Big Brother 11 – Casey and Jeff Hangin in the “Ghetto HOH”

10:30pm HOH Russell and Chima. Russell is telling her about the calculated moves he has made in the game. HE explain the fight with JEff in week 1 was just to see where the house’s alliances stood. HE goes on to say he learnt that Jordan was going onto JEffs side and Lydia was coming over to their side. Chima tell him that she didn’t have many friends at that point. Her side was Braden, LAura and Jordan. Russell brings up Chima’s fight with Michele and how awesome it was, “Chima went off and looked like a woman possessed” They start to name the people they want out Chima names Jeff first. Russell start to defend JEff saying there?s bigger targets to go after and he thinks he can get to jeff. Russell tells CHima that Lydia wants her gone. Chima is surprised. Russell tell her he needs to get rid of Casey first than Ronnie because Ronnie isn’t that smart.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:00pm Kitchen Lydia, Ronnie, Natalie, Jessie and Kevin. Ronnie bring ups that him and KEvin have been trading out of house stories since 9:30.

Jordan runing around cleaning like mad.

They start talking about how weird it will be when the table gets smaller. JEssie says the table will change next week. Ronnie makes a comment about the smallest table at final 4 Natalie brings up that Jessie was evicted on week 4 so he never say it. Jessie gets pissed “I did see it you dumbass” (appears very staged) She tells him she didn’t mean anything by it. They ask Jordan why she’s cleaning so much. Jordan tells them she doesn’t like feeling dirty so she cleans a lot but its not a “OCD thing”. Jesse and Natalie still arguing (looks staged)

10:45pm Pool Room Jeff. Lydia saying she loved the Facts of Life. Jeff asks who bowlly was on

different strokes? HE than remembers and says “THE GOOCH”. Casey starts to give him a hard time about how he pronouncing the word bully. Jeff doesn’t think its a big deal. Casey asks if in Chicago people walk around saying “DA

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

BEARS” Lydia continues to sew the trash outfits. Lydia is telling them they should of commissioned her to make them a garbage suit. Jeff tells her it’s 11pm you wouldn’t get it done in time. She tells Casey she would of made him a sweet tuxedo. Lydia puts the hoodie on and Jeff says the sleeves look like claw on inspector gadget…. Casey shows everyone how he thought the “Banana Suit” sign said something like “Bahamas trip” or “Bahamas Vacation”. Lydia goes into the kitchen to take a break.

Jeff: “So thats what it feels like”
Casey: “Like what being liked?”
Jeff: “Yeah:
Casey: “It’s nice like HOH kinda”
Jeff:” like a ghetto HOH”
Casey: “Its really neat and nice that everyones was nice in here”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:30pm Pool Room Jeff, Russell and Casey. Casey is telling them they need to win HOH but it’ll be a crap shoot. “Throw those chips in the air fellas “. Casey brings up Ronnie saying that he’ll win a endurance competition if he’s sitting down. They all laugh. Jeff say no way he didn’t say that. Casey says yes he said “if its something sitting i can sit there the whole time” Russell tells him dude go say that in DR, “He’s such a lard ass” Russell: “what a dumbass what competition would they have people sitting down?” Jeff says he has to win HOH or he’s going up. Casey tells them they have to Doodle in their pants. Jeff says he’s going to do whatever it takes. ?hopefully it rains so i can squirt a couple out” Russell agrees he thinks they’ve done it before “they totally pissed that one season where it took 9 hours” Casey asks Jeff what he’s doing under his sheets? JEff Jerking off? they all laugh..Casey jokes about having to take his clothes out rolled up in a trash bag because production cant find his suitcase.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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13 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 – Casey and Jeff Hangin in the “Ghetto HOH”

  1. Ronnie is a typical litle coward – do you remember the minute he thought he lost control last week, the first thing out of his lying mouth was “I wanna go home”. Well boo-hoo. I can’t wait to see what he does when he winds up on the block (it will happen). He’ll be running around like a chicken with no head.

  2. I agree with you Randy Wolfgang, ronnie is such a coward, I can’t wait to see what he does when his ass is on the block! He think he’s playing the game smart I can’t wait to see his ass walk out the BB door!

  3. Lydia is so dumb now she’s gone to Jessie’s/nat’s side telling kevin to trust Jessie, I can’t wait til they start back stabbing each other, I cant’ stand JESSIE/NAT/RONNIE & NOW LYDIA, the other side needs to step their games up Russell & Jeff need to team up & take Jessie & his flunkies down, LET’S HOPE THERE’S A TWIST TONIGHT THAT WILL TURN THAT HOUSE UPSIDE DOWN! I can’t believe those ppl are so stupid to believe everything jessie is telling them someone needs to pull Nat of of Jessie’s ass!

  4. Send them ALL home. This whole cast is rather lame. The BBAD?s are boring. Nxt week when Jessie is not HOH, he better get put on blast. It?s funny that Ronnie is getting so much (deservingly) flack for his antics but EVERYONE is overlooking the fact that Jessie is playing puppet master w/ those two annoying girls. Pitting them against eachother, telling Lydiot that Naughtilie says he can?t hang out w/ her anymore. Something is very suspect about Naughtilie?. She definately has NO manners or tact. You can be a tomboy and still act like a lady. It is gross to watch her eat, chew gum, walk, talk? Oh I could go on. PLEASE JORDAN WIN HOH AND SAVE THIS SEASON. If Jessie wins this season, it will be my last. Here?s a thought, BRING BACK E.D. to truly f&ck w/ Jessie.

  5. Another thing, Jessie is the misogynist Chima. The condescending tone he used the other night speaking to Michelle made me sick. He is a closet HOMO, I just know it!

  6. Please CBS let this be a season that you bring back someone that was evicted. The only ppl i like in the house right now is Casey, Jordan and Jeff. I can’t stand Natalie, Jessie and pretty much the rest of the house. Do what America wants! Bring someone back that’s been evicted.

  7. Has the ” twist” ever been that neither of the two on the block go home and then play as usual. Go on with the HOH, put two up immediately and vote one out TONIGHT! JUST A SUGGESTION BIG BROTHER!!!

    1. I think bb9 had James get evicted than right after they got to vote someone back in and they voted James back in. It was the bikini barista (sp?) Natalie that was the swing vote she voted to evict James than 10 minutes later she voted to let him back in…. LOL


    1. What an AWESOME idea, even better than mine. Lets let AMERICA vote out this weeks person. The two up on the block are safe and AMERICA will TEXT in the VOTE to EVICT! Worth the DOLLAR!!! My VOTE is BYE BYE JESSE!!! and NATALIE IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU AFTER ALL SHE IS STUCK UP YOUR AZZ!!!


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