TOM Wins Head of Household! Tamar is pissed she can’t “sip on the devils nectar”

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10:38pm – 1:25am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the HOH competition.

Big Brother Spoilers 


Last Evicted: Kato


Ricky – I don’t know what he is thinking.. because he is going to have to do the same thing we did because he can’t compete (in the HOH competition). And he is going to have to win the veto. Lolo – true. And he got his chance to make amends. And that’s what he really wanted … so maybe that’s what his prayer was. Even though our prayer was victory .. his prayer was to make amends with all of us to make sure he was friends with all of us afterwards.

1:45am Kitchen. The house guests are making food to eat. Tamar is annoyed that she can’t “sip on the devils nectar if she wants to be able to go to sleep at night.” Tom – did you ask for any? I mean you got a bottle. Tamar – yeah well once you share a bottle with 3 adults .. you only get a glass and a half. Tom – Maybe we just need to ask more often. I’ll ask for another 2 bottles. Lolo – you’re the only one that could ask.

2:13am – 2:23am Big Brother blocks the feeds..

2:24am Bathroom. Natalie and Lolo. Lolo – if he was smart … at the end of it he is trying to make it to the end. He has no chance against Kandi and Tamar. They have no blood on their hands. Natalie agrees. Lolo – but he might think in his mind he is a sitting duck next week. Natalie – why can’t we pull him into our five? Lolo – you can definitely try. I will talk to him. If you want up early.. wake me up and I will do it. I’ll do my best. And just pray for my words. Natalie – if I were him .. why wouldn’t you want to send .. I guess Tamar too. She’s the one that put him on the block. Lolo – I just want to have an honest conversation with him. And I feel like I’ve been doing that. Like my conversation with him before was not bullsh*t. Natalie – what is he going to do ..when he can’t win the next one. He can’t compete. We keep him safe. Lolo – if he would just own up to wanting to backdoor one of the five (Ricky) we could be good.. but he won’t. Natalie – he has no one to talk strategy with.





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Go Tom

King Silva

Classic BB where the person on the block wins HOH right after they survive.

Good for Tom but it will only give him a couple more days unless he can secure some deals with others.

This Veto will be very crucial for Lolo, Eva, and Ricky. One of them needs to become the first 2x Veto winner this season. If Tom accomplishes that instead one from that trio will for sure go.

I just wonder who he wants out the most because he wanted to backdoor Ricky but now that he is the only other man I can see him sparing him.

Nola does need to be broken up, like any other duo in the house, I just hope Eva stays out of the two (but I’d doubt she would since she is the bigger threat).


Sorry to see Kato go. I liked him. Tom played his last HOH all wrong. He knew that Lolo and Natalie were going against him. Then a mysterious power comes out and he got all paranoid about it and tried to guess who had it. Why? Those girls were scared he was going to put Ricky up. He should have put THEM up. Let’s see if he gets it right this time.

I haven’t been too impressed with the players in this season’s CBB. I don’t like it when you put a lot of sports people together. They don’t really make for good TV, IMHO. Too serious and too competitive. Although, it has been funny to see Kato and Tom outdo them all in a lot of the challenges. Loved the scary house competition!

Mom of 3 Boys

YAY TOM!!!! Not sure if he can survive the double eviction, but I just love it that he can at least break up the 3 headed monster of Ricky, Loco and Nat – I really don’t care which one goes!!! Maybe he has a chance now that Kato isn’t glued to his side. This game makes me laugh at how fast things can change, and the people who were ignoring your dad calling you a bully hours ago are suddenly all the way up your a**! He needs to figure out who he can get the votes for to try and minimize the damage bc he can’t compete in the next HOH. And can we talk about the single tear on Ricky’s face??? PLEASE ?

Mom of 3 Boys

Oops! I meant “ignoring you and calling you a bully” … LOL


Tom definitely needs to put up LoLo and Natalie! If one of them wins veto use Ricky as replacement. Even if he can’t compete for HOH he needs to get one of them out.

