Big Brother 11 – Poppin a squat, Jessie’s White Crusties on Natalie’s Sweater and the Great Lie

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:55pm -10:55pm HOH Everyone but Lydia. Jordan is being very nice to everyone telling them they can come up anytime and use the shower or sleep. Jordan brings up her family, she wonders what they are thinking about her in the show. She worried that they might of say something they don’t like. Kevin says there has been a lot of sex talk in this house,
Everyone laughs. Kevin continues saying they edit out allot so unless they watch the feeds they won’t hear it. Jordan tells her famous Poppin a squat story In her junior year in high school they went to a beach house and her and her friend had to pee but it was too busy in the bathroom. Her and her friend decided to go outside and were squatting to pee and her friend farted. Jordan laughed so hard and then fell back into prickles and she had spots all over her butt. Russell asks Jordan if her parents watch the feeds on internets. Jordan says no they don’t have the internet at their place. Natalie says the feeds are cheap only $30. Jordan doesn?t think anyone in her family will be watching she tells them her boss is probably watching the feeds she’s a big fan. Jeff starts listening to Jordans Def Leopard CD.. Jordan declares tomorrow a day off from the game… she thinks they should all lay in the sun and have fun… Michelle agrees. Jordan still worried about her family seeing things… If they showed the time Jeff and I kissed under the covers my grandpa would have a heart attack “Cuz it was in the bed with a boy” Kevin and Natalie congratulate Jordan then leave to go plot. They start talking about Jordan’s letter and how it was making them all cry. Jordan says the first sentence made her cry. Jeff starts listening to the CD.. Michelle and Jordan start tearing up about Jordan’s letter. Russell says Jordan’s mom and sister are Hot…
Jordan still teary eyed.. Russell asks if she wants to be left alone for awhile. She says no.
Russell and Michelle leave.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jordan breaks down about her family. She is so worried about them because they’ve lost their house and are having money problems. She really wants to win the money to buy them a new house. that?s why she went on the how. Jeff tells her to let it out and don’t worry about crying. Jordan says she’s going to feel bad for nominating Natalie because she’s going through some tough problems. Jeff tells her to keep her head in the game and not let personal feelings get in the way. Jeff says he’s proud of her and he wants to see her enjoy her HOH. Jordan invites Jeff to sleep in HOH with her and Michelle. Jeff turns it down saying he’s sticking to the ghetto.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Michelle joins them

Jordan asks Michelle if she can take a bath naked in the HOH.. Michelle says no there?s cameras in there to. She shows them her short shorts Jeff says your going to have some major booty hanging out. Jeff “Wearing those is worse than making out on camera”. Jordan tells Michelle she wants to keep Herp-L for another week just to see her suffer. Jordan is going to word her speech
so it sounds like Lydia is going home because she wants to go home.. But the real target is Natalie. Jordan wants Natalie to think she’s staying than when she goes home she will be crushed. Jordan is saying how much she dislikes Lydia. Jordan tells Michelle a story that Lydia told her. When Lydia was in High School everyone was mean to her they use to spit on her and toss food at her face. Jordan says she felt so bad for Lydia. Jordan says when Lydia got put up for nominations and Jeff went down and told her a story about his cross he carries, and then Lydia turned around and backstabbed him telling Braden mad shit when Jeff was trying to comfort her. Michelle says she didn’t know that… “we obviously know different things about Lydia” Jordan: “I thought she would be like nakoimis COOL but no total opposite”. Michelle says if Russell goes final 4 with them he’ll take Jeff out first than work a final 2 with me to take you out. They talk about Final 2 agreements and neither one has made one with Russell or JEff. Jordan doesn’t want Russell in final two, she would be happy with any 2 of Jeff, Jordan and Michelle.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:00pm Backyard Jeff and Russell. They are talking about Lydia being drunk today and she was stumbling around slurring her speech, but still deind being drunk. Russell doesn?t think it was only alcohol he thinks she was on some pills to. They both are impersonating her slurring and yelling. Russell tells Jeff he really doesn’t want to see any of those three in the
final 4. As long as them four make it he’s happy. Jeff says that is the plan we just need to win the next HOH. Russell acting a little insecure about his position in their final 4. Jeff tells him they are “rollin forward” ..Russsell goes on about the other side and how he doesn’t respect the way they are playing the game. Russell brings up Lydia snapping after the competition he almost though Lydia was going to hit her. Russell brings up the girls being chummy with Kevin. Jeff
tells him they were talking to Kevin to cool things down because Lydia is so dramatic. Russell says he’ll be genuinely happy if on of us 4 win. They start talking about the game in general and how much harder it is than they could ever imagine Jeff is surprised at how ugly people have gotten. Russell isn’t.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:35pm – 11:00pm Red Room Kevin, Natalie with Lydia sleeping on the bed. Natalie telling Kevin her main target is Michelle than Russell, she was targeting Jeff but not anymore. Kevin tell her they don’t have many options right, he thinks they’re only hope is that the other side rips itself apart. Natalie thinks they are targeting Lydia, Kevin says no they will be targeting Natalie this week this is why we need to do something soon. Kevin proposes they go for a final 4 deal with Jeff and Jordan.. they only way they will agree to that is if it’s more appealing to be with us than Michelle and Russell (goodluck trying this) Kevin explains they will need to word it correctly so it?s a threat but is also a deal. He will go up to Jeff and Jordan and tell them that Michelle once said she wanted Jeff out. THey will also bring up all the crap Russell has done to everyone. Kevin says they’ve never gone after JEff and Jordan so they should push that angle as well, He also should sell to them that Kevin and Natalie will be going after Russell. Kevin now

