Power Of Veto Competition Results! “I didn’t want to hurt you. I just feel so bad. I feel like a monster!”

Tommy – I love you guys so much! Everyone did amazing! Tommy heads upstairs to shower. They’re all covered in goo. Cliff tells Kat she did amazing. Kat starts crying and telling Cliff that she’s sorry. Cliff – you don’t have to apologize its a game. Kat – I didn’t want to hurt you. I just feel so bad. I’m so sorry. I feel so bad. I feel like a monster! I just want to be let in… (to the DR). Nicole – no one feels like that. Holly – you’re literally fighting for your life in this game. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Kat – I feel so bad, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Cliff – I love you because of who you are. Nothing changes that. Its nothing that you shouldn’t do. Kat – that’s not the way I compete. Cliff – there was one slot left for the both of us.

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“I actually have to win now. I’m not going to let an opportunity with her on the block and us not having to put her up slip by “

9:46 am Cliff, Jackson, and Holly
Jackson – I got you big HOGG I’ll do everything I have in me
They are agreeing Christie picking Nick to play in the veto means he’s got something worked out with her. otherwise, Christie would have picked SIS
Cliff leaves.

Jack – I actually have to win now. I’ll win and keep them the same. I can’t risk you getting put up.
Jackson – If she picked Nick, Nick is working with them and we aren’t
Jack says if Nick wins it he’s using it on Christie

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“I’m so depressed, I feel like America hates me, I don’t know how I look, My personality is really strong”

12:03 am Nick, Sis, Christie, and Tommy.
Christie – IF I win the veto blow it up I don’t give a sh1t
Tommy – I’ll say this only in this room, I think Kat is more dangerous than Cliff
Tommy – Number 1 he’s a guy I don’t want a guy going out this week
Tommy – number 2 I respect him and his game so much (don’t you love it?)
Tommy – If Cliff is on the block at the end of the week I can say to Cliff I have people that will vote the way I want them to vote. I heard you want me as your number one target
Tommy adds if Cliff offers him 2 weeks of safety he’ll tell Cliff he’ll get him the votes to stay. Nick and Tommy both saying they want Cliff in the house “I value his word moving forward”
Tommy – THe goal is to get you off the block this week, Make the deal with Cliff and Get Kat out. I want to get out of this week with no blood on my hands.

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