Christie “I want a deal until after the double that me, Tommy, and Sis are not going up.”

8:13pm – 8:25pm Nick, Sis and Christie. Nick – we’re good with getting rid of Kat. Christie – how do you know? Nick – Nicole already told me she wants to keep Cliff. Christie – I want a deal (from Cliff) .. you (Nick) are already good .. I want a deal until after the double that me, Tommy, and Sis are not going up. Nick – why don’t we just stay till 6? Sis – I will do that if he f**king tells me. Christie – he doesn’t break his word. Sis – I know but I don’t want to offer it to him .. I want him to offer it to me. So that I know its coming from HIM! Christie – I agree. I want it coming from HIM. One thing I like about Cliff which I don’t trust about Kat is that he will not break his word. Sis – that’s true. So if we’re already getting out Kat, I’m on board.

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Holly “She isn’t saying that she would vote for you?! F**K! That worries me!”

12:25pm Nick, Nicole and Tommy are in the backyard watching a bird that can’t figure out how to get out of the backyard. Tommy heads inside. Nicole to Nick – I spoke to her yesterday. Nick – about me? Nicole – yeah. Just picked her brain. Nick – what did she say? Nicole – she wouldn’t nom me. Nick – she said that .. next week if she won. Nicole nods. Nick – how do you know? Nicole – because that’s what she told me. Nick – who would she nom? Nicole – oh, I didn’t ask her who she would nom. I asked about you and then I said would you? Nick – what was she saying about me? Nicole – she was just asking my thoughts on everybody and regarding how last week went she was asking how I felt about you in regards to trust.

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Big Brother Spoilers – “Bwak Bwak Bwaaak .. Bwak Bwak Bwaaak.. How did the Eggs turn out”

10:19 am Christie, Jess, Sis, Cliff

Christie – She’s not allowed to speak English
Christie – she had to do one round of sunny side, one round of Hardboiled and one round of Scramble
Christie – this is her fourth round

Jess – why don’t I have 4 plates
Christie – she doesn’t have to deliver them every time. We got sunnyside
Christie explains she can pick and choose who gets what eggs
Jess – ohh so you don’t have to wake everyone up

Christie said she never ate the Sunny Side but they looked good.

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