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

suggests they could befriend Michelle and Russell that might be easier.. PP says no way I?m not
working with Michelle. Kevin thinks him and Lydia are OK in J/J’s books, so he might try to
leverage that when he talks to them. Natalie explains to Kevin how they have to handle the lies from now one, once you?re in the lie, you can never tell the truth. Once you?re in the lie, you?re in for good. Natalie thinks they should get Lydia to start Yelling to Jeff that she heard Russell and Michelle were saying they wanted to take Jeff out next week. Lydia wakes up and they tell her they have a plan to keep them all this week. Lydia laughs. Lydia tells them that she has her speech for eviction ceremony. She will tell them they are stupid for keeping her and not voting her out. Natalie is now thinking they need to show Jeff that he needs to start filling the jury house with people that will vote for him to win (ya great plan evict all your friends) Lydia tells them that she has her speech for eviction ceremony. She will tell them they are stupid for keeping her and not voting her out. Natalie says she has a speech ready to. “I wanna address one particular houseguest and that is Michelle everything Ronnie said to you was right” Natalie goes on saying she’ll bring up Michelle lying to Chima and putting her up, “you better vote me out because if you don’t vote me out and I stay in this house I will do everything in my power that I can to make you pay” Kevin says they have no other option they need to go forward with this plan. Natalie agrees but says things are going to get ugly next week. Natalie instructs them all to stick by the lie no matter what or there all done for. Natalie tells Lydia she should says she heard it fro Michelle it’s not like the producers called me in and told me, Call her a fucking liar and eventually she’ll give in. They go on and on about the big lie… Natalie is convinced it will work. Natalie spends about a hour drilling the “great Lie” into Kevin and Lydia re-iterating it until
Kevin gets called into the Diary room.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:05pm HOH Russell, Jordan and Michelle. Jordan is tell them about Jessie’s stains on Natalie’s sweater. The story is as follows. Lydia told Jordan that She gave Jessie a bj downstairs. Right before he had his orgasm she pulled out Natalie ASU sweater and he went all over it. The following day Natalie was asking about this crusty stuff all
over her sweater. Jordan explains that Lydia would wait late at night and creep up to the HOH and she would give Jessie a BJ. Jrodan mentions that Casey knew about it and it was so “darn FUnny” when they saw Natalie walking around in that sweater. Russell is very excited to know this information he tells her she should tell Ntatlie.. Jordan says No i’m not going to stoop to their level. (LOL but Russell will)

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I can’t wait for them to tell natalie that lydia chlamydia gave jessie a hand job and they wiped it on natalie’s sweatshirt. She will know it’s true because she wondered what that crusty stuff was on her shirt. They should tell her soon so their team implodes.


