Big Brother 12 Spoilers: * Updated * Britney didn’t use the POV. Brendon yelled at her calling her a spoiled little brat…


11:50am The feeds come back from the POV ceremony. In the lounge room Rachel is crying. Britney and Rachel are talking about what Brendon said during the POV ceremony. Britney says that she doesn’t understand why Brendon said the things he did to Lane. Britney says that she doesn’t blame Rachel, she blames Brendon for the comments. Britney says that she gets it and that she would defend her boyfriend too. Rachel says that she doesn’t know what Brendon is doing. Rachel says that she told him not to say anything he would regret. Britney says that Brendon was just waiting on his chance to attack me. He doesn’t like women. I say this from observing his behavior. He doesn’t like women. Britney says that for a man to yell at women in a public forum like that is not right. Britney says that Brendon yelled at her and called her a spoiled little brat. Rachel says that she is sorry. Britney says that she appreciates Rachel’s apology. I don’t think you told him to say anything. Rachel says that she told him to be quiet. I didn’t tell him to say those things. Britney says that she doesn’t know why he would say the things he said. Rachel says that she doesn’t know what he is doing and that she told him not to do anything or say anything stupid.
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12pm Britney tells Rachel that Brendon talks bad about everyone, he attacks everyone, he is the biggest gossip and everyone knows it. Britney is sorry Rachel has to deal with the fallout of Brendon’s comments. Britney says that she asked the producers if she could just read the script and not say anything. They told me I had to say something. Rachel says that Britney’s comments sounded like she practiced them for days. Britney says that Brendon’s behavior was horrifying. Britney says it looked like Brendon through a ball at Jeff and Jordan during the competition.
Britney and Rachel are still talking in the lounge room. Britney tells Rachel that she is not gonna engage him anymore… she is going to leave it alone has to change between you and me. If you want to come up and talk that’s fine with me. If you want to hang out with Brendon thats okay with me. Rachel says thanks, I dont think you are a spoiled brat. Britney says thanks, I appreciate that. Britney tells Rachel that she doesn’t want her to be in an awkward situation. Britney says that she feels bad that she will feel the repercussions of what Brendon did. Britney says nothing has changed between them and if she wants to talk or hang out, it’s fine and she won’t be upset at her hanging out with Brendon. Rachel and Britney hug. They go the backyard. Hayden asks if Rachel is okay. She says she is, and thanks him for asking.
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Up in HOH, Ragan and Matt agree that Brendon’s speech was all planned by Rachel. Matt and Ragan think that Brendons speech played right into their plan to trick Rachel into thinking they’re keeping her. Matt tells Ragan that he should apologize for their blow-up and tell her that Brendon just really upset him. Ragan saying he can’t handle Rachel’s tears and says that if he talks to her he will have to tell her that as soon as she starts crying the conversation is over. Matt saying they just need to be fake nice to her and make her think they are voting Brendon out. Ragan says that this is so evil and brilliant. Matt says if Brendon thinks Rachel is staying, he won’t study for the competition, Rachel will. Matt says that he wishes he spoke to Britney before Rachel nabbed her to tell her to be extra nice to Rachel so she thinks Brendon is going home. Britney enters the HOH. Britney tells Matt and Ragan about what she to Rachel in the lounge room. Matt, Ragan and Britney believe Rachel just proved even more she is the saboteur. Britney says that Brendon’s speech was so repulsive. Matt says that he think Rachel planned the whole thing. They mock Rachel for fake crying before the ceremony ever began. Ragen says that when you cry and no tears are coming out. Ragan says that their theatrics are so stupid and with every fiber of my been as we see through their theatrics, I hope they don’t see ours and are totally blindsided on Thursday. Ragen tells Britney to listen to what he is going to say in his goodbye message “I wish what happened in Vegas would have just stayed in Vegas, I wish to evict Rachel. Britney says that she should say I vote to evict herpes.

12:10pm Brendon and Rachel are in the bedroom whispering. They laugh about what just happened. Brendon asks do you think it worked? Rachel asks you think? Brendon says he that he tried to pull an Andrew with his speech. Rachel says that she feels bad about what they did. Brendon and Rachel are whispering. They talk about the things that Britney has said and what Lane has said to Britney about Brendon. Rachel tells Brendon the conversation she had with Brit. Rachel says that she won’t talk with anyone and doesn’t trust anyone in the house. Brendon says that Rachel and him are like Scooby Doo and Shaggy. Rachel thanks him for what he did and promises to take out Matt and the rest of them. They think that their plan worked and that Brendon will be voted out and Rachel will stay.

