Jackson “The white whale is harpooned! Justice is being served!”

4pm HOH room. Jackson and Holly celebrate the win. Holly looks at Jacksons HOH key and veto around his neck – wow so much new bling! Killing it! For a guy that doesn’t win comps or vetos. Jackson – yeah we don’t win HOH’s or Veto’s right?! The white whale is harpooned .. we gonna do this thang! We gonna do this thang! Holly – the game is about to take a big turn! Jackson – Yes it is! Holly – Sis was saying something about it being personal. Jackson – its not. I could careless about her being on the block. I just want to guarantee Christie goes. Holly – she is a lot more sour than Christie is. I hugged Christie after the comp. She was fine.

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“I’m going, to be honest, I’m not talking to a soul today. Nothing is real in here, nothing.”

9:47 am Nick, Christie, and Sis
Nick – why are you questioning me…
Christie – it seems really strange that she’s on the block. it’s not strange I’m on the block it’s strange she’s on the block..
Sis – I’m not mad at you I’m on the block for my own reasons
Christie – it’s strange you are not on the block
Christie says Holly said Nick threw the HOH.
Christie – you were the one that came up with the deal .. (the 6 person last week)
Christie – everyone is whispering when there are deals made (sucks you’re not part of them )

Nick says all he did was went up there (HOH) and they told him he’s good.
Christie reminds him that Holly “was trashing him” last week
Nick says he’s getting upset. “I’ve been nothing but transparent”

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