Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff clues in “Kevin and Natalie’s been lying to us all from the beginning!”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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6:40pm Natalie and Kevin playing Pool. Natalie is pissed that Michelle was messing with their calendar. Natalie calls her a stupid skank (it hasn’t been confirmed that she did anything). Natalie tells him she’s going to win the HOH next week she can feel it. Kevin says he’s going to give it all he’s got during the POV. Natalie says she’s never felt threaten before so she never gave it 100%. Kevin tells her she was too obvious in the last HOH competition he thinks she should of tried harder. Natalie laughs says she would throw her cup on purpose to make it look like I was pathetic but still believable. Kevin thinks she went overboard.. she made it look cartoonish.. “Having Jordan beat you was a little over the top.. Did yo usee her she was really trying and didn’t horribly”. Natalie tells Kevin he’s going to be ok in the game she knows Michelle and Jordan are not coming after him .. Keivn thinks they both are because they see him as a stronger player. Natalie disagrees.. Kevin says it doesn’t matter who is after who all that matter is you win comps here on in… Still playing pool.. mostly pool talk. Kevin ends up beating Natalie .. but she says she let him win because he’s still new to the game. Michelle come outside and heads to the hammock Jordan comes out as well and start paining her nails on the couch.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:05pm Backyard Michelle working out, Jordan, Kevin and Natalie on the couch. Natalie asks Jordan that after Jeff leaves if she will sleep in the red room with them. Jordan says of course she will she doesn’t want to be near Michelle. Talk changes to Kevin’s boyfriend. Natalie and Jordan both comment how hot he is they thought he was going to look more Mexican. Kevin mentions that his boyfriends family doesn’t know they are gay and when they go to visit they pretend they are roommates. Natalie doesn?t think he should do that she believes in being honest to people (LOL PP is the most honest person in the house 😉 ). Jordan says his family probably know he’s gay now.. Kevin “ohh ohh” Natalie adds that they’ve been together for 9 years it’s time to tell them. Kevin says he’s more feminine and his man is more butch.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Michelle head inside. Jordan asks them if Michelle is pissed at everyone because she’s not talking to them (I wonder why you guys bash her 24/7) . Natalie says Michelle never talks to her and that?s the way she likes it. Kevin asks
Jordan if Michelle talks to her at all. Jordan says she rarely talks to Michelle anymore. Last time was last night when she was tipsy .. Michelle told her Natalie needed to go the reason was Natalie hasn’t won anything. Michelle also
told her that everyone in the house is liars and they are just tricking Jordan (that?s so funny cause it’s true yet Jordan believes Natalie) Natalie is noticeably pissed about Michelle saying she hasn’t won anything.. Natalie says she won
the first HOH all by herself.

Natalie asks Jordan if Michelle is saying she wants Jeff to stay and you to go. Jordan says Michelle hasn’t really talked about that with her.. Jordan reminds them that they never talk anymore since the Russell incident. Jordan tells them
she knows she’ll go next week she doesn’t need people to tell her she’s safe. Kevin disagrees. Jordan “I know you would pick Natalie over me in final 3” Natalie tells her that might not be the case. Natalie claims she would rather go to
final 2 with Jordan over Kevin because she won’t win against Kevin.

Jordan thinks if Kevin and Natalie are up then Michele will vote out Natalie. .A couple days ago it was Kevin but lately Michelle has flipped. Jordan hates the way Michelle is walking around all cocky “I swear she honestly thinks she
going to win this” Jordan suggests they should keep Jeff so he can take Michelle out next week. Natalie doesn’t think they need to worry about it there?s 3 of them against Michelle next week.

Jordan adds that Michele just wanted to get past this week. Michelle told her that HOH is bad to win this week because it means you can’t play in next week?s and next weeks is the most important. Jordan mentions that Maybe Michelle threw
the competition. Kevin and Natalie completely disagree that Michelle threw it she was working at 100%. Kevin points out that Michelle knew if she did win HOH or POV she was going home this week.

