Big Brother 11 – Bradens creep’n all the girls out… Lydia says she went to kiss Braden and he licked her lips.

Big Brother 11 LydiaBig Brother 11 JordanBig Brother 11 Jeff

11:50am Big Brother Time: All feeds to Lydia and Kevin in spa room. Chima called to diary room. Kevin says he would never hang out with Braden, then Lydia says she went to quick kiss Braden and Braden licked her lips and she turned her head away, she swears. Kev says ‘ he thinks you’re a Goddess’. Lydia to Russell, OK so you tell me you’re aBig Brother 11 Ronnie and Laura good snuggler, Russ says i am, I just wake up grumpy and at some point in the middle of the night I roll away to get comfortable. Lydia, Russell and Kevin cracking up in spa room, about Chima’s big lips, Lydia was saying she wishes someone in the house was a ventriloquist, and they all tried to speak without moving their lips and laughed. Then Lydia said she wondered of Chima could do it, then they made their lips big and tried to speak. all cracked up! (funny!) Ronnie and Jordan are now whispering in the chrome bedroom: Jordan said Nat and Jessie told her he was annoying, that he always goes up to HOH and chats Ron said well we see what happens…they dont wanna see me with my back up against the wall, you never know…we’ll see…

12:15pm Big Brother Time:
Lydia tells Russ and Kev that Braden tried to kiss her yesterday and Russ says he did Big Brother 11 Bradenthe same to Laura…Lydia goes and gets Laura to ask her and she said No, he didnt, hell no, he embraces me too long, and he yanks me around, and the other day he was like rubbing your head (to Lydia) and it was grossing me out, saying how he snapped his fingers all around Lydia’s head when she was asleep and it was weird. Laura asks Lydia do you think hes interested in you? Lydia says I dont know. Russ says hes trying to play Rico Swavey, he thinks hes a ladies man.
Russ, Kev and Lydia talking about playing games tonight, a drinking game Russ knows’ they all go tell everyone else in the kitchen. Its hilarious Russ says, they drink like a gallon of water and have to keep it down for 40 sec??? Says they all throw up and its hilarious. Now Russ goes outside to see if there were gallon jugs out there.
12:35pm Big Brother Time: In the kitchen now, Michele, Russ, Ron, Braden, Jessie, Laura around table. Just some small talk. Braden says today’s the big day huh Jess, Jessie says todays the big day. Jessie said to Lydia, You have something on your eye, its a rainbow, (referring to her makeup) small discussion about rainbows. Nat and Chima in the bathroom. Braden joins them, Nat goes back out to the kitchen and hugs Jessie as hes still sitting at the kitchen table. Talking about the movie Taken, Jess says it was awesome, most agree. Lydia likes Seven and Juno. Chima joins the kitchen crew, then goes to the backyard, Jeff and Jordan out there on couches. Jordan saying shes worried that its her going up and then she’d go home cuz Chima has more votes. Jeff saying stop stressing out, its not gonna go down like that. Everyong talking at once in the kitchen, very hard to follow. Jordan asks Jeff what an egg-white omelette is, Jeff is like ‘holy fuck!’ He cant believe she never heard of it and was asking, ‘not the shell right?’ funny…
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