Sam Wins the Power Of Veto! Anthony “What Kyra just did is irreversible.”

*** UPDATED ***
2:32am HOH room. Chelsea, Adam, Kyra, Sam.
Chelsea – Also Sam, its good to be able to say I had power and I used it. Its good for your game. Sam – yeah, I know. I know what is happening. I just feel obviously bad. Chelsea – I know. Sam heads to the bathroom. Adam – I hope she uses it. Chelsea – she will. Kyra – yes I know that was really stupid of me. Adrenaline was pumping and I shouldn’t have done that. I am sorry to you guys. As soon as it happened I was like you f**king idiot. Adam – yeah Anthony was questioning you up here. Kyra – I know. He was like why did you throw that?! I said no, Sam and I said we would yell out if we saw the ball.

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