Big Brother Over the Top Eviction results Danielle VS Shane VS Neeley

8:15pm Kryssie and Scott
Kryssie is having trouble dealing with shane’s eviction.
Kryssie yells at Scott “you guys knew you couldn’t beat him so you backdoored him.. that’s f****d”
Scott tells her that’s strategy.
Scott tells Kryssie someone has to get voted out every week that’s what they signed up for.
Kryssie goes on about her side voted for Danielle so Scott got to break the tie and be able to check someone off his bucket list. (ZOMG)
Kryssie Tells Scott “That is a human Being you took out personally” (Corn and monte were?)

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Neeley “I want to scare the f**k out of Shelby and Alex is going to know I’m coming for her!”

9:15am – 10pm HOH room – Shelby, Alex, Morgan and Scott. Shelby – it annoyed me that she said that. I’m already on slop you don’t need to say anything else. This is another week everyone can go home, I don’t care. Scott – you got to chillax. This is a long a$$ game and we’re not even a third the way through it yet. Tomorrow is day 22 and we’re going to be here for 60 days total. And its only going to get more boring. Shelby – No one has even approached me about who I’m voting for.

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Scott tells Jason “What me and Alex want to do is form a 5 person alliance with you, Neeley & Justin”

9:50pm Kryssie and Whitney are talking by the hot tub. Kryssie – its hard for me. She’s (Danielle) a sweet girl and I think she’s not done cooking yet. Whitney – I honestly think that veto competition had something to do with America’s nominee. Kryssie – I think is too. Whitney – I knew from night one that she (Danielle) was very self centered but I’m not going to say anything because its not my business. Like this girls talks about herself way too much. I’m not going to call anyone out like that.

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Nominations and Veto results “We got problems, bad news all the way around”

10:05am Danielle and Shane..
Shane says the Veto is at 1 o’clock
Jason saying something about “Daylight savings”
the three of them head into the London room..
Shane – you better kick a$$
Danielle – I have no idea
Shane – That sucks.. that did not go the way we wanted it to go
Jason says Justin is the 1 person on their side that is not wanting to make a move
Shane says Justin’s got to start making making moves.

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Shelby “I don’t think you did anything hate-able. I feel like I’m the b***h of the house.”

9:35pm – 11:35pm HOH room. Scott, Shelby, Whitney, Alex. and Morgan. Alex – going over line? Morgan – yeah. Shelby 11. Morgan – House guests its going to be a hot one today put on your sunscreen. Shelby – 12. Morgan – Remember house guests the only constant is change. Shelby – 14. Morgan – House guests did you know that more than 1500 batteries have been used this summer to power your wireless microphones? Shelby – 15.2. Morgan – House guests you should know the tallest building west of the Mississippi is 73 floors above the ground.

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“The 4th horseman rides alone.. Mic drop.. “

2:30pm HOH Scott and Alex
They talk about getting a 4 or 5 person alliance together and including Jason. SCott wants to make a short term deal with Neeley, Justin and Jason. Once that side wants to cut Shelby that’s when they flip. Scott talking To Jason this morning Jason isn’t coming after Shelby. Alex thinks Neeley and Kryssie are done with Danielle. If they can get rid of Shane that side breaks apart.

Scott confirms if Shane is safe this week for some reason Danielle is his target.

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Danielle “They thought Monte was bad? I’m about to cuss this b***h out! Don’t f**k with me!”

10pm Kitchen – Kryssie and Danielle are talking. Danielle – he (Shane) doesn’t want me to know he’s stressed. I just feel like I can’t even catch a break. You’re the only person that can understand because you’re in a similar position that I’m in every single week. It feels like an eternity that your life is always on the line. I just can’t catch a break. Whether I’m on the block all week long or coming close to winning the veto but just shy and then having a punishment.

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“If Scott says something, i’m like going to be like dude you better watch your a$$hole”

7:21pm Scott, Shelby and Alex

Talking about Neeley and Kryssie going up as Pawns they agree someone from the other side is goign to crack this week and it’s goign to be Kryssie. Scott feels bad for putting up Neeley. SCott’s plan is to get rid of Shae. Danielle is a mess and she’ll be no threat when he’s gone.

Scott tells Shelly he doesn’t want the house to see how close they are.
Alex says if Shelby or her go up as America’s nom Justin will probably not vote them out.

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“It is your birthday Whitney.. why don’t you get it low!” “Whitney’s Mom I’m sorry!”

9:20pm – 10:30pm The house guests are hanging out in the kitchen talk about how they didn’t the stuff to make a cake for Whitney’s birthday. Jason goes to the storage room and finds 2 bottles of wine and some beer. Jason – Happy Birthday Whitney! I knew I heard them in the storage room. Good job Big Brother, I don’t have to snatch your wig! They ration out the alcohol. Jason – thanks for Whitney being born. They cheers to it being Whitney’s birthday. Someone says the beer tastes like piss.

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Care Package Results “I think America came through.. definitely” – Kryssie

1:08pm Scott gets America’s care package..

The winner gets to pick which type of veto the HouseGuests will be competing for this week, from three options:
Diamond Veto: The holder of this veto has the power to remove a nominee and subsequently name their replacement.
Double Veto: Two vetoes will be awarded at the veto competition.
Boomerang Veto: The winner of this veto will be able to use it twice.

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Kryssie “I could f**k on camera. I think I would look way grosser giving a bj than getting railed.”

9:10pm Bedroom – Morgan and Shelby. Morgan – what are the chances of Kryssie ever flipping to our side? Shelby – I think we’ll find out after this conversation. I would say pretty low. Morgan – I don’t get their side of the house. I don’t think they think anything game wise. Shelby sarcastically says you’re a snake if you talk to the HOH. Shelby – so you think we should do anything.. I think we should leave the wrappers in the spot where they left the crackle bars. So when they look for them, they just find wrappers.

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