Big Brother 11 – Kevin, Natalie, and the Super Hero known as Crazy Lunatic Head plan Jeff’s demise. Nat “I read the rules I know what to do”

7:29pm Kitchen Everyone was preparing their meals. Jordan, Michelle and Jeff leave the food on the counter for a minute and step outside. During this time Lyida runs up to her plate and starts eating all it. Lydia is shovelling down the food fast. Natalie tells her not to worry the food is for everyone.. Lydia say no way and she pretends to spit in it. Jeff comes back in and tells Natalie/Lydia that the food is for everyone so dig in. Natalie looks at Lydia and tells her to go get some food.. Lydia won’t Natalie keeps telling her “it?s for everyone go eat it”.. Jeff looks at them tells them it’s safe he didn’t do anything to it.. Lydia “we know” Jeff Jordan and Michelle head to the back yard… Kevin, Lydia and Natalie stay in the kitchen.. Russell in the splish splash sleeping.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
7:40pm – 8:30pm Backyard Jordan, Michelle and Jeff. Jordan thinks they are all being way too nice to Lydia. She thinks they should start screwing with Lydia’s stuff and getting in her face. Jeff says he’s so close to losing it with those “bitches” Michelle says they’re doing it on purpose to get under your skin. Jordan mentions how Natalie was way too nice to them after Lydia had screamed and insulted the. Jeff noticed he thinks Natalie is trying to but the target on Lydia. Jeff’s bring sup how dirty Natalie is and how none of those girls clean up any of

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
there shit. He asks “Production you must like cleaning their shit up all the time”…. Feeds cut….. Jordan saying that Kevin is staying mostly quiet through all this, She can’t see how he’s able to watch those two girls behave like this, “it must be getting under his skin”. Jordan asks Jeff if he’s buying what Natalie is selling.. Jeff says now way the other two agree. Michelle points out that Russell is really down right now she was trying to get him out of bed but he’s just laying about. Jeff says there just a lot going on with Russell right now and he needs a bit of time. He goes on to tell them that all the racial slurs that have been said are now all of a suddenly bothering him…
They start talking about the competition Jordan mentions that all the people that are nice won a prize today except for the one nasty person they won a unitard. Jeff is excited he won a trip to HAwaii… Jordan hints that he can take her along. Jeff says sure but if he’s taking someone to Hawaii there has to be more than just making out. Jeff saying he plans on getting Drunk in Hawaii off those tropical drinks and “go out with a bang” They laugh. Jeff leaves… Michelle and Jordan start talking about Russell and Michelle thinks they should watch out for him.. Michelle thinks he’s trying to play Jordan. Jordan agrees she’s worried he’s telling the other side things. Jordan says they need to get Pig Pen out this week than they’ll worry about Russell. Michelle agrees but

