chima say something like “if you don’t want me to curse, you better let me inside”.

    Next week is double eviction.

  3. On the forums they are already claiming the outcome. I don’t want to post it on here in case it’s wrong. I wish it were live instead of pre recorded.

    1. we are getting bombarded with people saying that ROnnie is back, Jessie got evicted, double eviction, Rob and Amber Mariano are the mystery houseguests, Michelle won HOH, Chima bit a camera man etc etc i won’t believe these comments until I see for myself on the TV broadcast or the feeds.

  4. On a super-nerdy note, i LOVE all the wizard wand effects but when he has his hoodie on maybe like a staff would be the way to go?.. perhaps the nerds that rated your site #7 and not #1 would appreciate that too….you guys ARE the best, and thank you for staying with it even on a day when there is nothing but world-class journalism on the feeds.

    On a more mildly-nerdy note, I wonder if the taping of tonight’s show is nothing more than CBS knowing that tonight’s show was already one of the most highly anticipated of the season and are doing this just to get people speculating and building the anticipation even more.

  5. Rumor has it that Jeff did use the power and the vote was 3-2.Jessie was evicted!
    Votes to evict Jessie was Jordan, Kevin and Michelle.
    To evict Natalie was Russell and Lydia.
    Chima DID get to play in the new HOH
    Michelle won HOH

      1. except that Chima is gonna use the whole “girl power” thing to cozy up to Michelle and still lord it up in the HoH like she is the queen of the house…

      2. If Michelle is the HOH I don’t see her nominating Jeff – she voted Jesse out which means she is not with the Jesse – Nat group — BUT she does not trust Russell – I think she will nominate Russell and either Nat and or Chima.

      3. Well, Russell, Jeff and Jordan should watch their backs now… Michelle is too scared of Chima to nominate her for eviction. I hope she’ll understand that Chima is a more serious threat to her, though.On a different note, if they all decide to go for that “men vs women” shit, will Kevin side with the guys or the girls? I am asking because he seems to be a tad of a wuss to me

        1. He’ll do what he can to hang in the middle so neither go after him – which means he can’t win HOH until later in the game. He has already shown he is afraid to make anyone mad, and the only person he has gone against was Lydia by not using the POV – he knew she would forgive him.

      4. That does sounds pretty good. I think that the last couple nights Michelle has made it clear she’s tight with Jeff and Jordan. The only thing I don’t care for in that scenario is that Michelle has appeared to get close to Chima, which means she may not put her up and frankly, I would prefer to see her go next week than anyone else, closely followed by Natalie.

        1. I think the only reason Michelle was getting close to Chima was because Chima was HOH – other than that – Michelle has no use for Chima. Chima can flap her lips all she wants to Michelle this week, I think Michelle knows which side is better for her now that Jesse is gone.

  6. GUYS!!!

  7. has fainted. For those saddened and distraught as well, please bring along a supply of Scottie’s little softies two ply tissues, a box of fruit loops and a bottle of vodka so she and you can drown your sorrows together.

  8. I don’t like the idea AT ALL About Michelle winning the HOH. I mean there’s nothing you can do about it, but I think Chima still has control over Michelle and will be hard for her to get away from Chima.

    1. the good thing is that michelle told chima and others that she wont put up jordan or jeff…hopefully “if” she did win she keeps to that. its better her winning than natalie, chima, and maybe even lydia or kevin.

  9. Like I said it earlier in the day .. Jessie has been evicted and Michelle won HOH . Im guessing Jeff and Jordan are out

    1. Naw i still think Michelle will stick with Jeff….Likely will target Russell and put up Lydia (again) or Jordan to make sure he goes home…then if she’s smart she’ll take Russell’s spot in the J&J alliance – it’s her only chance to be on a team that will take her to the final 3 (chima and natalie would likely keep Kevin over her; Kevin and Lydia would probably keep Chima to the end).

  10. So Russell’s already backstabbing Jeff/Jordan by voting to keep Jessie? Must be all that zit cream getting into his frontal lobe. You’d think with all the camel spit this guys swallowed, he’d be impervious to Clearasil.

    1. I don’t think it’s a backstab to Jeff. I think that with all of the “girl alliance” talk in the house, he voted Gnat out to eliminate a vagina. I don’t thin Jeff (or myself) cared which of the two went, they both were/are annoying.

    1. My gut tells me Michelle will stay loyal to Jordan and Jeff and her reign as HOH will prove to them she can be Kind of trusted. Perhaps Michelle is hoping to get a final 3 deal with j/j with the hopes of going to the final 2 with Jordan.

      1. Exactly what I think – she knows after hearing Chima and Nat babble on for the last week that they cannot be trusted – Jeff’s team is the surer bet for her.

        1. I agree with yu guys on Michelle, even that I did not like Jeff, Jordan is hot and Michele does have a head on her and Chimas Girl power may lean her for a scond but she knows they this side will screw her. She Likes jeff and jordan more than she liked me, See you next week Michele when I return

  11. Russel did what he had to do. He knew Jessie was going to lose 3-2 , plus IF Russel makes it to the final he has Jessie’ vote in the bag.

    I agree with nobody has control over Michelle. She will put up Jeff and Russel because let’s face it. They were the two best people left in the BB in endurance competitions/ Hopefully Jeff wins POV

    Honestly I don’t believe anything what people are saying over here untill I watch it . Maybe CBS wrote that crap on purpose to fool us?

  12. ok…if we are to believe these updates, then can some explain to me what happened to the confirmed dbl eviction? as written prior in this blog.

  13. I’m no longer a fan of Big Brother. This season just seems a bit to ridiculous. I’ll be honest, I would rather it be done as it’s done around the world (similar to season 1). This show just doesn’t seem real…too many random rule changes.

    1. I agree, seems everything we copy from other countries, we put our own spin on it and it tends to suck! take Hells Kitchen for example vs. The ‘F’ word. same show,different format!! Bloody Yanks!

    2. Best thing to happen with all the dumb ass’ in this season is mean Shem and lidya to b put up 4 eviction. Or keven he is a pis…y. lol dodnt anyone watch dr will. He knew it was a game and played it. Jeff and jorden are the only normal people there. Shema is the child of the devil. Lol. I think she is someone who wants to look like she is high class but is really a beer budget person inside. Lol. This season sucks and jessie, his biggest fault was he hooked up with crazy chicks. Lol

  14. There’s no way Michelle will put up Jeff and definitely not Jordan…perhaps Russel but i think she may avoid that as well…i would bet she plays safe and puts up Lydia and Kevin

      1. This was not part of the rules for CDT.
        CHima held the rewards of HOH and if the CDT was not used what would it matter.
        She received power for the whole week this is juts plain discrimination against the other minority players and Jeff and Jordan.

