Scottie “I’m going to try & make it so they have to campaign against each other.”

7:25pm Lounge room. Angela, Kaycee and Brett. Brett – the way I would handle it is I would put Rockstar up because I don’t give a f**k if she battles in the veto. Then I would put a pawn. If I got the opportunity to backdoor Fes, I would backdoor him and have him out. Because I don’t give a f**k if she lives here and she knows I don’t want her here. But if it doesn’t work, then she goes home. That is exactly how I would play it. All I’ve done is play a loyal game. Winston joins them. Brett – We’re all throwing in the basket like there’s nothing we can do.. Its good f**king game if he took one of us off and put up Kaitlyn.

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Power Of Veto Results! “We lay out a strategic plan till the end”

4:30pm Storage room. Brett and Winston. Winston – I say we go up there in the middle of the night just you and me. We ring the door bell and wake him up and have a meeting just us three. And we lay out a strategic plan till the end and I’m talking to the end with this kid. Its the only way he go for it. And I’m talking somehow, some way over the next few days if he’s decided to use the veto on you. He has no one right now. I have it in my back pocket that he lied to the entire alliance that he voted for me. I will shut up and not spread that if you backdoor Kaitlyn. I’m talking about 3am.

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Big Brother Spoilers – “I had a vision to, I was on a beach playing with BOOb!e$”

**** Updated ***** 9:57am Tyler and JC (JC playing with his balls the entire time.. wtf)
JC – you have to throw that competition
Tyler – I know .. I’m going to
JC tells him to go out after Rockstar.. “don’t go top 3 don’t go 4 or 5th after Rockstar”
Tyler says Scottie is telling everyone not to use the veto and if they do he will put up their best friend.
JC – the four is already too powerful.. who do we vote out
Tyler – I’m not sure yet..

Big Brother 20 Power of veto Players

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