I say they should tell her as well. That will make good TV .
I’m suprised Big Brother didn’t step in on that one.
Being a health thing and all.This is EWWWWW gross.


i had to turn off my live feeds because listening and watching natalie and kevin talk makes me sick to my stomach. not only because they are making up lies to trick jeff and jordan about michelle and russ but also because they are so disgusting! their faces are so ugly and natalie popped a zip right on camera and was happy about it. i hope jordan and jeff dont fall for this crap. they are uuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggglllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!


I also think it probably wont work but still im worried about it 🙁


It won’t work because Michelle already told J/J about Russell wanting to be final 2 with her (Michelle). I can’t wait to see their “scheme” implode on them. I find it amusing that they think that Jeff and Jordan are so stupid that they would believe ANYTHING these three have to say.


Agree with you 100%!! And to add to that, did you also notice while Natalie was sharing her little scheme with Kevin, her finger go into her nose then eat a twizzler- How gross!!!! (bugga mouth )


They don’t have to make up lies. K/N/L should point to every example of why Michelle and Russell can?t be trusted. Michelle and Russell are the bigger snakes in the game. Both have proven themselves to be huge manipulators/liars in this game, neither desire to win. You don’t have to be a backstabbing liar to win. The funny thing both Michelle and Russell speak about how religious that are.

Also, the fact is that Jeff, Michelle and Russell are the strongest player left in the game. It would be a smart move to get rid of Michelle or Russell at this point for Jordan. Trust if Russell was HOH he would make a bold move to put himself in a better position.

It?s not about group think anymore. Jordan has to think about her own position in the game as Jeff did when he kept Russell in the game.

Jordan needs to wake up!!!


“herp L” that is awesome lol
Kevin is finally starting to show his true colors in the game,he’s like a wolf in sheeps clothing, I shall call him wolf boy from this day on.
It’s 4 am in the morning where I am, I can’t believe I’m on this site still, this is like my crack ahah I love it.
Just wanted to say thank you again Simon for all the hard work and dedication that you put into running this site for all of us, we really do appreciate it, keep up the good work!


Kevin just knows his game is over if he doesn’t do something drastic now. If I was Jeff I might believe Kevin. Jeff knows that Russ would do something like this. I was hoping some one would over hear their plan and put at stop to it before it started.


So what you guys think, will the evil plan work? Im kinda worried over here because i know Jeff probably wont tell Russel or Michelle about it.. so i feel like there is a little chance 🙁

The Original Jim

Jeff, Jordan and Michelle have all been lied to by these idiots, and as soon as they leave they tell each other, laugh about it and say do they really think we’re that stupid? I’m not worried about it. I think Russ will be fine too, he got real paranoid when he was HOH and Jessie was able to take advantage of that, but I don’t think that Natalie or Kevin can be that persuasive with him.


Michelle already told J/J this. On yesteray’s feeds (8:00, camera 3) Jordan informs Jeff of what Michelle told her.


Jeff is pretty good at keeping the messy stuff to himself, but I’m kinda worried too. However, I don’t think it will save Natalie. Jeff seems smart, and I think they know that it will be hard to beat Russell at endurance competitions, and if he wins HOH how bad that could be. So maybe that little lie might benefit jeff and jordan’s game. Who knows- Expect the unexpected.


No way will it work. Those bitches are desperate and Jeff and co. know it. Michelle and Natalie need to stop worrying about final 4 right now. Kevin, Gnat and Lyd have to go first. Anything can happen, we’ve all seen it.

Mr. E

Natalie doesn’t seem to have any grip on reality if she thinks she’s never lied and that Jeff trusts her.
I hope Jeff just keeps repeating to himself, “They don’t have the numbers, they don’t have the numbers” over and over again. Natalie and Kevin’s current gameplan right now is, “We’re weak and you can beat us so take us with you to the end” and I’m hoping Jeff’s better nature overrides this overcompensation.

The Original Jim

God I wish they would mute Natalie’s mic when she’s eating. It’s stomach turning, like listening to a cow chew cud.


i am ashamed to say that i liked lydia in the beginning. anyone else think that CAPTAIN BLOWJOB looks absolutely rediculous in the unitard, goggles, and her pink hair???!!!


first, i wanna say thanks to the site, I’M ADDICTED!
second, i can’t believe chima was kicked out/left. i wish CBS would air the whole entire fight, which i know they won’t! 🙁
third, natalie, lydia, and kevin are all disgusting. they hate each other one second and love each other the next. like how many times has kevin talked about leaving their group? and lydia and natalie are both obsessed with the GROSSSSS jessie. he only went on the show to start his WWE career, which is never gonna happen.
fourth, i like russel and michelle, but i really don’t want them to win. i would LOVE to see jordan and jeff finale two! i would love jeff to win and jordan to get 2nd. i LOVE them sooo much. and then they can get married <3! i think they will date after the show. i hope..


