“At the end of the day they love Steve more than me”

POV Holder: Vanessa POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: Steve and Jmac
Have Nots No have nots this week

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-25 17-27-12-434_jpg

5:17pm – 6:05pm HOH Vanessa, Austin and Liz
Vanessa going over her conversation with Johnnymac where he was campaigning for her vote.
Liz says Johnnymac came up here and was fighting hard to get Vanessa up
Austin – he squeals on everyone and everything it’s nuts this guy has no strategy
Vanessa – apparently I am his enemy
Liz – Him and Becky said the same thing I want Vanessa out so bad

Vanessa – the words coming out his mouth means he’s coming after you
Vanessa say she’s very loyal to Austin and the twins

Austin says the easiest target was Johnnymac this week he says the hardest move was to take out vanessa that’s what the house wanted.
Austin says Jmac is devious
Vanessa – he’s a strong talker

Austin – If Johnnymac wants a war he’s got one
Vanessa – we have to be smart incase he comes back
Austin doesn’t see a way that Jmac will not put them up if he wins HOH and comes back.
Vanessa – he feels desperate and has this kamikaze gene in him.. like taxi driver he wants to make a big move and go balls to the walls

Vanessa makes up some scheme to keep Johnnymac and use him to take out the returnee.
Austin doesn’t think they can trust Jmac.. next thing they know he’s coming to the nominations with a mohawk (Ala taxi driver)
Liz tells them she’s done working with Johnnymac
Austin says everyone in jury is tied with Johnnymac
Vanessa says they should let Jmac try and get James and Meg’s vote to see how it works out.
Vanessa- it’s a trust building test, do they come and tell you I came and told you that’s trust

Austin is worried something will come out if Vanessa starts “testing” the goblins thinks it might be unnecessary.

Liz says Julia is a pitbull they have to cool her down about Johnny Mac because she will say something
Liz – I freaking cook for him every night, what the hell
Vanessa says jmac doesn’t know how close they are he thinks she against Austin and the twins.

Liz and Vanessa love the idea of seeing how loyal Meg and James are. Vanessa will got to Jmac tell him she has his vote if he can get the goblins. She will tell him he can’t make her vote public. After jmac talks to them they’ll see what the goblins come back to them with.
They agree the “official” reason to get Jmac out will be he’s got ties with everyone in the jury house.

Austin – Jmac checkmated himself he never talked to us
Austin – Every week I would talk to him about personal things..
Austin – he never tried to talk to us and when he finally does it’s too late it’s a numbers game and he’s at the bottom

Vanessa – he was everyone’s b1tch
Austin – he was the pawn for everyone, throwing competitions left and right for everyone.. this guy played the most pansy game

Austin – he is not a soldier of war he’s a goofball
Vanessa says Jmac is going to be wealthy in life

Liz – my sister worked of a dentist they are crazy
Austin – they are medical school drop outs, It’s a Seinfeld joke
Austin – we love dentists
Vanessa – we love dentists
Vanessa says he’s going to talk to Jmac find out if he’s lying about rockstar

Austin also suggest Vanessa go to Jmac and tell him the twins vote is still in play, “Just to see what he does”
Vanessa says she’s doesn’t care which two of the guys go, she’s lost a lot of trust with Steve.

Austin says he would be really shocked if Meg and James flipped
Vanessa says the favorite to win the Jury competitions are Jmac and Becky, unless it’s questions in that case it will be Shelli.
Vanessa says tonight or tomorrow she wants to Jedi drill.
Vanessa – 100% this is s critical week we stay in power
Austin – it’s a critical week to maintain Meg and James in case it’s endurance comp.. if those girls come back they will be tough in endurance.
Vanessa asks why James is so good at endurance.
Austin says James was in the military he’s “Battle tested”
Austin – “was in baseball probably was a catcher can squat down”
Liz – he’s a friggin ninja