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12:25pm – 12:55pm In the backyard Hayden and Enzo are by the pool while Lane is in the pool. Enzo says that it would be good for Brendon to win HOH. Enzo says that Bren could take out someone for them. Hayden agrees. Enoz laughs and says that his wife need to make an extra shirt for Kathy. Lane says hers will say alternate and that theirs will say Meow meow, Animal, The Beast, and Gremlin. Britney joins them in the backyard. Britney says that Brendon only goes after women, he is disgusting. Britney says that she’s trying really hard to be classy. Ragan says that Rachel and Brendon’s POV speeches were a good cop/bad cop. Ragan says that crying also doesn’t work if there aren’t any tears. Britney says that she wishes Brendon would punch her in the face so that Lane could kill him. Enzo says that Brendon would get kicked out. Britney says she would take it like “Snooki.” (Reference to the Jersey Shore Show where a girl named Snooki got punched in the face by a guy.) Hayden and Enzo laugh about how Brendon would know the physics of hitting something. They all tell Britney that her response to Bren’s attack was perfect. Britney says that they are horrible people. Brendon comes to the backyard and the guys talk about sports. Britney is in the back ground mocking Brendon and everything he says …. Britney is saying stuff like …Ohhhh, yeah that’s so funny …. so hysterical. Britney then goes off about how her boyfriend is only 5’4″ …. then says oh no I’m laying …he’s only 4’9″ … actually I made him up too …I dont really have a boyfriend. Brendon is totally ignoring everything Britney says when she is mocking him …they are so close to each other it is obvious that he can hear her…

1:40pm – 1:55pm In the kitchen Matt, Ragan, Enzo and Britney are talking. Ragan tells Matt that Britney was being pretty funny mocking Brendon in the backyard. They laugh that Brendon didn’t even say anything back. Ragan says that Brendon will only say things when the camera is on him or behind people’s backs. Enzo says that he thinks Brendon is trying to be like Evel Dick. Matt jokes they should call Needle Dick Brendon. Ragan says more like little dick. Britney calls Brendon nasty and disgusting. Britney says that they can’t get back in the pool because Brendon’s toenail has been in it. They all laugh… Ragan says tjat Julie will pull the switch on Thursday and says that Brendon, by a vote of 6-0…you are safe. Ragan says it will be great. Then he says that he is actually getting his1st boner in the house. Britney again calls Brendon a disgusting pig and says that she hates him. Ragan says that Brendon only goes after people he thinks are weak. Britney says it’s going to be worse when Rachel is gone. Ragan says it will be the ultimate trap game… it will be so much fun. (lol) Ragan says that if he is not HOH, he is dedicating his whole week to trapping him. Enzo says that he’s not worried about HOH, but about Brendon winning POV. Britney says she is going to fight to win HOH. Ragan says that he will be more than happy to do everything he can to throw Brendon off. Britney says that it disgusts her to look at Brendon’s face. Enzo says that Brendon is making himself look stupid on TV. Enzo wondering why Rachel talked to Britney after POV was over. Matt says its good that she did because it makes her think that she is staying …

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227 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: * Updated * Britney didn’t use the POV. Brendon yelled at her calling her a spoiled little brat…

  1. YESSSSSSSSSSS. Sounds like B/R attempt at having Brendon sabotage his game by his POV speech and having the house keep her instead of him isn’t going to work (not surprisingly….).

    Bitch is going D-O-W-N!!!

          1. 100s, are you kidding. Word is the 100s weren’t hers, she passed out when she was asked to hold them. 100s is like Macy’s and she is Wal-Mart….$5 bucks is for her best performance. I think Brendon owes her $2.50 so far.

              1. QAZ, what’s with the AG hate and food jokes — I don’t get it, can you explain what this string of comments refers to?

    1. haha actually he the only one that would tell it to their face.
      All the other houseguest just talk shit behind there backs.
      So yea change the name hun.
      im pretty sure he has balls.

      1. Uh, no, Brenda’s only saying all that to get the house off of Rachel’s back. He isn’t doing it be cause he has a pair and if he does, Rachel has an iron fist on them and probably ripped it off him already.

        1. Doesn’t Brenda pay attention? The last idiot to try this move was Andrew…Andrew (and soon Rachel) is watching at home.

          1. Seriously. The guy not only ripped off a play from someone he evicted, but he expected it to work. I thought he was suppose to be smart?

      2. no brenda doesnt have balls he’s yelling at a girl who is as small as matt but skinnier. no balls. he ONLY talks shit to reagan and brit. i bet he wouldnt get in lane or haydens face. brendon is a puss

          1. he’s talking about confrontations not competitions …. lane or hayden weill drop brenda if he ever came at them like he comes at ragan and brittney……..

            1. Look, Fagan and Miget Britt are like 2 little middle school bitches that talk behind peoples back. But are nice to your face. They are such a waste of space

            1. OMG…I gave “Lame’ that same name because he and Enzo has done dittly squat in the BBH….not to mention neither one has any ambition to win the next HOH. I won’t even bring up Kathy she is also a waste of space!!!! But I am a fan of the ‘Bridgade.”

              1. the only thing more stupid than the Brigade is the rest of the posters on this forum. Like your lives are so much better than the people on this show. Get over yourselves. This is the weakest BB group ever, but they will enjoy their 15 minutes of fame, while the haters in this forum will not.

          2. ragan needs to try a little putang that might perk him up as for matt how he ever got a woman he,s a wimp and brit that mouth would gag a maget, and the brigade meow thats all they can do,

      3. Brenda is a BIOTCH no mistake I’m tired of his whining. He acts like he is better then his house mates but if he went toe to toe with Hayden, Enzo, or Lane he would walk away with a hurtful reality check, his face and ego would be bruised. I’m sorry Brenda fans but we men can spot a guy with a big mouth who cant easily physically back it up. Sorry to continue to beat the dead horse but I’m sure a soccer player, foot ball player and base ball player can whoop a Ballerina/Swimmers ass.

