Jackson “I don’t give a f**k what happens after he’s gone. Let it rain fire once he walks out the door.”

8pm HOH room. Kat, Jackson and Holly. Kat – honestly I am trying to walk on eggshells around Christie because she flips so much. I am just afraid that she might flip based on whatever is heard. Holly – No, it doesn’t matter because she is gungho wants Sam out because he has the key to her closet full of skeletons. Kat – obviously she is screwed no matter what because he is going to give some kind of hail mary speech. Holly – He’s not. He wants to go out with class. He is going to only tell a couple people the secrets that he’s holding and leave it at that. Kat – Wow, should I do a hail mary speech? Jackson – NO! Holly – no, you’re not going anywhere.

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“If I told this to Jack and Jack is onboard would you and Nick be willing to work with Holly and myself and Cliff”

1:49 pm sam and Jackson
Sam has been doing the rounds campaigning to everyone.
Sam tells Jackson that he likes him. Jackson says he likes Sam
Sam – I do like your game .. you have a very good social game and a good social game without even talking much
Sam – I can’t offer you much you’re really good now .. but in the future numbers get tight

Jackson says the easy eviction is now done, “you’re not an easy eviction, Kat’s not an easy eviction. This is not an easy week this is now Big Brother this is now getting hard”
Jackson – personally I would rather have you here. This wasn’t my deal to have you up against Kat
Jackson – it’s two or three weeks earlier than I wish for you to be on the block
Sam – I never went after you guys or talked about, Cliff did I get that. I never broke trust

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Cliff “Michie had a melt down because there were two open containers of peanut butter. I’m going to put two more in there.”

9:05pm Backyard. Sam and Nicole playing pool. Sam – I said in there that I was going to give a savage speech but now I don’t think I will. Meanwhile, Christie and Sis devise a plan to play a prank on Jackson. Telling him that someone told Cliff that Michie stole Orwell the Owl which ended up costing Cliff 15K. Jackson – why am I?! NO! This is a prank! Christie – no its not. Jackson – it is. Sis – just go talk to him.. I don’t know. Jackson points at Christie laughing and says you’re cracking. Holly – its a prank. Its for sure a prank. Jackson – good job! This isn’t real! Y’alls poker faces are cracking.

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