Power Of Veto Winner Results! “You coming in here trying to be the man!” Enzo “That’s it! I’m done!”

The house guests are in the kitchen when the live feeds return. Enzo had the veto around his neck. DaVonne – you coming in here trying to be the man! Enzo – That’s it! I’m done!

In the bedroom. Daniele comments to Cody how he did really bad. Cody – shut up. I couldn’t figure it out to save my life! Thank god I wasn’t on the block! Daniele – I can’t believe Enzo got it. Cody – he is the only one that got it and rang in. Cody – Oh my god I was f**king dying! Daniele – Ian almost got it too. Cody – he said he talked to Kevin and he asked him if he would use it and he said maybe .. I’ll talk to everyone and see what they want.

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Cody “You should figure out what we’re going to call ourselves.” Enzo “The Roots!” Cody “I like that!”

12pm Havenot room. Keesha and NicoleA.
Keesha – As we start adjusting we get more into ourselves .. we get more comfortable.. and that is when you’ll see more of our personalities come out. And that is the thing ..man I wouldn’t want to leave now. Just now starting to get to know everyone.. which is nice. Its a nice group. It takes me a few days to warm up.. then you’ll see my personality start to come on more. I am just more of an observer first. I sit back and watch. At some point we’re going to be playing this game. (lol umm.. its already started!) I don’t know what everyone is thinking. I think everyone is just waiting for today.

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“He [Memphis] has to play he has to win and he has to use it on her [Keesha] otherwise one of them is going home”

1:02 am Kaysar and Janelle
Kaysar – they’re not going to expect anything from NicoleA or Ian. No one ever expects anything out of them
K – I need to get Memphis alone tomorrow to convince him of what is really going on here.
Janelle says Memphis won’t want to use the veto
Kaysar – he just wants to float and hang out? how did he play his game last time
Janelle – Uhh .. I think he worked with Dan and Keesha for awhile
K – so he doesn’t take risks
J – I guess I don’t know I don’t remember
Kaysar says there’ a girls alliance forming
Janelle doesn’t think there is anything like that happening
K – Bayleigh told me

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