Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Russell Explains a Move

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:45pm Ronnie and Kevin Living Room They are talking about tomorrows HOH. Ronnie doesn’t think it’ll be endurance he’s thinking questions. Ronnie believes it will be based on the facts they have heard earlier. Ronnie now spews out every HOH competitions that was endurance for every season, Season 7 spiders season 9 had alot… Kevin brings up season 8 when they had the Alice in wonderland characters come into the house and tell them things. Ronnie says this is going to be a very popular season, he says because he’s such a huge fan of the show he would know what the public would like and they are probably loving the clique twist…. Apparently Ronnie has tried for big brother a lot and finally got on. It was always his dream to be on this show and he believed in himself so he kept applying. He’s going to use that story to inspire his students.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:45pm Pool Room, Jordan, Casey, Jeff and Lydia Jeff is talking about his fear for cockroaches and how if you step on them there eggs stick to your feet and are spread throughout the house. Lydia says bring on the roach Challenge. JEff says no BLANK way those things can “survive a nuclear bomb! they give me the heeebie…jeebeees”. They briefly talk about tomorrow. Lydia asks them if they have their Speeches prepared. Both jordan and Casey have. Lydia tells Casey to make his speech count. Michelle joins them.. They are talking about their favorite TV shows. Jeff says he real liked fraggle rock, “fraggle rock ROCKED” Michelle says it was Fragglelicious. Jeff tells them when he was a kid he would wake up “so early” grab his ceral and watch smurfs. Lydia says she loves the smurfs. Natalie joins them to see how the hoodie is coming.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:10pm HOH Chima and Russell talking dirty. Chima asks him what does he want to talk about.. HE starts singing “Lets talk about s$@ baby lets talk about you and me”. Chima agrees and asks him what does he like in bed? Russell “General Question”, Chima: “Yes very General”. Russell goes on to explain this position in graphic detail. “My favourite is bent over with me rubbing her “Clit” and holding her shoulders”. Chima wants to know where the penis is, he tells her its inside the woman “Chillin”. She asks him if he likes Misonary? Russell:”Yes its very classic”.. Chima: “so that move is something you use with the stripper?”.. Russell laughs and tells her he doesn?t want to talk about that anymore. SHe’s asking him how many girls he’s slept with… he won’t tell her. He says its different for men than woman because a man can detach himself to the s$% so it means nothing to him. He says a guy can sleep with a bunch of women and it means nothing but with a woman it means a lot more. Except for some, “there?s some out there That are complete raging BLANK”. Chima can’t get the number out of him so she tells him she’s only been with one guy. Russell scoffs “and my farts smell like roses”… Chima says she wants to know if her man is a man BLANK……

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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