“This is not The Bachelor! This is not The Bachelorette! I’m not going to confess my feelings for you.”

8pm Scottie and Bayleigh in the HOH room. Bay – at this point there is no one in the house that Sam doesn’t like .. so I don’t know who she would put up. She put up Kailtyn and Haleigh because she felt they were bullying her. Scottie – of those three if Fes won which one do you think he would go for? Bay – I don’t think he would care. I think he would put up Angela and Kaycee and have Rachel as the replacement. Angela and Kaycee haven’t had to do anything yet.

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“we’ll be just fine.. I promise.. I got you Haleigh, Bayleigh I got You all.”

Big Brother Spoilers It’s been slow..
4:42pm Fes and Rockstar
Fes is talking about Haleigh and Brett on the hammock until 5am
Rockstar – do you think you guys are in the same life phase.. the right person at the wrong time is the wrong person
Fes – yeah I agree

Rockstar says Fes is in need of a baddie and settle down where haleigh is about partying..
Fes – I agree..
Rockstar stresses they need to still play the game together
Rockstar – have the sex and move forward no reason to be mad at each other

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“This is not what I came here for.. F* him and his attitude.. I’m not f*ing down with it

Big Brother Spoilers Rachel is going the HIVE is a mess

12:18pm Rocks, BAyeligh and Haleigh
Haleigh starts venting about Fes..
Bay – I need y’all to have a working relationship
Bay – we have to look at Fes point of view, you spend hours on the hammock with Tyler but you don’t spend hours with Fes,… that is humiliating to him
Haleigh – I TRIED

Rocks and haleigh are defending Fes for being pissed about her talking on a hammock all night with Brett.
Haleigh – what .. I’m not allowed to talk to people now..

Haleigh – that’s not what pissed him offf
bayelgih – it’s adding up
Haleigh – I don’t want to deal with it.. this is not what I came here for..

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