  15. If this is true this could be a worse case for Jeff! I do think it was stupid to evict Jesse as it is Natalie that is pulling all the strings. No way Michelle puts up Chima or Natalie, though Michelle is playing both sides. I see Russell going up, no doubt there. I cannot wait to watch tonight, if just to see Chima’s face when Jeff uses his power. Makes me giddy

    1. There are not many strings for Natalie to pull now – truthfully all she really has is Chima (and even thats not so sure)

    2. She may have pulled strings, but Jessie was the strong one. If she really is a Tae Kwon Do champion, it’s time for to show it.

    3. I think Mich. nom’s should be Nat &Russ, with Jeff”s blessing, because, Russ did not vote to evict Jessie (if its true).


  16. I can’t believe Russell voted to keep Jessie after Jeff saved him. Russell needs to go.; he defenitely paying both sides.

    1. It really makes sense, because he might have had a chance to get Jessie to work with him, but he knew Natalie would never help him.

    2. I can`t wait for Russel to get out and watch the tapes of his dear ” friend ” Jesse calling him ” Osama” and terrorist. Maybe he will regret kissing Jesse`s ass.

    3. I don’t know why everyone is so surprised that Russell voted to keep Jessie over Natalie. All-girl alliance? Anybody remember that?

  17. I hope Michelle doesn’t put up Jeff or Jordan! I am just so glad Jessie is gone! LOL. You suck at Big Brother Jessie.

  18. Jeff didn`t save Russell because he trusts Russell or because Russell is such a loyal guy, Jeff just wanted to get rid of the stinkier fecal matter, Jesse, first.

  19. Are You kidding Me??? I am Good at this game, two seasons in the House!
    and you think your hurting my feelings!
    Anybody want to buy my shirt?? it will be on ebay when it’s all over!

      1. Hey Jesse, how is it that you are able to blog when you have been escorted to the jury house and still have no access to the public. Nice try, Jesse wannabe

  20. I would like to Thank All my Fans for supporting me in my second yes second season on Big Brothers because CBS knows I am good at this game. I still have a vote for who will win and here I will set my goals for the winner! I love you Fans and Yes Russell was my Secret Pal and team with a final two program.

    1. This can’t be the real Jessie – there is no way CBS could allow communication from the outside world, because then you would know everything going on in the house and what is being said on the internet. Can’t believe they would put up with that much information (or misinformation) flow.

    2. You need to thanks a loser called MELANIE here that would eat your shit. She defends all your wrongdoingsand all the garbage that you say and do. Losers attract losers. So…

  21. l can not believe Russell voted to keep Jessie in the house after Jeff saved his stupid ass. He is a loser. He is playing both sides. It would not surprise me if he becomes friends with Chima and Nat again.

      1. Russ is a complete idiot. pissing off two (or possibly three) for one possible vote. I guess he learned nothing from be a sure fire eviction before Jeff saved him.

    1. Russell promised Jessie that he would never put him up or vote him out. He’s a man of his word. That said, Russell knows about the girl alliance, which means it’s in his best interest to keep a man in the house. It doesn’t matter though, since Natalie staying is no better than Jessie staying except that Jessie is smarter.

  22. i hope this rumor is true!! next up….period chic that doesnt shower then DSL’s…then every man/woman for themselves!!!

  23. well at least jesse stayed a week longer than last season lol! && russell is smart 4 voting to send natalie home so that he will have jesse’s vote in the end! && what wuz the HOH comp how did MICHELLE WIN?? ha


  25. Why are people saying Jeff was dumb for using the power.
    EITHER way , he was a target next week or the week after.
    He made AMERICA proud b nominating that stinky filthy natalie and that loser jessie
    GO JEFF!!

  26. I heard from my dog’s best friend that Jessie is still IN!!
    Jeff was fed up with Jordan and he put her up against Natalie. Nat is out and Jordan is furious against Jeff. The girl alliance is stronger than ever.

  27. I am SOOOOOOO MAD!!! I just went to remind my tv and stupid football is on instead of Big Brother….now I am a huge football fan but come on its only preseason and I have been waiting on this show all freaking week!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I saw the heading and my knee jerk reaction was “I don’t want to know!” But, I simply could not resist. Jessie out! Woohoo!! I can only hope this is true!
    Michelle winning HOH was not the best scenario, but certainly way better than Chima or Natalie winning it. I believe she will be loyal to Jeff and Jordan and I really hope they can convince her to keep Russell to keep a 4-person alliance in tact. I can’t wait to see Russell’s reaction to being saved and Jessie’s reaction to be sent packing. Buh Bye meat head! Pig Pen will hopefully be not far behind to flick boogers at you.

    1. thats what i was sayin cuz remember last year when the cocky bastard was voted out michelle was hoh and vowed revenge like an idiot , that was her downfall

    1. Lydia and I enjoyed every bit of you while I was in the House!
      Come join me in the Jury House! WAITING ON YOU!!

  29. Her alternative wasn’t much different – I can’t figure out why she was even still friends with either of them. eliminating Natalie would be eliminating her competition for Jessie’s ‘affection’

    1. Lydia can not send Nat to the jury house to be alone with Jessie.
      she now has to stick it out with her or cause herself to go to jury house to be with jessie baby.

  30. If this is true then I think Jeff and Jordan are safe. Michelle will nominate Russell and Natalie for eviction, and I hope that Rusell leaves this time.

      1. I think so too but Michelle and Chima are friends. Unless Chima does something to Michelle I don’t think she will put her up.

  31. There was a Michelle last season , so the whole thing u heard about jessie leaving and michelle winning could be last years

  32. If Russell voted to get rid of Nat, I think it was mainly due to the fact that the” girl power to the end” issue brought on by Chima. Take a woman out and try to get it even up with the guys.

    1. If Russell voted Nat it was to show Jessie he was on his secret pal team to the final two and get Jessie’s support for winning votes at the end!