They start talking about where the jury votes will go. Kevin is certain that he’s being edited out of most of the footage “America is going to be like Who the fuck is that guy” Jordan doesn?t think so she thinks everyone will love
Kevin. Kevin tells Jordan she has Jeff?s and Michelle vote. He adds that Natalie has Jessie and Russell. Kevin thinks America?s vote is going to Jordan because America loves the showmance aspect… Natalie leaves to make popcorn. Kevin tells her he isn’t necessarily taking Natalie to final 2.. he doesn’t feel like he can win against her. Kevin says Jordan has plenty of votes in the jury plus America will vote for her. Jordan doesn’t believe it. Kevin explains that Jordan is getting the adorable edit. Jordan again saying her showmance with Jeff isn’t a showmance they are
just big brother friends.. She doesn?t get the whole America loves showmance thing. She thinks last year with April and Ollie was weird, she didn’t want to hear about it. Kevin adds that Jordan has been nice all season so people will like
her.. Jordan says Kevin has been nicer.. Kevin disagrees brings up the fight with Braden, Laura and Ronnie the fat rat. ..


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7:49pm Hammock Jeff and Jordan alone in the backyard. Jordan says Jeff really needs to step it up and start talking to Kevin. Jeff “fuck that that asshole stabbed me in the back”. Jordan says Natalie and Jeff are saying that Michelle is coming after me because she thinks I’m a floater. Jeff explains to her that Kevin and Natalie want you and Michelle to fight there filling your head with shit.. Natalie has won less than you and Michelle hates her so why would Michelle go after you it makes no fucking sense…. Feeds switch (DAMMIT!)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:20pm Green room Michelle and Jeff. Michelle telling him that regardless of what happens and regardless of what people are saying I will be voting for you to stay even if it means everyone hates me. Michelle pleads with Jeff to

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
start working Kevin say that he needs Jeff to take Michelle out next week. Jeff doesn’t think there is any hope, “Dude Kevin put me up because he wants me gone”. Jeff thinks he has a better chance to work Natalie.. Michelle completely disagrees the only hope is to work Kevin. They start comparing stories and figure out that Kevin is loading all of them up with lies.. Jeff is pissed at KEvin, “I don’t trust a mother fucking word that comes out of that guy mouth”. Michelle says she has no way to win the money unless she’s up against Jeff so she pleads with him to try. “We are both fucked we have 2 people who did jack shit all season and now they are marching to final 2” Michelle thinks they are doing a lot of talking to Jordan and trying to pit her and Jordan against each other. Jeff knows and he’s warned Jordan about it. Michelle brings up the possibility that he might put Natalie up. Jeff asks if he said Michelle is taking crazy pills after she suggested putting PP up? . Michelle says no.. The plan was always to take me out but I won POV so they went to plan B. Jeff warns her that Kevin lied straight to his face and they both continue to spread lies in the house she needs to trust nothing that comes out of Kevin or pig pens mouth. Michelle mentions that Natalie was saying that she told Russell in his goodbye message that next week she is brining him a birthday present.. Jeff. Jeff “No fucking way she didn’t say that” Michelle “yes she did”
Jeff :I’m going to ask her about the Russell thing. She said she didn’t’ like Russell so what’s up” Michelle “take it or leave it but she did say that and I heard it with my own ears”, “people are so fake in here. Who knows how much bullshit these too spread” Jordan joins them. Jordan joins them.. Michelle says I’ve made Jeff more mad.. Jordan ask why? Jeff says it’s just Kevin it’s not a big deal.. Michelle says she wishes they could hang out in the HOH room she can’t stand Natalie, “I really hate her.. even the sound of her voice makes me mad”. They start giggling Jeff blows a fart.. Jordan “Now your being the normal Michelle”. Michelle “I had nobody to talk to so I hung out in the Diary room.. I felt Like zach on BB8” Michelle “I hope there is some crazy twist this week like The HOH gets to go home”. Jordan says Jeff can stay if he really tries. Michelel agrees.. Jeff doesn’t respond….. long pause.. Jeff “I’m trying but what can I do! Nobody doesn’t have a ounce of truth” Jeff PISSED at Kevin because Kevin told Michelle that unless Jeff talks to him he’s going home. Jeff “What the fuck how about I go outside and Slap him will that make him happy”(looks like they have clued in on Pig Pen and Kevin’s scheming.. Jordan is till behind on whats going on but Michelle and Jeff have finally clued in)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Jordon is sitting there looking guilty as sin…..SHE KNOWS THAT IF JEFF GOES HOME IT IS PARTLTY HER FAULT…..this is gonna get good….Finally the truth is gonna come out,,,,


how is it her fault? everyone is responsible for their own actions


Its her fault because of things like this (Not exact)

“I really think Natalie is trust worthy, we should get rid of Russle and take Natalie with us!”