          1. Rachel’svilestank: Hey didn’t you read the earlier posts? No one is allowed to talk back to Rachel, er…Valentina…oh hell, they are one and the same. Only Valentina can post her opinions on this board; no one else can. She made that very clear the other day. We are all breaking the rules by disobeying her. Since I am already in trouble, what the hell….Valentina, you don’t break the Brigade. The Brigade breaks you, biotch. Now go cry in the taj room like a good lil rachel. 4 deep yo.

  2. “Britney says it looked like Brendon through a ball at Jeff and Jordan during the competition.”

    WHAT seriously? now i gotta see POV comp

    1. Not really…he threw a ball in frustration and it might’ve been in their general direction but not AT them at all. Might make it on air since CBS will know it will add to people’s dislike of Brenda and that will keep them watching next week when her girlfriend is evicted and he is left alone, but then again, since it wasn’t really part of the game play…who knows. From all the talk though, that POV was a total mess with B/R not paying attention to the rules and complaining asking for do-overs, etc., too bad that stuff won’t make it on air…

      1. Wait a minute. So you’re telling me that Brenchel’s not only complaining AFTER the competitions about how they’re unfair, and CBS is screwing them, but now they’re actually complaining DURING competitions??? What happened, they just didn’t understand the rules, or they screwed up and cried foul after they did poorly? I used to kind of feel sorry for Brendon b/c he’s so whipped and needy for approval, but now he’s just becoming as big of a bitch as Rachel, which is saying something. The Skank and the Wank, shall they both go down in flames as lames.

        1. brendon acts like the BB producers owe him half a mill. such a whiner. i f CBS wanted to make a competition rewarding the shortest person in the house they can do whatever the f they want. this guy is an intolerable bad sport. you’d think he’d have learned humility from competing in swimming. he must’ve been such a whiny bitch in college.

    1. haha really?? britney didnt blow a man she had known for only little over a month infront of cameras did she?? oh no thats right that was the botox injected boy george

      1. No she didn’t but she talks more about lane than her own fiance. she’s a flirt, she would make out with lane if he lets her. she likes lane, but lane is only using her. so what if rahcel laid up with brendan at least brendan comes to her defense, who in the house defends brit or ragan. matt looked at ragan get into it with rachel and brendan and said nothing, and lane sat there while brendan said that stuff to brit and did not part his teeth, so who are the fools. BRIT AND RAGAN thinking people have their backs when they don’t, at least B/R knows where everyone stand.

        1. mm: OMG you have premonitions too??!!! Finally someone else who can read other people’s minds and see the future! I thought I was the only one! So…you absolutely know that Brit would make out with Lane if “he let her”? You’re not pulling that out of your ass, swearsies??? I really feel like this brings us so much closer. Call me. xo

  3. This cast blows .. Worst than bb10 .. And I’m pretty sure lydia or chema were the worst players in bb history .. Rachel atleast fought to stay Lydia left to be with a guy who couldn’t stand her and chema acted like a complete child destroying her mic and alliance .. But yet some of you say Rachel is the worst player ever .. Riiiiight

    1. shema was the poorer sport for sure but rach is turning out to also be. I was a fan of hers (hence my name) but well, let’s just say if she goes I won’t get my feelings hurt.

    2. You can’t compare Lydia to Roach – at least Lydia had friends. The Roach goes out of her way to hate on people saying she is better than everyone else and being venditive specifically against woman.

        1. You’re comparing two terrible players. You forget Lydia’s crying crap about Jessie after he was gone. She was pretty annoying as well. Then there’s Chelsia and her little retarded emotional explosions. Probably still the most hated player for me, ever.

      1. Have you been watching the show at all cause I’m pretty sure since day 1 everyone has been out to get her out and has been talking shot on her since day 1 she was going to become a bitch sooner or later .. You act like they liked he before and then she did something for them to hate her but that’s not what happened the houseguests have been talking shut and trying to get her out since day 1 idiot

    3. rachel is a tyrant when she has power, and whiny little child when she don’t, thats worst the clymidia and cheapet

    4. Rachel isn’t the worst player ever. She isn’t even the most irritating ever, if you look back. But I think it seems so now because it’s the current season, and everything is about her. At least those other horrible houseguests had people nearly as horrible as themselves to divert our attention.

    5. I actually really like this cast a lot. Enzo, Britney, Ragan, Matt… all very good players. The Brigade itself is very intriguing to me. I just find it very entertaining to watch the Brigade stealthly take every out, like a pack of Ninjas. it’s impressive. and amazing. I hate Rachel and Brendon tho. omg.. this is not The Bachelor, bitches.

