Audrey’s advice – “Relax have a good day don’t try to overthink anything”


POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 28th
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 15-08-34-706

3:00pm Cabana Vanessa and Audrey
They think Clay is the one common denominator in the house and that is everyone trusts Clay. Vanessa says Clay started the Rumor after overhearing the two of them talking.
Vanessa is telling her that Austin likes Audrey.
Vanessa wants to get the “Five” together and make a final 5 deal. “At least we can have some allies we can count on”

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 15-10-09-836

3:09pm Hammock Austin and Liz
Austin tells her that Liz needs to talk to Jeff and make sure he knows Audrey is making it up saying Austin was targeting Jeff.
Austin says Audrey wants to call a house meeting, “Audrey is f***g running this F****g game everyone is afraid of her”

Austin wants to call a house meeting and tell them Audrey had a final 2 with her.
Austin – People are starting to talk..
Liz – I just hope we aren’t the next two
Austin – If Audrey is in charge we’re f*****d
Austin – We can’t trust Clay

Austin is worried he’s losing Venessa right now, He’s thinking they have to pull DAY in. He believes Clay and Audrey want them to target DAY.
Austin is going to talk to Jason he’s not sure if he is with Audrey, He’s f****d if they are decides it’s worth a risk.
Austin thinks they can have the votes to keep Jace, his 7 votes to save include Jeff.

Austin about Audrey – She’s a chameleon, she’s a changeling
Austin says if Jace goes home they will be seen as vulnerable players. Which is a plus but they also might get taken out as easy targets, ‘It’s all about the numbers we need the numbers we need to flip the house”

Austin – Audrey and Clay are going to win this game right now
Austin isn’t after Jeff anymore he wants to work with him. Austin tells her to use her Feminine Wilds and pull Jeff in.
Austin says if he wins HOH he’s taking Audrey out he’ll find a way. “If we win HOH SHE”S F****D.. if we don’t win we’re gone”
They are shocked Clay is really working with Audrey. Neither of them trust Shelli.
Austin – “She’s a sheep”
Liz – Does Audrey trust you
Austin – “It doesn’t matter if she trusts me or not she’s using me”
Austin thinks the only thing that matter is if they can trust Jeff. Brings up Jeff telling him he had a major fight with Jackie coming in and her wants her out of the game. Liz saw Jeff and Jackie talking earlier.

Liz says James was super creepy the first two days. “He says really disgusting things”
Austin – I know I’m sorry
Liz brings up James telling her she would be his “Weekend Girl”
Austin – What OH MY GOD”

Austin is worried that things have been messed up between him and Vanessa hopes that she realizes he’s not lying to her.
Austin – I hope I didn’t lose her cause Audrey is trying to flip things
Austin – “in all due respect I don’t care I don’t care what the rumour is leave me a lone.. no more of this sh1t”
Liz says her plan is to work on Jeff.
Liz says Clay has no backbone he’s being manipulated by Audrey. Austin thinks Clay is very smart he can lie straight to your face.
Austin mentions Audrey is playing too hard too fast if she would slow down she would be deadly.
Austin boasts he’ll call a house meeting and blow it all up if he has to deal with another Audrey move.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 15-36-03-986

3:26pm HOH Audrey and Clay
Audrey says VAnessa and Austin want Clay out next
Clay – really why
Audrey – you’re playing too many sides.. joking..

Audrey says Vanessa is a question mark but wants to have an alliance conversation with Shelli, Audrey, Austin and Clay.
Clay do we need that?
Audrey – I have alliance whiplash.. No we don’t… however if she wins HOH we’re safe

Audrey suspect Jeff is pushing his own agenda. “You and Shelli both heard from Vanessa’s mouth that she doesn’t trust me”
Clay – No… You said that last night
Audrey – no..
Clay – I never heard that
Clay explains that Vanessa told him she does trust Audrey.

Clay tells Audrey his two main people are Audrey and Shelli.
Audre – Vanessa is also under the impression that you are trying to bring in Jeff.
They agree Jeff makes side comments when he’s emotional.

Clay says their alliance of 8 is a ride or die. If they can get to the final 8 they have their inner 5 alliance, “We’ll be sitting pretty.. it;’s imperative these 8 doesn’t turn on each other.. we can go to the final 8”
Audrey – What are you going to do when Shelli votes you out final 3..
Clay – y’all have to send me a cheque
Audrey – I bet you guys are going to bang so much finale night

They agree they cannot trust Jackie and they hope Jeff is serious about taking her out when the time is right.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 15-53-31-003

3:46pm Austin and Steve
Austin – they wanted to call a house meeting dude
Steve says the only times he’s hearing Austin names is sympathy for the have nots thing.

Austin brings up someone came to him told him there was lies about an all girls alliance going around. He then told someone that there are people spreading lies about a girls alliance. 10 minutes later ‘Someone else” came to him saying that he was trying to spread lies about them saying they are spreading the all girls alliance.

