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Jess is bitching about Nick. Jess – so right now knowing that Jackson cannot play in the next HOH .. I think that he is the only person right now that I trust enough that is both.. physical competitors .. because I am not that person. Holly – yeah but everyone needs the other parts of the puzzle… of the aspects of the game. And its good to have physical competitors that don’t have you on their radar. Jess – and Nick’s been throwing every competition… and I know he has. Holly – I know. Jess – you can see it. Holly – because he’s felt so damn safe. Jess – he over compensates whenever he loses or wants to make a spect.. or when he doesn’t want it…whenever something happens he makes it big.. look at me! I’m doing this!! And that’s what he does! You know what I mean!? Holly – MMMMmmhhhh..

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“I’ll be honest if you stay I would never not want to work with you. I do love you” – Nick to Christie

6:22 pm Christie campaigning to Nick
Christie says last night wasn’t about tarnishing his character is was about forcing him to win HOH and show his cards.

Christie says it’s “frustrating to watch you protect a handful of people but never have to nominate people”
Nick says he really hasn’t been throwing HOH’s

Nick – I don’t have anything against you gamewise or personal wise I just felt like you were coming after me.
Nick – the only game conversations I have are with Tommy, Sis and Nicole.
Nick – I’m not working with Michie and Holly

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“If I’m getting guarantees you’re working with me and not against me… That changes everything with me”

3:48 pm Christie campaigning to Jackson
Christie says she has no one. Tells him that his HOH he made the “Sickest move”
Jackson – I’ll be honest with you if I’m getting guarantees you’re working with me and not against me
Christie – I’m telling you I’m willing to take 5th and deal with it
Jackson – I’m telling you now that changes everything with me
Jackson – I’ve been waiting for this christie for 8 f*ing weeks
Christie – I want to make a deal
Jackson – well you’re barking up the right tree
Holly comes in

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