Jack “This game is going to be nuts once we make this move with Nick & Bella dude!”

8pm Camp Comeback room. Kat is laying with David. They talk about how theres nothing to do at times. David – it gets tough especially when there’s game talk happening and no one wants to talk to you. Kat – don’t people talk game with you? David – not really. Kat – if you get back, don’t tell anyone anything that I’ve told you because it would f**k me over. David – yeah, I’m not going to do you like that. I’ve got you. Kat – I don’t even want to put that out there that you won’t. You will. I just have a feeling you’ll be back.

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“God forbid. What if at the last second only me, Tommy and Jack wind up voting out Cliff and Cliff stays”

3:34 pm Sis and Christie
Christie – I don’t understand the point, God forbid. What if at the last second only me Tommy and Jack wind up voting out Cliff and CLiff stays
Christie is worried if Michie and Holly are flipping their votes leaving Christie, Tommy, Sis, and Jack to be the only people voting out Cliff.
Sis – no you’re crazy
Sis and Christie want to tell Kat.
Christie – I don’t want Michie to think he’s president and makes all the executive decisions
Christie says Jack and Jackson had a final 2, “they think they can run everything” . Adds she wants to call them all in and make it clear they have to make this a group decision.

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“I don’t think they will create waves.. I’m not even going to put that energy in the air. Should be 10 – 0”

Big Brother Spoilers

1:33 pm Cliff and Nick
Nick – there shouldn’t be any surprises
Nick – everyone I talked to said Nicole is going home there hasn’t been any blindsides yet
Nick – why would anyone want to cause a ripple
Cliff doesn’t want anyone to be tricky
Cliff – You need 5 then you can break it
Nick – I know Bella, Sam and Kat are definite and Tommy there’s four. Jess will vote out Nicol too

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