That’s right. And plus not winning shit.


By that logic, you could say it’s really Nat’s (or Kevin’s) fault, because she’s the one that started the lie that made them think she was trustworthy. It’s up to Jeff whether he chooses to believe it or not.

Mr. E

The thing is, it makes sense for Natalie and Kevin to lie. It did not make sense for Jordan and Jeff to trust them.


To little to late Jeff. I do hope he gets some kind of power because it would keep the game interesting and plus he did find the key so it should mean something. If it doesn’t it would suck.


On tonight’s show they said the ? door is a twist, not a luxury challenge. To all of you ?this is rigged for Jeff? people out there… BB announced there would be a twist before Kevin won HOH.


Because they knew Jordan couldn’t compete physically and jeff couldn’t compete. Dont think they didnt already make sure that Jeff would win that power because they knew that odds were he was going home.


Did they say what the twist was? No. Did they give any info as to what might be happening other than say twist? No. Therefore, they can do whatever they want. They are free to make the twist anything. Unlike with the CDT, when they announced in advance what the power was, they have now left the door wide open to make the twist whatever they wish. They wish to keep revenues up. This is big business.

Smegma Huh??

Watch past seasons before you comment…. America is not voting on this twist so as in past seasons they only need hint what is coming up. Expect the un-expected. If you think it’s rigged… STOP WATCHING!

Natalie found the key but didn’t want it, she was greedy and choose the money. Jeff choose the key. How could BB possibly “rig” what people are going to do?

Plus, there was no way for BB to know that Michelle or Jordan wouldn’t win HOH when they announced the twist. Reaching a little aren’t you?


Not reaching at all. Do you understand anything about the entertainment industry and monetary value?? It appears not. There is a huge story board with possible scenarios, and CBS is no different from any other entity. They are scrambling behind the scenes to pull out the highest ratings and most $$. If you think this is purely “reality” with no other interference/influence, then you are just naive.


I just reread your comment. You are very ignorant. Have you ever had a job? Do you know anything about finance and economics? If you can’t take the truth, then stop reading these boards.


One last thing, BB isn’t rigging what people might do (just influencing). But they CAN determine what the key will do based on WHO gets it, understand? If they had stated beforehand what the key would do, then no matter who ended up with the key they could not change the twist. However, they didn’t do that. Instead, they are now able to proceed with their storyboard. If Nat gets it, the “twist” is one thing. If Jordan gets it, the “twist” is something else. Can you not see that this is a real possibility and that big business works like this all the time?


a lot of people on this board says that they want jeff to stay. that’s fine with me as long as they bring russell back. jeff believed the LML and russell had to suffer because of it. jeff should suffer too. either evict jeff or bring russell back. this is only the fair thing to do in my eyes. i sure a lot of you dont like russell on this board. but, i think that this is fair.


This key will come into play for jeff just don’t how, as julie said before they went off air all it oculd change things and since pandora box was opened by Kevin and saved by jeff I sure there is something else. why have a key for nothing. Will will se ehow it plays out. All I know is I hope dirty pp ends up on block and then would make me happy, cuase she will go home. Then I really don’t care who wins from there as long as its not natalie, she has won nothing and all she does is lie to everyone and have to scam people becuase she can’t win anything.


Yo I’m so happy team jeff is finally starting to realize that they have been getting played. Although i’m happy michelle and jeff are getting closer like they used to be, it won’t matter because he most likely is going home on thursday. hopefully michelle will give up on her mission to save jeff and try to convince jeff to get jordan to trust her again and get jordan to realize she’s getting played too. even though jordan is kinda slow, i think jeff can get through to her and convince her to join forces with michelle again and get natalie and kevin out of the house.


Oh for the love of God someone please take that candy away from Pig Pen! I have never seen or heard such a piggy eater in my life!


OMG I am watching BBAD and I know what you mean. I can’t stand listening to her eat.