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-25 18-12-59-319_jpg

6:08pm HOH Steve joins Vanessa Austin and Liz
Steve says she doesn’t know what to say to the goblins when they ask him who he’s going to put up if he wins HOH.
Austin – the returning Jury
Steve – but who is the pawn
Vanessa – you can say I’m your backup target
Steve – are you OK with me saying that
Vanessa – as long as it’s not true
Steve suggest he could say Austin and Vanessa re his backups because they all thinks he’s at odds with them.
Vanessa – Meg would be a perfect pawn for you because you would have no blood yo8u’ve already pout her up

Austin says everyone is onboard with getting the returning jury member out
Vanessa – except for Jackie
Austin – that’s the cog in the wheel
Vanessa – I don’t see them putting Becky up

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-25 18-00-53-428_jpg

6:00pm Looking like Jmac needs to win the Jury competition to continue his BB run.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-25 18-52-16-194_jpg

6:32pm Jmac and Vanessa
Vanessa asks him if he’s talked to James
jmac – I’m going to wait until later.
Vanessa recommends he does it in public
Jmac – I can get Meg and James easier than the twins.
Jmac says last week the twins were telling Becky they didn’t know whaT THEY were doing but they told him what they were doing, “When they twins tell you they don’t know what they’re doing they’re voting your out”

Vanessa – I feel like they are really torn.
Jmac – really
Vanessa – will you be willing to throw the next HOH
Jmac- ummm hmmm
Jmac about the twins “At the end of the day they love Steve more than me”

Vanessa says on a personal level the twins like Steve more but on a game level they are very scared of Steve because he’s so strong in the mental competitions.

Vanessa says she never thought once that Jmac had a issue with her.
Vanessa – my read is you have a shot
Jmac – if I go the meg/james way I have more freedom
Jmac says it was Meg and James that were pushing for Shelli to go”I’ve seen them save their a$$ before”
Vanessa wonders why the goblins were pushing to backdooring Vanessa and in the end they voted out Shelli
(They’re goblins)

Vanessa says it’s easier for her to vote for him if it’s austin and the twins on board.
Jamc says if he goes to the twins he’ll have to make a deal to target the goblins if he goes to the goblins he has to make a deal won’t go after Austin and the twins. He wasn’t to go to the goblins.

Vanessa- it’s not that I hate Steve, what he did to my face.. I cried to him last week and I asked him if he knew anything and he said no all while he’s making an alliance against me took me under his wing as his friend.
Vanessa- he’s so two faced too me
(Keep in mind this is EXACTLY what Vanessa does to everyone)

Steve says he was fully on board with the 5 person alliance to get Vanessa out if it kept him safe.
Vanessa says she’s OK with Becky and her not agreeing on ‘Words”
Vanessa – “I like deal she doesn’t like deals.. that’s OK.. ”
Vanessa says there’s 3 tools in Big brother, Deals, Competitions and integrity
Vanessa – Becky doesn’t like Deals she should have just told me she didn’t like those words I would have stopped using them. (LOL )
Vanessa tells him it’s easier for her if he tries to work something out with the twins.
Jmac warns the twins did go after her making that 5 person deal
vanessa – they didn’t once I had a chance to talk to them.

Vanessa tells him he needs to address the fact he’s close to everyone in the jury
Jmac – Steve’s close to teh Jury to
Vanessa a- not like you
Jmac – he’s close to Becky, not Jackie, He’s close to Shelli
Jmac says Vanessa has a chance to salvage things with Becky, “She pissed at James and Meg for turning on her so quicK”
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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-25 18-48-51-997_jpg

6:47pm Liz and the goblins
Meg is saying Jackie is probably going after Vanessa.
Liz thinks she’s going to go after Steve.
Liz is pushing that Jmac will team up with whoever comes back from the jury.
Meg feels that both Steve and Jmac will.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-25 19-09-45-375_jpg

7:08pm Bathroom Vanessa and twins
Comparing notes, Vanessa telling them about her parts of her Jmac conversation. Liz telling about parts of her conversation with the goblins.
Steve comes in and Liz leaves.
Vanessa tells him everything she’s told him is real “We’re good”
Steve – I got three votes
Vanessa says she told Jmac that the twins haven’t made up their mind.

