Pili – “frickin, I can’t believe i’m lying like this wow .. Ohh my gosh this is crazy”

POV Holder: Ashleigh Next POV May 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: Zach and Ashleigh
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players Everyone participates

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-16 14-53-17-723
5:53pm Hot Tub Sarah, Brittnee and Godfrey
Talking about getting Zach out this week will make a big impact. Godfrey says it’s like getting rid of Derrick, (BB16 winner)
Godfrey tells them about when moved to Canada, “I was nervous but kinda excited as well.. “ Godfrey adds he was excited to see the snow and the beach. \
They talk about how the couples alliance had an easier road in the game. He doesn’t think the couples didn’t feel the same anxiety as them. Sarah says it will be horrible if one of them get taken out next week.

Sarah brings up once Kevin got in with the couples alliance he changed and was difficult to talk to. Sarah says Kevin at first was fun and social but once he got with the couples alliance you never saw him.
Godfrey wonders where Kevin was the season because he was always gone, “He just retracted.. I didn’t even see him during the day”
Sarah thinks he spent the most time in the HOH, points out that Kevin was so out of the loop he spent all his time with pili, Zach, and Ash.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-16 15-05-06-959
6:00pm Bathroom the Goblins
Ashleigh telling her Kevin will be so “Stoked” if he saw someone coming to Jury that wasn’t in the Diaper alliance. (She’s trying to make sure Pili goes ahead with Zach’s plan to get Godfrey on the block)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-16 15-26-40-332

6:25pm Hot Tub Godfrey, Brittnee and Sarah
Talking about how lucky they are to be in the game still. They also thank Canada for giving them the power.
Sarah – we’re still here three strong

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-16 15-31-07-306

6:26pm pool Pili and Ashleigh
Going over what Pili is going to say to Sarah to they and get Godfrey on the block. Ashleigh adds some key points to cover, like Godfrey wants to keep Zach in the game because once Zach is gone Godfrey the last guy and will be the target of all the girls. Pili is also going to tell Sarah that she’s a vote to split Zach and Ashleigh. Pili’s bit starts with her hearing Godfrey and Zach talking last night and she think’s Zach has Godfrey’s vote. She is going to stress Zach/Ash are going final 2, Pili needs to split them up. The the only way to guarantee Zach goes is for them to put Godfrey up and she’ll vote out Zach.
ASh – point out Asheligh’s been really emotional this past week.. every time I talk to her she says she sees benefits in both of them staying.
Pili comments that the game is getting harder.
Pili – frickin I can’t believe i’m lying like this wow
Pili – Ohh my gosh this is crazy what am I doing
Ash – playing Big Brother
They head inside and meet up with Zach. Says their plan is a long shot but they still have to hit it hard.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-16 15-52-19-025

6:51pm Hot Tub Godfrey and Zach
Zach is trying to get Godfrey’s vote. Tells him once he’s gone Sarah and Britt will cut Godfrey quick. Godfrey agrees thinks he would go next week. Godfrey thinks him and Zach are in teh same situation.
Godfrey knows the house will not take out Pili next week over him. Everyone wants to keep Pili around.
Zach – If i stuck around you wouldn’t go home next week
Godfrey – ya
Godfrey asks him if Ashleigh is willing to vote out Pili. Zach thinks she might. They agree to have Ashleigh come to Godfrey if the deal is real.
Zach points out him, Godfrey and Ashleigh going into the HOH it’s them Vs Brittnee.
Zach wants to take Neaha out on a date, asks the feed watchers to tweet it right now to tell her.
Godfrey points out that Zach has had some of the best luck in the game.

(Video uploading)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-16 16-14-42-726

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-16 16-26-21-368

7:26pm Pili burns her finger. She runs it under cold water and then puts some oil on it.
Pili – What should I do what should I do

7:52pm Bedroom ASh and Zach
Ash – hopefully we can pull this off
Zach – Shot in the dark
Zach says Ashleigh has to throw some “indecisiveness at Sarah”
Zach says they have to get Sarah out first nobody will take Brittnee to the end so she’ll be a natural target.
Zach – Get rid of Both girls before Godfrey
ASh – I know
Zach – he’s so bad at competitions.. take him to final 3.

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this season will go down as one of the worst seasons in BB history if sarah ends up winning it. Canada never voted for sarah and britt to win the super power in the first place. ppl who have been following every season of big brother (US or CAN)would know that the production handed them the power


sarah is not going to win the season. mark my word on that. it will be a cuss to every other Big brother winners if a stoner ends up wining the money.


I’m not a Sara fan but I really don’t get all the Sara hate. She’s smart and social….she excellent at reading people, and she’s very persuasive and if she wins good on her. I don’t understand why rubs so many of you the way or why you all talk about her so hatefully! God FTW.


