Mission Control! Tommy – “I’m traveling at the speed of light!”

7:46pm HOH Room. Kat, Jess, Holly and Jackson.
Jackson – is there anything that I can help clear up? I haven’t lied to you. Jess – are you sure Michie that you’ve never lied to me? Jackson – I’ve never lied to you. Jess – you’ve said to me that you’ve never thrown anything out .. you’ve never thrown cookie dough out.. Jackson – I haven’t. Jess – so then Christie is saying that you told a group of five that’s what you did. Jackson – here’s what I said so what I would do is go in there an eat all the cookie dough and then I would come out and hand people the cookie dough. I remember I handed you a piece. Kat – yeah. Jackson – I ate most of it.

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Power Of Veto Results! “Jess exposed herself as a competition beast!”

Tommy to Sis – This is the best case scenario! Sis – literally .. like what more could you ask for? Tommy – I didn’t have to be in a position where I had to choose. Jack will not be going home. We get to be punished for what we did. It is literally perfect! Sis – I know! Tommy – we made it up to Kat by giving her that f**King thing (Hawaii vacation). Literally perfect! Sis – I was sh*tting bricks! And I was feeling bad for Nick ..I didn’t know what he would have.. Tommy – he would have had to take the veto if she hadn’t because he was a possibility to go up. Sis – this is best case scenario! Tommy – Also Nick has been struggling in the house so now he gets 5 grand.

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“I’m shunned… Exiled” “Welcome to the group that’s how everybody felt with you guys, Sorry”

10:29 am Nicole, Jess and Holly
Jess brings up Michie and how he seemed in better sprites today
Holly going on about Jackson’s nightmares “It scared me. he ruined 3 shirts completely soaking wet”
Holly – He said If he wins he’s keeping it the same.
Holly – I’m glad he didn’t get houseguests choice because he didn’t know who to pick and he didn’t’ want to put me in that position

Holly says Tommy will take Jack off. Nick and Kat will keep it the same.
Jess will keep it the same.
Holly says she can ask Tommy not to use the veto but he still will.
Holly – they will use Christie’s power
Jess – Christie will tell me if not then she’ll be a really big target. She told me she would not.

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