Steve says he caught Jmac in a lie today “You were in the DR when you were upstairs”
Vanessa – he thought I was in the DR
Steve – oh, so he actually thought you were in the DR
Vanessa – he didn’t lie

Steve tells them the season has been using the backdoor definition wrong a backdoor means the person never competed in the POV competition.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-25 19-29-09-870_jpg

7:26pm Backyard Pool chit chat etc…


Big-Brother-17 2015-08-25 19-35-42-292_jpg

7:30pm – 7:50pm Twins in the HOH
Comparing notes. Liz is filling JUJU in on the conversation with Steve and Vanessa earlier today.
They are agreeing Steve likes them “way better” than who is in the Jury house.
Liz mention show Jmac never talked to them and now he’s thinking he can move in and play the game with them.
Liz wants JUJU to be mean to Jamc in case he comes back
JUJU – I’m not fake.
Liz says JUJU has a good chance to win the game because the house will take a shot at Liz and Austin first. “No one is threaten by you”
Julia mentions talking to Jeff in the storage room and right after he ran up to the HOH and told everyone what she said.
Julia- that is why I’m so mad at you for voting for him”
Liz says Jeff had the hots for her and she had the hots for him.. (WTF)

The twins cannot understand why jmac dislikes them so much they are very pissed at jmac.
Liz – news flash Johnnymac you are the low man on the totem poll with everyone
Julia- it’s so sad a 28 year old man is screaming over a girl
Julia – you’re so fake dude

Liz – what do we do when Jmac campaigns with us
Julia – we act like we don’t know what to do
The twins cannot understand jmac doesn’t do much in the house yet they can hear him screaming in the Diary room all the time.
Julia says she’s calling himn out over that.
Liz wants her that Jmac is a jury vote and he might come back in the game.

Austin joins them says he’s going to take a shower.
Austin – why are you so sad liz
Julia – She’s telling me everything because i’m always the last to hear

Austin starts giving them some advice to talk to Jmac “say I want to clear the air from yesterday.. that’s a perfectly fine conversation to have after a fight.. that’s not being fishy that’s being nice”
Austin – he could come back
Julia offers to come with Liz
Austin says for them to pull Jmac aside right now and talk to him.
Liz – I’m not going to do it when Steve’s there
Austin – we told Steve we were going to
Liz – Austin shut up I’m going to do what I want
The twins get up to leave the HOH

Liz – Go Shower Stinky
They leave as the door closes
Austin – you guys don’t know this game as well I do
you can hear them laughing
Austin – FU**

7:54pm Goblins playing pool alone
James tells her Becky, Jackie and Shelli have all come together and are like Vanessa and Austin they are running the house.
James adds that it’s obvious Vanessa is trying to get in good with whoever stays this week Steve or jmac. He’s feeling good that the person coming back will go after Austin and Vanessa.


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Roll Tide

Liz, Julia and Vanessa are mean girls.
Austin and the twins are gullible. Austin is like putty in Vanessa’s hands.
I feel sorry for Mel, Vanessa has to be very hard to live with, she sure wants her way.



BB Shuts Down Assaults on Meg

Poor James & Austin can’t give Meg anymore injuries, no more welts, no more bruises, no more broken knees, no more crutches. Vanessa wanted to play Prosecutor in BB Court and throw them in jail again for assault and I guess real lawyers doctors insurance company stepped in before they get sued or she’s killed. Her headaches from the OTEV concussion is scary too. James has a creepy way of flirting, why does he get off causing her injury & pain? Pissed she’s not camping with him?


That’s pretty absurd. To assume one’s home life/partner is miserable because of their gameplay in the BB house is ridiculous.


Can the Twins, Austin and Vanessa be any more juvenile or more like Aaryn and her cronies? The only difference is they aren’t saying these things in front of the people they are talking about. Enough already, grow the F up! Like someone said on another post, they need to get some older, more mature players. I haven’t been in High School in years and even then they didn’t act like this. O.k., feeling better now, carry on…


WHAT DA HILL??!??!?!??

I survived last seasons BB

For the sanity of ALL the good people who post here,for Simon and Dawg..and for ANYONE who loves the game,,PLEASE PLEASE let this be the week that GrossTin or either of the Dueling Twin Morons gets zapped


The two fakest people on the show, Liz and Julia hate someone new each day. Children. But, I see why they were cast.
I’m not sad Jmac will be going, or happy if he comes back. SOMEone needs to take a shot at the controlling alliance.