        1. I totally agree. If Matt didn’t have the Brigade he would have been gone week two when he got called out for playing all sides in the house meeting R/B called. The only reason that meeting didnt sway opinion in the house was bc Matt’s alliance already knew what he was doing and there influence and numbers kept the house from turning on him. Any other year Matt would have been toast in my opinion. But there secret alliance is working perfectly. As you said the true genius of the Brigade alliance are there “side-alliances” . If any member gets put up against that side member they have the numbers to keep them in the house. Every member of the Brigade is playing a brilliant social game and when the times comes we will find out if they can win when it counts. Like Enzo says you dont have to win every competition, just the important ones.

          1. enzo says you dont have to win every competition, just the important ones. everyone seems to forget this is a valid strategy in big brother

            1. A valid strategy AND a cunning player.
              Out of everyone, Enzo is playing the best game, not Matt. He not only manipulates the house but he also manipulates the brigade. Matt is a huge pawn in the brigade it seems, and from this sentence on it’s just my theory, but already Matt’s down two votes in the jury and Enzo is up two votes. If Enzo can manipulate Brit and Kathy to vote for him, that’s four votes – and I believe that if Enzo isn’t sitting next to Hayden, he’d get Kathy’s vote and if he isn’t sitting next to Lane, he’d get Brit’s vote and if he’s sitting next to Matt… well, he’d win in a landslide because I’m pretty sure only Lane and Ragan would vote for Matt.

      1. People who say the Brigade has done nothing fail to realize the obvious: the Brigade is untouchable. They cannot be taken out. If it was possible before (because of numbers) it is absolutely impossible now, especially with the Diamond Veto. So to the Brigade haters (and stupid Valentina bc I hate that evil bitch): how do you like them grenades?

    6. Why is it so hard to spell Chima?

      Rachel’s not a bad player, she’s just a horrible person. If she was half as likable as Janelle, I’d love her. But she’s not. She does well in (SOME) competitions, and she obviously knows a lot about the game, but she’s just heinous all the way around. She’s disgusting to look at, despite all her best efforts including fake boobs, fake hair, and gobs of make-up. She’s loud and obnoxious and everything I hate about other women. She claims to be smart but she can’t even spell a simple word like “reign”. She’s the biggest hypocrite on the face of the planet…she demanded that Kathy apologize to her for hurting her feelings, then bluntly states that she picked Kathy because she thought she could beat her. Did she not think that would hurt Kathy’s feelings?

      I could go on and on.

  4. Oh yah – that’s a good point. But I thought that some of them had corks and that would contain their farts or would they just blow out? He should probably get checked out because excessive farting may indicate a health problem.

        1. thank you! finally! what is with you people? is this how people actually feel? But it is interesting to see trashy folk talk trash. (something smells)

  5. I love how Rachel and Brendon were telling Enzo last night that he needs to get into an alliance or else he won’t win this game. lol.. duh. Bojangles, bitch! Brigade!

    1. when rachael is evicted on thurs and she sees enzo’s, lane’s and matt’s DR goodbyes, I hope they all tell her she got played cause they were all in an alliance from week one. even then she will just say “oh they just wanted to get between me and my man”. cluelessssss

      1. Clueless yes, but the boys would be stupid to reveal the brigade before the final vote is cast a month and a half from now.

        1. i don’t think it makes a difference.
          it’s not gonna hurt their game. all the jury house members will find out sooner or later.
          but for impact sake, it would be fun to tell them later. like once one of the final 4 Brigade members does get evicted, they can walk into the jury house and tell them all what really went down. and they’ll all be like “OMG! no way! you guys were awesome!”.

  6. Ok Brendan is a boss. If i was there I’d call britney a gross bitch who thinks shes above everyone brachel point 1 rest of the house 0!

    1. Umm hun. Brendon and Rachel are dating!
      Britney is engage and is up lane. Okay ENGAGE…
      do you know what that means? it means that there another
      guy home that is dating Britney and he is watching Britney sleep and
      hug and lay all up on lane. Okay what ever Brendon and Rachel did that
      them, they are dating big difference.. toodles :)

      1. You seem to take it a little to personal. There is nothing wrong w. Brit, she is playing he game and acting like a lady. On the other hand, lady of the night Rachel, has given Vegas a bad name. Rachel has done everything in the BB house…has left no stone unturned…I ams sure you must be very proud of her.

      2. Britt is a mean BITCH who flirts with lane like it’s her job! I also saw her getting cozy with Hayden last night.. this girl is a backstabbing bitch who should be voted off.

    2. Brit is NOT the best player in the house. You her boy friend? She is as cute as a button but…….mean girl.

  7. Is Brit serious. She is such a liar, and two faced. Gossip, this girl can’t hold water. everything someone says to her she runs back and repeat it. I have known Brendan to gossip like that. And she is a spoiled brat, how is that so wrong. I don’t get her, with all the ugly comments she has said about B/R that is far worse then the ones B called her at the POV ceremony she is complaining? Well if that’s the case she is a spoiled Brat she’s just mad she got called out, and afraid everyone in the house will listen to Brendan. Maybe now she will fight as hard as Rachel has fought to stay in the house instead of using this time as a vacation away from Nick.