Austin says it was a trick they flipped it around and try to pin it on him that he tried to spread the rumour. “All I was doing was repeating it.. see how that works.. now I’m the target and the target isn’t on the people that started it”
Austin says it’s playing too quick (he never refers to them by name just calls them the inner alliance or the ones on the inside which is basically, Clay, james and Audrey. Steve has the piece this together)

Steve fade into the background
Steve asks about the votes
Austin says if the people on the outside try to flip it Jace might stay otherwise it’s going to be unanimous
steve – you need 7 votes.. for JAce to stay
Austin – “I told JohnnyMAC, Me, you, Steve will continue being put on the block and told we’re pawns that’s not how I want to play”

Steve thinks if Jace leaves it’ll help austin’s game because he’ll be seen alone but the downside is they lose a number which makes them more vulnerable.
Austin says he likes Jason but has never talked game with im he needs to know if Jason is on the inside or outside. Austin points out that someone is trying to isolate DAY so she’s the target. \
Austin – Everyone (Inside group) is saying to put DAY up
Steve – wait what
Austin explains they are saying DAY is the master puppeteer so that everyone taret her and not the inside alliance (Audrey’s group but AUstin won’t name it)
Steve says none of this will come back to him and he hopes Steve has learnt some trust with Austin says if he wins HOH Austin is safe.
Steve – so our job is to watch Jason and figure out what is up with him
Austin – ya another one is Jeff too

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 16-03-23-567

4:03pm Jace and Austin
Austin says Clay is not on their side.
jace – he just pulled me aside and said he did
Austin – he’s the best ever..
Jace – I teared up in front of camera with Shelli
Austin – She’s in on it.. she knows what is going down.. there’s like 6 or 7 people..
Jace – there’s nothing I can do
Austin says they need to swing Jason and DAY
Jeff comes by, Austin says everybody’s lying.
Jace – Everybody’s lying Jeff
Austin I’m, so close to call everybody out.. i’m trying to work out and not do anything for a week.
Jeff – I would love to give you my vote but I gotta give it to Jackie
Audrey pulls Austin aside.
Jeff says people have been telling him Austin about Jeff. Jeff knows it’s the same person who’s been in his ear.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 16-10-46-037
4:07pm Audrey and Austin
Audrey – “You, myself, Clay, Vanessa and Shelli are going to have a private meeting and it has to stay that way it’s very important”
Audrey tells him Liz threw Austin under the bus. Austin acts like he believes her.
Audrey – “Relax have a good day don’t try to overthink anything”

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 16-20-59-334

4:14pm Cabana Audrey, Shelli
Audrey says Austin, her, Shelli, clay and Vanessa are going to have a meeting and form a solid group. Audrey wishes Austin wasn’t in it but it’s good they can utilize the different groups in the house to target each other.
Shelli – I’m up for it
Shelli thinks Vanessa and DAY have something she walked in on them talking and when they saw her they stopped talking. pints out James was there too.
Audrey thinks she’ll be safe until a collective of people form up after her.
Audrey says apparently Liz went straight to Jeff and Threw Austin under the bus.
Shelli – Jeff told you that
Audrey – mmmmhhhmmm Called that sh1t

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 16-25-36-988

4:23pm Vanessa and Austin
They agree in an alliance with Clay, Shelli and Audrey they are at the bottom. they agree Audrey can be trusted more than Clay.
Austin doesn’t believes that Liz was throwing him under the bus
Vanessa – you said Audrey told you
Austin – Audrey told me… she’s trying to put me against LIZ it feel s very set up
Vanessa says Audrey thinks they are together it’s OK Vanessa and him will have a BIG fight later.
She tells him he needs to keep JAce cool right now. Austin thinks Jace will freak out on Audrey at one point this week. Vanessa thinks later on that will be good for them.
They are going to get into a room with Audrey, Shelli and Clay and make a deal before anymore rumours start.

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Has the Twin Twist started yet?


I think John is the twin … He sure keeps himself in the background?


I think its Liz/Julia. There are facial differences and dark root length. Others in the house have commented that she acts different from one day to the other.

Then again it could be a double twin twist with both Liz and John twins playing.


I’ve noticed the changes and Roots is not as likeable.


If Audrey doesn’t dial it back her paranoia will flip the house.
This week has been top tier, great cast this year, however if this High Rollers mega alliance keeps power then it will be BB16 all over again.


I’m glad that the target on Da’Vonne is finally starting to shrink and become smaller and smaller. Austin has talked about aligning with her, and if he does he’ll also gain Jason (who I think will do well in comps). Jason knows this show surprisingly well, and between him and Steve he seems to be the bigger super fan (in terms of history/knowledge of BBUS and BBCan). Da, Vanessa, and Austin all on one team would be fun to watch if Jace left I think. Jace is a liability that Austin doesn’t need moving forward.

Vanessa thought that Steve was Da’s little mole, but is he really? I haven’t seen him reporting to Da with Intel, unless he’s doing it very secretively.