Guy From Canada

Becky did, and failed. James did and succeed with a weak target. Id say James and Meg are to blame for Vanessa staying, so if they lose to Vanessa, well played.


Venessa is working pretty hard to keep Johnny Mac I will be super impressed if she can pull this off! She does a lot of things that irritate me but if she can pull this off after everyone already knows her game it’ll be impressive

Better Than Last Year

Whew! Julia is really getting on my nerves!

She has done absolutely nothing in this game. Really dislike the way she denegrates JMac & the goblins.

She make Meg look like a mensa candidate!


Is it just me or does everyone love how Austin and Liz interact in the game… I just loved the comment Liz made to Austin about talking to Jmac and she said “Go Shower Stinky”

Have to love it…


I love it after I barf and stick a needle in my eye


It’s just you.

It's Just You!

Liz is mean spirited and clearly sexing Austin for power and protection. Her insults to Austin, Production, everyone, are cutting, involve violence & are not cute, funny or attractive. CBS found them on Bad Girls Club for a reason. They think these bullying sessions are entertaining. She says Austin doesn’t stink, then says he does and she can’t stand his kisses and his tongue to humiliate him on national tv. Low. Toying with him. Not that I mind, he’s an egotistical jerk. But THOT is anything but cute, in fact ugly on the inside. Very few people left to root for. Wouldn’t want to have a beer with any of them. Maybe Becky & JMac.

is it just me

i’d have a few beers with james he seems like a fun drunk
i don’t think i’d be able to stand becky especially if drinking
i’d have a few with vanessa too at least there is a chance she might share some of those good pills

is it just me

that austin, he’s no diego


Who cares… Pick one.

Normal Guy

I cant wait to see Austin get booed when he gets evicted.


Hes a wrestler boos wont bother him. Wrestlers just want the loudest reaction possible. Complete Silence would be the best


Only time I know of that Julia overheard him was after a comp and she said he was yelling “I really wanted to win that one.” He later told Steve he threw it but doesn’t want anyone to know he threw it. My guess he wanted to be heard to be believed as inept and weak.


Oops. This was supposed to be in reply to JHC below regarding the question why is Jmac screaming in the DR.

He's No Entertainer

Would love to see Austin evicted on DE where the studio empty, taped, not live tv, no interview with Julie, no good bye messages, & Liz hooking up with Production or Vanessa stuck in Jury House with everyone who loathes him forced to wear a shirt, owing Vanessa money for losing bet.


Is Juila in love with John she is always talking about him and how she doesn’t like him
This is like when Zac hated Vic when all knew he liked her


She’s probably butt hurt that he’s not showing an interest in her.


What is this talk about JMac screaming in the Diary Room?
Do we know what he is screaming about?


His pants were too tight…..


It’s how he talks…


They’re just jealous of his DR time


i’m pretty sure that’s just his diary room sessions that we’ve mostly come to like b/c you never know what he’s going to say/scream

who cares at this point, why do they care? they pick on the most ridiculous things.


You mean to tell me you don’t hear his pie-hole screaming in the diary room while you’re watching him on TV? Whenever he’s in there, he doesn’t talk, he screams!! It’s annoying!!

Chill this Town

its freaking lazy, Zach Rance yelled too….it was great. SOUND PROOF THE FREAKING ROOM…sigh. If the entire house knew chill town was doing DR sessions together mocking everyone, we never would have had riiiiing, riiiiiing….

they have become so lazy(production), twists are non existant except first couple weeks to protect a couple cast members. I am disappointed that they can’t just throw in random twists here and there, keep them off guard.

its like Big Brother is just going through the motions. we NEED All Stars.


I agree with a much earlier poster that BB has gone to pot. I’d love to see lots of changes before next year. First replacing AG with someone who cares & has some imagination. I would like to see them change the veto so that the holder chooses the one to go on the block if it is used. Make it so they have no idea what challenges they will be doing. It’s too predictable now. No recruiting contestants.Finally, get some older contestants & not just a token few, maybe 25%.
What changes would you make?

