Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jordan cant tell time. Braden says “and I’M going home?!!”; & Russell works Kevin hard and proposes an alliance with the offbeats..

Big Brother 11 Kevin 1:10pm Big Brother Time: Russell reiterated to Lydia a few minutes ago that it would be a bad idea for anybody to nominate him that since he’d probably win the competitions, there’s no point except to put a target on their back. Then he goes out to Kevin and says it once more to him. Russell says “You can align with me and the athletes, giving you a big advantage.. I mean, Honestly. More then likely the athletes will win most of the competitions.. why would align with the Brains. I mean, if you want to align with the weak players, and that’s your strategy, go for it.. But its dumb. And that’s what Jeff did.”?? Russell proposes an alliance with the offbeats who says he’s receptive and would check with Lydia & Casey. Russell tells Kevin that Jordan is trying to play him. She’s being ultra-friendly. Kevin thinks she likes Russell, but Russell is convinced she goes and then tells Jeff everything, but it doesn’t matter since he doesn’t tell her anything.
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1:20pm Big Brother Time: Russell, Casey, Kevin in backyard, just general chit chat. Braden and Jeff in the pool room talking… Braden agrees with Jeff that it’s a long shot for him to get the votes to stay this week over Chima. He figures he has Jeff, Jordan, Laura, Ronnie and Casey. Or he thinks maybe he can get Russell, if need be,Lydia & Jesse and/or Jesse, to break a tie, because they’ve been really cool with Braden the past couple of days. Again, they both agree it’s a long shot. Braden understands why they put him up…not only because Lydia lied about him, but because Russ and Jessie perceive him as a physical threat in comps. He’s kind of resigned to the fact that he’s getting the boot this week. But, hasn’t given up completely. Both really upset with Lydia for messing up the “plan” they had going…she completely sold them out. He and Jeff just chit chatting about what they’re gonna have for dinner….Jeff wants pasta. They both contemplate taking a nap. Jordan comes in the room and lays down next to Jeff. Braden says she’s looking good…getting a nice tan.
1:50pm Big Brother Time: Jordan tells Jeff & Braden she doesn’t know how to tell Jeff & Jordon pool roomtime on a clock. That she can’t figure it out when the small hand is between numbers. And she doesn’t understand what a “quarter to 8” means. Jeff digs in further to see if she really is serious and cannot believe it. Braden says “and I’M going home?!!”. Jordan leaves after giving Jeff attitude (who is openly annoyed). Braden & Ronnie talk while Jeff tries to sleep. Ronnie jokes with Braden that he should give the “Different Strokes” theme lyrics during the live show speech.
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