Big Brother 11 – Kevin Trying to work the LML, Jordan “Ohh Kevin’s so cute and sweet….. We still gotta get a girl out this week!”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:45pm Kevin, Jeff and Jordan. Jordan tells Kevin they have Kevin best interests in mind and they have Kevin’s back. Kevin thanks them for that, he goes on to say this is a good time for them to discus Russell while he’s outside getting his massage. Jordan brings up backdooring Russell but she worried that Natalie will come after her next week. Kevin nods says he cannot speak for Natalie but he personally would not go after Jordan if he wins HOH, He would take out Michelle. Jordan wonders why Russell is doing this at this time; it

seems like a stupid thing to do. Kevin thinks Russell is doing it all for Jury votes. Kevin talks about last night and how the girls were bashing Jessie and Kevin was joining in laughing than Russell walked in and started laughing.. Kevin can’t believe he did that he’s so stupid because now Russell is going to go to the Jury house tell Jessie that I was saying mad shit about him and I’ve lost a Jury vote.. “I guarantee that is what?s going to happen” Jeff mentions that there is something fishy going on between Michelle and Russell, Kevin agrees brings up another time he heard them talking game. He explains that he know they were talking game because they were whispering but when he cleared his throat they all of a sudden started talking about random shit and really loud. Kevin says whatever happens, next week Kevin has their back because they are looking out for him. Kevin says he really wants to start a level of trust with them and work together. Jordan tells him that Russell is saying he will throw the HOH to Jeff. Jordan reminds him not to tell the witches.. She would rather have Kevin around than Russell.
Kevin starts trying to sell himself to J/J. He’s never been manipulative and has been loyal all the

Big Brother 11 SpoilersBig Brother 11 Spoilers

7:20pm Red Room Kevin, Natalie and Lydia. Lydia asks him if he was up there throwing her under the bus.. Kevin tells her hell no I was trying to save your nylon ass. Kevin instructs Lydia top go up to HOH and spark up a conversation with them… Lydia doesn’t want to.. Kevin tells her its very important.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:50pm Red Room Kevin, Lydia and Natalie. Kevin telling the girls the entire conversation he just had with Jordan and Jeff. He says that their LML is working and if they play it right Russell will go home. He says that Jeff and Jordan know either Michelle or Russell are lying. He was pushing for Russell put they aren’t sure. Kevin adds that there is some bad news about this though.. Jeff is going to sit Michelle and Russell down and get to the bottom of everything. Lydia and Natalie are very excited about their LML “Working”. Kevin warns them they have to keep their mouths shut that any word reaching Michelle and Russell will cause a serious problem for them. All of a sudden Natalie thinks she see someone and starts talking loud about random shit.. Lydia starts to. Kevin tell them they have to really stop doing that.. Everyone knows thats a tell when your talking game. Kevin tells Natalie and Lydia they have to go up to HOH soon and talk to Jordan and Jeff. Lydia says she doesn’t want to, Kevin tries to explain how important it is. Natalie and Lydia seem to think they don’t need to.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers8:10pm Splish Splash Room Michelle and Russell. Michelle is telling Russel that Jeff and Jordan have been very cranky today. Russell agrees, he’s not sure what is going on. He tell her he thinks at this point the best thing is for them to keep their mouth shut because people are doing fucked up shit. Russell asks her why she hasn’t had her period yet.. She says she went on that 3 month birth control because she didn’t want to be competition in an endurance comp and have to step down because she was bleeding to death. Russell brings up the POV they start discussing past POV’s.. they have no idea what its going to be. Russell starts complaining that they want Wine “its been too long ” Michelle tells him its because they have all the competitions this week if it was a regular week they would of hooked up with wine and beer…. Russell gets called into the dairy room.

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73 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 – Kevin Trying to work the LML, Jordan “Ohh Kevin’s so cute and sweet….. We still gotta get a girl out this week!”

  1. i wish they would pleaseeeeeeeeee take all the feeds off those 3 losers. i cannot stand watching them…especially natalies disgusting chomping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on big brother!!!!! atleast give us a choice.

    1. You mean they don’t do the feeds like this every year? Four feeds on one room/conversation? This is my first year with the live feeds, and might just be my last because of the lack of choices.

