“It doesn’t matter what we do every week the main plan is keeping the house divided “

**** Updated *****
Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel is leaving it’s going to be sad .. BRett’s got a speech planned that will surpass “own it” in awesomeness.
3:13pm JC and Tyler

JC – after TOmorrow it’s going to be crazy.. it’s so peaceful right now it’s going to go out or proportion
T – we have to win HOH it’ll be amazing
JC – I don’t know if I want to in HOH
T – you have to try
JC – ohh yeah .. I’m not going to throw it.. i don’t think anybody wants to get me out so if I win HOH I have to pick people from different sides so that will target me
Tyler tells him the rocks wants him out.

Tyler tells him Haleigh, Bayeligh and Rockstar are all working together sharing information

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“A lot of people have no clue what’s going on… the odds are in our favour”

**** updated **** 11:30am Rocks and Bayleigh
Bayleigh saying that “the holy spirit” was compelling her to read a passage in the bible. It’s really help her deal with the stress, “It’s really good”
Bayleigh – don’t worry about anything and pray for everything…his peace will gaurd your hearts and minds”
Rocks – I like that..
Bayleigh – I had a bible study with Rachel last nice which was nice..

Bay – she has no idea about anything that is going on
Bay – like she has no clue
Rocks laughs
Bay – she was like why would Tyler win this veto i’m so confused
Bay – she has no clue.. poor thing
Rocks – A lot of people have no clue what’s going on.. a lot of people (LOL)
Bay – we got to watch Scottie.. he’s sneaky
they agree Scottie is on everybody’s radar so those people can take him out
Rocks wants Fes to win HOH to take a shot at kaycee and Angela

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Brett “I promise you’re going to love my speech! She will freak the f**k out!”

12:48am Backyard. Fes and Brett. Fes – What are people saying when you say you’re a bigger target? Even though I don’t know why people view you as a target? You haven’t really done anything. Brett – trust me I know. That’s what doesn’t make sense. I don’t have any resources in the house. Keep me around as an asset not an enemy. Fes – its kind of stupid how this game works sometimes. Fes – what did Scottie say? Brett – I didn’t ask him where his vote was at. He just said I had some valid points. You just never know who is receptive or who is thinking you’re an idiot.

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