    1. I agree i was a Britney fan until now.
      She is defiantly the puppet of the game.
      she is a snitch and snitches get stitches.
      I want Britney gone so bad she is so nasty.
      I hate her so much now. Go Brendon and Rachel!

      1. Remember Brit with Monet. She was at her wost then. Removing Monet from her social life made her adjust her tactics, but she’s still a catty beauty queen and we’ll see more and more of that as the days and weeks progress. Maybe when Rachel is out Brit will just step up and full her shoes … as best she can I mean, like, let’s face it, nobody can be quite as trashy and socially inept as Rachel is.

        1. I agree and disagree. I don’t thin Rachel is trashy
          yea she is a bitch yea she does think she the queen when
          she has the power but stuff that they say about B/R is ridiculous.
          I do think Britney would act like she own the house. I want her gone.
          she is what defines TRASHY!

      2. I don’t think you were ever a Brit fan, but you are a Rachel fan…all you do is say negative things about Brit…

      3. if rachel goes home im not watching the show anymore. she is fun to watch and i cant stand anyone else they act like they are perfect when they do the same shit. brittany is so two faced.

    2. I completely agree. Britney is so two faced it’s not even funny. The way she bashes Brendon and Rachel is sickening. Ok yeah, Brendon and Rachel are annoying, but Britney is no better than them. I can’t wait until she ends up in the jury house with Brendon and Rachel.

      1. I can’t wait either, she is so stupid if she thinks those guys are gonna keep her around. The way she keeps winning she wil be booted right after B/R. Enzo, Lane, & Kathy can’t win shit either.

    1. Bredon has been trying to control Rachel’s behavoir almost the whole time and manipulating her with his “love” for her. He says things like “If you love me”. I am not sure he hates women, but he is manipulative and condescending to Rachel.

    1. You are one sick bitch. There is a special place reserved in hell for you. I am a girl, a straight girl, a hot girl AND I fart. So wtfever, Valenstanka. Go f yourself. No one else wants to.

  8. LOL, Brit is just playing the game. I don’t like or dislike a player for how vindictive they are within the game, it’s the annoyance factor that matters to me and Branchel is just so intensely annoying I don’t care how spiteful anyone is to them.

    1. dude your just as bad as B/R.. your really that annoying. your like tryin to defend a call girl and an emotionally distressed boy-in-a-mans-body

      1. You need medication. don’t forget that this is just
        a game and it reality tv. Your not playing the game okay?
        they already pick the cast and the game is going on. Stop
        going obsess on stupid shit. Grow uppp

        1. you gaven and the rest of brenchel fans are not obsessing on stupid shit??? hmm trying to be like brenchel being hypocrites? are we??? LMFAO

  9. I really don’t understand why everyone is calling britney nasty…Like wat have she dne to get that stigma..Unless u all are saying she has a nasty attitude because she does tlk the most trash..Hr and lane isn’t running around kissin and making out with each other like Kristen was with hayden…But no called Kristen Nasty..besides her attitude I dnt see why she is being called “Nasty”…I’m Just Sayin

    1. There acting like basically dating.
      They sleep at the same time, hug each other constantly,
      Britney lays on him and i cant wait till they do a Britney boyfriend
      thing on live eviction. Cant wait to see what Nick think about Britney. lol

    1. i’ve never seen brit doing anything with Lane that would make me think they are any more then friends.. but i only watch 12 hours of feeds a day you’ll need to ask dawg about the other 12 hours

    2. Even if she did, that doesn’t have to be sexual. I’ve been comfortable enough with male friends to do things like that and not turn it into something dirty. And even if she’s flirting, who doesn’t? If in that situation, I’d totally use some girly charm to get my way.

      1. Come on Nanabug. A woman laying on top of a man, while in bed and using her girlie charms is SEXUAL. You can call it whatever you want, just make sure you have fun doing it! ; )

  10. Ragan & Brit are becoming annoying, little do they know after B & K on the block next week their asses are gone next! LOL

    1. if the grenades have their way your right.
      grenades picks ( just assuming)
      after rachael goes:
      next brendon,
      then kathy
      then ragan
      then brit
      final 4 lane, hayden, matt and enzo.
      and i am fine with that cause then they’d have to pick each other off.
      final 2 , could be lane and enzo
      hayden and matt
      only time will tell.

      1. I read that Hayden and Lane made a final two deal.Im guessing they will get rid of Matt first since hes one the most HOH’s so far.

        1. yep….but Im sure matt will be ready for that

          too bad that veto will be useless…other than protecting brigade..LAME

      2. I still say you gotta be able to win something to be final 2- unless all the other HGs give up and walk out the door,Lane and Enzo don’t have a chance, I still think Ragan knows about the Brag-gade and if he can win HOH and put up Lane and Hayden, it would really change the game. i wonder if Matt would pull out the D-POV and who he would try to save?

      3. I’m pretty sure the Brigade want to use Brendon to take out Ragan next. Since Matt can’t play for HOH, it’s the perfect time to do it, AND not get any blood on their hands. Brendon will be so lost, he’ll latch on to whoever reaches out to him, and unfortunately for him the only hands that are being offered to him are Enzo and Hayden, two of the Brigade. Then Brit and Brendon. They’re saving Kathy for last b/c they’re all convinced she can’t win shite. They’re even calling Kathy the 5th Brigade member and want to get her an Alternate t-shirt.