I know what you mean, I turned it from BBAD because she was eating so loud!! Pigpen is disgusting and needs to go….. she is a waste!


Well here we go again Jeff thinks Michelle is telling a big fat lie all over again. I really do hope he gets some kind of power from the key because he did find it but if he goes home then well he got got.


the power in that key should be to give jeff some plain old common sense. don’ let the enemy in your camp.


I just watched tonight’s ep. I feel sorry for Michelle, but I am very happy now that she’s won the POV. I dont know why people are still cheering for Jeff. His diary session made him like a fool. He’s just full of himself. Basically, he’s just saying that hoping Kevin will not break his words and be a man of his word. DUH!!!! I can’t believe that shit came out of his own mouth. He broke his own words to Russell and he still had guts talking about this shit?!
He took Russell off the block just because he wanted Jessie out, and basically he saved himself, not Russell. Oh well Jeff, it is your own fault! Just be good to Russell in Jury House. You dont want to look stupid and dumb when you watch your show because you got fooled by the ugliest and smelliest 24-yo pigpen Natalie from Arizona


Ya I felt for Michelle, as well. Poor little thing. Go Michelle! You can do it! We’re here, you are not alone!!


Man that’d be great if pigpen got backdoored. There has never been a more useless player in BB history. Pigpen making it this far had nothing to do with strategy. She was not playing the “I’ll lose on purpose” card like Dr. Will to keep the attention off her. It is apparent she legitimately tried to win each competition and was flat out horrible. If she makes it to the final two she will be the least deserving contestant ever to make it that far as she will have fallen ass backwards into that spot. Luckily for her, being awful in the competitions has unintentionally worked to her benefit.

Has there ever been a more repugnant contestant. She is arrogant, obnoxious, ignorant, shameless, and has no self-awareness. Does anyone doubt she is any different outside the house? She keeps clamoring about perfecting this “last minute lie” that Kevin actually set into motion and fostered. She also thinks her move in lying about age is brilliant; yet this swift minded Kung-Fu douche doesn’t understand her “lie” serves no purpose when she thinks and acts like an 18 year old anyhow.

Pigpen had the audacity to say Michelle was dumn and went to a crappy school. However, I always see Michelle wearing a Boston College. I would not put it past the ignorant, loud mouthed Pigpen to assert ASU can sniff BC’s jock.

LeeAnn Loves BB

I agree. Nasty Nat aka Pig Pen makes me sick!!!!!!



cauliflower ear

BBAD do we have to watch Gnat chewing like she has never eaten before…. It is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen in my life…..

canadian fan

Jeff is finally realizing he got got by Nat and Kevin,where was he the last few months.I cant believe he is such an idiot and I cant believe all the people that think BB should give him another power so he can stay.If you play a game as badly as he has then why in the hell should you stay, because a bunch of horny women want to oogle over him for two more weeks.jeeeeesussss,thats sad


FOUND a key!


OK so Jeff has a key. It clearly BB wants a J/J or J/M final, no matter what. He does not deserve this key, if it saves him. This is the worst interference I have ever seen from BB. Kev/Nat have played well the last two weeks and Michelle has played well the last few weeks as well. It is interesting to note that the “power” was introduced once J/J did not have any power. They also did not give America the chance to vote this time because it won’t be a landslide as before. I love this game and wish that those who have played a good game (not won the most comps) but played the players should be rewarded. Jeff should be going home, he got played. Plain and simple! That is the way it works but clearly BB does not think so. I hope that in the future seasons they (BB) learn that they need to take a step back and let things fall where they may. Very sad to see such a great game being changed and influenced. Sad for Kevin especially because he has played a really great game and won’t get rewarded and his power (like Chima) will be null and void thanks to BB.
*Assuming that the key is the power to allow jeff to stay and nat to leave. That would really suck because she should have been safe and Kevs power should have been respected. Why wasn’t this power available when J/J were in charge? Oh yeah, because BB wants J/J to be at the end so they can push the showmance.


They announced the twist before the hoh comp! Plus Jeff found and set Kevin free BEFORE the nominations were even made! Stop being a sore loser and blameing things on the game being rigged for Jeff and or Jordan! This is big brother expect the unexpected! This is not the first season any of this was introduced! Come on ppl! Really!?


Well said.


