Jackson “I’m thinking Christie & Jess.” Cliff “But who is your target?” Jackson “Jess”

8:10pm Bedroom. Cliff, Tommy and Christie.
Cliff – coming in here the idea of doing the slip & slide and the wall competition is not something that I would be good at but still fun to do. Tommy and Christie agree. Christie – it was really cool and I feel lucky that we got to do it. And I feel so lucky that I’m still here. Cliff – Final seven! Christie – I know, so nuts that we’re still here. Can you even believe it? Can you f**king believe it. Cliff – nine people are gone and someone could come back. For all we know Jack or Nick could come through this door but at least for now we are final seven! Christie – I really don’t think there will be a battle back. I really didn’t want to break Nick’s heart but I really don’t think there will be one.

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