“Come back down to reality Like.. you’re not a legitimate real life gangster b1tch .. You’re scooting around the house”

Big Brother Spoilers 1:40am Elena and Mark
Elena says she feels pretty safe.. Elena says Ideally Cody wins the veto takes her down but it wouldn’t look good in front of the house. “It would have to be well executed with my speech”

Mark says once Cody is gone they are the targets.
Elena says that Paul has reassured her that after Cody is out everyone has side agenda’s

Elena – I know Paul has a deal with JAson and Alex.
Elena wants to call Jason out on it.

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Nomination Results! “You don’t take on someone that has 7 years of mix martial arts training!”

7:12pm The live feeds return – In the bedroom – Jason and Josh wrestle and then Josh tries to take on Paul. Paul puts him in a “figure 8”. Paul – you don’t take on someone that has 7 years of mix martial arts training. Alex – where is everyone? Paul – beating off! Paul – I really hope this year we have a how bad do you want it Comp. Punishments and stuff. Elena explains how its a points comp where whoever has the most points wins the veto. There are punishments that increase your points and rewards that decrease your points.

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Mark “I should have voted your a$$ out week one! Christmas “I’m glad you have the safety this week honey!”

Mark – is that what you told Alex at the top of the stairs. (That he was talking game with Cody asking if he threw the Temptation Safety Comp.) Christmas – it is what I told her. Does that bother you? Mark – a little bit. Mark walks away. In the kitchen. Christmas – that was my observation that you were talking game with Cody. Mark – why whisper? You might as well just tell everyone. Christmas – were you not in the APSR room talking game with Cody? It was about whether or not he threw it. Mark – that’s game? Asking why you threw a competition. So why not just bring it up in front of everyone?

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Paul – Matt and Raven are too sissy to do anything crazy..

Big Brother Spoilers Kevin and Paul in the APSR
Kevin is nervous about Matt.
Paul – he won’t win nothing.. he’s playing the type of game where he doesn’t have to win nothing
Jason joins them.
Paul – he’s trying to be like Derrick or one of those f*s who just got to the end without winning so I wouldn’t worry about him winning shit..
Paul says when they put him up as a real pawn that’s when they send hios a$$ home

Paul says if Cody plays in the temptation he’s got a 1 in 10 chance to win in the veto he’s got a 1 in 6 chance. That is why if Cody was smart he would throw the temptation to Guarantee he plays in the Veto.

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Alex “That’s my EX-BOYFRIEND!” Josh “You’re on tv, he wants to get back with you.. F**K HIM!”

Cody – oh yeah, I’m going to compete in the safety competition. Kevin – yeah I guess everyone is. Cody – they’ll have to. Kevin – I know and same as today.. if you don’t people think stupid f**king things. What do you think they’re doing with her (Jess)? Do you think she’s going home or what? Cody – since she is free and clear of the game she should be able to experience it all .. do you know what I mean? Because if we’re in jury there is only so much they can tell us. Like the secrets of everyone but for her she will have unfettered access and interviews.

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“I’m 23, I got a bachelor and a minors I’m on Big Brother it’s the coolest thing EVER and you’re telling me I’m a moron”

Big Brother Spoilers 7:24pm
Josh is making fun of Jessica because she just “Serves Bottles at 26 you’re a joke” Josh then says he runs a successful business (AKA eBay store)
Josh – I’m 23, I got a bachelor and a minors I’m on Big Brother it’s the coolest thing EVER and you’re still telling me I’m a moron
Josh – You just serve Bottles and yo drop names of celebrities 24/7 like your a celebrity.. you’re a joke stop..
Xmas – And.. you’re still here ..

Josh and on that note I’m done talking about the girl (Something tells me that’s not going to happen)

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Big Brother 19 Week 6 Top Animated Gifs

Big Brother Spoilers Weekly Animated Gif roundup

  • Jason hoping around after the HOH
  • Jessica and Josh fighting, Jessica grabs a spoon and cup and starts banging it until it breaks
  • Mark and Elena squirting
  • COdy charging JOsh
  • Jaosn firing a snot ball at JOsh (I thought this was the funniest one.. I was the only one.. LOL)
  • JOsh picks up a garden gnome and tosses it
  • Jason gets his revenge on Alex

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Jason – if we all spread them the wrong way then.. umm.. we’re not spreading votes……. is it hot in here?

Big Brother Spoilers 1:45pm Mark and Elena Have nots
Mark says Cody and Kevin were talking and Kevin told him if Cody takes out Mark he’ll get 5 weeks of safety.
Mark – I don’t know if Cody is trying to scare me or not.. I don’t trust Paul at all.. ”
Elena – Jess told me the other day that there’s something from the other side of the house that has been talking to her and telling her stuff, keeping her informed. when Dom was on the block they came to her and offered to work with us..
Elena – she was like no and Paul made an agreement with that side of the house that.. he’s guaranteed safety either way.. and so like if power shifts over there he’s safe
Mark – I see it

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Paul “Matt is a f***ing weird motherf***er, when we use him as a pawn, that’s when we backdoor him.”

They’re talking about the fight yesterday. Christmas – Mark said f**king nothing. Paul .. unloaded on him. Unloaded on him. Josh – I can’t f**king stand Mark. He’s a f**King douchebag, burley, d**khead, f**king contradicting f**k. And he’s putting up that front like he’s not f**king with that sh*t but he is only doing it for his game because if he really had the choice he would protect Cody and be on Cody’s side. But for his game he knows that’s not smart. F**K You! Josh – its going to feel so good to see her walk tomorrow.

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“Mark is like Ratatouille right now.. there’s no cheese for you right now buddy you made your bed”

Big Brother Spoilers 3:39pm HOH Josh
Josh – being HOH this week has made everything really clear
Josh – I’ve always known that Christmas and Paul are my ride or dies in this game.. Paul is annoyed with Christmas and Christmas knows that Paul is playing a great game.
Josh – A lot of people are showing me their cards, stepping back and seeing it puts a lot into perspective..
Josh – If Whisltenut, Kevin and Alex are forming a relationship with Cody how is that protecting me and Paul… and Christmas

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