Where to start… first thing Russell is a MMA fighter so he’s not on the road to joining the WWE… They are two different things. Kinda like the difference between reality TV and a sitcom. As for Shima, well the poor gal is very mixed up and it may be with reason as few of us will ever understand the trama she has endured. Go Shima put your life together and let go of the anger, easy to say hard to do. As for Kevin, sadly, he is just a power sycophant without an ounce of his own courage to take a stance. In the bug kingdom he’d be a moth drawn to a flame. And, Natalie, where to start, dirty-yes, unkempt-yets a bogger eater-yuk yes, and thank you “Sho Afterhours” for those seconds of horror. That gal needs a mentor to teach her about,…showers, soap, shampoo, brushes…and thank goodness we don’t have “smell-a-vision”. Wheeeeew

Aaron C

No way their plan even comes close to working.

And you are right, this site IS like crack.

Wolf Boy…that’s pretty damn funny!

Evel Russ

I loved Russell’s comment about the Natalie/Lydia both wanting to go to the Jury house.
“It’s a race to hop on Jessie’s dick”


The problem with the evil lie plan is it wouldn’t make any sense for Russ and Mich to do that. They are the main targets for Nat/Lyd/Kev so if they take out Jordan or Jeff there is zero support from that side. Then if they take out one of the two even IF, and that’s a huge if, the remaining member of the J/J pair still supported R&M the numbers in the house would be back to 3/3… why would they cripple themselves like that… especially since backstabbing J/J would most likely result in a 2/4 split in the house to their huge disadvantage and people in the jury that ALL hate them. RIGHT. Sure. If you make a lie at least make it remotely realistic. I certainly hope J/J have enough intelligence between the two of them to realize this before reacting.


in high school, if lydia was picked on by bullies…why is she doing the same thing to others? i can say why she was picked on and wasn’t liked in high school b/c she behave the same way she did on BB as in high school. she wants to get attention by giving a ****job and hand job to boys b/c she couldn’t attract any attractive guy with her filthy looks or her ugly personality. that’s why she is so mesmorized by jessee b/c she could never have him or thought of being with him in real life so when she had a chance to throw herself to him she did…what a low self esteem she has…she really needs help. her and chia pet need to go therapy sessions together. she is just low life trash from a guttle.


PP is hilarious. Short for Pig Pen. LOL


Chima speaks out – she sent this to

Hi Thomas. Yes, I did in fact quit the show, although there are reports on EW from CBS to the contrary. Big Brother would like everyone to believe I was kicked off for not following the rules, but I went to the producers repeatedly over the past couple of days wanting to leave….wanting out of that house!

As crazy as that house is, the producers NEVER want the world to think or know that we houseguests DO LEAVE when it becomes futile to stay. I lost faith in the show & my ability to remain committed to this game. All of the remaining housemates know I wanted to leave and that is why any conversation concerning me is cut in the live feed because they don’t want America to hear the truth about my voluntary departure.

Do you really believe that I would be expelled for tossing my microphone when past houseguests have only been kicked off for violence & threats of violence? You know better, as do I.

It’s better that I left. I did what was best for me in this game and that was to leave. When I chose to play & play hard the power I did earn was completely usurped by a game piece never used before in this game and my HOH reign was rendered useless. I have no regrets. As cliche’ as it sounds, until the public is a part of a human pressure cooker, then the judgements should cease.

I find it interesting that my personal attacks on Russell have been highlighted, but his attacks on me pushed under a rug. Selective portrayals? I think so. Russell did terrorize the house, especially the women in the house. Why America constantly finds men attacking women okay, yet vilifies the woman defending herself, will always confound me. But what’s done is done, now BB fans can find a new woman to hate. I didn’t sign up for what I was exposed to & I left gladly. It was the principle of the matter, the $500,000 prize be damned. That’s all for now! Take Care…


Human pressure cooker? She knew she was signing for it. Besides, she’s older than Jeff or Kevin and they’re making a fine job trying to stay away from all the drama and craziness. As her grandma said: “She just needs to sit and listen sometimes”. Grow a brain girl and use it!


