Jeff about Michelle, I think she’s pulling a Ronnie. “Just because you can put a catheter in a rat’s **** doesn’t make you smarter than everyone else”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
5:30pm – 6:30pm HOH Jordan and Jeff. Jordan thinks Michelle knows something is up, Jeff agrees. Jordan tells Jeff she isn’t saying anything about other people when Michelle is around. Jeff thinks it?s a good idea for them both to keep their mouths shut. Jeff calling Russell and Michelle stupid for trying to pull this bullshit.. Jeff’s plan from the beginning was to go to Final 4 with but know he’s worried. He doesn’t understand why they are doing this now there?s still a bunch of players in the game that want us out. Jordan says Michelle is starting to play like ROnnie did running around talking to both side and conveniently forgetting important

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
conversations. Jeff is worried if Michelle and Russell get HOH. Jordan says she will continue to push for final 4. Jeff thinks he’s the one to go if Michelle/Russell win HOH… Jeff saying he’s very worried right now he’s got too many people after him. Russell knocks on the door. Russell tells them his sheet were in the washing machine when they called lockdown, he’s worried that it’ll be all-night. Jeff leaves.. Russell asks about Jordan’s conversation with Natalie. Jordan said the only advice she gave PP was to play as hard as she can for POV. Russell says you gave a good speech during the Nominations Ceremony.. You looked exhausted after. Jordan says the speech was easy.. they went up because they have gone after us in the past and Lydia called me a fat hoe so that another reason. Russell asks her who he should vote out.. Jordan thinks they should wait until after the POV is played. Russell tells her he’ll vote anyway she wants to show his loyalty. Jordan says that they got so use to not talking game but now its 24/7 full on game mode. She adds that its 4v3 so there isn’t that much to talk about yet.
Jeff comes back in and Russell leaves.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jeff tells her Russell is acting pretty normal right now.. Jeff winders that maybe Michelle is going around making shit up like Ronnie. Jordan says they need to confront Russell and Michelle and figure everything out. Jeff says they have to keep it among themselves because if the other side finds out they will use it against us. Jordan thinks they need to get this clear up
right now.. Jeff says lets wait until Michelle wakes up. Jeff now decides that they should wait a bit. Jordan agrees tell him he has to do the talking because he’s better at that. Jeff says he’s thinking its more Michelle doing the lying than Russell, Jordan agrees. He says they will wait until after POV than talk to Michelle and Russell. He thinks they are going overboard other all this. Jeff is fully convinced Michelle is pulling a Ronnie I think she’s pulling a Ronnie. “Just because you can put a catheter in a rat’s penis doesn’t make you smarter than everyone else”… Jeff leaves for a bit to replace his batteries… Jordan asks him if he liked her speech today. Jeff say yes it was good. They start talking about there sleeping patterns…
Its killing Jordan not knowing if Russell really said he was gunning after them. Jordan really wants to ask him. Jordan keeping pushing him.. Jeff says if he starts this conversation with Russell it will be a 4 long drawn out talk and the other side is going to find out. The last thing they need now is the other side to know something is up. Jordan gets called into the Diary ROom.. Jeff falls asleep.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:40pm the houseguests are called outside for their spa treatments.. Russell is the first one out the door before he exits he asks Jeff if he wants to go first Jeff says no he’s waiting for a hot chick.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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they r going nuts this year with cutting the feeds !!!!!!


Yes it’s so annoying! Jeff and Jordan are really annoying me with how much they are telling Kevin.. Pretty much Natalie has infiltrated the J/J/M/R alliance through Kevin.. Great.. How do they not realize that Kevin is just trying to keep both of his allies in the house? At this point J/J are close to not deserving to win this game.. Kevin might convince them to get Russell out, then the other side of the house will be in power again.. Good job by Jeff and Jordan.. Psh..

The Original Jim

What is with that HOH room this year. Anyone that goes in there turns paranoid as hell.


seriously..and whats with them telling kevin everything!!!! what the hell is wrong with j-j


Jeff and Jordan are done.. Damn it.. One of the most stupid moves ever in BB history! Just keep telling Kevin everything.. Tell him how you guys want to be in the final 2.. So stupid.. Kevin is gonna win this shit, because of how gullible Jeff and Jordan are being right now.. The numbers are going to be 3 to 3 (3 to 2 in the next HoH).. How stupid are they?! It all comes down to giving the other side the numbers again, probably giving them HoH.. One of them go up, alongside Michele, and then who knows how they will vote.. Stupid ass move by J/J..