  33. Sorry simon i’m not saying this isn’t true or anything but where did you hear this like was this on live feed or what

  34. “IF” all this is true; Jessie now gone and Michelle winning HOH, her best move would be to put up Russell and Natalie. Natalie more so because she is stinking up the damn house. She smells so bad I can see the stink lines coming off my TV screen. She smells like a combination of dirty tampons and used toilet paper (in my opinion)

  35. dont believe everything you read. cbs was the audience at this taped event and the feed is down. nobody knows who is evicted unless theres a hg in the house spreading the rumor wait and watch the show.

  36. oh and if nat and chima get nominated then does chima tell nats age and reveal ‘the big lie’ to save herself to michele. taking bets?

  37. I am so sad that Jessie went home. best player ever. I don’t understand why everyone hates him anyway… He was mean like russel.
    This is horrible. I want Jessie back!

  38. I heard that Jessie is still in and jeff didn’t use the power, and russell got kicked.i hope that is not the case

  39. First of all i think Russell voted for Jessie to stay because of the “All Girl” alliance that Chima has. Thats my only reason as to why he would vote to keep Jesse

  40. America votes responsible for Jessie leaving again.
    Big Brother 10: Dan/America vote Jessie out!! Big Brother 11: Jeff/America put Jessie up and out!!

  41. Even though I dont like jessie, he didnt deserve to go home. He was playing a good game and the only reason he is gone is cause the producers know America likes Jeff.

  42. I hate that Big Brother doesn’t just let the game play out uninterrupted from the outside. Jesse is playing a good game, and thats why America hates him. Now the one player that has performed the best in this game is being kicked out by someone who has been weak and made bad decisions. Such bullsh*t.

    1. Bitch, Jesse was called in to a season he didn`t belong. Are you mentally challenged??
      He had his chance last season. How many people get two chances for a big opportunuty like that. CBS needed a Rodeo Clown and got Jesse in, so he could leave humilliated like he deserves.

  43. Again everyone we dont know what has happened exactly yet!. As I said before last season when Jessie was on the show there was also a girl named Michelle and if this was all on the CBS forum then it can’t be true! They don’t update it that often. Usually they are atleast a day behind.

  44. My goodness… Jeff and Jordan suck….. CBS literally handed them free pass for the past two weeks and they cant even win one HOH. I swear they are so useless. What does CBS have to do, force feed 500k down thier throats. I promise if they give these no game having, useless in challenges people another free chance at the 500k, someone needs to be shot.

  45. to be honest, jessie was the least offensive to watch. If you think about it, while he does play the game, he doesn’t explode on ppl which makes him more enjoyable to watch. Trust me I am not a fan of any one particular person (honestly, it doesn’t matter to me) but I would much rather be in that house with Jessie than I would with Chima or Natalie.

  46. everyone who talks about how jessie is playing such a good game and that jeff and jordan are being handed the game by CBS need to remember how jessie got on this season in the first place…

  47. Quit with all the rumors,nobody knows shit till 9pm east coast,everything is shutdown and closed,so nobody spoils it.anyone reporting anything about who is evicted,is lying like jessie,stinky and chiapet!

  48. i completely agree. it gets WAAAY too old when CBS keeps putting these ditzy girls on the show. in all honesty, they don’t make for good television because the interest dies out very quickly. Daniele on the other hand, she was a great player – She Actually Played The Game! Jordan doesn’t contribute anything. But this is probably how she is in her real life – mediocre at best. She isn’t motivated to change or elevate herself in any way. Haven’t the ratings proved that when attractive and “game-smart” women like Daniele played people watched?? Ugh.

  49. vote for the arrogant cocky d bag or vote for the nice guy? it seem the only reason people think jessie is so good at this game is because he’s good at scheming and starting bullshit ie “playing dirty” and that is true, and they don;t like jeff because he’s the complete opposite of jessie he’s playing the silent game, sittin back observing the house and making sure he knows what is the truth and what is the lie and watchin the carnage of what happens when housegusts lie and scheme on each other…… and idiots don;t see that and say that because he’s not playin “dirty” he’s not playin at all ……

  50. The “live” voting begins and Jeff opts to use his power. Jordan’s jaw is on the floor. She is so surprised. Julie tells Chima that she is eligible to play for HOH. Jeff overthrew Chima and took Lydia off the block and put Natalie on the block. Jeff took Russell off the block and put Jessie on the block.

  51. Sookie! Sookie! Sookie! “I know you guys are upset but as I learn from you, this is a game. You’ve been running the house without being on the block. Now you’ve got to feel the pain.” OMG!!!! Jeff, I really love the way you stuck it to them. Chima, go Brooke yourself!

    1. One of the greatest moments in BB history. It’ll be intersting to see how Michelle uses her HoH this week. She can use her relationship with Jeff & Jordan to join the J/J/R Alliance or try to replace Jessie in the Chima/Nat alliance. I don’t think there is a wrong move on Michelle’s part but there is a “safe” move.

      Safe moves

      Russell & Nat on the block (one from each side)
      Lydia & Kevin (the 2 floaters)

      Or she can go to the final four with Jeff, Jordan & Russell and put up Chima & Nat

      Because of her relationship with Jeff, Jordan & Chima I have a tough time seeing her nominating any of those 3. I also can see Jeff & Jordan convincing her it’s smarter for her to join them and have great shot at the final 4.

      1. One of your scenario might turn true… The only thing which really annoys me is that Chima is a bully, like Russell in fact. And remember that Michelle is a dork or a nerd, whatever! Usually, this kind of person doesn’t see the point of standing up to a bully. I hope Michelle will go insane or do something scary just to have ppl off her back. After that, I don’t care who she might nominate as long as she doesn’t act as a pawn for Chima or Nathalie.

    1. im kinda paranoid over why russ would vote to keep jessie in.

      cuz he should know that jessie+chima would go after jeff.. thereby taking the target off his back

      1. Did we all forget that Natalie has been spreading the most rumors? What is this “Oh my god, why would he vote to evict Natalie” nonsense? Yeah, Jessie has been the mastermind and is the most dangerous competitor and is a total douchebag, but Natalie and Chima have been plotting an all-girl alliance.

      2. I think the reason Russell voted to keep Jesse is because Jesse will be able to vote for the winner of BB, being a member of the Jury house, & Russell thinks he is going to the end & will get Jesse’s vote.

  52. Jessie the biggest whiner crybaby on tv is gone! Flash forward- Michele puts up Russell and Pigpen. Russell gets voted out next. Michele is not socially awkward, she is just not used to having lying, backstabbing, racist people surround her . I’m sure she wouldn’t associate with these people other than Jeff and Jordan in her real life. Jessie and Ronnie played a good game? No………….they are gone for being ruthless whining jerks. Getting rid of people not liked is part of the game , and the no lips Frank Burns(Ronnie) and the whiner(Jessie) played it poorly! Michel brains and beauty. Hope she wins it all.