  11. How old are the people in the house? I know Kathy is 40. I feel like I am listening to a bunch of tweens. I know women tend to be catt, but the guys in this show are just as catty, if not more. You can play the game without it getting so personal and annoying. Their comments aren’t even original any more. However, I’m sure after a month of being stuck with these people I’d be cursing them out left and right.

    So, Rachel was in on Brendon doing his little speech? Does she really think she can stay? These two are very delusional and bad at readin the other players in the house. I think that is one of their biggest down falls.

    1. i personally think keeping Rachel over Brendon is a good idea.while she is very annoying shes easily minipulated as proved by Brit and Ragan.Brendon was better at the game until he shut down and let Rachel freak out. but yes they are delusional. makes Rachel easier to control.if you tell her shes safe next week she votes how you want her to.

  12. KATHY ALL THE WAY!! Lets get some excitment in the house dammit. I’m sorry but why would I want to watch such a predictable season with douch bag brigades in the end, BORING!!!!!

    1. Boring, I agreed with you on the last update. It is a boring season. This has had a few moments where something good could have happened, but didn’t. It’s very boring. The cast of characters are all rather odd and most are just hanging back doing a lot of talking and nothing else. I doubt Kathy would get the 500K because too many of them complain about her being weak and doing nothing. I know Kathy keeps promising it’s all part of her plan and they haven’t seen her play yet. Hell, I’d love to see her play.

  13. laughable to see brit thinking lane would protect her…Earth to brit, you are engaged and will be dropped by the brigade in due time…its pathetic brit/ragen, at least brenden(yes hes quitting) is trying to do SOMETHING…


    ragen is replusive

    and brit, the std stuff is really just….really? I dont talk about std’s with my friends…not sure bout anyone else

  14. Probably, I admittedly do the post penis rub sniff….but in the privacy of my room..certainly not in front of anyone else, male or female.

  15. so they planned what brenda said?? LMFAO FAILED once again brenchel you done that since day 1, winning HOH twice and POV twice don;t make up for that, you played a shit game in the house

  16. I actually can’t wait until Britney gets evicted. She’s as annoying as Rachel… and has zero room to talk about Rachel’s looks. I think the picture of Boy George next to Rachel is HILARIOUS…however, Britney has some screwed up eyes and she disgustingly constantly has her fingers in her mouth chewing off some portion of her finger or picking her lips!!! GEEZ.. between that and Matt fondling himself on a day-to-day basis in the house…they are GROSS!!!

  17. First off leave valentina alone and get a life second of britney is a nasty bitch.She may not have done anything with lane but she continues to act like she wants too.Get the f*** over it. she’s gross..these houseguests are so jealous of rachel and brendan..lmfao..if i was in that house and i knew i was going home britney would get bitch slapped and hayden and ragan would get punched.thats the end of it..people who support the rest of these pathetic peoplewho just talk shit and dont say anything to brenchel’s face are pathetic and need medication.Point Blank F**** Period!

    1. Ragan has told Brenda and Roachface to get bent, to their faces.

      He doesn’t allow them to treat him like a lower life form.

      Everyone else would rather just stay away from them, but sometimes they get stuck.

      While they are stuck with them, they play them like fiddles.

      It’s funny that the two SELF-PROFESSED ‘intelligent people’ in the house are the most clueless about how people truly feel about them.

    2. Oh brit is easily better looking, as a guy there’s no way I’d go anywhere near nasty Rachel over Brit. I love the “say it to their face” statements. Rachel was HOH and basically was forcing people to state whether they would put her up or not (having Enzo swear on his family). Just stupid stuff. It’s a game. Would you really say “yes Rachel I would put you up” when she asked as HOH? That’s just giving someone a reason to get rid of you. Why even play the game in the first place?

      1. All the shit Fagan and cockeyed Brit are saying is not game play at all. They are just trying to feel better about themselves. Of course if you talk game play behind people’s back that’s ok, but to just talk shit about somebody behind there back is juvenile and pathetic!!

        1. What would you do when locked in a house with the same people day after day after day with no way to get away from them? Hell, the more shit talk, the better!

    3. STFU with that bullshit brenchel were nothing more than tyrants when they had power and everything they did was unnecessary( just because someone was after a obvious alliance it’s BB they were supposed to go after alliances), but you idiots support that hypocrites…. got what they deserved, GET OVER IT

        1. Even though this season is boring, I actually like it more than most of the last 5 or 6 seasons. usually you know exactly who the final four will be from day one or two. This year it’s anyone’s game for the most part. I’m still curious as to how the Brigade will crumble, if at all. At how Britney will try to find cracks and crawl into them. When Ragan will make power moves. At whether Rachel/Brendon can hang on long enough to form an alliance that goes against the Brigade. The only thing I’d be really pissed about, is if Kathy floated to the end, and then butthurt houseguests let her win. It’s why I was pissed about Jordan winning last year, it’s why I was pissed at Russel NOT winning Survivor last season, and it’s why I was pissed at Russel NOT winning Survivor TWO seasons ago. Reality TV shows are in a shitty era of people not respecting skill and strategy and just being bitchy jury members. I’d love it if Big Brother and Survivor switched back to how they do it in the UK for one season, where America chooses the winner at final 2.