  2. Poor Russell…trying to give them some space and getting railroaded. Hopefully they figure out Michelle is full of shit. Natalie still needs to go out first, but Michelle needs to go next.

    1. Well the irony of the LML is that it actually happened. Russ is no innocent victim. That is why he is so paranoid all of the time.

  3. “Jordan tells Kevin they have Kevin best interests in mind and they have Kevin?s back.”
    This sounds just like the same bullshit Jesse “the man, the myth, the douchebag” gave everyone. Jordan and Jeff with power, are acting no different than Jesse and Natalie did.

    Lydia is one messed up chick. Sleeping on and smelling Jesse’s shirt has got to be either the lowest and stupidest thing ever done on BB. She needs serious help.

    Hated Natalie, but while Chima exploded and Lydia imploded, she never gave up. Remember, LML was her idea.

    1. The difference is that Jeff and Jordan probably actually mean what they are saying to Kevin until good ole Jessie and his bitch.

  4. WoW, this amazes me. Chima get’s kicked out but just three season ago, you had a man that poored alcohol on womens heads, and burned their arm with cigarettes, but he won. Wow, this show is racist and rigged. I didn’t agree with what Chima did, in fact I think she was spoiled. But kicking her off when Dick did worse things than her is rediculous. Shame on you Big brother and all you fans who watch the show.

    1. What did Chima in was messing with the production of the show (refusing to wear microphones / destroying microphones). They don’t give a shit about the other stuff.

        1. Uh no, it didn’t go down that way. That’s a skewed version of what happened. He poured an ice tea on Jen when she was fighting with his daughter. I don’t know where you get alcohol. You’ll recall Chima threw a glass of water in Russell’s face.
          And then Jen burned herself on Dick’s cigarette trying to snatch it away from him. That was her fault, though she definitely threw a fit that he did.
          I’m not saying he’s not an asshole, but to act like he was going around burning chicks with cigarettes is BS. At least he owned up to it. Plus he was a funny asshole, and a lot of his actions were in defense of his daughter. Chima was just… tragic and mean.

        2. actually it was iced tea and the cigarette incident was intiated by jenn who attempted to swat the cig out of dick’s hand ,he then held it out and she hit it again…granted he blew smoke in her face but in both instances he never violated bb rules…..however she did when she destroyed his stash

    2. Get it right before comparing the two events. Iced tea over Jenn’s head (not alchohol) is almost identical to what Chima did to Russel. Evel dick was sitting on the couch outside and Jenn tried to swat the cigarette away from him (twice) at which time she burned herself. Yeah keep trying to play the race card in favor of Chima..give me a break She insulted, profiled, and degraded an entire culture numerous times/not to mention belittling the 9/11 events by parralelling them to a reality show confrontation, acted like a 4 year old and gave new meaning to the word hypocrite.


        1. By the way, Chima has been trying to leave the show ever since Johnny Bravo was evicted so she did all that crap on purpose to get kicked off of the show so both Chima and Evel Dick achieved the results they were looking for.

          1. What???? I’m not even going to respond to that. If you wanna compare someone being called a terroist, with a man physically abusing a woman than go right ahead. Whatever makes you happy jr.

  5. up until your last sentence I agreed with you. Have you stopped watching? yet, I do believe that this is a BB site.
    I thought that dick should have been kicked out. The outrage of a man abusing a woman is not the same as the outrage america feels when the word terrorist is used. don’t get me wrong and start slamming me, what I mean is that because Russell was called that, many people contacted, called etc. cbs. I believe cbs did the right thing when they heard the voice of the people. It is just too bad that the same voice wasn’t heard in season 8.

  6. I dont care what anyone says about Evel Dick. He was the shit and he deserved to win….!! Did you see all of the bullshit he went through? The other houseguests tried to completely separate him and daughter! Im really happy about the way he handled the situation. And he never burned her, he just poured tea on her head….oooo wowww whats the big deal?? He never shoved or hit her! He never called Jameka the “N” word! Sooo wat? Give the man his props. Do you see the competion with him and zach?? With holding the key that lasted all the way until 2am?? Dude come on! I was rooting for him all the way! Just like i am Russell, theyre the most hated and were still in the game and playing the game. He totally deserved to win. I can go on and on dont get me started!