Kevin is really making himself look sad. He has done NOTHING positive during the entire game yet he has never done anything dirty either. Now he is going to stoop to this? I have never disliked so many contestants during a single season as I have for this one. Where did they get all of these bottom feeders?


Re Kevin’: I’d really like for sbdy to kick his ass. He’s such a coward


Simon, thank you so much for all of your hard work and expence that goes into keeping this site up to date. I have been checking this 10 times/ day these past few days w/ all of what has been going on. It’s so nice to be able to keep up from my Blackberry when I am not near a computer. Y’all kick ass. Keep on rockin’ the best BB spoiler site anywhere!

Now back to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress…


ugh! Natalie makes me wanna puke! she’s disgusting! and Lydia, omg, please dont get me started


Is it just me or what.Has anyone notice the way Natalie eats !!! She shovels it in like a teenage boy.Food hanging out her mouth and big a&& chuncks of meet that she stuffs in the ugly face, I guess her boyfriend can’t take her out somewhere nice .She needs to stick to Taco Bell lolol


Pigpens sweatshirt + jessies load = great television!


I think it will be very interesting to see what happens after J/J/R/M vote everyone else out and then have to start voting out each other.


IMO whatever happens now is gravy. The fact that neither Jessie nor Chima can win is the most satifying result of this season. I would like to see J/J/M/R in the final 4, but that takes a distant second to knowing Jessie and chima cant win.


BTW- I am so lovin chima’s pic at the top of the page now saying fired instead of quit!! You guys rock!!! Love this site! lol

go Jordan and Jeff

No way will Jeff fall for that crap. Would you? That group has been after him from day 1 and suddenly come to him with their backs against the wall and confide to him that Russell and Mitchell are going to go after him? What he and Jordan will suddenly be buds with Nat, Lydia and Kev… That group N/L/K, are sooo lame… I am surprised Kevin stuck with them. He jumped on the wrong boat for sure


I hope it wont work, but it probably will. Jordan is already suspicious of Russell.

Uncle Cool

I think they should send Kevin home. I used to want him to win, but he will make a great sacrifice to prevent the witches from being with their ‘hero’.


I think their plan might work only if Jeff”s team dont communicate with each other. If they start keeping secrets from each other it will work. I am worried about Jordan because she is starting to soften up towards Natalie and we all know Natalie is a SNAKE. If Natalie goes out first then its over.


Does anyone have any idea how they are going to address this whole Chima situation on Sunday’s show?

team jeff

i hope this doesn’t work! i doubt it does though; it seems like jeff is a pretty stand up guy and i don’t think he’s stupid enough to buy anything those idiots are selling

Uncle Cool

Def Leppard?



I have to compliment Jeff, he is extremely good looking but it has not gone to his head. He is so compassionate and likeable. He contains himself in a very mature manner and treats everyone with respect. I wish that could rub off on some of the players. Russell has toned down a lot and deep down I can tell he is a good person. Just thought this was a good time to convey a compliment that is well deserved.


I hope Russell tells Nat about Herp L giving Jesse a blowjob and him shotting off on her shirt…that should turn into a instant Catfight and Nat and Herp L will tear into each other..


I doubt it would start a fight because nasty nat the bogger eater will probably just start licking the stains on the shirt!!!!!!




Chris, sorry to correct you, but it’s Hep L, like Hepatitis, from dirty tattoo needles…….

Randy Wolfgang

Not to worry – that will defintely happen and I can’t wait – and if I were Russell I would say to Natalie “And just think if we send Lydia to the juryhouse, she will have a WHOLE WEEK alone with Jesse” When the evil trio release the lie and Russell explodes, he will let that story go out in about 30 seconds. So although the lie was set up to fracture the Jeff foursome, it will wind up splitting the evil trio. And Russell pegged Kevin’s duplicity – I have lost all respect for Kevin if he goes along with this lie – how the hell could he align himself with those three bitches???????
And Natalie really is a piece of work – an immoral, lying slob who doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong – she must be a real joy in real life – does she have any idea how she looks to millions of people – what does her boyfriend think??????


