Nick “I am blowing up her game to Michie when I leave. I am not going to let her win.”

8pm Kitchen – Nick and Nicole. Nicole – I am going to konk out at 10 today. Nick – do you think I was bad for Bella’s game too? Nicole shakes her head no. I don’t think so. Nick – really? I feel guilty for everything that she does. I feel like she took a lot of the blame for what I did. Nicole – maybe but. Nick – to be honest I feel guilty. Nicole – you can’t feel guilty. You can’t have any regrets. Nick – Like I don’t buy that Christie was going to use it. I don’t regret doing that. Like the whole Kemi thing .. I was given information and I pursed it and she was brought into it.

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If Jack is voted out “Christie’s trusts is broken. we lose the ability to bring her over here. we now make enemies with that WHOLE side”

2:30 pm Cliff, Nicole and Kat
Talking about Bella not getting the votes they should all vote the same way to not rock the boat. They discuss what would happen if the vote comes to a tie and they keep Bella
Cliff – you would be forced to work with Bella for another couple weeks. WE would need all of them to try and get them out after that point you would boot Bella and the three of us Plus Sam and Jess would be a group of five and take it from there
Cliff – if you three don’t want to go that way and join the other group right now and stay in their good graces assume Bella is this week and Nick is next week

Cliff – After that who knows .. what if y’all win the HOH
Kat – this is the first time I would feel comfortable winning the HOH I would put Nick and Sam up (of course)
Nicole wonders how close the 6 are.

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“If I could do anything in the world.. I really want to be an Instagram influencer. and like get money “

12:04 pm Sis and Christie
Sis – I just want to hang out
Christie feels low energy today the slop is catching up to her.
Christie complains that Jackson slams the Have nots door “he doesn’t care if he wakes anybody”

Sis – thank goodness this next one is endurance and you’re good at that
Christie thinks she means put Jackson up
Sis – you’re good at endurance you won’t drop early so you don’t have to go back on it
Christie says she doesn’t want to win head of household “I already nominated two people and both stayed”

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