Guy From Canada

They had the “safe” twist last year in BBCAN3, and I personally didn’t like it. Maybe I would have prefered it if it was earned in a veto competition, or released like the secret veto in BBCAN2, or like the second veto in BBUS14……… But they really had potential with the twists this year, and they fell flat 🙁


I’d also like to see a more balanced cast, you have 17 people this season. And We had the usual 1 Asian, 1 Black, the typical 2 gay people and one transgenderand, but there wa a total of 15 white contestants. Come on, mix up the melting pot, how would you think the houseguests Wolfel if it would have been 15 Asians, or 15 Blacks, stop with the obvious. It is time to is it up and hav multi-cultured people.

Smart Guy

The demographics of the cast is representative of the US population. One asian, one gay person, one hispanic, and two black people are in line with the US population. This year there were two gays and one who referred to themselves as gay, even though they claim to be the opposite gender they were born as. Last year there were 3 black people. No one ever cries when certain demographics are over represented unless it’s white people.

Smart Guy

I said 1 Hispanic in my previous comment, but I meant to say two hispanics, which Big Brother never has…but no one seems to cry about it.


Personally, I think they should use recruits, instead of the ‘super fans’, the reason being, the recruits really don’t have a clue as to what is going on and they in turn would give us fresh/new original game play, as oppose to the super fans who emulate Dr. Will, Dan, Ian or EvelDick (remember Zach from last year? Oy Vey!), if you wanna talk overkill, the super fans sure know how to do that.
You are right though, BB has become to predictable…Steve, Austin & James knew what competitions were coming up (& knew what they were gonna win) HaHa…they even said when Zingbot was suppose to arrive…if that happens, then you know production is probably too tired to come up with ideas.

Chill this Town

I am relying on production. I don’t care if it makes me a huge J-MAC fan club hypocrite.


Becky or Jackie win, and maybe we can get rid of the twins and Austin. to think they could get to the final 3 is just really hard to deal with. James, Steve, MAC, Vanessa…I am good with any of them winning. AusTwins and Meg? no. absolutely not.


Why oh why did I want to see the twins together. Liz /Julia are something else. I’m disgusted and discouraged. I wish they would just go away. Who’s next for Liz, James? Well..my, my my.


I think Austin and Vanessa are the best game players by far. Those two right now deserve to be final 2.

Only other person that even deserves to be final 2 is if Shelli comes back. Shelli could team up with Vanessa and get to final 2.


I fuck1ng hate the twins and Austin so much!!! You guys thought Clelli was annoying?

Amy N

Lol, James says he likes Cindy Lauper and one of the girls says…oh I think I’ve heard of her, my mom listens to her…..*facepalm* I feel old now…

Min O'Pause

I remember the Beatles on Ed Sullivan but I was only 5 yrs old at the time.

Ian's Beer

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…I may be older than you, Min!!!

Min O'Pause

SSSSHHHHHH…….don’t say it to loudly or at the end of the day we’ll be committed to a home… and I vaguely remember the Mersey Beats and of course I remember Herman’s Hermits!

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Do you remember the “Mercy Beats”, they made a few albums of Beatles songs and were contemporaries with them. I don’t know how they did that w/o paying royalties or getting busted for stealing intellectual property.


on another update they are wondering who will be the most hated: vanessa’s name didn’t come up.

I think they will be kinda surprised about who they think is the heroes and villains.

vanessa seems to be the only one smart enough to figure out that she needs to stay on the good side of jmac and steve, whoever gets evicted has a comeback chance, and if they are most likely to succeed, she needs to know she’s already established strong bonds with them.

the others just might stab themselves in their own feet because they just assume that either of the 3 in jury have a better shot at the comeback comp than thursdays evictee. that just might not be the case, they aren’t used to the comps, whereas the most recent evictee just finished playing in two different ones (not to mention potball)