    1. Michelle needs to start thinking with her head instead of her heart if she wants to survive. Jeff has a plan that allows her a definite top four spot with two of the strongest players in the game. If she sides with Chima and gets rid of Russell, then she’ll have a top 5 spot and be the strongest player. Not only will she be a threat, she’ll be disposable as soon as Russell is gone, especially since Jeff can only win HoH once every two weeks.

  53. All spoilers earlier were correct with votes as well. Jesse is gone and most likely Michele is HOH because the other spoilers were correct. That made my night. Good riddance Jesse. I wonder if Lydia will want to leave next week to be alone with Jesse is the jury house? LOL

  54. Jessie’s shirt….. a picture of him with the following quote…”The Man, The Myth, The legend” OMG are you kidding me???

  55. Lets see him win something that is actually in the game and not one of big brothers lifelines to help the weak, and then all you loyal followers will really have something to celebrate.

  56. ha ha ha ha and he took his shirt off to show a picture of himself on his other shirt….then was tearing up like a pussss that he his!!!!!!!! later pusssss YYYYYYYYY

    1. Very fcked up!

      Unlike you, I will watch. I knew if he used that power, he will be hated in the house. We’ll see what he (Jeff) can do on his own, unless BB finds away to get america to help Jeff again.

    2. what do you mean the only excitment in the house? he sleeps for 13 hours a day!
      russell owns him in excitement factor.

  57. Lydia cried OMG is she insane? Chima said she was going to have a talk with producers what a diva. Jesse took it with grace. Surprise surprise but good on him though.

      1. I bet she will leave purposely to be alone with Jesse in the jury house. She obviously isn’t on the show to win the money but to chase Jesse around like a lovesick dog.

      1. not only is she crying…she freakin voted for him to stay…wth? do you like giving bj’s that much….cuz you definitely didn’t get no other kinda love…and he voted your ass out…stupid bitch…hope to see her ass fly out with natalie for double eviction…it would be nice!

        p.s. russell’s in da house chima! I hope he gives her hell~

  58. Lydia is frickin crying! LOVE IT! Who you gonna rub off now, Lydia?!?!?! Oh and someone should just light Chiman on FIRE! Soooo tired of her and her attitude. I love how in her interview with Julie she acted like she was the bigger person in the argument between her and Russell.

  59. This show is so staged, it is pathetic. What a joke. This one took the cake though. Nice job by the producers of BB to make it look like it was actually the way it should be. I am done with this crap. No more scripted reality TV for me.

  60. Seriously! Chima – STFU! Lydia – you’re an ass! Way to go Jeff! Jesse is such a douche! If I have to see that pose one more time, I’m going to scream! Chenbot looks ridic trying to hide her pregnancy. This episode is sooo effing good!

  61. CHIMPA is already saying she is going talk to the producers ha ha ha i guess next she will want al sharpton to start a rally for her…….. TAKE IT LIKE A MAN U SHE MAN CHIMPA!!!!! HA HA HA HA

    1. Hey mitch, I’m black and I 100% agree with dave. Chimpy makes us all look bad. Take it from a “brotha”, Chima IS a waste of space (and a crybaby to boot). If I hear her play the race card one more time, I’m going to go crazy!!

  62. Chima is a Beotch!!!! Jeff didn’t say anything to anybody if he had the producers would have been right on it.. God I hope she goes next week! I was very impressed by what Jessie said to Jeff.. at least he sees it’s just a game and it was a move Jeff had to do.

  63. Did you hear Chima after Jeff used the Coup D’etat, “I’ve got to have a little talk with the producers”…she seriously thinks she runs the show.

  64. I don’t like Jessie, but he at least was respectfull in his departure. What’s up with his shirt? What an wierdo. Lydia is pitiful. Both she and Jessie were gross.

    1. he s the only one with any class or brains; ju(st because he didnt act phoney like pit bull and little dick and try to suck up to them. your in a real minority (and im not being racist) my friend

    2. tell me why jeff is an asshole?
      why is it because jessie left? right right… jessie is a big threat jeff did the right thing…
      now the what you call “NBK” is powerless

    1. russel is ON i know for sure it wasen’t jeff or jordan and you know the ret of the “sheep team” is gonna influence her decision i hope she smart enough not to listen

      1. I think our girl will put up Chima & Nat, keeping Russ along a little longer. Assuming neither wins POV, Chima leaves 3-2 (only Kevin & Lydia vote for her). Go Michelle!

    2. As of last night, Michelle stated that she wanted to get out Jeff, so she would put up Jeff and Jordan or Jeff and Lydia. Michelle is unstable so who knows what she’ll actually do

  65. Natalie’s reaction of having to plop her stank ass into the nomination chair was priceless! Did you hear how her voice quivered? I honestly don’t think that she ever thought that she’d be knocked off her throne.

  66. Michelle won HOH by virtue of not having enemie…she didn’t get picked until the end. Chima pointing out instructions (read:orders) to Kevin made me sick…..

    1. I think Michelle will play it very safe and nominate Russell – she knows whoever he is up against doesn’t matter since he will be evicted.

  67. rumors are true, rumors are true…..Rumors Are True R A T spells RAT ……BYE BYE LITTLE DICK…..chima is really mad at production. afterdark should rock tonight

    1. Read Jessie’s HOH blogs–its all about him and how he looks and big his arms are. Watch BBAD all he did was sleep and eat and lay around with either Nasty nat and got his rocks off with Lydia. Watch the feeds Nat and Lydia were just his little lap dogs running around talking for him and waiting on him. Ronnie was his weasel that snuck around and gathered info for him and did his dirty work because Ronnie had a crush on him.

  68. Locked outside waiting to go in Chima says let me in ………………..their testing my patience. What a demanding b****H I don’t know why CBS tolerates her behaviour. Who does she think she is?

  69. anybody else what jessie said up under his breath when jeff said he was sorry for puttin him up???? sounded to me like “im sure you is” LMFAO

  70. I see Jeff/Russell up on the block with Jordan as replacement nom but I would love to see. Chima/Nat w/ Lydia as replacement (hopefully not needed) and see Chima Bit*h go home.