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
warns Jordan about Russell brining personal stuff into he game, “watch out don’t let him know too much about you” Jordan thinks they should pretend that Lydia is the target but the real target is Natalie. Michelle thinks Natalie knows she’s going home. Jordan says that they should get Kevin out after PIg PEN so Lydia doesn’t get to spend any time with Jessie in the Jury house. Jeff joins them again. They start talking about Russell and why is he all of a sudden upset about the racial slurs… Michelle says he’s just playing that angle right now. They are talking about getting Russell out first once they hit Final 4, Jeff says might be a good idea to get him out sooner… maybe after the Jessie’s pitbull goes home…. Russell joins them he briefly mentions he’s getting upset because of the racial and religious remarks and it’s all hitting him now that CHima is gone.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers
7:45pm Kitchen, Natalie, Lydia and Kevin. Natalie goes to open a 2L of pop that Lydia had shook up.. It blows all over Natlie calls her a bitch.. Lydia answers back calling her a Cock blocker… Lydia says i’m not a bitch i’m a BLANKΒ didn’t you here Michelle earlier? Natalie starts explaining to them all things that will get under Jeff’s skin. She thinks that if they continue to mess with his stuff he’ll flip for sure and get kicked out. Natalie says she heard the other side says that Lydia wants to go to the jury house but they have no intentions of getting rid of her yet.. Lydia says she doesn’t believe that.. “They hate me” Natalie says they said that and she heard it with her own ears. Lydia tell them she’s going to pour water on all their heads.. Natalie tells her she’s been reading the rules and she knows exactly what they can do, “we can’t destroy anything”. Kevin says they need to get into Michelle’s face she’s a easy target. Natalie agrees says she?ll do exactly what ROnnie was doing to her that will break her down. Kevin tell Natalie she should pour water on Michelle and then get in her face she’ll break he guarantees. Kevin brings up that it goos that Russell is with the other side because he’s a proven liar so he may flip or do/say something that makes the other side mad. Natalie agrees she says she’s going to start working on Jordan tonight when she’s alone (good luck sparky)
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
8:30pm Backyard pool table, Michelle, Russell and Jeff They are all folding the laurndty Jeff pulls out some “crusty underwear” says he’s going to throw these out.. Russell tells him to stop says there will be a crazy friend out there that wants them. Russell :” you need the money to buy drinks in Hawaii”.. Jordan comes out tells them her HOH room is ready…
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
8:45pm Jordan’s HOH Room Everyone but Lydia is there…. Jordan got tons of treats like cookie dough and Ice cream new york super fudge Chocolate chunk, Margarita wine coolers, mountain dew and some mini burgers.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Thanks Simon for the wonderful updates.


I can’t believe how childish these 2 women are..Trying to get Jeff angry enough to do something so he will get kicked out of the house..real mature you two freaks..If Kevin is smart he will distance himself from these 2 basket cases.


They’re picking up where Chima left off. That was Chima’s plan to get Russell kicked out. Didn’t work for her and I’m guessing it won’t work for Nat & Lydia either. What a sad bunch of women.


I’m watching Showtime, in bed & popping on here from my phone, I think I’m getting a little too addicted lol I check this site like every 15 minutes now, anyways it took Jordan a long ass time to open that box of Crest White stripes lmao


LOL “internets” – Top 10 Stupid Bush quotes (that gem is from the debate in 2004!). You’re the best Simon! We love Canadians who know our politics better than we do. Americans is stupid!


LOL my husband and I were just saying the same thing.


i wonder if the jeff/russell/michelle/jordan team if they do get to final 4 wat do u guys think would the others 3 do if russell wins hoh do u think jeff is gonna use the old i saved u now pay me n jordan back or michelle buys her freedom away basically do u think if russ won hoh that jeff n jordan and michelle r gonna turn on 1 another

Mr. E

I don’t think Russell will do anything until Final Four, and comparing the live feeds with the transcripts, Jeff wasn’t the one who suggested getting rid of Russell earlier, it was actually Michelle. When Jordan suggested going after Kevin then Natalie, Michelle created this story about how Russell was planning on going after Jeff (an outright lie). She turned her Final 2 agreement with him into a vague, fabricated plan to take out Jeff because he’s a strong competitor. It’s pretty obvious that Michelle is trying to keep Kevin around for the Final Four and is planning on backstabbing Russell ASAP and maybe Jeff further down the line.
Luckily, I doubt Jeff is buying anything Michelle is selling. When Jordan and Michelle tried to get him to sleep over, he declined and ran off to hang out with Russell. I think he knows how Michelle is playing the game and is getting wary of her moves.


I can’t say it enough.. Jordan is every guys dream.
Extremely cute/pretty/beautiful and one of the nicest and sweetest people in the world.

Girl is HOT!!!!!
But I still vote Jeff the half mil when america votes if they are both in final 2.


Exactly. Which is why Jordan will take Michelle.


Jordan loves Jeff & is guarenteed to take him to the final 2 if she miraculously wins the final HoH. More likely Jeff or Michelle win the final HoH and take Jordan with them.



Nasty just picked her nose and ATE IT!!!