          1. we’re probably in the minority around here QAZ but i’m really enjoying this season for many of the same reasons you’ve outlined above.

            1. Consider me in the minority as well, I’m really enjoying this season but it could just be the fact that Jessie isnt in there!

          2. I miss the days when America got to vote out the houseguest of their choice once the nominations were made. I thought that was the whole point to the show, America has a big part. To make it more fair after what George’s wife did to get Brittany out in season one, they could have switched to where America nominates and houseguests evict. I liked being more involved than occasionally picking “Have Not” food or what one player has to do to mess up the game.

            1. QAZ, looks like I got my answer, had I only read this far before I commented! I agree with Simon though, I love this season. Even though I am far from fat or ugly, or so I’m told, I am offended by people commenting on physical appearance — we get what we’re born with and the rest happens with consequences in our life. AG has achieved a lot, who are we to criticize based on our accomplishments? Probably not you, but I can see some self-esteem issues in people like Valentina. It (he/she) is clearly uneducated, unemployed and just plain mean, so why should I bother paying attention to “it’s” comments? I’m not well-spoken like many favorites, jimik60, BBGrandma and rockstar, but although I disagree on most of what they say I LOVE hearing their point of view because it has thought and intelligence behind it.

              1. Electra – thanks. It has been fun while it lasted. I have been “shunned” and set to the back of the bus. There is some (uh-hum) new (original?) talent arising for your enjoyment. Thanks for your compliments and suggestions. This site (Thanks Simon) has given me the opportunity to start writing again. like you, I will just be checking in for updates. Now you and rockstar play nice!

          3. QAZ I totally agree. I stopped watching last season when BB did that bs Coupe de tat. It essentialy handed the game to non players because of popularity. Jordan did nothing to win that season and Smurfette (Kathy) is following the same rule book. That’s why I say they need to institute a rule that states if you go x amount of rounds with no POV/HOH you are automatically one of the eviction nominees. Play big or go home. Sometimes laying low is a strategy. It shouldn’t be your only strategy.

  18. Well I’m a Brittany fan — and not listening to the nonsense about everyone’s Brittany bashing today… How is she any different than Jannelle? Just because she’s a girl and has a potty mouth? She’s funnier than anyone in the house, with the exception of Enzo here and there… She knows the game, and she’s playing it well. The best thing that happened to her was when Monet got sent home; since then she has been seen as a threat with the exception of her latest POV Queen title. You can’t pull a Kathy the entire game and do nothing. If she can start winning HOH’s the bridegade won’t have a chance. Go Brittany! Also, she has handled the B/R situation well — even thought B/R are a nightmare!

  19. Can anyone tell me…if Rachel is voted off this week…Will she be going back home or to the BB isolation house?

  20. I would love to see Rachel punch Brit right in the face she is spoiled, a bitch, and a bag. she is so nasty. Brit called B/R horrible people that is calling the kettle back. I cant wait for her to hear herself after the show. How rude and nasty her mouth is. I cant believe how people can talk bad about someone that they dont know. Like on a personal level herpes, STD and diseases. how does everyone know what Rachel got. Did you all slept with her. God have some respect if not for other at least for yourself.

    1. Yeah because it’s ridiculous to think some girl who tells stories about waking up nude in their own throwup with a wad of 100s in her hand would ever have STDs. Who are these people that “respect” individuals like that?

      As far as the punch in the face. Good one. Then Rachel loses the money she gets while staying in the jury house and likely ends up getting sued and all because Brit said stuff about Rachel. Rachel would basically be showing exactly how important Brit’s opinion was to her and how Brit’s words can control her emotions. Boy that would be real smart…

  21. Here ia a question if next week someone is removed from the block then on eviction night can Matt put remove another person and put up the HOH lets say Brenda is he is able to win ?

    1. no……. the hoh is safe no matter what………. and if brenden is on the block and wins pov and saves himself ….. the diamond veto cannot put him back on the block………

  22. I wouldn’t say that Hayden doesn’t try, he’s had an HOH. The endurance was geared toward smaller people with decent strength in both of Matt’s, undoubtedly Hayden holding on took a lot more effort for him than Matt given the size, rotational pull, and awkward angle he had to hold. I really doubt we’ll see that type of endurance again. When it comes to some upper body strength / endurance comp, like the hanging onto the rope comp, I would probably bet on Hayden followed probably by Lane. As much as I hate to say it Brendon does have a point with the endurance although given he was one of the first big guys off he really doesn’t have a dog in the hunt talking about whether he would have won it solely based on the size issue.

  23. I really fail to see why the entire house as well as you posters hate the B/R so much!!?? Is it because they are playing the game? I just seea bunch of coat-tailers in the season, actually this season really sucks big big time! There’s nothing going on here. The “pussy” cat talks a bunch but has no action. The so-called brigade is a gigantic joke of all seasons as well as lacking the balls to act for themselves. So please tell me and I am sure I will get a bunch but please tell me why B/R are hated? Wait till their gone, you will see the most boring game of all time right here on CBS!!!! Can’t wait till Survivor 21 gets here!!