  71. again… I hope Jeff survives this week. Russel is not to be trusted… he gave his vote to Jessie (no loyalty to Jeff at all). But I think he will be o.k. with Michelle being HOH. I’m just afraid of Chima yapping in her ear about putting Jordan and Jeff up on the block.

  72. Chima is such a poor sport, its pathetic. First of all BB is a game and they are allowed to throw challenges or obstacles at you, its kind of the point (duh) Chima is just like the female version of Russell when she gets angry.

  73. That was by far the best move Jeff made. I hope that Jeff, Jordan, Michele and Russell stick together.. I dont like Chima nor Natalie..

  74. did anyone hear chima outside-if they dont want me to cuss the y better let me in! they are testing my patience! even her grandparents and friend were embarassed by her actions!

    1. No thats not how double eviction works – they evict one person then play an HOH and POV all in one hour and then evict the second person – the second eviction all depends on who wins HOH and POV

  75. Lydia is moron. Jessie treated her like crap and she’s this upset. Friggin box of rocks with the self esteem of an amoeba.

  76. The loser Jeff is still in the game . It?s unbelievable. He won nothing .

    And Jordan also. Without the Coup ?D Etat Jessie will be still in the game.

    I hope that this was Jeffs downfall.

  77. What a pathetic HOH game
    No kidding Michelle won she was never picked to play
    Pure bullshit
    What was Chima problem when she was saying “IM GOING TO TALK TO THE PRODUCERS” what a sore loser

  78. I would be curioius to hear an explanation from CBS as to why they taped this evening’s show.
    As it turned out. we all knew exactly what would happen.

  79. OMG that was priceless!!! Yes Jessie, America wanted your butt out this year too!!!! Let’s hope Chima is one of the double evictions next week!!! What was up with her wanting a conversation with the producers…..she thinks Jeff told Jordan he was he wizard???? She will do anything to try to get her way!!!!

  80. Jessie pulling off his shirt????? If anyone questioned what an asshole he is, well there is your answer. I loved that he couldnt even finish his speech. Too many words he got dizzy and had to sit down.

  81. Why is everyone saying that Jeff is dumb for using the special power? Please! No matter what, people were going to be coming after him. If Jessie was still in the house they’d be coming after him and now that he is gone they are going to be coming after him. What did he have to lose. At least he took out a bigger threat by getting Jessie out. Also, you guys lets all act like human beings okay? This is just a game. Let’s not become so consumed with this show and start making racist comments towards one another. It is not that serious. I sometimes don’t like what goes on on the show too but I will never get to the point where I am making racists comments towards people.

    1. HOW is he floating?
      the second he got a bit of power, and the chance to make a move…. he did.
      he did the most un-floaterish thing he could possibly do.

  82. Chima said “I am going to have a talk with the producers” because she overheard Jeff say to Russell that he kept his word. Chima is implying that Jeff told Russell he had the power. Jeff then said to Chima….no, I told him I saved him like he saved me. (that being how jeff kept his word) She is just grabbing at straws, she is a spoiled little whiney girl.

  83. Is it just me or has Chima-ug really lost her marbles? Whining about letting her in the house, and being a total CRAB. What a giant baby! It’s a game sister! Get over yourself! Hopefully, she is the next one out the door. I also have to admit though – I was surprised that Russel voted for Nat to leave.

  84. Jack,
    I believe that Jessie had his chance last season, so did Jeff the correct thing. Also, Chima the racist, should go home for sure…

    1. i thought the same thing too i swear he looked at her and just WAITED for her to answer lol i love jeff but im pretty suer there are alot of competitons he could have one but he’s juat slacking. when he really needs to play hard the best will RISEEEEEEE UP

  85. I think Michelle will put up Russell and Lydia……she definitely won’t put up Chima. HOPEFULLY Chima does not persuade her to put up Jeff or Jordan.

  86. who is michele going to put up. unfortunately i heard earlier today she said if she won hoh she would put up jeff and jordan =(

  87. Couldn’t stand Jesse, but gotta admit that he was smart to be nice to Jeff. He was obviously upset talking to Julie & I found it funny when he said next was on to sports broadcasting. (UGH!) Maybe his kind remark to Jeff really will help Jeff if he makes it to the final 2. Rock on, Jeff!!!!!!!!

    1. How does the double eviction work? I’ve never watched bb till this year. Do both nominees go home? or two seperate nom ceremonies? I’m excited either way, although I hope they don’t overedo it with all these special happenings.

  88. I’m so happy Jessie is gone!! Jeff came through!! That’s why America voted for him, they knew he would get rid of Jessie.If only we could get rid of Chima!!!!!!!! I thought I didn’t like Natalie, but Chima is a BRAT!!!!! Jeff ROCKS!!!! If you don’t agree your probably one of the other house guest Mommy!

  89. michelle needs to put up Nat and Lydia and backdoor Kevin/chima next week. Nat and Lydia will fight over who goes to the jury house with Jesse. What to go Jeff!!!!!

  90. definition of terrorist

    noun – a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism.

    hmmm Chia …. If whoever has the power uses it to take Russell off……and then the many threats she made…..

  91. you crack me up – everyone knows jeff was going up in the next two weeks anyway! jeff & nat were saving him this week but not next. kevin & lydia said they wanted him up. so whats the frickin’ difference. kudos for having the guts to do it because america gave it to you for a reason and you followed thru for us. go team jeff!

  92. 254 Comments and counting . Michelle is hanging outside w/ ….. Jeff, Jordan, Russell & Kev while Chima, Nat & Lydia cry inside. I wonder which side Michelle will choose. Does she turn on her 2 friends Jeff & Jordan or finish the job Jeff started by nominating Nat & Chima????

  93. If Michelle is smart she will put up Russell and Jeff. Neither have respect for her. Since Jeff kept Russell it should be on like popcorn. Go after the strongest players. Jeff and Russell.

  94. Looks like Russell and Jeff will be going up. Maybe Russell and Gnat but I doubt it. Michelle is probably going to align herself with Chima, Kevin, Lydia and Gnat. And double eviction next wk?!! Craziness.

  95. the look on Jesse, Natalie and Chma’s face was worth the wait. it amazes me what a sore loser Chima is. I understand being upset because her HOH was overthrown, but at the end of the day THIS IS A GAME! everyone is trying too get 500,000. Jeff did what he felt was the best move for him, right or wrong. I can’t wait to see BBAD tonight. the house is goinna be WILD!!!!!!