And as I finished typing that and Kevin left the room, Jeff and Jordan said how they have to get one of the girls out next week, because they can’t give them the numbers.. Thank God they do realize that.. Kevin is playing them and they don’t see it..


i burst out laughing when she said that!!!!!!


I think Kevin is strategizing to get with Jeff and Jordon really secretively. The girl’s ship is sinking and he is really smart by aligning with j/j right at this time. If Nat or Lydia goes he still will have an alliance with j/j.


yeah i was like “phew, thank god”


Yeah.. I was feeling more paranoid than J/J at that point, and that’s hard.. I thought Kevin had them convinced.. But if anything it just shows how J/J do know what they’re doing to a certain extent, and they are not as dumb as I thought they were during that Kevin conversation..




Hey PETE, don’t you have some church to be in? Ooohh cancer sticks, dirty filthy sex! Yucky-poo! What are you 13? nah, even a 13 year old knows where the Caps lock key is.


Pete, I think you need some medication or a good lay. You sound a bit uptight buddy. It’s only a game.


Do you even watch this game? EVERYONE backstabs someone eventually, that’s why only ONE person wins this game. Russel just stated the obvious that he wanted to win eventually, but it’s pretty clear his word is good, he has no reason to jump on the other side, what would be smart for him would be to last until final 4 and then all he has to do is the same as everyone else and fight to stay in within the competitions. I am surprised I am saying this after the first couple weeks of the game but at this point Russel seems like a pretty stand up guy that keeps his word. The dumbest thing would be for them to question it because he’s pretty much one way or another. Jeff and Jordan have so far done what they should have given their powers, getting rid of Jessie was a great move, a smart one as he would boot them out whereas Russel proved he wasn’t gunning for them within keeping his word on the deal regardless of what all the gossip produces.


LOL! yeah! Everytime J/J walks in the room they think of another conspiracy someone has going against them!


it just occured to me with how all the past hoh’s get to ask for certain things for ther hoh room , and knowing how everyone becomes so so paranoid,why does’nt the knew hoh ask for like ~~~zanax or zoloft,,etc to calm the heck down,,,,,Instead of all that darn candy ,,,its the sugar thats making them go or maybe the~~ fish are talking to them in there….///


SPA TREATMENTS? did somebody win this? during the HOH comp saturday?


I am curious about this as well – I can’t find anything that says they won it. All of them are getting a massage and facials. Hopefully this isn’t just another gift to make those fricken babies happy for a minute!


Getting tired of paying to watch fish. This season is the worst for feeds being interrupted.

Mr. E

These people are insane. Jeff says, “Michelle is shady, I think Russell’s telling the truth” (DING DING!) and then Jordan says, “Well, maybe they’ve both got this insanely ridiculous plan that makes no sense…let’s go trust Kevin,” (Wow, you’re an idiot), Jeff says, “Hey, maybe, I don’t know, whatever,” (Ugh.), Jordan says, “Well, Michelle says that Russell said…” (…), and Jeff says, “Yeah, right!? Exactly!” (Didn’t you just say she’s shady and she lies all of the time?), and Kevin says, “Whatever you think is true is what I’m going to agree with. Just don’t target me.” (Of course.)

Mr. E

Actually, it just occurred to me that Jeff and Jordan are doing EXACTLY what they’re afraid Russell and Michelle are doing — PLAYING BOTH SIDES. They are so paranoid they are trusting people they know are targeting them to give them information on people in their own team. Basic common sense has left the building.


Thats a very fair assessment! Now Kevin will squeak through all of them because they are all going to be against each and feel they have bigger fish to fry.


Agree 100%.. It’s like “Hey we’ve never talked game with Kevin, but now suddenly that his two allies are on the block and he’s trying to convince us to keep both of them, we’re going to start telling him every single thing.. We’re gonna tell him about the troubles inside our alliance, and how we are considering a backdoor, and if not we will take him out next week”.. WTF.. If Russell were to win HoH won’t Kevin try to pull the same shit and use what J/J told him this week to save himself and his allies?


Michelle is the one lying. It doesn’t make sense that they would believe Kevin when they know he has an alliance with Lydia.