Relax, the key isn’t any kind of special power like that. They’ve already said it’s not game changing. But if it was, Natalie was the first one to find out about it…she passed it up (according to what I’ve read) to collect the money, and Jeff decided to go after it. So how does he not deserve it?

nasty hter

kevin and Nat have played well the last couple weeks? r u serious,what has nat done in this game,besides ride jessie’s jock,then when he left,jump on the girl power bandwagon,even jordan won a herself! go make jessie a sandwich!!!!


well – nice to know they’ve finally figured it out. i can only hope that somehow that they get kevin to put up pigpen. maybe jeff can con them into saying he thinks he can get michele to use the pov on him but he wants kevin to prove his loyalty to him by putting up natalie & let kevin think that jordon & jeff would still vote out michele – obviously natalie would go.

yeah – in my dreams – only in my dreams would this happen..,.

watching BBAD – if natalie doesn’t stop smacking when she eats i think i’ll go insane!!!


I cannot watch/hear Natalie and Michelle eat any longer. It is disgusting!!!

LeeAnn Loves BB

I agree T…..Michele and Nasty Nat smacking drives me nuts! Nasty Nat more than Michele! Gross!!!


Watching any of them eat has gotten pretty disgusting. Jordan seems to be stuffing her face constantly as well too.


whats with the key?

nasty hter

it is most likely the diamond veto,which will save jeff and let him over ride 1 of kevins nominations,or duel hoh power,which jeff will over ride kevin,since his hoh wk is almost over and he can nominate kevin on the block also! Jeff is staying people,and thank Nasty Nat for being greedy!!!!


on another note – do you still think that the girls may be trying to get the guys out so there will finally be a female winner? i’m sure if jeff does go that will natalie’s strategy to get kevin out b/c she can beat Jordan & Michele if she wants to. she is full of it.


jeff ,,,go ahead an confront pig pen about seding rus a present….jeff….don t listen to m just do it. grow some balls. everyone s giving this little nail biting,leaving them in her bed. for kev to find too much power. including kev. this is not the brightest cast.


personally, i think that jeff would be wasting his time confronting nat. she is going to lie and say that she didn’t say that and she’s going to call michele a crazy psycho bi**h. and again, jeff will believe nat over michele.


Doesn’t matter, she’ll just lie and say Michele made that up. Jeff will believe her, because when Michele gets involved, she’ll say she doesn’t remember.

what key?

I dont have the feed but please tell me what key jeff found


On Sunday’s show did Julie say the mystery door would change the responsibilities of the hoh or add to the responsibilities of the hoh! If it changes the responsibilities then that may mean that the hoh Kevin doesn’t have to chose a replacement nominatee the key holder takes the responsibility away from him! That would be great!! But I can’t remember which one was said!


i think she said that it is going to be an added responsibility to the hoh


I hope they have a competition that deals with bugs.Natalie’s freakout was absolutely hilarious.

LeeAnn Loves BB

If I have said it once I’ve said it a dozen times…..I CAN’T STAND NASTY NATALIE AKA PIG PEN”!!!!!! She has floated the whole game not winning shit and has only started shit that she says she will back up but never has. I am so mad at Jeff and Jordan for getting rid of Russell. I know Russell would have went after Jeff but I believe it wouldn’t have been until the final four. And for Jeff to believe Kevin and Natalies lies (until now when it’s too late) is just pisses me off. I thought he was smarter than that. I originally wanted the final four deal between Jeff, Jordan, Russell, and Michele to work out but now am so dissappointed in Jeff and Jordan. They turned on Michele and Michele still has their backs (as much as possible). I think Michele is smart and want her to go to the finals w/Jordan. With Jeff gone they are the only two that deserve it. Nasty Nat the booger eater makes me sick.


obviously jeff is not smarter than a fight grader and in my opinion, jordon doesn’t deserve it either. if you have the live feeds you will see that everytime jeff contemplated about if he were doing the right thing she kept telling him how much SHE hates russell and that he needs to get russell out. even production tried to get jeff to keep russell, but he kept listening to jordan, and michele was no better, she kept throwing russell under the bus instead of defending him to jeff to keep the final 4 intact.