  96. anyone notice when Julie was talking about the power holder needing to announced and use it that Kevin flexed a fist at Jeff and Jeff did the same back to Kevin before standing up? Something smells about the whole thing.

    1. Kevin pumped his fist at Jeff, for three reasons. one because ALL WEEK he’s been saying that Jeff was the wizard. Two, because he realized that he was safe, and third and most importantly Kevin KNEW he and jeff both wanted the same perrson out which was Jessie. So Jeff did his dirty work for him!

  97. I guess it was Jessie’s time to go, but I think it was pretty lame that Big Brother had to give Jeff a mystery power to get him out. Obviously they did not believe that Jeff was smart enough or strong enough to be able to do this on his own!!! He did NOTHING, I just don’t think that is right how they handed him a power….RIDICULOUS!!! If they didn’t want Jessie in the game, they NEVER should have brought him back.

  98. and when Julie said to use it, Kevin didn’t look around to see who had it. He looked straight at Jeff the whole time. I think Jordan’s mock surprise was phony too. She knew.
    I agree. Jeff’s not real bright. He’ll be gone after next Thurs

  99. You CAN’T not LOVE Jeff saying what he did and the look on Nats, Jess, and Chima’s faces. They thought they had this game made and even more, they were SOOOOO cocky. I LOVE it! Cockiness NEVER wins; this is nothing new people.

    1. The point was to make sure Nat and Jess didnt walk straight to the finals, because they would have if someone didnt stop them. Some people are going to be pissed off at Jeff, but in reality Jeff just gave EVERYONE in that house a chance to win.

  100. Jeff is the MAN !!! I honestly hope that he makes it to the end, he honestly deserves it. Doing what he did took guts, but I worry about him with all the back stabbers in the house. Hope Russell keeps his word and Jeff did.

    Lydia needs to get a life – for real, crying over a man that would not give her a second thought unless it meant something for him. But I feel her pain I have been there – it is called being young and stupid in love – with and Asshole.

    Chima needs to get off what she calls a throne and deal – it is a game and from what I see she will not be there much longer – if Michelle does the right thing.

    I honest hope that Michelle will do the right thing and get the right people out of the house, but to be honest – besides Jeff, Jordan and Kevin – who can you honestly trust in this house. That would be NO ONE !!!

    Go Jeff & Jordan !!!!!

  101. Woo Hoo…. Bye bye. Jessie. I love it. Good for you Jeff. All of the faces priceless. Hope Chima soon to follow out the door. Bye bye

  102. chima isbad news and a sore loser i hope russell gives it to her this week she was a big shot all week and now she is back among the common ones who does she think she is she should be kicked off by bb

    1. I’ve got a feeling Russ will try to make up with Chima and take Jessie’s place. I hope not but he craves people to love him. I really hope he is true to Jeff.

  103. im confused. everyone keeps saying that jessies in the jury house. is that true? i thought this was the last eviction before jury am i wrong?

    1. They said that Jessie is the first person evicted from the house that will be in the Jury Room – he will be the first of 7 – I believe.

      I have not seen BB in a long time, so I am not sure about the rules for Jury Room?

  104. THAT was priceless!!!! I love when someone actually has the balls to stand up and do something like that. Noone else would have. And to those who say Jeff is an idiot, that he is gone next…uhhh…he already was most everyone’s target and was going to be nominated either way. At least he got that joke of a human, Johnny Bravo aka Jessie out before him. I was soooo tired of watching him and skank natalie sleep all day and think they totally ran the house. Wonder what poor natalie is going to do now. No other guy to ride on the back of now!! And with Lydia crying… REALLY?!?!?!? He used you, honey. Get some pride and get over it!! And pleaseeee someone send either natalie or chima’s wanna be diva self out next! She’s going to have to have a talk with the producers??? Are you serious?!?!? Michelle being HOH does make me a little nervous cause you never know with her where she stands. Oh well, at least tonight was what it was… AWESOME!! In this boring season with so many untolerable people…tonight was the best. Things needed to be shaken up in there…some people needed to be checked. I think Natalie almost shit herself. And can you just imagine D-bag Ronnie at home watching this? His idol getting the boot…bet Lydia wasn’t the only one crying!!!

  105. I’m glad Russel is still there. What kind of deal does Kevin have with Chima? I can’t believe he looked to her and put up who she said during the HOH competition. Chima needs to be the next to be knocked off her throne.

    1. The reason Kevin voted Jessie out is he thinks he has a chance with Chima and Girl power. And that may be the case. I see it this way….jeff, jordon and michelle. Then all the other people together. Lydia will most likely try to avenge Jessies eviction. It is the same song second verse. Michelle gave up everything for Jessie last year. He has Lydia doing the same thing this year. Jessie should have never been brought back. It was not fair to all the other players. I’ll bet the game would have been completely different without him. He was a person that actually believed his own lies. I am so glad he is gone. I wish Jeff and jordon and michelle the best of luck and I really wish Kevin would do some thinking and play his own game.

  106. i sooooooooooooooooo despise chimpa………………..she’s so angry that someone dared change her vote, get a grip toad………had she won the wizard power, she would have changed whomever was sitting in those two chairs just so she could show her POWER….get over yourself, you’re making a complete idiot of yourself on national TV. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jeff and what he did. Can’t believe Jessie kept making comments about how Jeff and Jordan kept to themselves, etc……..what else were they supposed to do? the powers that be all turned their backs to the both of them right from the get go, i adore them both ……should they instead have been in the corners with the freaks and repeat everything that was just told to them moments ago like the rest of the players did/do…………………..i hope one flew over the michelle’s nest puts up chimpa and russell for eviction….can’t bare to look/listen to either of them

  107. what is everyone talking about jeff was stupid for using the power?!!??
    jessie was gunning for him, jessie, natalie and chima were ALL gunning for him! at least he gets one of them out now, and can get somewhat closer to evening up the numbers.

    it was the best move he could make, getting rid of someone against him who wins a lot of competitions. he’s had a target on his back since like day 6 whenever braden was… why not at least get something you want out of the target?

  108. Ohh my goodness…I have a serious rush off of this. Job well done Jeff. I truly hope he is safe with Michelle. Did you all notice that during the HOH when Kevin had to pick the next two; Chima pointed to Russ and Jeff. Unbelieveable. Chima need to go. I truly hope Michelle don’t put Russ up not yet.

    It was nice the way Jeff got up when they ask if the power want to be used. Jordan face priceless.

