Nick “I will f**king bury her [Christie] next week if she uses it!”

2:25pm HOH room. Nick and Cliff. Nick – are they campaigning to you? Cliff – oh yeah full court press. Nick – what are they saying? Cliff – that I was never their target. It was purely just to protect Nicole. Nick – that’s bullsh*t. Cliff – your name hasn’t come up. Nick – its Bella’s. Cliff – its all Bella. Everyone wants Bella out. Nick – Tommy, Christie? Cliff – everyone. Nick – I think she is going to go up if she uses the power. Cliff – she is going to use the power. Nick – she said she is? Cliff – she said that she is very strongly considering it. Nick – I will f**king bury her next week if she uses it! If they keep jacking this game we’re going to lose.

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Jack “I don’t want you to go home. Moving forward & your safety is absolute to me for weeks to come.”

12pm Backyard. Nicole and Cliff. Nicole – isn’t it weird the last time were out here we we’re like only 2 of the five of us are going to be left. Cliff – and it didn’t go the way I expected but it worked out. We need to talk later and see because I don’t want to make any decisions with out consulting what works for both of us. Nicole – okay, I appreciate that. Cliff – we can’t do this alone and there are different ways to consider. Nicole – I’ve been going through all the different scenarios in my head. Cliff – I have too. No one likes Bella. Nicole – I know.. so toxic! Cliff – its a sinking ship. And it comes down to do I try to force down one vote using her and then flip back the other way or do I just say screw it and go ahead and jump ship right now see if that buys us some faith.

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“I keep the power all 6 of us stay and all we have to do is not put him up for 2 weeks, I feel like it’s a win”

10:56 am Christie, Jack, Holly, Tommy

Christie – so basically .. I was just freaking out because Nicole came out to me. I thought for sure we would have 6 votes .. Including Nicole and kat .. Kat to seems to be on board.
Christie – I didn’t want to rely on Kat at that last final hour I know she’s close to Cliff and her and Jess have been saying all week that they are supporting Cliff

Christie – Nicole pulled me aside and basically said she feels like she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place because her heart and her morale and her soul and what she stands for is telling her to get out Bella but if she counts numbers is feels like she owes us the world in this game she’s indebted to us.

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