Just me

Agree 100%! He has no problem with Dina and Kandi on his side. For now, he needs Tamar to vote his way and promise not to vote him out next. Time to wheel and deal.


Yes!!! Please dont let the girls get to his head. Lolo needs to gooooooo


YES! My first pick, Tom, has saved the season for me. Now one of Nolicki will go for sure. Tom has Kandi, Dina and Tamar. Get Nat or Ricki out, I think maybe Nat out best for Tom but any of the three is good.


This season has been so much fun to watch thus far. I love Tom winning right after coming off the block; it’ll be a true gag to see the girls scrambling to befriend him again after what they pulled last week. I hope one of Nat or Lolo is gone this week. It would have been hella boring if anyone else won, because Tom would be the obvious, easy target. I hope Tamar goes to Tom about getting Lolo or Nat out. They’d be a fun, dysfunctional alliance. Dina is really slipping under the radar… I bet she’ll make it far.


If Tom believes anything LoLo, Natalie or Ricky tells him he deserves to lose.




Will the veto nominations be today?


Ohh man I don’t know.. This schedule is so messed up for me. They’re just about to wake up so hopefully I’ll have an answer soon.


10:15am LOLO – we don’t have much time homie.. We gotta get rolling.. The noms are going to be early probably in two hours


Oh boy… go TOm


Today should be a hoot. Hide your wives, Hide your girlfriends. Hurricane Lolo is heading your way.


Im not gonna get excited because Tom is easily swayed poor Kandi and Dina the only ones that have his back may go up because last night lolo and Natalie were up in hoh drinking wine kissing ass trying to get him to put yp Tamar and Kandi smdh.

Guy From Canada

I couldn’t get though more then 5 mins of Swaggy with his BS and Bailey with her smirk (never saw her bs smirk in the house to know it…., oh wait…..)from that daily motion video. Zero cancer would be happy with even $500? So you keep profit from a fundraiser. Fans signed up for that for Kevin….when you do fundraising you volunteer to help that person or to donate to a legitimate charity not to get a paid vacation……at least Fessy shut up about it and is being smart but that is probably Hailey……

Just me

Wow…unbelievable. Actually, considering it’s shaggy I shouldn’t be surprised at all.


It would have been huge had they included Raven.

21 gun salute

Good for Tom!
I’m hoping Ricky is put up and leaves.

another name

Watching as Loco and Nem face their first ‘actual’ threat in the game is interesting. Interesting in that gee, when you backstab every alliance you are in, what are you going to do when everything goes full circle? If Tom believes anything they say, he wins the biggest moron award of the season… and we’ve already seen so much moron this season that would be saying something. As the two seethe in their way back machine pinpointing keeping Kandi as the reason for their trouble, I’m wondering if they are actually capable of understanding a) Kandi was staying no matter how the two of them voted b) they had an alliance with Kandi and ditched her even before they ditched Jonathan c) they should spin the time turner back another quarter turn to replay the let’s agree to Tom’s backdoor plan, and then not follow through to see the true source of the peril they find themselves in now.
Sometimes I love watching someone play a dirty game, as long as they own playing a dirty game. These two are utterly incapable of having enough self awareness to see that they are playing a dirty game, and that cheapens the experience for me, making me want to see them fall from their faux ivory tower even more. Hopefully that happens.

Just me

This year is MUCH better than last year. I just never realized how immature and combative Lolo is. I thought she was an all American Olympian, not a jealous, vindictive, spoiled little 15 year old. Of course I never could stand Tom Green, but he’s funny, smart, and able to win competitions, so, he’s grown on me and I hope he wins. Just don’t know how he’s going to get through the double. He’d have to convince both sides to put one person up and have them battle it out for the Veto?


Lolo is more annoying than Tamar and flips out at any little thing may be a strategic move but dumb.

Mom of 3 Boys

Loco is proof positive that not all Olympian’s are good sports… look her up on MTV’s The Challenge! You would think seeing oneself act a fool on tv would be a learning experience, a chance to reflect and change how you react to people. Not so with Loco…