She complains when people use the same tactics as she is doing (lying, creating alliances etc..).

She mopes around the house if anything bad happens to her. People (even on the other side) try to cheer her up but they just get an angry face in return.


i dont think her being a stoner is the thing that makes her undesirable to win, i personally wouldnt be happy with her winning only because shes made some terrible game moves but has been bailed out by twist after twist. i want brit or god to win


Team Brit and Sarah here. I gotta say that this latest twist saved B not Sarah, Sarah was already a veto holder so they are in the same boat we can’t single her out when it was Brit that would have been evicted. And Godfrey winning over Sarah, really? Competition wise he’s won a veto and that’s just about it, Sarah a veto and HOH so that makes them even. Alliance wise, again debatable.

What I’m saying is, how is Sarah different when B and Godfrey have also been saved by Canada? And it’s really debatable who deserves to win it’s all a matter of personal taste some people like B like me so I want her to win.


Team Brit and Sarah here.
If Sarah is to be penalized ( by some viewers) for having been saved by a twist then B should be too, after all it was B that would have been evicted for sure because Sarah was a veto holder she saved herself already, Canada saved Brit. The twist only made sure Sarah kept her closest ally.

So how are B and God more deserving? I want B to win because I want her to win not for gameplay and comps or more deserving etc etc. God has won one veto Sarah has a veto and an HOH so far. Alliance-wise it’s debatable between Sarah and God. What I’m saying is how are Brit and God more derseving when they are in the same boat as Sarah?


Sorry for the double post. I didn’t see the ‘comment awaiting moderation’ and thought my comment wasn’t posted


While she may be a stoner she has definitely tried to play the game. Unlike others who floated to the end, she HAS TRIED to win comps, unfortunately she may be uncoordinated and her stoner brain couldn’t retain the info correctly. She has won and done more than Godfrey and Pili, outlasted the other superfans and has tied her train to good luck charm Britnee. I think it would be worse for Ashleigh or Pili to win as they rode the coattails of their showmances and never had an original thought between them.


Even the play Ashleigh and Pilar are trying to pull off right now came out of Zack’s mind not theirs. lol


Just for that asinine comment, I hope she does win it.


Lets see this two anonymous haters, go to any big brother fandom website and who are the people leading all the likeability polls? Sarah, Brittnee AND Godfrey! So don’t say that BBCAN rigs like BBUS and Grodner mischevious hand.

And a huge LOL at Pili recognizing Ash and Zach will dump her at any time, yet not flipping… Pilar gurl…


Hey “Anonymous” You have obviously have bought into the propaganda and stereotyping.
Why don’t you spend a couple hours reading the research on cannabis.
The DEA can not even participate in a debate because the facts do not support the their propaganda.
It amazes me that people still by into the reefer madness propaganda.
Educate yourselves people.
So enjoy your beer or scotch or etc .. or maybe some pharmaceuticals.
Sarah for the win! 100%


What does her being a stoner have to do with anything you fool?


Ummmmm…. I voted for Sara or B to win the secret power.. And I guarantee that I was not the only one….


I think you meant to say that if Pilar wins this season, then it’ll be the worst.


Bullshit. This season will be the worst if brain dead Pilar or follower Ashley win. At this point the only deserving players are Zach, Godfrey, Sarah & B. Too bad someone is gonna carry those 2 idiots over them.


Ohh my gosh, listening to Pili and Ash talk frickin gives
my brain cerebral anoxia!!!


Pipe down pls


Just a reminder for those who didn’t see this in the previous article, this Wednesday’s eviction episode will air @ 7PM ET due to the Survivor World’s Apart 3 hour finale airing at 8PM ET.


Even when the goblins are trying to actually play the game I just can’t take them seriously. Sarah better watch out those goblins are coming to mist her… haha nope.


ikr their plan is so stupid and transparent, and S/B could easily counter their plan with common sense


Like telling Pillar they feel for her but if she is really worried she needs to go work the votes and they will do what they can to help.
Hopefully they flip it back on her.


No way is their plan going to work … It’ll be Zack n Pili on the block … Unless Ash uses the Veto on Zack. Then it will be Ash n Pili on the block. Ash voted out …. good riddance
Zack just told Godfrey in the HT that would take Ash to the end? Stupid move when your on the block trying to get a vote. (I think Zack would actually take Pili to F2 not Ash)
So if Godfrey votes to save Zack over Pili.
It would be the equivalent of not taking your chess opponents Queen with a pawn if the opportunity arose.
Par for the coarse in this round of BBCA


No way will their plan work, while Zack was in the kitchen filling Ash in on the plan, Sarah was up in the HOH room with Pili telling her that Godfreys vote didn’t matter because B was voting out Zack and it all depended on if she could trust Ash to keep her but that if Pili was voted out it was because Ash voted to save Zack. And Pili already told Sarah no way will Ash vote against her.


