BB11 – NBK vs The Dumb Five, Casey to Ronnie “I’m not going to pee on your Leg and tell you it’s Raining”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:55pm HOH Ronnie, Chima, and Natalie. Ronnie is going over the conversation he had with Casey. Ronnie says he told Casey about putting Jordan up. He’s told Casey that Jordan hates him and thats why she’s going up. CHim wonders why they care she’s not going home we have the votes. Ronnie now brings up talking to Jeff saying when Jeff told him “well I don’t really trust your word you said you wouldn’t put me up and you did you said you wouldn’t put Jordan up and I know that you are. Natalie says if cares so much about Jordan going up he shouldn’t use the veto. Chima and Ronnie thinks she dumb for suggesting that because nobody would do that. they all start talking about how everyone lies so what does jeff care if ROnnie lied to Jeff.


Ronnie say he told Jeff that jeff only has one real ally and thats Ronnie and maybe casey. Ronnie goes on to say jeff told him he was right and that he would not put me up he didn’t have any other allies in this house but me. Chima asks him why is this a issue he should just put jordan up why is he so bummed out? Ronnie explains that people are starting to play on his emotions and its making him sad. Ronnie asks them if they are sure Russell what put me up. Natalie says Russell is saying he won’t put you up. Chima brings up how she’s been flirting with Russell and she can try and talk to him about Ronnie. Natalie mentions that Russell is saying he’ll put up Michelle and Casey.


Jesse Joins

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Ronnie tells them about the conversation he had with Michelle and she says she with us, He says he told her she better be with us, i am a lot better at this game than you are.
He now brings up that Michelle is playing both sides and he wishes he could leave her Clique. Chima says that MCihelle is clueless about the game. Russell saying him and Casey are not friendly to each other anymore. Ronnie tells him that if Jordan or Jeff win HOH he’s going up on the block. Natalie says she’ll go up if Jeff wins it. They are all very confident taht one of the NBK’s will win. Jesse goes on to tell them a way to have an advantage in one of the competition types. He explains how you hear the click click click when they change the answers on the paddle… He gives them pointers to listen to certain clicks.


Ronnie tells CHima that if she wins HOH she’s dragging Michelle along for another week. CHima doesn?t seem to care she’s going to target Jeff and Casey. Ronnie says if they get rid of Jeff Jordan has no where to go but me….
Lydia and Kevin Join

Ronnie starts giving them pointers about cheating in the HOH competition. He explains that if it’s majority rules they should just choose A no matter what. Natalie says just pick A no matter what it is. Jesse tells them he will flip his paddle but always land back on A. They are talking about how awesome they are and they’re plan is going to work perfectly; first one gone will be Jeff than Jordan followed by Casey.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Kevin asks Ronnie who he’s putting up ROnnie says Jordan, “she’s pissed at me anyway”. Ronnie says if one of them wins HOH he’s doing back flips. They are positive that this game is won.. They will use Jordan as the pawn while they take the other players out. They mention that Jordan is like Keesha… Jessa disagrees saying that Laura is like Keesha. They start talking about Dan, Ronnie says that Dan would of lasted 2 weeks in this house. Chima says she’d definitely put up Jeff and Casey if she gets HOH. They laugh that after the Luxury comp Casey is putting her ass up for sure.Making fun of Laura..and her clothes. Lydia says it looks like “stripper wear”. They continue to rip on people.
Ronnie, Russell and Jesse leave to workout. While working out (10:07pm) Ronnie is lifting some weights and complaining how tired he is. He start talking about Casey talking to him like he a student. Russell ask him if he’s still in theatre. Ronie says he just does backstage stuff. Russell now asks him what his favourite musical is and Ronnie says Legally Blonde. They continue talking about musicals ronnie is really into it. Ronnie is now saying to Jesse how cool it would be if Jesse won HOH this week and ROnnie wins it the week after. Russ and Jesse are buddy buddy again…..