  24. Brendon’s brain baffles me. What is going on in there? He is working on a PHD in Physics. He studies the nature of matter and motion in the universe and he doesn’t see the hot mess in front of him. The Chemistry bimbo is a freak of nature. Love her tale of tequila excess and a fist full of dollars, not to mention puking so she can drink some more.

    When she gets the boot this week, I hope she leaves her hair extensions behind so he can wear them around his waist in honor of her memory. Maybe then he can grow some.

  25. Isn’t it about time someone jumps on here and either
    1) complains about Dawg/Simon being biased or spelling errors
    2) posts a theory about who are the lifelong friends
    Because that’s my drinking game and I haven’t had a shot since this morning. I’m thirsty, people!

  26. I thought at first, PLC was very very funny. Now I realize that demeans all the laides, espically on this site. So I apologize for using that term, and think it was funny. Now I realize it is not very nice to say. It just demeans all women.

  27. Don’t be fooled, Enzo represents the stereotypical Jersey. Yes, there are people like him in Jersey, but most are not like that at all. Actually, the people they are getting for reality shows that represent Jersey are nothing like the real thing! I’m from Jersey and I don’t walk around and talk/act that way at all. Yes, I do say talk, walk coffee a little weird, but what are you going to do? YO, LOL!

  28. They are definitely playing the role of the victim. They are sore winners/losers. They did put themselves in this position and seem to make the target larger and larger every single time they open their mouths. It’s hard to feel sorry for them being on the block. One of them is definitely going home and it seems to be Rachel at this point. It will be interesting to see what happens to Brendon when she does go.

  29. Brittney and Ragan don’t know about the brigade, if they did they would’ve made better choices, but what WE see and what they see are two different things ..we can’t tell the the brigade is not dominating the house make moves now, so stop calling them stupid for that….

  30. I love how Rachel is like “what did i do wrong?” “why does everybody hate me??”
    Keep asking everyone that Rachel, and see if it’ll make people not like you.

  31. Hey Simon, I’m not sure if it was last season, but you guys posted some video’s of the feeds. Are you able to do that again? Its fun watching them!

      1. Simon~ Love the sight, great entertainment.. Quick question about ‘Diamond Veto’ .. If Matt decides to use it, I know he over rides the other veto and can replace the Nominee with some body he chooses.. The question is.. Could it be the H.O.H. he replaces them with.. If so and it was Brendon that could make for an interesting

  32. the brigade trying to get a smell and jealous because they can,t have it. eat your heart out boys rachel in love with brendon. she,s one hot lady.

  33. Wow valentina… Maybe you should do a little research on your grammar before you try to bash someone else’s. That was just plain SAD! And why must you bash gays?
    Do you even know the difference between “there”, “they’re”, and “there”?

    1. Ooops! I replied to the wrong one. This was meant for “valentina”… Not valentina sucks schlong. Sorry! Completely screwed that one up

  34. WOW!!! As a complete bystander watching your posts as I go down this line of comments, you REALLY have some hate in your heart. I just don’t understand why people like you come onto these public forums and have all out emotional battles with random strangers. Your anger and hate are completely irrational. I truly am sorry for whatever made you this way, and I hope you find some happiness in your life some day.

  35. I’m rooting for Lane, Brendon or Ragan to win. If for no other reason than they’ve annoyed me the least… I find myself bored with this cast vs previous seasons. And I would prefer America votes the winner and screw the whole jury house idea.

  36. Brittany and Regan are making catty remarks, but so has everyone else, mostly R and B plus they bully everyone. We at least have something to laugh about with Brittany, especially the rules for being in BB show last night. So funny. Hayden was funny too. What Would Julie Do so funny.

    1. I agree Shirl. If any of us were in that house we would be talking trash about Roach and Brenda too. hahaha

  37. I cant see Roach making good money in tips because she is such a bitch. I find it hard to believe that any man or woman would find her disposition attractive or nice. I can just imagine how poorly she treats the woman at a table and how she would flaunt her tits to the men at the same table. If I was one of those woman and my man tipped her good I would walk out. Like for real…

    I think she is a prostitute and the bar allows her to use the venue to troll for pick ups using the ploy of being a waitress.

  38. I so badly want to talk about the fact that you’re confusing commas with periods, but out of decency, I’ll refrain…. I am a bit dizzy, though.

      1. I’m horrible. I get major anxiety from a sub-par use of the written language. I’m lenient on the ESL folks, though.

  39. If this is truly your stream of conciousness, I’m scared right now. I hope we’re not in the same hemisphere.

  40. Ok time for me to put my two bits in, For season 9 when dick was making fun of everyone and anyone, People loved it and ate it up. But we can’t give Brendan the benefit of the doubt. Plus Ive been watching the feed R/B generally don’t spend there time insulting everyone as opposed to Brit and everyone else. So Ill give Brendan a pass this time, so long as he calls other people out not just the small indiviuals

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