    Jesse he is just…….All that sleep like Julie said messed his brain up..LOL

    1. I was irritated too when Chima pointed to Kevin who should face off in the HOH. I was like, bitch you are not the boss! Calm the eff down! She talks so much shit about Michelle. I hope Michelle plays her ass this week big time!

    2. Jessie just does not know how to play the game. He should not have even made it to the jury house. Natlie or chema need to go next. Jeff and Jordon need to do some sweet talking to Michelle. I just hope she is not fooled by this girl power BS that chema has been spitting out of her nasty mouth all week.

      1. We all know jeff and Jordan will not win chit this week… Let’s face it and stop rooting for them…. Plzzzzz stop let ppl with other opinion speak on here… U jeff/ Jordan lovers leave 95% of msg over and over again….. They can not win let them leave… And let the compition begins

      1. It was ore tape that y they went to break the eviction part must was raped a few times to keep it civilized… And by that time they had time to say who voted for who… Russell mustve open his mouth

  109. i don;t care who wins i said b4 it was unfair to the rest of the HGs that the cocky arrogant pussy d bag was brought back in the house…… NOW the game is back to being somewhat FAIR take that jessie sheep

  110. Chima and Natalie need to go next. Michelle wake up and realize that Chima and Natalie are gonna throw you under the bus. I hope Jeff, Jordan or Russell rule the day! Come on Kevin and Lydia, realize you are targeted too. Better stick with Jeff, Jordan and Russell!

    1. jury-wise, i think it was a great decision.
      no one ever votes for the perma-floaters to win.. they always vote for people who shake it up, and make moves when they are given the opportunity .. ahem*chilltownnnnn..

      and jesse said it himself, it was the best game move jeff could make. i think he’d throw him his vote if it came down to it.

    2. Jessehead said it was a smart move, he understood why Jeff did what he did….if its between Jeff and Jordan i think jessehead would vote for jeff…..its a macho thang

  111. I don’t understand why Russell voted to kick out Natalie – why would he want to keep Jessie?! Also, how does double elimination work? Will one be voted to go home & then another quick HOH comp with 2 up & another vote? thanks in advance for explaining this to me.

    1. There will be the regular eviction, just like normal. Then Julie will announce that there will be a double eviction. Then there will be a quick HOH competition, quick nomination ceremony, quick POV competition, and quick eviction. It all happens in like less than 30 minutes.

    Shake things up this week

    Michele is a complete and total idiot, but I root for her every week, just because she’s the underdog.

  113. :) Jeff – :”Welcome to the Party”. LOL LOL That was priceless! Jessie’s face expression said it all. I’m satisfied. The house needed to be shaken up like that. Tonight will be very interesting, they’ll have alcohol in their system. ha

  114. Hooray to Michelle,Jeff and Jordan safe another week,I beleive it will be Chyma/stinky or Chyma/Russell on the block..double eviction next week folks..should be good.


  116. I love how Julie gave Chima the cance to take back anything that she said and she DIDN’T….I think Julue was dumbfounded…. you could almost here CBS collectively sigh and say “well, we did everything we could…”

  117. So happy that Jeff put up Jessie and Natalie, and Jessie left (with his stupid shirt). Now Michelle needs to put up Natalie and Chima against each other, and hopefully they will both be have nots this week. Let’s hope all the planets are aligned and this all takes place. Then next week we have a double eviction and whom ever doesn’t leave this week (Chima or Natalie), they can go next week. I hope the final two are Jeff and Jordan, so the others after Chima and Natalie can go in any order….don’t really care after Chima and Natalie are gone. Look forward to a week of Michelle, Jordan, and Jeff enjoying the HOH room. Let’s hope Michelle stays true to Jeff and Jordan.

  118. So glad Jessie is gone!!! Him and Scrappy Doo needed to be put in their place – always thinking they were running the show. And Chima, that woman is sooo annoying!!!! I wish she would go next, but I have a feeling Michele is going to go w/Chimas side of the house like a dummy! They need to get a clue and figure out that America Loves Jeff and Jordan and Hates the Dork squad!!! If Michelle is smart, w/her PHD, she will nominate Chima and Natalie. But I don’t think that will happen. And who does Chachachia pet think she is? What did they expect Jeff to do? They never included him in the Athlets decisions and they nominated Jordan 2 or three times behind his and her back – after they said they weren’t going to!! And why did Jessie expect Russel to choose him for the veto comp.? He was one of the ones behind putting him up on the block and He voted to keep Ronnie in the house despite Russels HOH wishes!!!! Why can’t Russel and Jeff remember this stuff so they can throw it back in their faces when they start throwing stones!! I wish I could go on that show and give them a piece of my mind! But anyway – GOOD JOB JEFF!! Glad you are playing the game!

  119. I am so happy Jeff used the power! Finally someone in this house showed some real balls. I hope you win it all Jeff!! Michelle- please use your head and put up Chima and Nat. This is the only way to make sure you get farther in this game!

    1. OH PLEASE!! He was handed his balls by America. He wasn’t showing any before and if wasn’t delivered to him nicely wrapped in gold we would not have shown any today, he would be out the door. He has done NOTHING but sit on his butt and complain, curse up a storm, and try to nail Jordan. Just because the other HG are annoying does not make Jeff golden.

      1. Ummmm THANK YOU…. I guess he can’t win no other way america thot he should male a deal with the devil …. I’m sooo sure be will be a part of the dbl eviction easy come easy goes jeff/ russ or Jordan

        1. I took a logic class in college and here’s what I learned. All Jeff haters on this website don’t understand proper grammar. All people who don’t understand proper grammar are morons. So, figure out where I’m going with this… or maybe I should state this in a way you’d understand: “Lern howda kunstrukt sentensez n whut a peeriyud iz n vocab”

          1. Wow.. thats your best come back…. Attack grammar… WOW YOUR SO SMART.. and Jeff is still stupid.. Come back when you actually have something to contribute to the conversation… or better yet since you have nothing better to do why do not you spell check all 400+ comments made.;……. LOSER!!!!!!!

  120. I just read where Chima, Lydia and Natalie told BB they want to leave the house. :rolleyes

    LOSERS! In other words, they didn’t want to win the $500,000 LMAO

    1. Oh its not fair for Jeff to have been given the power but its ok for Jessie to have been given a second chance in the house period? double standards and nuff said.