They have all been lying and I am so sick of it. The lying each year is getting worse and lying is not part of the game. The first years BB1-BB5 and All StarsBB, the people didn’t really lie, they would only give partial answers or ignore the questions. They knew how to play the game. Now they have absolutely no idea how to play BB. Each year lately the misfits are just getting worse.


mum is the word right now. they should not confront anyone! JJ will not gain any allies by kicking out russell.


jordan is talking wayyyyyyy tooo much!!!!!!


Can anybody tell me if Michele *actually* told a lie with regard to this whole Michele-Russell “conspiracy” thing? I’ve been reading all the updates and I know about the LML but it’s a lot of information. All I want to know is if this paranoia from J/J is purely from the lie, or if Michele actually told a lie as well and what was it?


She “forgets” a story, then remembers later. When she remembers the story later, she knows a lot of details. So she either lied about forgetting, or lied about all of the details.


Ok, thanks, but I *only* want to know if she lied with regard to the LML 🙂


okay, let me clarify…. she “Forgot” what happened in the pool room conversation with Russell (which is the LML story anyway), then conveniently remembered a whole slew of details later and fed them to J/J


Whether she lied or not is unknown. But suddenly remembering details about a story that she had originally “forgot” makes it appear that she is lying. Then she keeps rambling more and more things that Russell said (maybe true, maybe not) which makes it appear that she is trying to keep focus on Russell, but drawing attention to herself instead.


Ive been watching it all go down and i can tell you my take on this, it can happen ive missed something but more then likely ive got it all. So basicly like you know Kevin made up this lie and told J&J it, just before that J&J had been talking about that Russel is not to be trusted (good timing)
When J&J diecide to talk about this to Michelle they try and protect Keving with saying that Jeff heard Ruseel and MIchelle talking. This makes Michelle go into super defensiv mode and thinking to her self that Russel is setting her up. and that Russel knew that Jeff was listening and therefor tried to put words in Michelles mouth.. However as we know the conversation really never happend. but she believes Jeff more then her own memory.. So then Michelle feels threatend by the whole situation and throws Russel under the buss, (thinking that Russel is doing the same to her) So basicly Michelle has the worst comunication skills ever, she dont really understand anything. And J&J did not take that into consideration when they confronted her, so this BIG MESS got created.. So what can we learn from this? “when someone tells you something about another person, confront that person as soon as possible and tell all the partys exactly what happend” especially if the people involved are your closest friends..

Mr. E

That’s not what happened. Before the lie was even created Michelle created a lie about Russell wanting to backstab Jeff. Russell never said that. The clip of their conversation was on Sunday’s Big Brother along with Michelle’s Diary Room entry and you would think that at some point Michelle would have mentioned it or the actual footage would have shown it. It didn’t. It’s a lie. Michelle lied. She’s still making up more lies. It just so happens that Kevin’s lie is similar to the lie Michelle told, which is a HUGE coincidence or the fault of production interfering or manipulating the cast members.


lol thats kinda exactly what i said.. only differnece is that i explained WHY michelle is lieing 😉


wait i misunderstood you there, so michelle was throwing Ruseel under the buss before the Kevin chat? interesting.. so why would Michelle do that?


I agree 100% that the whole problem here is Michele doesn’t know how to communicate.. I said that on an earlier comment in another post.. It’s ridiculous.. She thinks she’s so smart, but she can’t communicate and that screws up Jeff and Jordan’s thinking..

BB is a joke!

When Russell was HOH, Russell approached Michelle about a final 2 deal. She and Russell do have a real deal. When Michelle was HoH, Russell again said to Michelle, that Jeff and Jordan need to be broken up, because they (J/J) have a final 2 deal. Notice Michelle did not mention that conversation with J/J.

Also, Michelle talked about back dooring Russell to save Nat. She said that Nat would be grateful to Jordan and that Jordan will be gaining a friend. So, I don’t know what Michelle is trying to do other than cover her bases. All I know is when you are working with the two biggest liars/ backstabbers in the game, it hard to trust either. In my opinion, the path for J/J this week is to back door Michelle. If Russell win (HoH next week) then he will go after Kevin (maybe), because he does no not think he can win sitting next to Kevin. If I were Russell, I would get Jeff out and that would knock the wind out of Jordan. It?s not like Russell didn?t tell Jeff and Jordan to their face that he would back stab them to win $500.000.

Russell, will be gaining a lot of support on the jury if he can get Jeff out (the CDT was not seen by all as great for Jeff). I think Russell believes if he is sitting next to Michelle he will win.