“Audrey thinks she’ll be safe until a collective of people form up after her.” Girl, it’s already happening. I’m proud Audrey’s been able to play this game without her transgender status overshadowing her, and she’ll be evicted the same way because of her game actions and not who she is.


Why does it feel that there is a meeting every 1/2 hr?


Because there is. Sithe Lord Aud is constantly using her Mind Tricks on every person who passes by. Watched this morning and EVERY person who walked by she started talking trash. She can’t stop herself.


I love how Austin is repeating everything Vanessa told him this morning and acting as if he figured it out all on his own. He would be so confused right now if it weren’t for Vanessa.


Lol…..typical male……let him mull over an idea long enough and it becomes his own.




lol…typical male….let him mull over an idea long enough and it becomes his own.


i really wish people would just let Audrey call a house meeting. Everyone knows it always ends up bad for the person that called it.


I’m all for a house meeting … stir the pot
always entertaining to watch the fools ignorant enough to be involved in it


Seems to me that Audrey knows it is a bad idea so she is trying to get others to call the house meeting. Everything I have seen (which isn’t everything) Audrey tells others they should call a house meeting, not that she is going to. (Once again, she may have said she was going to I am just going off what I have seen… another one of her manipulation tactics.)


Audrey is proving herself to be a strong player too earlier. Hopefully she dials it back some. If she does, I can see her walking away with money this year!


….Another 3 Hours no Johnny Mac. It’s exactly how everyone who enters the BB house should play week 1, just be aloof and stay out of it. His strategy would be even more perfect with the BotB but let’s hope he figures a way to navigate through this game.

The High Rollers can’t possibly stay in tact after week 2 can it? I hate the BotB so much!!!! Ughhh big alliances :(. 8 till jury then they will play? Let’s avoid that this season please?

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny Mac !!!!


Why does everyone love Johnny Mac so much? He seems really cool but why is he getting so much praise?


Argh I can’t stand all these fake alliances that Audrey keeps trying to start. I mean I guess they’re fake because two posts ago she was badmouthing Vanessa so badly as well as clay and shelli a little too. But now she wants an alignment with all of them and Austin too?! I am guessing she’s just doing it to try and play those people too like the others in the house. Its like she’s just doing it to get info to twist and then use to make other HGs distrust each other. She’s just doing too much too soon and is wrecking other HGs games by throwing them under the bus to anyone who will listen. Now she has Austin thinking clay is a bigger threat than her!! I think clay is just staying aligned with her to avoid his name being put out there by Audrey. But she’s doing it anyway it seems. I’m excited to see which alliances are real and how long they last. and did I mention how happy I am to see Jace go? He got so high and mighty with James about putting him up and even brought his kid into it?? Please let him be the first out!! Funniest thing on tonight’s episode: Jace in the diary room saying he’s in a good spot socially and in game play. Highlarious!


You have to give Audrey credit for the fact that she is very good at twisting what people say to get two sets of groups at each other. The only problem with her is that she is playing a million miles an hour. They haven’t even gotten to the first eviction yet and she has started so many rumors. It’s crazy. She’s even taking what someone said to her, for example Joe saying to her “I trust Bill completely” and totally reversing it and saying to Bill’s ally “Joe doesn’t trust Bill at all”. These mini-fires she is setting towards the house are eventually going to surround her to the point where everyone wants her out. People are already starting to piece it together. I give her 2 weeks, maybe 3 weeks tops, until she is out.

And props to JohnnyMAC. I’m serious, what a pimp lol. He’s definitely playing the way you should be playing week 1 in the Big Brother house. All-BB17 First Team.


Johnny has been playing well. And Steve has been handling it pretty well too now that he is off the block.
Truly I’d love the house to flip and keep Jace. Make James and Audrey drop their jaws. I know that Jeff could not vote Jackie out but hey she is not in any alliances really so it should be easy for the house to vote her out and united and take out James the over confident and Audrey the parrinoid.

Eric CA

Audrey Mad Libs :_____ told what me what you said to them about what we talked about. I can’t trust _____ anymore because I heard from ______ say ______________________. I think I am going to __________________. and _______________. I also I think we have to watch out for _________ because I saw ____ talking to _________ and _____ and ____ must be working together. I am going to get _______ so we can get all that _________ out.

This is every conversation with Audrey with everyone and for some reason only a few of them have noticed. I hope that next weeks HoH is from the other side so people can see her crawl up that persons ass and be brought into New and exciting alliances. I hope she goes up… I just want to see the paranoia freak out. A nominated Audrey would look like if a Hummingbird and a chihuahua had baby and then that Hummingchihuahua had a baby with a Rhino… that is what Audrey nominated will look like.

Jay A

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m starting to like Austin now he finally sees who the true puppet master is


Where is all of the Johnny Mac LOVE coming from?? The guy is rarely seen or heard and when he does speak, it’s a snoozefest!! Steve and Johnny Mac are two of the most boring HG to ever play BB. If you really want to know who the real s**t stirrer is keep your eye on Jason! He is another Andy with shades of Frankie’s awful personality. He needs to go!