If Jmc and Van pull this scheme off, it would be amazing. My understanding of it is Jmac will try to get James and Meg interested in keeping him to get Autwits on the block so they won’t have to do it. “IF” James and Meg show interest and don’t tell Austwins about the proposal, Austwins will keep Jmac to go after James and Meg for them.
jMacs target would really be Austwins which would be hysterical cause the twins would split from Austin citing how they wanted to keep Steve. Then one would have to seduce Jmac to stay and the ot


Thursday where are you? You can’t come fast enough. Speculations drive me nuts.

diary room

Can’t CBS get a SOUND PROOF DIARY ROOM??????? Isn’t that why they call it a Diary ROOM… The HOUSE GUESTS shouldn’t be able to hear what or how loud someone talks in there@!!! Is it that expensive??? Ridiculous!!!


Blame Jmac. He’s just extra loud.


IKR!?!? It’s not even cute…


The DR is staged. Producers want a certain performance from each person. John is being cast as the weird talking screamer so they as him the same question until he screams his answer.


Wtf is wrong with Austin’s feet in that picture above? Is it a wart? Or is he that filthy?
Blech, gross pig .


Why did I go back to look at that picture. Last thing to see before going to sleep, I’ll probably have nightmares now. Yuk.

Ian's Beer

Every time the tweaked out witch of Vegas is degrading someone or crying her eyes out, she puts on that fugly green, alien thing on her head 🙁


James is a little pervert whom treats woman like shit. He goes after poor meg with those damned candies like he has a hatred for woman. Why throw them so hard that they cause welts and potential black eyes. He must really get annoying with all the childish pranks he likes to pull. He’s like a child on steroids. How come he’s always drunk at home. Drunk sex… Sloppy. Boy he’s a real catch.


Meanwhile…back at the Ranch…

Smart Guy

Don’t say anything bad, I mean truthful about James. 25% of the people on this site have voted him as their 2nd favorite house guest. You don’t want to get all of the self-righteous phonies ruffled, do you? They’ll start blaming Vanessa for making them vote him as their 2nd favorite, but we all know that’s BS just like the rest of the scapegoat nonsense.


JMAC trade with his twin again?


I noticed this as well! He sure seems to look really different lately, especially the color of his hair. WEIRD

jmacs TWIN

He DOESN”T have one..


Yeah Johnnys hair looks lighter sometmes and his chin strap looks thicker then the next day sometimes it will be thinner. Also..his personality changes a lot.

I just can’t imagine they would bring a twin in game this late. That would be such a unfair advantage to have this late in game.

Or would they at the finale be like oh by the way Johnny was playing with a twin all summer.

Neither one seems plausible. But who knows.


I am a former wrestler and I want to chokeslam that SOB Austin through a table.

Smart Guy

“… all while he’s making an alliance against me took me under his wing as his friend. (Keep in mind this is EXACTLY what Vanessa does to everyone)”

No, she never did that to everyone. Vanessa never befriended Jase, Davonne, Jason, Jackie, Jeff, or Becky, and then tried to build an alliance to get them evicted. As far as Audrey, Shelli, and Clay go, Audrey was saved by Vanessa because she was in her alliance, and when Shelli and Clay were up for eviction together, you can only save one, so she campaigned for Shelli even though she and Clay both pinned Jason’s eviction solely on her.

Austin brokering a deal with the other side of the house and putting a target on himself, the twins, and Vanessa as HOH, after Vanessa and Shelli spent so much time trying the keep the twins safe, is more than enough reason for her to want to backdoor him. He was blowing up sixth sense to make sure he had ass waiting in the jury house.

As for what she’s doing now with JMac and Steve, she was never JMac’s friend before he tried to get her backdoored, and she’s only returning the favor to Steve. The things she’s done with her allies were in reaction to what they did to her, and she was never aligned with or even friends with any of the others.

I’m not sure what feeds everyone else is watching, but this is what the ones I’ve been watching have shown me.


Austin needs to STFU about solider and war and how Jmac played the pansy game… Really? Austin is the twins’ bitch and is so afraid of a girl (VAN) he refuses to put her up. I cannot wait until he leaves and the fact he refuses to ever make a big move proves he will not win this game and everyone watching including the wrestling folk know he is the biggest wuss ever. Judas? no, Sir No Balls….more fitting name