cauliflower ear

Watching BBad and Jeff is really starting to look more and more dumb Michelle tells him stuff about PP and he doesn’t want to believe it.. Michelle has been doing nothing but trying to figure out ways to get Jeff to stay this week and he is still clueless… Wow what is in the water in that house? Wouldn’t the fact that Kevin went back on his word and that Gnat is always with Kevin clue him in on the fact that Gnat and Kevin are together at this point. Hey BB this is really starting to look like the Wizard of Oz

Jeff= Scarecrow (if he only had a brain) at one point he was the wizard

Jordan= Dorothy (she just wants to go home at this point)

Kevin= Lion (if he only had courage)

Gnat= Tin man (if she only had a heart) although she is a strong second for the Lian (get it)

Michelle= Toto (just looking for some love and attention)….


That was neat !!!


lol, very well put!! Bravo!


What is the problem with Jeff and Jordon that they can’t seem to believe that Natalie is the liar? They’re so quick to doubt Michele whenever she tells them something. I’m starting to be fed up with the whole lot of them.

So here’s hoping Michele wins this damn game. She deserves it for having to put up with all the torment inflicted on her.

The Week Is Too Long Now...

CBS needs to shorten the time between evictions, they now have to go to Thursday before they evict someone? Not enough going on in the house to warrant them setting on their asses for 4 more days…I guess you can give them each a couple of bottles of wine and a case of beer each day, at least they would say some ridiculous funny shit and then never remember saying it the next morning. Keep them drunk, especially Jordan, she is actually smarter when she’s inebriated. Kind of like Johnny Fever on WKRP in Cincinatti and his sobriety test.


I think its time to send PigPen back to the farm. >.>


The hillbilly Jordan is eating. Enjoy until you are 25, after that you will look nasty.


This game is so fake, production tells them all what to do & to save Jeff again???? for doing nothing, thats just not right at all.


y’all keep acting like they set this up for jeff! this is ALL on kevin. allison the producer said in interview about twist thats its more like a responsibility for the hoh. he SHOULD NOT have opened pandora’s box. i don’t know the “story” but i do know the insinuation (sp) that if you don’t want bad things to happen DON’T open the box. this will be on kev if that key gives the owner a choice or a power, he chose greed jeff chose to help him thus….he is rewarded. michele said that there was the word “hope” at the bottom of the box and thats all jeff needs. repeating myself, kevin should have left it alone and “production couldn’t have set it up their way”. i can tell you when you’re in a situatin like this, go with your gut and his gut should have been screaming NOOOOOOOOOOO!


And also on Nat – she chose to grab the cash instead of looking for the key.




I think the key is to Pandora’s Box, which will unleash evils….the choice will be Jeff’s, to use the key and save himself….BUT…if he does this, I think the HG will lose any money they collected during the free -for- all. That way, there is both bad and good, and Jeff will have to face the consequences of everyone being mad at him for losing their money.


Little late to realize that kevin is lying Jeff.. AnD WHAT IS THIS NEW TWIST WITH THE KEY??????????


the KEY jeff has is for …. a NEW CAR …..


i just finished watching tonight’s episode, the door obviously plays into the key jeff has and the possibilities are endless.. i hope it is to some how keep him in the game and muzzle jordan any time she thinks she may have a thought about strategy for this game. I like her, she cracks me up some times, but she doesn’t have a head for this game and her dislike for Russell persuaded Jeff to eliminate him to early. Rusell was the perfect distraction and potential protection for Jeff durring his vulnerable time leaving HOH status. Should’ve let Russ stay, create the diversion if needed ( who knows, Russ might have won that last HOH) then Jeff could have come back out guns blazn and fed Russ to the wolves if he wanted.


Natalie is boring, mean, and useless. Anyone else could win (even Jordan, though i highly doubt she actually would) and I would be happy.

The key…hmmm….
1. Jeff wins a car or something.
2. a golden veto power, a) Jeff could use it on himself and Kevin has to nominate (Natalie because Jordan will already get nominated from Michelle’s POV) b) Jeff uses it and nominates Natalie. c) Jeff uses it and gets to replace with someone from the jury house (his only real choice would be hopeless Lydia if he thought about it)
3. something oddly different, like it’s an extra vote for eviction…he could use it to evict himself or Jordan (because she will be on the block next to him. (his plus Michelle’s vote could save him and send Jordan home)

Does anyone think I’m missing another possible scenario?


