Big Brother 11 – The Dumb 5 Give up Laura Says “I feel bad for my Family they Bought 3 month of feeds They could have paid for just the First Month”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:40pm Jeff in the hot tub Laura on the couch and jordan beside the hot tub. Jeff is saying that people stopped talking to him all of a sudden today. It was Ronnie’s plan to backdoor Russell, not mine, you know what I mean. I don’t know how these people make the plans but then I’m blamed for it. Casey in the hammock yells out to them “WELCOME TO MY WORLD” Jeff tells them that it was Ronnie’s idea to put Russell up than when he decides not to it’s my fault. Jordan says she hopes Thursday gets here fast. She wants to get it over with. Casey says who wants to be with some of these people for 7 weeks that would be torture. I mean, obviously I miss my family but if I got along with some of these horrible people it would be better.
Laura Joins them
Jordan is suggesting they all meet up after the show…. Laura is excited and invites Jordan to Atlanta. Jordan goes on to tell them she has a email address now but is a real slacker with it. Laura says as soon as Jordan gets evicted she’ll call Jordan the next morning. Jordan says they will get together and talk and watch the show. Laura mentions that you can see clips of the show on youtube. Jordan doesn?t know what a tivo is so they try to explain. Laura says she feels bad her family bought the 3 month feed. They could have paid for just the first month.


10:48pm Green Room Jesse and Lydia. Lydia is talking about Russell and makes fun of Jordan for trying to petition to “go home”. Jesse agrees and says Jordan has no power she can’t stop thing against over 9 people, Natalie joins them Jesse says “that’s that F*** the bitch” Lydia says Jordan was wearing Jeff’s shirt without panties. Lydia tells Natalie that they are going to get her in skirt and heels before the end of the show.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
11:12pm Backyard Casey and ROnnie. Ronnie tells Casey he wants Laura voted out.
Casey is telling Ronnie you really rustled up the house. Next week is a new week, You’re a rabble rouse and you put me under the bus. Next week is a new week.
Ronnie says he knows what?s going on, For the record, for Jordan, I do feel horribly, personally, about having to do what I have to do for game purposes tomorrow morning but I have to ensure Laura goes home. Ronnie tells Casey I’m just trying to be up front what I want done.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:30 Bedroom lights out Jeff and Michelle Michelle is playing like she doesn?t have a clue about what is happening. She says that all the people she likes are going out the door. She feels like she has no chance of winning even if she makes it to final 2. Jeff says he feels the same way, he doesn?t fit in with the HOH crew, I’m a leader not a follower” Michelle says ronnie is a real F*** for all the lies, but there still is a glimmer of hope one of them can win HOH. Jeff says tomorrow is a new day who knows what will happen. Michelle agrees suggesting there may be a twist. In come Laura and Jordan and says their speech for the POV ceremony. They both are very proud of their work thinking it very funny.

Jeff talks about slop being spilled all over by the fridge. Jordan and Laura say it wasn’t them and someone must have done that to put it on them. Jordan rubs all over Jeff’s stomach and chest she tells Michelle she likes to be rubbed. Jeff says ya, but nicely! Jeff thinks his days are numbered Jordan tells him he’ll go far just needs to lay low for awhile. Jordan is talking about how easy it easy to influence Ronnie..

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Jeff- Bravo Jeff won POV! This season every week is anew plan, strategy because someone win POV and shocks them all. I hope Jeff doesn’t get too bugged out by the cast, gives his VETO to Laura, and go back to Chicago. He;s like the humble athlete who wants to win the evil douche alliance that is Jessie/Natalie/Russell

Ronnie – His head is spinning he knows he might get eliminated next week or after. His plan back fired, Basically no one trusts him anymore. He’s toast.

Russell/Jessie/Natalie – That alliance is still strong. Whoever joins their team is a secret shield so when it coems to eliminating, the shields ( Ronnie, etc) would be eliminated before Russell/ Jessie/ Natalie. Why does Jessie need 500K anyway. He shoudl have declined to join the show. When watching Last season winner Dan coem one the CBS show tonight it made Jessie look like that looser at high school reunions who hasn’t done nothing and is stuck in the past.

Kevin/Lydia/Michelle/Chima – They are water under the bridge. They are slowly becoming forgettable. Kevin does his quirky Jack McFarlane jokes to stay relevent and Lydia is basically raping Jessie to stay relevent as well.

Casey is playing smart and he could do an alliance with Jeff, Jordon easily.


BB hoookups:

Lydia, Jessie, Natalie (No thressome) right now it’s fondling but Lydia has practically masterbated Jessie and they probably made out by now. Natalie flirts with Jessie and he does it back to both of them.

Jeff & Jordon – They both need a good lay. They both are single, had said hot flirts to eachother. Jordon might last in the competition longer if she sleeps with Jeff. I hope they cuddle and fall asleep ASAP!

Michelle – She might be a regular normal person at home but on this show she seems very wild sometimes. And she’s probably genius enough to sneak in one of the guys or girls’ beds for a late night green light Big Brother Apetite!


Whoever wins HOH this week needs to put Ronnie on the block. Then tell him yea, you’re coming off, no, you’re not. Back and forth. Let’s see how he handles it! Put him up there with Jesse and hope HOH wins pov and not use it. LOL