I saw it too. It’s not the first time.

just me

I can’t believe that Lydia is willing to give up $500,000 (not that she’d win) to be in the jury house with Jessie, who clearly prefers Natalie (and himself). Dumb or what? I also wonder why they’re (Natalie and Lydia) acting like 3 year olds. They must have seen BB before and realized that lying, cheating and people going home are all part of the game. Psych exams? Bring ’em on.


omfg no please god no πŸ™ i couldnt handle that. please tell me that thats just natalie and chima being stupid, and thats not actually a rule…


I’m beginning to dislike Kevin. He’s just as guilty as the other 2 psychos he’s aligned with. He’s getting them riled up and then pretends he had nothing to do with it. What a douche


Kevin is just as bad. Guilty by association.


I abandoned all hope for Kevin when he stuck by Lydia after she pulled the “cut myself one minute, snuggling up the next minute” routine with Jesshe.


It would seem their little plan has back-fired though. There isn’t any talk about Jessie coming back into the house … is there? Please NO! It wouldn’t even make any sense – but then again, they didn’t know it was a double elimination week either. Apparently this is what happens when you put people with over-inflated egos together lol.


I hope America gets to vote someone back in. I PICK CASEY!


Me too he was so funny!






WOW!!! Between watching the live feeds and hanging out on this awesome website..I am completely addicted to BB..I need to enter a BB rehab program….Hello my name is Chris and I am addicted to


Hi my nickname is Chesh & I’m not only addicted to BB but addicted to!!

Went to see Counting Crows last night, got home late & had a busy day away from the computer today. My huband & I have just spent the past 3 hours catching up on the wonderful news!!!

Thanks so much for the website and for most of my fellow posters, we appreciate all the great comments!!


Hi Chris, my name is Tracy and i am also a BB addict! LMAO! I watch every CBS and SHOWTIME episode and i can’t get enough of this website! Thanks Simon for your dedication and addiction! LOL


Hi Chris…my nickname is Gracibaby’s Mom and I am fully addicted to BB. I can never go to sleep on time from refreshing every ten minutes for an update! I am without Showtime at the moment and if this is the case with next season, I will definitely be buying the live feeds. Me, 2 relapsed on BB July 9th of this year. It’s sad and sickening the time I give to this show…please say a small prayer…for all of us need them!


To missloUiSiAna: Me too! I check this site CONSTANTLY now. I never realize how much stuff goes on that they don’t show you on tv.

Randy Wolfgang

Not happening, you moron


Jeff isn’t going to fall for the crap that Nasty and Clamidia are trying to bring. Kevin needs to grow some balls and tell those witches where to go.

Big D

Where is Lydia now??? I dont see her anywhere


……even the guy who updates us, is sarcastic with her….GREAT!


Maybe she’s cutting. Hopefully she’s cutting off some of those ridiculous tattoos. It looks like a 3 year old drew on her with a sharpie.


Maybe Lydia’s new nickname should be Hepatitis L or Hep. L for short.


Hep L – I love it


Then Hep L it is!


Jordan is quickly becoming my favorite human being with her actions in this game. Beyond cool of her to think of Michelle and demand that Michelle bring up her pictures and things. And to also tell Gnat & kev that they are welcome to come up and use the bath/shower when they want even though they have said and done horrible things this week.


i love jordan, but i think laura is more of this season’s janelle

Lovemesome BB

My vote for fan favorite def. goes to Jordan. Has there been a more deserving HG this season, or any other? Besides, she needs the money if she doesn’t win the $500,000 or runner-up $.


I can’t wait to see Gigilo Jesses face when Natalie walks into the Jury House next and then tells him that Chima monster was kicked off the show..he is going to be pissed..HA HA HA!!!


Why would they need to bring someone back in? It is double eviction week, so they will still be on track. They don’t need another person. And they can’t bring a previously evicted hg into the jury house because they have been seeing everything and that is not allowed. So, I hope they give America a vote and only use it in case of a tie breaker. Excellent twist. BTW, why is Jordan crying???


I’m starting not to like Kevin anymore now either. Telling her to pour water on Michelle and get in her face or whatever he told to her do. He’s obviously just as immature as the dumb girls. They need to grow the F up!!!