    1. yeah I saw how he looked, I felt bad for him as I would for anyone, that still does not excuse the things that he did. As far as people coming between him and his daughter, they weren’t speaking before the went in the house so…. duh. I didn’t like her either. I am sure that will come as a surprise to you.

      1. I know he wasnt talkn to his daughter but they even tried to come in between them as they were growing closer…but he’s hella cool. I met him in person, and his personality, is like, awesome. I just really dont like Danielle. She was soo annoying to me. ugh!

    2. So him going through all that crap in the house gives him a pass. Hey I got one, since I’ve had a hard life, can I go pour alcohol on a womans head and burn her arm with a cigarette. Ohhhhh wait….I got one, can a tell a woman to love the underside of my testicles HUHHHHHH!!!!!!! CAN I DON THAT MAN!!!!!!!

  7. Do the houseguests getting spa treatments have anything to do with the HOH comp that Jordan won, or is it just a perk that the producers gave to everybody to keep them happy?

  8. I’d kinda like to throw something out here….I’m wondering if I’m getting old or it’s just a generational thing….I first noticed this on BB8 and it has kind of gone downhill since….The way most (90%) of the HG’s over the past few seasons speak with such norma unabated vulgar language especially males in the presence of females.I know ,ok after 3 months barriers do come down but this is right out of the chute week 1 .Is it me and the way I was raised or is this just how it is now……..comments?

    1. I totally agree with you…but sadly, vulgar language is norm in that generation, Maybe it’s a lack of language skills, but I think it’s more likely and even sadder that most of them probably grew up with easily hearing it around their homes, so it’s not a big deal to them like it is to us “older” generation folks.

    2. Sadly I think it’s their generation. We TRIED to teach our children respect but failed. The vulgar language is very repulsing to me too.

    3. I think it’s done intentionally by CBS, they are concerned primarily with $$$ and a good way to generate lots of it from sponsors is to have a show where people are confrontational. Profanity is a natural extension of most heated agruments, they take the swearing in exchange for all the other soundbites. If they had a show comprised of ethics professors and nuns, well it prolly wouldn’t last more than 1 episode.

    4. I’m wondering the same thing. Is this the way everyone talks around their friends or when they go out? I rarely use the “F” word unless I’m really angry. Jeff (and I love him!) seems to use it the most. I guess I’m just getting old too.

      1. They’re just words that someone else told you was wrong to say. If it was backwards and shoe was a cuss word, we would be putting our shits on our feet every day and nobody would be offended if we said “those are the prettiest brown shits I’ve ever seen”

    5. I agree with you completely. I wrote on another post here about the way BB has changed over the years. I can’t remember which one though, it was yesterday.

    1. Yes, the definitely are and you can see how they care for each other but are keeping it low right now which is the smart thing to do.

  9. In response to Mr.Jimi…

    That’s just how things are now. I use vulgar language as a part of my regular everyday conversation. Once I’m comfortable around someone the filter is off. I think thats prettty normal.

  10. Mr. Jimi! I totally agree – i’m so glad i’m not the only one. it makes the
    whole show seem so juvenile. i swear but most of the time i manage
    to swear sparingly. reading these spoiler’s (which I truly appreciate)
    sometimes i just give up because it’s too much work to get the point
    between all the profanity.

  11. Sure hope J/J make the right decision and get rid of Nat. Leave Russ/Michelle for next week if they are really trying to get J/J out. As for Kevin, hope he really is looking out for J/J and not backstabbing them. If he is, and J/J can’t see that, well let the cards fall where they may. I really don’t know who to trust, Kevin, or Russ/Michelle.

    1. Kevin’s working a huge lie that Lydia and nat came up with. It’s all BS he’s spewing. But hey, at least he’s finally doing something in this game.

  12. On live feeds they are talking about when the veto will begin. Does any else think that since this week was supposed to be a double eviction, and since Chima is gone that there will be not Veto comp and the double eviction will just be nomination voting cermony. No one will have the chance to play for veto to remove themselves off the block.

    1. Maybe, though I was thinking, since they won’t be doing a live double eviction this week, they may do a live POV competition with POV ceremony live immediately thereafter.

      I also think this week the HOH comp WILL be endurance.

  13. kevin is backsabbing them.he’s telling little nat and pyhco lydia everything, michele is smart i hope j/j/m/? final 4.russ is trying to get jury votes.

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