I’m hoping whatever it is, that it involves a flamethrower. No, wait, Russell with a flamethrower! Who knows. You gave some good scenarios; probably better ones than will actually be the case. Guess we’ll find out Tuesday.


he shouldn’t have trusted those he was planning to eliminate


yeah, I still don’t get how Jeff was so dumb to listen to nat and kevin – especially when (as far as I remember) russell has always honored his promises and he made a point to let everyone – particularly jeff – know that. and so what, he had a final 2 deal with michelle. why was jeff so pissed about that, bringing up their final 4 deal like russell broke it – they had nothing about final 2. i like jeff but he’s been playing dumb – it’s about time he got a clue. (after he got got, haha)


Kevin played the “You can trust me” card, and throughout the entire game, it was spot on. Kevin only went diablo when his back was against the wall. Jeff already had his suspicions of Russell, which Kevin then “confirmed” to him…even if they were BS / Exaggerations. Of course I read the spoilers and subscribe to the feeds, so I knew Kevin was full of shit. But if I was in Jeff’s shoes, I might have believed Kevin too.


That’s bc Jordan was constantly in Jeff’s ear abt russ: “he’s coming aft u, I don’t trust russ, i hate russ, he’s evil…” on and on. Jeff was stupid not thinking two/three steps ahead. Each one of them have constantly complained abt every one else lying, yet Jeff believed K when he said Jeff was not the target. Jeff has been triple stupid and does not deserve another shot. If that key allows him to stay in the house, I will be pissed! Give him a parting gift, a car or money, and pls, send him on his way. Good riddance and let the ppl who lied the best carry on, I say.


Cmon folks let’s not forget that Natalie had the chance to grab that key but intentionally let Jeff find it cause she thought it was for a bad if the Key Jeff has gives him the power to replace the nomination instead of Kevin and Natalie goes up on the block and gets voted out then she can only blame herself

Nat's GOTTA Go

I bet the key is for a car – doesn’t BB ususally give away a car near the end? That is Jeff’s reward for helping Kevin…


survivor gives away a car near the end. I don’t remember bb ever giving one away, but maybe. I sas a commercial the other morning about some fancy suv and at the end it said something about watch big brother to see all the twists. I missed some of it but I got the feeling that they are going to give one of the cars away. who knows!


Why is Natalie called pig pen? I would think that it would fit Michelle a lot better.


You probably don’t have the Feeds…y


” Invest ” on the Feeds next year, so you won’t be that clueless!


I don’t have the feeds this years(waste of money)and I can figure out the kewl nicknames and what they mean just by reading ,when you don’t shower for a week and your on your period,people will come up with some fitting names,Pig Pen fits Gnat NOT Michelle


Natalie doesn’t shower much (definitely not enough by most people standards) which is one of a few reasons they call her pigpen. My question is this: how did a relatively attractive girl like Natalie get to the point where she doesn’t think good personal hygeine is needed. Does she honestly believe she doesn’t stink? Delusional, that girl is just delusional. Jessie, you sure know how ot pick them. Lydia and Natalie, 2 delusional girls with more issues than Dr. Sigmund Freud could list.


michelle seems to be able to shower regularly, I think natalie may be allergic to the soap / water because she rarely bathes and tends to pick her nose WHILE SHE IS EATING CANDY. um ewww. bad enough that they all pick but omg to them eat candy while you got one dangling from your finger. BTW they all pick and do gross stuff…don’t we all….but natalie is extra gross.


I took think they want Jeff to win. I mean they edit him that way. Furthermore we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes… yes Jeff won the key but why wasn’t the responisbility announced right away. I would be suspicious that BB would change the power of the key depending on who won it.


Yeah, that was brought up a couple days ago.


mandi , i agree about Natalie aka. pigpen, when Kevin seen her lay back on that HOH comp. he should have tossed her lazy butt up on the block. Maybe then she will display that fierce competetive personality we keep hearing her talk about.