I know! i was shocked that he was giving them ideas! I mean, i know he still wants to play the game, but I really didn’t think he’d support winning by trying to get one of the contestants kicked out


Kevin’s been this way for a while now, it was just never this… upfront? Immature? He’s constantly trying to distance himself from the girls while all the while egging them on.


If Nat somehow comes off the block, Kev needs to go. Otherwise WHEN they evict Nat, Kev needs to be next. Kev is a much bigger threat in comps than Lydia. Jeff & Russell both mentioned that Kev should be next to go for that reason. Hopefully it works out that way.
Ideally, Russell or Michelle wins HoH Thursday, nominates Kev & Lydia, Kev is evicted.
Evicting Lydia the following week will be like shooting fish in a barrell. She may actually flip out before then and be removed from the house. Obviously Jeff & Jordan will take each other to the final 2, so Michelle needs to make a deal with Russell that they take each other. Surprised the 2 of them still haven’t discussed this. I know there is still a level of distrust between them but they must know that they aren’t making final 2 with Jeff or Jordan.


I think the only way Jordan will make final 2 with Jeff is if Jeff wins the last HOH and picks her. Do you think Russ would pick Jeff? Or Michelle would pick Jeff? I think Jordan has a good shot at being picked by the others because they will argue that she rode Jeff’s coattails.

Mr. E

Jeff, Jordan, and Russell all want to get rid of Kevin next. Michelle has been trying to talk them out of it. I think she’s playing both sides still in order to backstab Russell before he can get to the Final Four.


I agree Kev needs a b bone. Why is Chima gone?

Evel Russ

Read some of the earlier posts from today. She got ejected from the game last night.


Every once in a while a person comes along with a good heart and that is Jordan. She truly deserves to win. If she doesn’t make it to the final two I hope she wins Americas vote for the extra money.


Jeff also has a heart. They need to make it to final 2


Agree 100%…It’s definitely a breath of fresh air to know there are still caring, genuine, wholesome, kind-hearted individuals in this crazy world!


I thought ( hoped ) they would wait til it got down to the 4 of them before the plotting began, but I guess not. Don’t know why Russ is so suddenly overcome by all the previous slurs…unless he thinks there may be some sympathy sex involved…but he hasn’t seemed interested in getting with anyone I don’t think, although I still say Russ and Jesse both have a crush on Jordan. Kevin is just trying to stir up dessension among the ranks….he has his eye on the prize too. And…ewwwww……crusty underwear? ? ? ….whats your address Sonia?…………. πŸ˜‰


Lydia confided in Jeff and Jordan that she let Jesse finger her. He was actually banging her, but she thought it was finger.


Laughing at Nat & Kev thinking they have any chance in hell making past next week in this game. Nat is being evicted Thursday and Kev next week. Stupid D-Bags. LOL


It just tugs at the heart strings like crazy to see how genuine Jordan is being, especially to Michelle. I thought it was messed up how she didn’t get to be HOH for the full week despite Chia Pet getting booted, but I’m glad that Michelle is going to live up there for the week now anyways thanks to Jordan! Go Jordan!! <3 She did was I was hoping she would do for Michelle πŸ™‚

I can't believe Lydia

what is up with her? why is she suddenly anti-jeff? Natalie, Lydia, and Chima (even though she’s not in the show anymore) never had a deal with jeff. they’re just mad that they didn’t get what they wanted. natalie, lydia, and chima are acting like jeff broke a promise or something. he did what he did to further himself in the game. if he didn’t use the coup d’etat, they would probably be now saying that jeff made the biggest mistake by not using it. they know and well, everyone knows that if it wasn’t for the cliques, they would’ve lobbied to get jeff evicted before laura or casey. I would seriously love to know what people will think of them outside the house. and the terrorist comments? that’s seriously uncalled for and is plain stupid.


you think when ( i loves me some me) jessie does the deed he thinks of him self or when he spanks the monkey he calls his own name out i think he does


Ok so we have had a couple of admitted BB addicts besides myself…anyone else want to admit to their addiction…Don’t worry an addiction to BB and this website is DEFINITELY a good thing..lmao


Jordan is the example of an outstanding strong woman that chima can only dream about ever being.

