Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jordan talks about her fake breasts; & Braden says “What am I gonna do? Call her a snatch?”

Big Brother 11 Casey and Russell

9:50am Big Brother Time: Ronnie is walking room to room, memorizing the whole house. Ronnie back on Elliptical, Russell starts doing pushups and sprints. Lydia and Jordan are up. Jeff and Kevin brushing teeth. Laura in the toilet. Lydia and Jordan putting on makeup in bed. Big Brother: Jessie, the bedroom lights must remain on during the day! Lydia cutting up and modifying her “Offbeats” jersey in bed. Jordan putting on bikini…and now she is trimming her bikini area. Michelle is now awake. Russel Is Working Out In The Backyard. Now Jordan is in the backyard applying suntan lotion.
10:30am Big Brother Time: The Brains are saying “last day”… happy about it being their last day of being a Have Not. Laura getting ready for the pool in WC. Ronnie stroking his hairy nipple… Jordan asking if he is going to let them shave his chest. He says “yes, as soon as I am buff, you can wax it and shave a man-o-lantern into my chest”. Ronnie picked his bully button lint while applying his SPF50. Jordan now saying how her “poot’n” smelt like rotten eggs last night. (EWWWWW) Ronnie says he likes Lydia’s modified shirt. MichelBig Brother 11 Jordan feeling her fake boobsle wants one similar. Casey, Kevin, Michelle walking in train fashion in the backyard. Ronnie and Jordan talking in the pool. They are hoping today is going to be a stress free day. Jordan’s favorite place she worked was the salon and a place called Firebirds.
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11am Big Brother Time: Casey, Kevin and Natalie are now running laps in the yard, and then go back to walking. Jeff was up late memorizing and super tired, Michelle says today is Monday, trying to figure out the date, finally figures out it is the 14th. Jeff back at the island with coffee. Jordan and Ronnie talking about the subjects he teaches. Kevin comes into the kitchen for a drink. Jordan saying that she cheated in high school. Russ eating melon and sandwich with eggs. Jordan asks if her boobs look fake asks Kevin he says no, she says yay!, she was 32A, used training bras, and that before surgery she was so flat chested … it freaked herself out when she got the fake ones, they looked humongous to her and fake… Jordan and Ronnie expect the next HOH competition to be true or false.
Lydia removing toenail polish in the Bedroom. In the backyard, Ronnie and Jordan. Kevin, Russell, and Braden in the kitchen talking about hard labor jobs–construction and insulation. Braden talks about him having interviews coming up on the live morning shows. He expects to go home. He has nothing to go back to, no apartment (He paid 2 grand a month). Jeff enters the kitchen and says, “it smells like butt in here.” Braden has gas, and they move to a conversation about farting. Braden talks to Russ in the kitchen. 1st joking about hearing Russ fart in his sleep…Russ is laughing a lot. Braden now saying he might pack upBig Brother 11 Russell and leave California after Big Brother…that he might go back to China. He worked there as a model and made a lot of money. Russ asks if it’s because they like white people there. Braden doesn’t really answer that, but tells him about being the “white Coby” in a bball billboard campaign. He says if he had won Big Brother, he would have given 1/2 to charity…that he will still find a way to help charities. Talking now about going green and the environment. Talking about global warming and how hot it is outside…this moves to talk of Alcatraz…
11:25am Big Brother Time: Ronnie, Jordan and Laura are in the pool chatting about previous BB seasons. Brief exchange between Kevin and Choma in the storage room. He says he wanted to give her confirmation. (Not sure what, assuming that she has his vote. The feed cut in just then) She tells him she appreciates that. Kevin leaves. Chima goes to the cold room, then into the kitchen where Russ and Braden are still talking…talking about razors.
In Pool–Jordan wishes this season wasn’t based on high school. She wishes that it was more of a varied age group too. Ronnie, Laura, and Jordan talk about editing of the show and how they will probably show the sarcastic comments and cut the “just kidding” off. They think the technotronic fight will be on tomorrow’s show for sure. Jordan says she is the worst speller and Ronnie said he would be so embarrassed being a literature teacher if he was bad at spelling. They talk about The Soup and think that Russ will be on there, “The testosterone guy spells shotgun!?”
11:50am Big Brother Time: Braden talking about Lydia. He says she made up a lie about him to save Big Brother 11 bradenherself. He says he’s not going to say anything to her. “What am I gonna do? Call her a snatch?” He just tells the others (he is saying this to Russ and Chima) that she (Lydia) will “cut your head off while you sleep…in this game anyway. get her out sooner rather than later.” Braden says he “loves you guys” and leaves the kitchen. Russ tells Chima that he was outnumbered and didn’t want… to take Lydia off the block (didn’t say those words, but that’s what they were talking about). Chima and he say some stuff about Lydia rubbing on Jessie and it being about personal stuff. Russ runs up to HOH to use the bathroom. Jessie is sitting on the HOH bed being quiet. Jessie tells Russ that he gets a feeling Russ will win the next HOH. Laura hopes that Braden, Jordan and herself aren’t picked off one by one. They believe that Braden will go home instead of Chima because Chima, Ronnie, and Michelle are already weakened from the “doom room” and Jordan and Laura will be down one player on their team. Laura and Ronnie leave Jordan by herself in the pool.
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