Kevin just need to keeping playing J/J as long as they have the upper hand. If he wins HoH, I think he should break up J/J (he may not get their vote to win the 500,000) but you would have to give him credit for playing a strong team.

Russell won?t win sitting next to Jordan or Kevin. He is going to want them both out of the game.

Why would the producer tell Jeff and Jordan not to put Russell up?


producers proably said that beacuse they so dont wanna give the money to Nath or Lydia 🙂

Just to make something clear, did Russel really say “,to Michelle, Jeff and Jordan need to be broken up, because they (J/J) have a final 2 deal” ?, if so when?


Kevin is in the best position now because he now has the trust of both sides while keeping his original alliance. I think Kevin is going to win. I never liked him but damn he is playing a good game all because of Natalie’s lies. LOL. She is going to kick herself because she is the one who encouraged him to put up this phoney alliance but at any time he can turn on her now. What is she going to say to anyone? I talked Kevin into lying to you guys??? Damn he is in a good place unless Russ gets HOH next but even then I think Jordon and Jeff will protect him. Not my fave player but he should go far, if not win.


it seems like Russell is living up to his word with Jeff and Jordan. Why are they so paranoid?– Michelle has been reporting back honestly to them; I thought the LML was useless– info that was already known. Russell has no control to put J/J on the block– why sweat this now ???

Jackie M.

I believe Nat/Kevin made up the lie, and stupid J/J brought it HOOK/LINE/SINKER…..Hate to admit it by so far Kevin, has outsmarted them. Thought Jeff had more BRAINS…guess Jordan is rubbing off on him…..


OK a quick question…
Did any one tell Natalie about the Jessie stains on her shirt? And, was it a hand *** or a blow job that left the mess?
A big OMG that Lydia used Natalie’s shirt to catch the mess… you gals play dirty!!!!!!!

Big D

Lydia told nasty gNat herself, gnat seemed not to care. Oh well


I am a major j/j fan but if Kevin pullls this off he deserves to win. Jordan is usually very good with her people interaction skills but he truly has her buffaloed-he’s this first one to get by her filter so far. She has been spot on with her analysis of other people. But now Jeff is wondering about Kevin’s timing so maybe between the 2 of them they may take a sip of koolaid but spit it out because it doesn’t taste right.

Mr. E

Jordan trusted Ronnie, Michelle, Chima, Jessie, and Lydia (three times). Are you SURE she has any filter at all? In hindsight she says she never trusted these people, just like Chima says she always thought Jeff had the Coup d’Etat, but it took all of Jeff’s energy not to tell Jordan she’s an idiot. He all but insulted her one day for being so gullible “Oh, so you made some new friends and you got it all figured out now, huh?” His exact words.

Randy Wolfgang

Jeff is planning to get Michele and Russell up to the HOh to have a non-yelling talk about what Kevin said – then they plan to bring Keven up to repeat it – that should be very interesting!!!!



Randy Wolfgang

Yes from the live feeds


I’ve got to agree with you,Kevin deserves to win if he can pull this off and J/J/M/R are stupid for not seeing it


Y are Jeff and Jordan just figuring out that Russell is a scumbag who’s always paranoid and gonna backstab them and lie?? He told them to their face he was going to!!! Plus Chima had been saying that for the past two weeks!!! They should’ve got him out when they had the chance, now its gonna bite them in the ass in the end. And also y is the DR telling them who and who not to put up, I think they realize once Russell is gone their ratings will probably drop because the rest of the cast is so boring, this game is so rigged.

Mr. E

Except…it’s not true. Michelle, Kevin, Natalie, and Lydia are making it all up. Every private conversation with Michelle Russell has is about the Final Four and how he hopes it holds together, then Michelle runs back and tells an elaborate lie to Jordan, who just vomits it back up to Jeff.


I think jeff has always known what russell is about. Jeff seems to be pretty smart when it comes to all the drama. He sits back and watches alot.


Kevin is carrying Lydia and Natalie right now. Even if one of those chicks gets sent up this week the LML has set up Michelle or Russell for next week.


J/j need to talk to michelle and russell so they can stop being so paranoid…


hey simon whats that last image that looks like a pile of covers???


oh i thought that was him and jordan


Michelle has lived up to every thing Ronnie said about her, She is truly one of the worst people in the world. She is liar and a backstabber. And all because she is in love with jeff…She has the hots for him, and will roll over Jordan in a New York minute. I hate Michelle and I hate Russell,, but if either one of the make it to the end, I’d rather Russell over Michelle., And I really HATE, HATE Russell. So That lets you know how I feel about Michelle. She is a dirty dog., panting after Jeff.


