Big Brother 11 Spoilers – The Nerds are safe to fight another day and MMA Fight Night in the BB Backyard

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:05pm Spa Room Laura and Lydia. They are discusing Jordans recent crying because Braden was nominated. Laura mentions that Russell was saying it best when he said Laura says that Russ said it best when he said that it just goes to show that while Jordan says that Lydia is her best friend in the house and was spending most of her time with Lydia. “Her crying shows her true colors, Jordan wants the guys around to carry her through to the end”. Laura asks Lydia if She saw Jordan cry when lydia got nominated. Lydia answers no. Laura smiles… “See”


Chima joins them

Lydia tells her she is voting for her to stay, “I may not like what you say all the time but your upfront and I respect that”.

Talk moves to General Chit chat

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
6:10pm LIving Room Ronnie and Michelle

Michele is relieved saying that she has no idea whats going on but she does know Ronnie and Her are not going home. She’s glad that Jesse won’t be HOH next week. Ronnie tells her he hasn’t slept much lately “If one of us gets HOH, I’m sleeping for a week, I don’t care about anything” Michelle is telling Ronnie that she feels sorry for Jordan she was really crying, “I hate to see nice people cry”. Michelle is now reminding Ronnie that they have to keep there minds sharp and eat only the best food they can… no junk food. Ronnie just moans and complains how tired he is after the stressful meeting they had today. Michele says she noticed that he was at the pool talking to them (?) “are you playing both sides” Ronnie asks who was saying he plays both sides. Michele “I don’t know….no one said that, I just thought you were on my side”. Ronnie tells her he only talks game with Michelle and Chima, “Seriously no game talk with anyone else”

Michele is happy she tells Ronnie that she misses her husband and if its a reward comp she would really like to see him. Ronnie says they can fight it out. Braden walks in and asks Ronnie if he’s holding up alright. Ronnie just says he’s tired and hungry. Braden smiles and says that Ronnie is really getting into this game. Ronnie goes slightly defensive, “What do you mean? I’m just talking to people” Braden tells him he misunderstood him, he explains that Ronnie just seems really into the game like he wants to be were the action is.


Braden tells them he’s kinda shocked he thought Jesse and him were good, but obviously some people made up some stuff and Jesse believed it. Ronnie says things are getting really paranoid with other houseguests. He was talking to Chima about some personal stuff and they were whispering and right away people think it’s game talk. Braden says he’s a nice guy and doesn’t talk shit about or to poeple. Michelle comments that this game is different than that. Ronnie says he’s still upset about this whole Jeff thing.
Braden questions why the truth came out. Braden looks at them both and tells them he doesn’t want them to pick sides, he just want the, to have an understanding that he don’t talk shit. Michele smiles and tries to be nice, “honestly, I love you, but it’s against one of my teammates and I just can’t go against her”.
Braden understands….He asks them if his entire team is going to get taken out. Ronnie and Michele answer No, “You just have to be careful, you still want to be here. Michele tells him she respects braden enough to tell you where I stand right now.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
6:17 PM Bathroom Russell and Michelle, Russell is shaving his head. He tells her that he’s in a bad spot, he’s painted a giant bullseye on his back. Russel: “As the days and weeks go by your trust factor starts to diminish.” He tells her right away you know who you like and you can only hope they are good people.

Michelle asks him if she’s the type of person to help him out? He says Absolutely. Russell saying that hes looking for someone to team up with who compliments him. He tells her he knows she’s shy and thats why she doesn’t talk to people too much. Russel is saying how he is suprised no one has approached him to work together

Lydia walks in Russell begins shaving his head.


7:10pm Russell and Kevin They are talking about Jeff and what went on last night. Russell says he heard there was some drama last night with Jeff explaining to everyone his position in the game. Kevin says “yes, and it was Awkward”. Russell leans into Kevin and says “I heard you were defending him, is that true?” Kevin denies it…. and says that Jeff was just trying to explain it to the hosueguests around.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:20pm Outside Kevin and Casey are exercising every once and awhile Casey stops to have a smoke…. Kevin gets exhausted than Russell walks out and starts to teach Casey some moves… Finally Casey stops to have a smoke.

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