Big Brother 11 Spoilers ? Jessie is saving Himself for Marriage but Jeff is going to “POP” tonight

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


5:20 Red Room Jordan, Michele, Lydia, Ronnie, Jesse, Kevin and Natalie. They are talking about the casting process and JOrdan brings up taking a plane to get to the studio and how she sat beside this friendly old man. The old man told her he fought in world war 2 and was stations at Pearl Habour. The old man gave Jordan some advice about her love life, he told her to get married before she moved in with a man. Jessie talks about how both parents need to work so the family can afford a House and cars. Jessie now complaining that he has to get out of the way when walking and a women is coming straight to him, “Why am I

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

expected to move out of the way.” Jordan doesn’t understand why the airport in Atlanta was so rude to her. She was very polite to them. Kevin tells her she was calling them Mame and that?s like calling them old. They start talking about back home and there familys. Jordan asks Kevin if hi brother is gay. Kevin says no he’s 32 a virgin and i’m much cuter. Jessie now tells them that he’s saving himself for marriage. They laugh. Kevin tells Jordan her boobs are very nice. Jordan tells them that she got them done when she was 32 and before they were disgusting. Jessie asks KEvin how he say her boobs, Kevin explains how Jordan showed him on week one. Jessie wants to see and asks Jordan to show him next time she changes. KEvin comments that jessie better ask Jeff first. Kevin brings up being blackanese and how people can never figure out he’s 1/2 Japanese. Ronnie says he can see it, Ronnie now tells them that everyone thinks he is Asian that?s why he calls himself the amazing Caucasian asian. Kevin goes on to tell them he wants a Tranny friend he asks Lydia if she can hook him up. Lydia tell him she knows some trannies. Kevin continues he’s got mixed feeling about bi-sexuality. Lydia leaves the room.

Jessie, Natalie, Ronnie and Michelle start to leaves
Chima and Russell join them.
Chima starts dropping names like the stealth drops bombs. She lists off the A-list celebrities she has met, Tome Cruise, Jammie Fox, Will Smith. She brings up Doing red carpet interviews for a celebrity news site.


6:40pm Red room Casey, Russell, Chima, Jeff, Kevin, Jeff. People talking bout Drugs everyone has a opinion. Casey thinks they should legalize marijuana but hard drugs should never be legal… Jordan starts talking to Jeff asking him to Shave his head. Jeff doesn’t think that?s a good idea. Chima tells them she loves a bald headed guy, Kevin agrees.

Its indoor lockdown and people are starting to get stir crazy. Kevin feels like a caged animal. Casey says he really needs a smoke. Casey brings up he’s smoking 2 maybe 3 times more in the Big Brother house because of the stress. Casey has Already gone through 50% of his smokes.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

They start talking about sex again. Jeff says everyone is clogged up because of the lack of sex. Kevin brings up the first time he masturbated and he was worried when he was finished. He says it just kept coming out and out i was afraid. Jordan asks Kevin if he likes to masturbate and he says he masturbates a lot. Jordan talks about high school and sex ed class. The teacher told them to masturbate because it releases stress. Jordan asks Michelle how often she masturbates. Michelle says at least once a day even in the BB house. Micehlle goes on to say if she crosses her legs and they drive down a bumpy road she will have a orgasim. Jordan tells them that since being in the house she’s been having sex dreams with other House guests. Jordan tells them she?s not a very sexual person she really doesn?t like sex too much. Michelle says she addicted to sex and porn. Jeff now says he’s going to POP and have a wet dream tonight. Kevin starts to talk about Gay sex Michelle adds that she very vocal when they?re having sex. Casey talking about how kids cannot differentiate between slang and actually English. Chima blames it on Texting and the internet?s. CAsey agrees he’s says its getting worse and worse every year.


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ya know, i really didn’t need to know some of these little tidbits of information – LOL!!


What a joke


lol I think this is interesting…wasnt expecting to hear that from Michelle haha


I can’t wait til Jeff POP’s Jordan, lmao, they need to hook up already, it’s driving me crazy