If you think Michele is one of the worst people in the world because she lied in a GAME, then I’d hate to know what you think about cheaters, embezzlers, murderers, and rapists! Sheesh!


????? Michelle is not my favorite person in the game, but reading you feels like she stole your snack the recess at school. Your rant is very personal. Do you know her in real life?


Michele is one of the most decent in the house. You must be Ronnie or Ronnie kin.


I can understand that Jeff and Jordan might have doubts, and they might fall for kevin’s lie, but some of the people on this site, actually falling for it is just insane. You get to see everything, and the fact that they made that entire thing up, yet you act like its truth, unbelivable.

Randy Wolfgang

Kevin just thinks he convinced J/J to get Russell out. lol J/J don’t trust Kevin because he couldn’t guarantee them anything, so they agree they need to get Nat out this week. They are also questioning Kevins timing – I wouldn’t give kevin the half-million just yet. Wait till Kevin goes back and makes Nat the skank all happy not knowing what is really happening.


I don’t really care what happens at this point. I’m just glad Jesse the “Pre-Jack” and Chima are gone!

Randy Wolfgang

Some people here think Nat the skank is pretty?????? I’ve gotten more aroused fishing for my keys!!!!!!


And I, for one, am so glad steroid-boy is gone. Icky.


what would michelle gain now by trying to get russell out?does she have something with the other side?because everyone is saying that there gunning for michelle ,the other side (l/n/k).we really dont know what she is feeding to russell..lets just hope j/j wake up and smell the bull####!!!KEVIN>> IS THE THREAT!WOW IS THIS ADDICTING OR WHAT???LOL

Mr. E

In case people missed it, here is the actual timeline and how events really unfolded. I used online big brother’s archives to look it up.
First, on August 15th from 1:20 am to 2:00 am, Russell and Michelle discuss fixing their Final Two and hugging it out. For the details you need look no further than Sunday Night’s episode of Big Brother because the conversation was aired there. In fact, Michelle is in the Diary Room in the same clothes talking about how she fixed things with Russell and everything’s back on track.
But then, on August 15th between the hours of 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm, Michelle creates the Original Big Lie. The transcript doesn’t go into it word for word but if you go to the feeds you can hear her clearly telling Jordan that Russell wants to get Jeff out and that he can’t be trusted, which completely contradicts everything that happened in that conversation. This is when Jeff and Jordan first get paranoid.
Then, on August 16th in the period from 9:35 pm to 11:00 pm, a whole day after Michelle told a similar lie to Jeff and Jordan, The Great Lie is conceived by Natalie. The fact that this lie coincided with the lie Michelle told and so close to it is why Jeff and Jordan are confused.


It’s a crap shoot from here on in. People get a whiff of the finish line and mass paranoia and over-thinking reign supreme. Cooler heads, making the hard decisions and winning the HoH/Veto’s are more vital than ever before.


Everyone kinda has to remember that the houseguests aren’t WATCHING everything like we are. Everyone keeps calling them stupid for not knowing what’s going on. How can they possibly know? Let’s put it into perspective for a moment….

jun geo

I see Jeff winning in an evil dick style. I saw it since he got into the argument with Russel and pulled the technotronics word spelling in the veto power and blew it on purpose yet had the fire to fight back. Some players are just truly incapable of winning like Lydia and Natalie where as other players toss competitions on purpose like Michele, Jeff, Russel and Kevin but win when they need to but no too much to become a target. These players usually win games like mike boogey but only when they have people skills which Russel and Michele lack as they have back stabbed the only people who they can really trust (Jessie and Ronnie/chima) respectively.

The fact that Jeff didn’t figure out Michele surprised me. Anyone who got in bed with her got back stabbed (ronnie/chima-natalie and so on). She befriends people who are strong, gurantees them nothing in return or flat out lies, like in the case of russel. It should be clear to J/J that the other house guest are smack talking, all of a sudden everyone says Russel is out to get you, and michele is suppose to be russel’s best friend. Jeff should know that Natalie and Kevin will screw them either way, russel is a toss up and michele is a certainity. I expected Jeff to nominate Michele not russel. Russel can be a possible vote to keep you, Michele only cares about winning and has never even had 1 ally she never voted to evict.