Very plausible.


Natalie with cum stains on her shirt… what a hoot!!!! I wonder if she ever bothered to wash it since she is such a mess. Dirty hair, too few showers and in general a slob. Guess dad must have been deployed during her formative years and she never had a chance to learn about cleaning up. No make up, no problem… ugly clothes, unattractive but still ok… a dirty, smelly mess, oh hell no!!!!!!!!!!

BB is a joke!

Chima wanted to go home and asked that the send her home. That does not sound like a person being fired. She quit and the producer said fine do!

Around 12:09am Natalie, Lydia, and Kevin were talking about Chima and what happened last night – Kixx
They were rehashing how she threw the mic into the Hot Tub.

Kevin – And then when they confronted her about it (Producers), I knew that’s why she would go home because they would be like you understand that would be 4 thousand dollars and you’re going to have to pay for it or something like that.

Natalie – Well I’m sure you wouldn’t have to pay for it.

Lydia – She didn’t care

Natalie – They were just like “That’s 4 grand” and she’s like “I don’t give a f*ck.”

Kevin – Yeah

Kevin – She was not apologetic at all

Natalie – Not apologetic, and then she said “Well I want to go home anyway” so they were like “Okay”

Kevin – Well “Send me home”, she goes “Send me home” and they were like “Well okay…bye”

talk about semantics...

Yeah, it’s just like in the real world when companies explain someone leaving by “mutual decision” – doesn’t really matter which way it went, it was not a good way to exit.

BB is a joke!

The sad thing is CBS with edit the events surrounding Chima’s departure anyway that they want. Why not say she quit and we agreed she could leave. It was a mutual decision!


True-color moments…


Chima was the joke….n’ she brought all the bad things that happened to her on herself,,,


When your boss tells you to do something and you refuse knowing that not doing it will be grounds for dismissal makes it a firing. I’m sure Chima and her family will try to put their own spin on it so it doesn’t sound as bad but anyone who watch the Chima meltdown once Jesse left will know that CBS probably just used the microphone incident to speed up the process of her leaving.

John Dough

“Crack?” Now that’s funny because my GF and I have been calling this site that all week since we found it. We check it in the morning, afternoon, night and before bed….

THANK YOU for all the hard work!

We found this site at the perfect time… we actually know what’s going on now! I can’t imagine how lost people are going to be who tune in tonight!!!

WTF? Chima? Michelle HOH? JORDAN IS HOH???!!??

If this cumstain drama blows (no pun intended) up and it comes out (again, no pun) in the house will it leave a stain so large that it’ll have to be addressed on the show?

Finding this site and everything that has gone on has shown my GF and I that this show is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more schizo than we thought. Good Lord, the editors of the show should be given Pulitzers, Emmies and MacArthur Grants for being geniuses.

The clean version they put out on TV is friggin’ amazing versus the cumstained madness and butt sex talk in the real house. Truly, thanks again for all the work.

Crack indeed!


LMAO your post it hilariously JohnDough


Homeless trailor trash? Isn’t that an oxymoron? (No pun intended)


K/N/L doesn?t have to make up lies. They should point to every example of why Michelle and Russell can?t be trusted. Michelle and Russell are the bigger snakes left in the game. Both have proven themselves to be huge manipulators/liars/backstabbers (Michelle more so than Russell) in this game, neither desire to win. You don’t have to be a backstabbing liar to win. The funny thing is both Michelle and Russell speak about how religious they are.

Also, the fact is that Jeff, Michelle and Russell are the strongest player left in the game. It would be a smart move to get rid of Michelle or Russell at this point for Jordan. Trust if Russell was HOH he would make a bold move to put himself in a better position for the final 2 spot and he would have the votes to do it.

It?s not about group think anymore. Jordan has to think about her own position in the game as Jeff did when he kept Russell in the game (that will come back to bite him before it is said and done).

Jordan needs to wake up! I hope there is justice in this game in the end.

Just a game!

The sad thing is CBS with edit the events surrounding Chima’s departure anyway that they want. Why not say she quit and we agreed she could leave. It was a mutual decision!