Ideal situation godfrey makes to final 5. Ash wins hoh puts b and sarah. Sarah got evicted. Then next hoh Godfrey wins it and wins pov keeps b and pili. And then final three god, b, and pili. And god wins one of the parts and then makes it to final 2 and wins.


sarah is a snake


actually she is a snail, remember her crying in the HOH when they were talking about emoji’s ? It reminder her of Scott – she said they have emoji’s for each other – Sarah=snail Scott=Turtle LOL but true 🙂


Sarah is not winning everyone knows she is a threat and that she can win comps and took out to many big players in the game. She is screwd if she does not win the veto in the double.


Of all the times Godfrey has repeated a convo he just had to another housemate…I really would love for him to go tell Ash how Zachula was practically gushing about Naeha and just asked feedsters to tweet to her that he wants to take her on a date. I wonder how Ash would feel knowing he is trying to make date plans with someone else…while she throws her game away for him. Yo bro, spill them beans, yo!


Ya not very smart of Zach !


OMG!! When? I need to see that !!


It is in the post above…Godfrey and Zach at hot tub.


Thanks Anonymous, I found it in the post you mentioned 20:30 if anyone else is looking 🙂


Ash wouldn’t believe it anyway she’s really is stupid and playing this game so Zack and his family canvas enjoy the $100K. It’s sad!!

The Hidden Hand

I don’t question whether or not S & B were actually voted have nots legitimately, but I do question Productions hand in shaping the viewers opinion of each HG through clever editing. Unfortunately I don’t agree with Canada participating in the game.


Sarah, Brit, N Godfrey are all in the top three of all the online polls I’ve seen.
Why wouldn’t the vote go that way?


Joy to the World…..
Just thought I’d brighten your day 😛

So the Pili talk is just as foolish as the talk about Ash voting out Zack which is pure rubbish. Pili is no more going to convince a BB smart Sarah to put up God that turtles are gonna fly inside the BB house.
One of the worst Saturday Production scripts ever. This in a nut shell is why production just plain sucks. It’s a bland week just leave it alone. Ash wins POV Zack goes to jury 2nd 1/2 of the double please.
Lord I hope GOD has some game. Pretty sick of fembots brought to you by production and Zack’s army. No question the likelihood is Ash/Pili become the underdogs. Should be interesting watching the trolls smash them to pieces here at OBB. But they’re girls I smell the word Mysogynest lol
PS my spell checks not working lol my apologize.

604 Macho

From what I can tell, Godfrey is riding all the way to Final 2 or 3.. depending on how the season ends.

Next week, its likely Ash or Pili win HOH vs Brit. Godfrey won’t go for it. The Goblins will target Sarah and or Britt. Even if Britt wins, she won’t go after God.

In the final 4 HOH, everyone will be playing hard as HOH and the POV holder are the only two safe.


Your suggesting by inference that if B comes off and GOD goes up F5 with a diaper HOH B would vote Sarah out? I thought and wrote some on this yesterday. Does she really pick GOD(win nothing) over Sarah. GOD says he is always throwing stuff in the DR which is recorded after the events usually. Maybe he just sucks…lol
I think Sarah only cuts B loose after 7 questions. B might be willing to do it F4 but I’m not sure. What is for sure is the HOH will dictate the strategy for the double. Diapers win I think GOD and Sarah go up not B. I realize most think Sarah/B. B/GOD both pretty sure put up Diaper girls with Sarah the renom for GOD. I think B might put up Sarah rather than GOD but tricky stuff. Diaper evicted…. well folks this is the spot the HOH can be forced to renom your ally. POV is won by person not on the block they use 1 comes down, POV cannot be renom your ally is up. 2-0 vote to evict your ally. Bye bye Ash or Pili. No way productions gonna let that happen to Sarah/B though.
B best positioned, production isn’t letting Sarah go and God only goes if Ash/Pili HOH they buy Sarah’s girl power B S. Pili is the obvious F2 sit beside thus Ash at the bottom of the pecking order til Wednesday.


Hope anyone wins at this point over Ash or Pili. Not a Sarah or B fan at all but Ash & Pili are the lamest players in Big Brother history.


These two are an example of the reason the Chinese are starting to manufacturing super geniuses in large quantities through genetic engineering.


Brittnee, Sarah and Godfrey should think long and hard before deciding to take Pili or Ashleigh to the final 2. There have been a couple of strong Big Brother players who lost to weak players in the final 2 because they were up against a very bitter jury.