8:45pm Backyard Casey and Jeff. Casey is talking about the hace’s and have nots. He says he tried to get the athletes on slop. Casey goes on saying I was the swing vote on Braden. I put myself out there. If I go on the block for my decision at least I know I went out making my own decisions. I gotta site back and get off the radar.
Indoor lockdown

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:50 Pool Room, Casey and Michelle. Michele is says there is nothing she can do this week she can’t be nominated unless they really want to change things up. She says she feels like she on the outside. Casey mentions how he’s going to have to pay forever for the braden vote, My own team threw me under the bus. Michele said she likes having someone mature and logical in the house.Michele said every year they have a different theme and this year we are in the 10th grade again. Casey starts bringing up how good at lying Ronnie is, Ronnie lied right at his face and Casey couldn?t tell. Casey thinks that Ronnie started out much too early and manipulative. Michelle says she thought Casey was going to be the strongest player. Casey explains that his plan was to keep my mouth shut but I’ve learned that when you do that then people will make up shit on you.


9:15pm backyard Jeff, Jordan & Casey in the backyard. Jeff is hoping that Casey isn’t made at him for not telling him about the Russell plan. Casey says he’s not mad at any of the “Dumb Five” Casey says he just doesn’t like most of the HOH crew, and the rest he’s disappointed in.

Laura joins them
Jordan says I can’t wait to find out what Ronnie does, he’s not a teacher. They all agree with that. Ronnie comes downstairs and looks outside. Casey said, no one out here except us dumb losers. Ronnie comes out to play with her bubble maker. Me makes some bubbles tahn goes back inside.

9:43pm Bedroom Jordan and Laura Their bummed out Laura calls Ronnie a lunatic and says all Ronnie does is make shit up. They figure they should say something really mean tomorrow. They are trying to figure out what to say…. Jordan than tells Laura she’s on her period…..


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The Original Jim

Natural Born Killers huh? The egos on these twats is amazing. All they do is sit around talking shit and making up lies. They should be called Douchebag Collective. I can’t wait until they start getting picked off. Jeff, Jordan, Casey and Michelle better start working together or they are just gonna get picked off one by one.


Haha, seriously. I would be ecstatic if Jordan wins HOH..the look on their faces would be priceless! Ronnie of course would try to weasel himself back into her good graces and make others look bad.


This season is terrible, about 80% of the house is full of the absolute most unlikeable people I have seen on big brother, the other 20% made up of either really dumb people that don’t keep their mouths shut or floaters.


I will die laughing if Jordan actually says that lol It will be worth watching just t see her say it lol

Of course it’s true, in my post yesterday I said if Ronnie doesn’t put up Russel it will prove that he is just a star struck puppet for Jesse.

It has been validated , Ronnie does lick Jesse’s A-Hole lol


Hilarious!!!!!! Ronnie working out lol He had to use the smallest dumbbell they had lol

He so wants to be Jesse it’s not even funny, I think Ronnie would put himself up on the block if Jesse said so lol

The Original Jim

LMAO. You’re so right. Thanks for the laugh.


I so hope Jeff, Jordan or Casey win HOH. It will turn the most horrible season of BB around. I am so sick of listening to the idiots up in the HOH room talk game when they think they know what they are doing. First Ronnie is up Jessie’s butt. Chima pulling the race card was so not called for. What is wrong with these people????? If they don’t win HOH to turn this game around BB will be losing me and most of my friends as we are sick of it already. Enough!!!!!


oh please.. Am stick and tired of hearing jordon, jeff and laura complain about how the game is going. How about you gett off your ass and make some deals now… stop bitch and start playing. And chima is not playing the race card, people who keeping mentioning she is are. Just becuase he is black and has an opinon doesn’t mean she’s playing the race carD. You people on here are stupid…let them play the fcking game and stop bitching…oh …this oh that…get a life..


I totally agree Lisa!!! Thanks.The people on this site are starting to sound like hard core rednecks and racists..Uggh!!


It’s easy to see who you are and where you from


Team jessieca get all the floaters out so we can watch all you turn on each other. Wait til natalie finds out jessie about Lydia night activities. Hope scrappy dumps her boyfriend for jessieca. Big Brother hired a bunch of losers this round. BB need to make this a little more interesting. Jessieca is like crazy james more and more. The others couldn’t get him out and when they did BB brought him back. BB needs to think of some cool twists or this is too predictable. How is BB viewer ratings anyway. Hopefully this will be the last one.