BB11 is gonna suck now

We can expect a slow few weeks now unless someone in the j and j alliance backstabs. BORING


K/N/L doesn?t have to make up lies. They should point to every example of why Michelle and Russell can?t be trusted. Michelle and Russell are the bigger snakes left in the game. Both have proven themselves to be huge manipulators/liars/backstabbers (Michelle more so than Russell) in this game, neither desire to win. You don’t have to be a backstabbing liar to win. The funny thing is both Michelle and Russell speak about how religious they are.

Also, the fact is that Jeff, Michelle and Russell are the strongest player left in the game. It would be a smart move to get rid of Michelle or Russell at this point for Jordan. Trust if Russell was HOH he would make a bold move to put himself in a better position for the final 2 spot.

It?s not about group think anymore. Jordan has to think about her own position in the game as Jeff did when he kept Russell in the game (that will come back to bite him before it is said and done).

Jordan needs to wake up!


hv anyone read the article in the exaimer claiming chima was treated unfair… frankly I disagree, I watch both shows cbs and sho… as a young africa american woman myself I feel like the producers made the right decision from the first eviction I very unsatisfied wit the wk b4 and things I saw. How these claiming 2 b strong women let a man (jessie) manupuliate them and they stand 4 it. Did the cross the line yes they all did! But once the odds n a GAME changed the women acted like lil kids — crying, messing wit other house guess belongings, makin it so no one who has bn waitn will not be able 2 wash and I personally thing she should hv went home and crossed the line wit throwin the water n russel face…

BB Fan

Everyone shares or offers to share their HOH room. It isn’t like Jordan is doing anything special.

They all need the money for some reason. Jordan is just trying to get sympathy votes.

Randy Wolfgang

We all know you don’t like Jordan but that doesn’t mean you have to post like a petulant child.


I am sure there is stuff that has happened that we did c but apparently from what was talked bout last night on sho by jeff and russ… chima was really drunk during POV and she attempted 2 attack michelle, russ grabbed her… I do feel bad for some of things that hv happened 2 her but n this case she needs 2 stop playn the victim!!! Her behavior is unexceptible 4 a woman nor resemble any AKA I kno… Is my personal belief she needs counseln and 2 grow up…


I am an AKA and very embarassed by Chima’s behavior.


I have a QUESTION?! Has anyone ever before been fired from BIG BROTHER!!!


2 Chima I would say the world is not against u… but if stuff keep happenin 2 u maybe u need 2 look @ urself b4 u start blaming and point fingers…


remember its a game!!!


I think Lydia’s name should be Alex (you know, Glen Close’s character on Fatal Attraction. I actually fear for Jessie if she goes to the Jury House. In one way, he must be relieved to be away from her, I would think so anyway.


Its more than a Mic issue!!! Its 2 sides 2 every story she is a bitter about it… I feel she was wrong arguing and name calln @ 34 for a woman is unattractive… She needs help…


When they are talking about the lie, they mention something about saying I heard it straight from Michelle, it’s not like Production called me in and told me. WTF is that all about? Do they tell the HG’S what other people say and scheme about? That’s BULL$HIT!!!


they mean their gonna try and drill it in jeff’s and jordan’s head that they are in fact tellin the truth, but nobody is goin to believe them this is week 6 natalie,jessie,ronnie, nd lydia have been exposes for making up shit as they go only tellin the truth about very little of whats actually been doin on and that truth is pretty much the shit the russel has been sayin thats about the only thing they told the truth about , plus the lie couldn;t work because team jeff are already puttin up lydia a natalie theres nu=thin that could change their minds

jeff and jordan need to drop that bombshell on natalie about lydia and jessie sexual relationship in the house and them usin natalie’s sweatshirt to whi[ jessie’s jizz off if him and sit back and watch the blow up


Wow! I go camping two days (and went through major BB withdrawal I must add, lol) and all this crap goes down! Good riddance, Chima! So she got kicked out for throwing her mic in the pool? Jordan was so sweet last night in HOH crying. I really hope J/J don’t buy into the big lie.
Oh, and Lydia looks terrible with the pink hair. She should have left it platinum.

incurrable romantic

Am I the only one who thinks that Jeff is gorgous! I wanted him to just hold Jordan when she was crying. I hope this house meeting leads to many years together for them.