Strong Woman

Kim…. Chima is Getto and was sent back to the projects where she belongs. Anonumous… Yes, Jordan should win but I’ll be happy with Jeff winning also.


Do you think that Kevin has been sunburned? Did you see the sploches on his forehead? He needs to request some sunblock from BB production.


Where is Lydia tonight?


Throwing herself a pity party in the red room and dreaming of being reunited with a man that quite clearly never gave a crap about her and is in love with her worst-enemy-turned-best-friend in the house.


Untrue. Jessie is only in love with himself.


Right. His worst nightmare is Lydia ending up in the jury house with him because no he has no reason on earth to be nice to her. She is such a stalker she would never leave him alone. Heck, maybe the cameras should move over there to watch that drama!!!

Mr. E

Here’s where Russell stands. Next week it’ll be Forces of Good versus Lydia and Kevin. If Russell makes a power move to backstab his team, it will be an extremely STUPID one. If he puts up Jeff versus Kevin, Kevin goes out. If Russell puts up Lydia versus Jeff, Lydia goes out. There’s no point putting up any of his team members with the other team if he wants to backstab his team because the other team will be voted out no matter what.
If Russell wins HoH the week after that, he won’t have two people to vote out. He’ll be forced to put up a teammate as a pawn anyway and that won’t be a power move at all — that will be a FORCED move and it won’t be his fault (hence, not a backstab).
The only move Russell can actually make is to put up two of his teammates next week or wait until Final Four when everyone will be after everyone anyway. If Russell takes a BIG step and turns on his entire team then who the hell is going to vote for him? If Kevin gets to the end with Russell, Kevin will get all of the votes (three votes from his teammates plus whoever he put up on the block on his team). If he puts Jeff up with Michelle, Jeff goes out but Russell will lose ALL of his allies immediately and be the next target. If he goes after Jordan, it’s ballsy but Jeff and Michelle will both come after him.
Russell’s safest move is to win HoH and stick with the plan. That way Jordan’s paranoia will fade and Michelle will lose her influence on the team.


No possible way for Russell to backstab his team. I think one it’s down to Jeff, Jordan, Michelle, Russell & Lydia you may see Jeff, Jordan & Michelle evict Russell to give themselves a better chance at final 3 because Lydia is so horrible at comps. For example in final 5, Jeff is HoH, he nominates Lydia & Michelle, they backdoor Russell unless he wins veto obviously. Lydia would be easy pickings in final 4 comp and if she somehow one either the HoH or Veto that week there would be no possible way she could win the final HoH to make final 2. Jeff, Jordan & Michelle look like the favorites for final 3. Final 2 would therefore be Jeff & Jordan unless Michelle somehow won the final HoH, Jeff is taking Jordan and Jordan is taking Jeff.

BB12 anyone?

Russell won’t make a bad move if he put up Jeff and Michelle with Jordan as a back-up.

Kevin and Lydia (Russ makes a deal to take them to the final 3) vote for Jeff out Jordan votes Michelle out. Jeff’s gone and it’s Jordan and Michelle vs Russ and Kevin/Lydia. He’d have a chance with Jeff out of the way.


Solid thoughts. We’ll see what happens.


Jordan is America’s new sweetheart and she really needs the money and will be a blessing to her family.

I am Jordan

Thanks grandpa…’re a sweetie.

BB12 anyone?

Jordan’s America’s sweetheart? That’d be true if the majority of America watched the show. They don’t.

BB Fan

Jordan is just as fake as her implants.


You’re right. Completely fake. She’s was really a plant from the Brains clique. Genius move!

Seriously though, I’ve enjoyed Jordan being on the show simply because she seems so genuine. I don’t know her personally but she appears to be a really nice, straight-up person.

