Sam “House Guests can lie about powers if they say that someone else has the power.”

Camp Comeback room. Ovi – If you vote me back in I can show you that I can compete in these competitions. I know my days in and stuff like that.. if you want to see a true underdog story.. I know I can get far in this game. I think I can get really far if I can mesh my way back into the game. I can go the distance. So that’s my argument as to why you should vote me back into this game honestly. I’m not going to talk about representation because I

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“I’m really coming in I really want to destroy the Legion of Doom”

Big Brother Spoilers
Head of Household Winner – Nick
Nominations – Jessica Nicole and Cliff
Vote Intentions – Nick wants Nicole, 6shooters want Cliff
Power of Veto Players are Nick, Jackson, Jessica (picked Christie), Cliff, Kat
Power of Veto winner – KAT

Power of Veto Ceremony results – Kat uses Veto on Jess. Nicole is the replacement.

3:30 pm David and Ovi

Ovi – thw way they (the other players) speak to us is different because they think they can treat us .. that’s dumb a person that’s playing it perfectly you know who it is
David – Sam
Ovi – he is treating us like nothing different
Ovi – we’re not asking people … just have conversations with us
They talk about how they wouldn’t treat anyone different if the rolls were reversed.
Ovi – we know what it’s like to be different and like to be pushed aside in actual real life

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“If I win HOH, I wouldn’t because [Sis] in my alliance but she’s the one I wouldn’t really want here”

Big Brother Spoilers

12:35 pm Holly and Kat
Holly – she (sis) tells Nick she would date him in the real world
Holly – she told Nick that umm.. that if she got to him first she would be dating him
Kat laughs
Holly – she tells Jackson that she wants to marry him after this in the real world. How have you not heard any of this
Kat – I don’t know
Holly – It makes me uncomfortable. please don’t tell her
Kat – I don’t sis’ energy she brings.
Kat – I feel like you guys flirt with her all the time I never hear her flirt back

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