Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Afternoon delight! Jessie & Lydia’s heavy makeout session!!


3:50pm Big Brother Time: All feeds switch back to the HOH room. Feet intertwined and breathing from under the blankets. A little bit of movement too. Lydia and Jessie are definitelybb117-14-09-006 making out under the covers. There is a lot of heavy breathing and panting….Jessie and Lydia are getting it on … While all 4 cams are on the HOH bed, Big Brother switches 2 feeds to the memory wall, zooms up on Jessie’s picture and then zooms in on Lydia’s photo, clearing telling us who’s under the covers if you hadn’t been watching. There’s movement on the bed, then Lydia whispers ‘Keep your hands to yourself.’ Lydia finally emerges from the bed, in undies and goes to the HOH bathroom to get pants for Jessie. She then gets back under the covers, and about a minute later, they bring down the blanket, breaking down the tent they made on the HoH bed and giggle a little and then fall asleep. They’re put their arms above their head like they are gonna nap.

Big Brother 11 LydiaBig Brother 11 Jessie and Lydia
Watch the Jessie/Lydia make out session for yourself:
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She is doing what it takes to stay in the house, but damn or condoms issued in BBH>>>>