For those who think twists are unfair : (
Everyone has had a shot at the twists. America voted for Jeff because he is cute and wasn’t being a conniving ass like almost everyone else at the time. That’s how he chose to play the game and he got rewarded for it. After that he won competitions and won again. Now he may get another power because he made the right choice to use the key. Again, everyone had the opportunity to win, and it would be wrong to change a planned twist just because the same person won twice, but it is always good to remember that the show exists to make money, not just to give it away.
Sorry for those who think these things are so unfair. Is it jealousy?


No, it isn’t jealousy. Its intelligence. See if you can follow: If a power is announced IN ADVANCE, then everyone knows what it is and it is difficult to be manipulated. If a power is announced AFTER the fact, then you can make the power anything you want/need it to be. See the difference?


Brandon , do you remember the “anymore relatives in the house” question a couple BB’s back?


just like the rest of u all im pullin for michelle now since jeff blew it breaking final 4…..and i know she may be weird but she is lookin better these days and i would do her over cookie dough fatty any make her hold that fake mouse in he teeth and hit it from behind


“Dear Penthouse…” You should produce a line of Big Brother parody pornos. Or are there already some? It would make sense. It seems a perfect setting for a sex flick. (and apparently in less prudish countries, it is) *ahem*…not that I personally watch or, uh, purchase, the, um, such materials.


So you rather sleep with a girl that never takes a shower and her hair is always gressy??
I would rather sleep with someone that is clean, hot and likes cookie dough anyday!!!


Ahh, bother… Now Jordan is saying the game isn’t fair.

emax 2

pandora’s box unleashes evil.When Jeff opens the door Evil Dick comes out as the replacement for chima.That would be a funny twist and shake the house a little bit


I was rooting for Jeff and Jordan until they became the two dumbest players in BB history. Jordan needs the money more than anyone and she’s campaigning for Jeff to leave while he’s throwing her name to Kevin to go up from the beginning. Marcellus looks like Einstein compared to these two. Right now I’m rooting for Kevin or Michelle. Natalie doesn’t deserve to win, she’s only where she is because Kevin thought of telling Jeff the “lie” to get Russell out. I just feel bad for Michelle because everyone throws her under the bus for no reason. Her loyalties to her alliance were pretty obvious when she decided to put up Chima and Natalie instead of Jeff and Russell.


does jordon ever complete a sentence? this is really annoying me listening to her start a sentence and never finishes it


She does, but she takes the “scenic route” to get there. Between that and Natalie’s constant “I did that, I did this, I knew it, I won it, me, me me” routine, I’m starting to really see why other posters are getting so irate and losing patience with the two of them. On the other hand, at least they’re talking on BBAD now.


i love “the scenic route” lol. i have never really gotten irritated with her talking until tonite.

Jackie M.

As much as I am disappointed and dislike Jeff for his stupidity, I dislike Gnat 1000 tms more. I tired again to watch BBAD, cudn’t stomach her. Will rely on the websites to find out what happens. I agree with the other comments, if BB producers really want to keep Jeff, this key shud allow him to take himself off (as long as Michelle takes herself off), Kevin will hv to put up GNat, and they vote her a@@ out. Please, Please let that happen. Once she is gone, I will be able to enjoy watching again. BB producers, will u let America vote to evict GNat, pretty pls w/sugar and honey….Seriously pls don’t let her win, she did nothing to improve the intergerty of ur show, just the opposite. I bet she caused ur ratings to go down.
Go Michelle, remain focus, don’t let them get to u. God bless and guide u to the finish.


I have no idea what the key may do.
But it may remove the POV protection.

Ya think

Do you really think they want to keep Jeff? Well, yeah, I do too. But…my gut tells me that it won’t happen. Jeff will be gone and the ratings will drop big time. With Jeff still in the game, IMO the ratings will be really high if the final two are Kevin and Jeff. Like someone posted a few days ago, maybe it will indeed be the lazy good for nothng Natalie in the final two, just like it was Jun from BB 4 who just flew in under the radar.


you’re right, sometimes they give a car away & thats probably what the key is for. DARN!!!


I hope the key is like the diamond veto that was in BB4….A house guest can take himself off the block and have the ONLY VOTE. Since Micheal won veto the only option is ANNOYING STUPID IDIOT LOSER,. NATTALIIEE


That would be awesome! Oh, fingers and toes are seriously crossed now……but by the same token, I don’t want to get my hopes up and be crushed afterwards. Sigh……