      1. NO…. Jessie getting in the house was by chance. It could have very easily been any of the other 3 that was given that same opportunity. It just so happened that the other cliques suk and couldn’t win to get the advantage of the extra house guest. Which lead to the house domination. In Jeff’s case he was handed the wizard powers, I mean com’on the polls weren’t even close and CBS knew that would be the case when they decide to use the Coup D’ Etat. They made America to do their dirty work. So YES! there is a difference between Jessie having a 1 out of 4 chance, as opposed to CBS hand delivering the underdog a bone. NUFF SAID.

        1. Like that first HOH competition wasn’t geared toward the atheletes. So yes Jessie did have an advantage. If the HOH was asking about current or world events I bet Jessie never makes it in. So it was slanted so Jeff got in

      2. Ha calm down haters. If Jessie would have gotten it you guys would be completely hipocritecal being o ya he deserved it and other crap

        1. Erm…no logic in your statement but I guess if you’re supporting Jessie, no one should be surprised. Does no one read or listen?!!! EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.

  121. Chima is a racist and a liar. She told Julie she didn’t make her arguments personnel with Russel. But she did, she made fun of his ears and called him a terriost several times.

  122. i am glad i voted for jeff to get the cdt and i am especially glad that he used it to get I LOVE ME man out of the house. thank god. now if they can get that angry, self centered, gross, nappy headed big lipped and mouth bitch chia pet off next that would be wonderful. hoefully michele has some ovaries and will put up chima and the gnat to break up that alliance. that would totally rock. or chia pet and russell. now wouldn’t that rock????

    one thing that i don’t like though is russell voting for the gnat to go and to keep jessie. had kevin or michele not voted for him then he would have stayed and jeff wouldn’t have gotten that jerk out of the house. so i am not too pleased with russell right now. i hope either chia pet bitch, the gnat or russell go next. and perferably the chia pet bitch.

    i cannot believe she stood there and said she was going to have to talk to the producers. who the hell does she think she is??????? i hate her. if she doens’t go next week i won’t watch the rest of BB 11. she sucks too much. the same thing happened a few years back on survivor and there was someone i hated that was up and that person didn’t go home and because i hated this person i just stopped watching that season. i know my not watching isn’t going to cause cbs a problem, but i refuse to watch it with her on there after next week if she isn’t gone.

    other than that….i am just happy as can be that one of the a..holes is gone from the house. they terrorise through manipulation and intimidation. i hate them. :-)

    1. Russell might have been thinking of the guy verses girls since that is what he was preaching in order to get votes. ;)

  123. WTF. does the nubian princess really believe that the producers screwed her over? she claims she’s intelligent but, obviously, has no clue what a coup d’etat is. and that from a so-called “journalist” whose business it is to know historical terms. and … also, the coup d’etat was previously used on bb. so … what is her beef? her sense of entitlement needs to be taken down a few notches.
    and chlamydia needs to go … but isn’t that her plan? to be alone with jessie in the jury house without the cameras, hoping to get in a number of blowjobs.

    1. In fairness, the HG had no idea the name or purpose of the power. They were only told that America would be voting to give one of the HGs a special power.

  124. Michelle will put up Chima & Nat. Chima – Michelle doesn’t buy into the girl power thing. She became Chima’s friend when Chima won HOH. Remember she voted against Chima in week 1 even though they were in the same clique? Because Chima is soooo freakin annoying.
    She’ll put up Gnat because she’s worthless but would vote to keep Chima, but I don’t think Michelle wants her out before Chima. Assuming neither wins POV, I think Chima goes home (only Kevin & Lydia vote for her to stay) If one of them wins POV, then Lydia goes up. Michelle needs Russ for the J/J super secret alliance and will keep him safe this week.

  125. I think it is funny how all the fans on here will fight about what is going on in the house. We have no clue how the house guests feel. 1. I believe that was the best move for Jeff. 2. I think Michelle will nominate Russell and Natalie. 3. I want Jeff and Jordan and Michele and Russell to go far. 4. Chima is mad because she did not get her way. Like they showed in the episode Chima said everything will be fine if she gets her way. Sorry that reality hit her in the face. 5. Everyone thinks BB rigged it for Jeff to have it when we all voted for him to get it. 6. Jessie got what he deserved. 7. The house is going to be good now that Jessie is gone. 8. I strongly believe Jordan is going to win this season. Even though most of us don’t see it, she is playing the best game by laying low. In the big brother house that is the best game to play (kevin was doing the same but everyone knows he is doing that). 9. I would love nothing more than the double eviction to be Chima and Natalie. 10. Michele is not stupid her safest bet would be to stick with Jeff and Jordan. 11. Russell is my favorite player this season, yet I know he wont win. 11. You can all disagree, I am just stating my personal views. Thanks for reading.

    1. I think if Jordan makes it to the final two with anyone left in the game she would get second…just bc i don’t see her winning any comps…and if she was up against someone that won HOH at least once…then they would vote for that person to win. laying low is strategy but in comparison with game-players…i don’t think she would win.

  126. ok ,now you know if any of the other hg would have got the power and someone in their alliance was on the block they would have used it in a heartbeat and they wouldn’t care who was pissed at them…please!!!

  127. How does the double eviction work next week? Michelle will nominate 2 people and one of them will go home. Then does the new HOH nominate another 2 people and they vote again? or does the new HOH just pick someone to send home?

  128. Seriously, can Chima possibly be more of a sore loser? For someone who has so much “class”, she sure is showing her true colors – as a spoiled, classless, sore loser.

    1. If Chima, Natalie, and Lydia all went to production saying they wanted to leave, they should’ve let them go. They’re all sore losers. And for Lydia to do that, just shows how dumb she really is. Jeff just took her off the block and she got one step closer to winning $500,000. If for some unrealistic reason she had made it to the final 2 with Jessie, she’d be the one pleading for everybody to just vote for Jessie to win…she’s makes me sick. What an idiot! What is it about Jessie?! He’s not even cute! Ugh!

      1. Agreed! I can’t believe they are being catered two! All 3 can leave! Double eviction + 1 DONE! Now they see what its been like for others in the game? KARMA KARMA KARMA

  129. i can not believe the cackling witches…chima,lydia,nat, kevin are sitting around bitching out jeff…comparing him to an evil person. how dare lydia speak out against jeff…..the stupid psycho was saved by jeff.good lordy, these people are twisted in the head. how did BB mange to pick so many screwed up nasty people to play this game?
    go jeff,russ and (ugh) jordon.

  130. Fill us in on what exactly has Nat won this season. Maybe strong on being offensive and a punk who like to start fights

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