Biggest Big Brother shockers:

Season 6 Big Brother US – Yvette lost to Maggie in the final 2
Season 4 Big Brother US – Allison lost to Jun in the final 2
Season 3 Big Brother US – Danielle lost to Lisa in the final 2


The worst thing is that if Ash/Pili are final two they are guaranteed their showmance’s vote, and probably at least one other from their alliance. I think ash would vote for pili and vice versa, but I doubt zach would for for pili, or keven for ash. Im rooting for God at this point, but its a real shame that so many weak players are in final 6


I agree with everything you said except season 4 being a shocker. Jun was hands down the smartest player in that house. She let Alison do her dirty work all the while with Alison becoming more and more disliked by the jury members. Jun is to date one of the best Floaters ever. It sucks that a lot if people seem to misidentifiy what Floater are because of Rachel. Players like Kathy (BB12), Adam (BB13), Joe (BB14), Victoria (BB16), etc are not Floaters. They are all just Coasters who do nothing. Floaters are players who are only loyal to themselves and make game moves that further themselves while slowly helping to remove the stronger players. They don’t just buddy up to the current HOH, but play all sides, and cover all their bases. Good strategy if you are a social oriented player that knows how to strategize.

The Hidden Hand

Cant wait to see Pilar’s flop trying to manipulate Sarah into putting Godfrey up. Should be epic.

B &S

Watch this plan blow up in the diapers alliance face… Probably Pili won’t even remember her lines for this act and Sarah will catch on that she’s lying… What do you guys think ???


They have to try I guess. Unfortunately it is the girls putting themselves in peril while Zach sits behind the scenes.
I do think that if it fails Zach will be able to have a good laugh with S/B about the effort.


Sarah already caught a whiff of this plan even before the veto competition happened. LOL. She even called Ash a liar when she went out the door. I’m just anticipating the conversation between sarah and Pili just to have a laugh about it.
If Sarah does put Godfrey up she deserves to get ejected from the game, that will be as stupid as Jordan volunteering to be on the block.


ah the rank hypocracy from the trolls! Lets see Sarah tries a plan and fails ….”she’s at least playing the game”! Pili gonna try a ridiculous plan granted, she’s a BB idiot. Pretty sick of the Pili bashing lets review the season…
Sarah has 1 HOH Pili has 1 HOH. Sarah 1 POV spectacular. Sarah has production and Canada’s help Pili does not must be… b/c she is dumb, really? I could do a whole list but Pili is just a nice person without the trash bag character Sarah has. Pili has been loyal well Sarah stabbed Willow in the back she is completely selfish that’s to be admired. As we well know from the forum “smart” trolls say Pili should go work with Sarah and ditch Ash. The MORONs say that are a lot stupider than Pili. I mean intellectually it’s not close. Oh and by the way she can stay loyal to Ash and F2. Non of you geniuses have taken into account Pili is the F2 preference to sit beside. Ash goes she gets the trip to F2 potentially. She gets F3 then wins endurance she’s 7 luckbox questions away from 100K maybe but at least 2nd place money.. Thing is in her position it’s excellent strategy to stay loyal to Ash. Saying she’d vote ash out won’t keep her off the block fools. She wins HOH or POV F5 that would keep her safe not a bogus alliance with Sarah. The bigger fools definitely are the idiots suggesting she align with Sarah. Nothing could be more stupid for her game. She is playing a lot better than the trolls in this forum!


It’s not a case of aligning with Sarah.
It’s what Pili thinks/said herself … Zack is a threat to a F2 with Ash
Pili thinks Zack will take Ash to F2 and that Ash might take Zack to F2
She is apparently incapable of standing up for herself though
Her other downfall is that she doesn’t realize that everyone left wants to take her to F2 besides Ash … ironic?

Mel B

I dont understand how you can label someone as having ‘a trash bag character’ playing a game like Big Brother. This is not a who has the best moral character game. I always thought the goal was to get to the end doing the least damage to those voting on whether you get the money or not. The people at the end…the game players or strategic players hope those in the jury realize this is just a game. Occasionally they dont so you lose. That is the chance you take when you make decisions you would not ordinarily make outside the BB house. But to sit in judgement of people you dont know and label them trashbags because you dont appreciate their game play is….well….in your own words …foolish. Yikes!


You can still get a good idea of people’s character. The cameras are on them 24 / 7, you can’t keep up a total personality transformation for that long.


Really?! PILLI? Convincing Sarah to put Godfrey on the block?! Lol this conversation could go down as one of the best moments in BB history! I’m sorry but Pilli is no Meryl Streep! Ash tried and the door was barely closed before Sarah called her out as a liar. But good job ash! Send that poor little lamb to the slaughter to further Zach’s game. That way he can have the money to take Naeha on a really nice date! And Zach?! I’m sure Naeha is interested after probably watching the feeds and seeing all the under the covers action with Ash! Ohhhh BBCan! How u amuse me!


What choice do they have? What would you do? Sit back and wait?