Many of the other HGs have shown true color-moments that were mean, nasty and vile. Say all you want about “just playing the game” but the way the Cult of Jessie has behaved… Certainly a true-color moment. Social waste. Enough said.


wow….i think we are allowed to throw a name out there …if it sticks..ok…if it doesn’t…ok. But don’t attack someone because of that….asshole πŸ˜‰


My eyes were leaking listening to Jordan read her letter about her family. She is so sweet and a little girl to me
I old enough to be her mother she is refreshing


Jordan is a SWEETHEART! for her to offer her HOH room to Michelle so that they could be roomates is the utimate sign of her character! Classy mover girl! Let me get this straight…Kevin says that the only way the can stay alive is to get Jeff and Jordan to align with them instead of Russel and Michelle based on jury house votes? NICE PLAN IDIOT! Nasty was just scratching her brain again!!..that girl looks like a junkie!


I want Jordan to win! I’m SOOOO happy she finally won HOH. She’s such a sweet, honest girl who really does need the money. Which is more then I can say for Chima who just wants the screen time.

BB Fan

Why does she need the money so she can get herself better implants?


‘Cause her family seems rather poor. She and her Mom share the same bed out of necessity. … … … . In all fairness, we could ALL use the money. That goes for each contestant and 90% of the viewing audience. C’mon, it’s 1/2 A MILLION BUCKS!!! Most any recipient would become more than solvent. Not necessarily a valid reason for winning Big Brother though.

Evel Russ

I would be happy to see Jeff, Jordan and Michelle in the final 3. I wouldn’t mind seeing any of them win the money. I think they have all played well, albeit with different strategies. Mainly though, they’ve all proven to be good people imo.

Mr. E

The Forces of Evil are plotting to make up a story about Russell scheming with Michelle to take Jeff out and they’re going to send Kevin out to spread it to Jeff. I have no idea how they expect to get away with that unless Michelle rolls with it and decides to go with her lie about Russell planning on taking out Jeff.

Mr. E

Russell is upstairs telling them that Kevin is the most dangerous player on their team. Michelle is, OF COURSE, up there defending Kevin and trying to deflect attention off of him. How long before they figure out her plan?


I agree…Jordan is just a sweetheart. Sharing her HOH room is awesome. You can tell she has a huge heart and she has to be loved by so many in her hometown. Yes, you can tell she really needs the money. I think she wants to help her mom out and that is just awesome. I am hoping that Jordan at least makes it to the final 2…I want her or Jeff to win.. I think all of us have fallen in love with Jordan as a person…she’s for sure Americas Sweetheart!


Check out this website. Here is a picture of Jesse/Meathead dressed up as a dog.

The Original Jim

That is a crazy looking dog. I’ve never heard of a dog being double muscled before.


are you posting anytime soon…cuz i live in new york and its 3:00 and im waiting for a new post to read so i can go to bed


Simon idk if anyones told u this but thanks for creating a website so we can figure out and see whats happening if it wasnt for you i wouldnt know whats going on…so thank you.


Wow, calm down. I was only quoting what Simon put in the title! Sheesh.


schmeing operation last minute lie is a stupid, if not rauncy, move. don’t these fools realize that america is watching and will be the 7th vote? even if they somehow get russell and/or natalie evicted, they’ll never win.


I am so sick of Nat/Lydia and their immature ways! I can only hope that Jeff is above all their childish crap. I hope he doesn’t get kicked out. He just has to make it till Thursday when Nat “hopefully” gets the boot! These girls are the most vile of creatures who think they can act like children to get their way. Don’t you think they’d learn by what happened to “the one who shall remain nameless”? BB really screwed up with this seasons cast! Hopefully they get another company to do the cast for next season. I do love the fact that America will get the 7th vote! Won’t they all be shocked when they find this out (this has been confirmed hasn’t it?). Go J/J


Nat and Lydia (and Chima) have gotten so caught up on the anger of Jesse leaving, and spun that anger into an unconsoloble rage;then fed off that rage, by spewing remarks and making everyone’s life miserable. The are beyond help. They need sedatives.