Official Big Brother 25 Video House Tour! – Updated

Take your first real look inside the newly redesigned Big Brother 25 house! Our first official look inside the house was a few days ago when the BB “Legends” Brittany, Frankie and Danielle entered the house and unleashed this seasons twist. Now we finally get the in depth house tour by host Julie Chen to see newly redesigned house looks like from room to room. The 16 new house guests will be moving into the house during the 90 minute premiere on Wednesday, August 2nd @ 9.30pm PT/12.30am ET.


– New way for the House Guests to receive messages and updates from production – mail chute.

– BB Theme: Big Brother Multiverse – The game has turned upside down, anything can happen, expect the unexpected more than ever. Julie “We’ve never had alternate universes like this..”

– Frankie Grande looks like a troll doll

– Julie “Frankie, Brittany and Danielle broke into the house thinking they could change their own fate. They didn’t change their fate, they changed the fate of the 16 new house guests and what they’re in for this summer.” ET “So does that mean we’ll see Frankie, Brittany and Danielle competing? Julie “You never know. I know they would like to. We’ll see what universe these former house guests live in and if it will cross over with the BB multiverse. You never know..”

– Julie “Any time you see a lightening bolt in the house, you have entered another universe.”

Julie “Everything is bizarre-o-world in here .. things are not right”

– Bedrooms: Upside down bedroom, Comic Book Bedroom, Creepy/Disturbing Bedroom

– The Dining Room is divided into two different universes. Julie “What does that mean for the house guests? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.”

– A muffin from muffin-gate and a comic book cake that looks like it isn’t real but it is..

– HOH Bedroom

Julie “Fans can expect MORE, MORE, MORE.. BIGGER, BETTER, WILDER! New Twists, New Turns, New Faces! 16 New House Guests! We always say expect the unexpected!

– A new window in the loft to spy on the other house guests.

– You are a winner wiener bed..

– Puppet bed, Cheese bed and a dog bed:

– To leave this room, every house guest has to spin the wheel to see how many times they will be kicked in the butt.

The Big Brother 25 Live Feeds will start after the premiere on August 2nd

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Fruit Loop Dingus

Hi all you BB badasses!!

Wow. Lots to unpack with this one.

1. Julie Chen is absolutely awful. She needs a script written for her, she cannot ad lib and just vomits world salad that amounts to nothing but drival. You can totally see that she’s trying to fly by the seat of her pants. She fails every time she does this. She is so smug, and thinks that she’s so witty and amusing. She is not. She is the exact opposite. She is awful and I wait for the seasons that she’s gone. And I won’t even get into the fact that she remains married to and enables a sexual predator that has been accused of over 20 separate sexual assaults against woman that fell prey to him. Absolutely shameful.

2. The house. Total confusion. Shocker. Multiverse theme? No, that hasn’t been over played the past 10 years. C’mon. BB has never set trends, they only follow them. Sometimes a decade too late. When I saw the living room the night of the 25th anniversary show, it looked promising. I still like the living room. The HoH room looks cool, too. Kind of the same style as the living room. Then they have to go BB it up with the other rooms, clashing styles. Upside-down bedroom, okay, an easy lift, I get it. How Alice in Wonderland of them. Comic bedroom, yawn. When doesn’t BB dig into a comic theme, right? They let the BB Comic comp go straight to their head. The “Coney Island” bedroom. I’m sure we’ll get a better name for this train wreck of a bedroom. It has the hot dog, a wedge of cheese, a pet bed and a swinging platform. How avant garde of them. Then you must spin a wheel to leave the room? To see how many times you’ll get kicked in the butt with some Acme style hand cranky thingamajig that the Coyote would be absolutely proud of. The scary bedroom. Okay, whatever. So edgy. Another easy lift. Oh yea, and the bank chute in the living room? Wtf is that? She said it’s how production will talk to the house and give them updates? Oh, okay, that makes total sense. A bank cute. In the living room.

3. Brittney, Dani & Frankie twist. First, no Frankie. Second, no Frankie. Third, NO F#&”ing FRANKIE! I will absolutely dred this season if this guy is all over the screen and feeds. Wtf are they even doing with this twist? I get it. They have to be tight lipped before the season, but every single time they talk about this twist, it just becomes more confusing and they make it sound more dumb each time. Julie Chen only makes it worse with her confusing world salad explanations of nothing. I’m sure whatever this twist ends up being, it will be stupid, unneeded and eventually will affect the wrong people. As usual.

I also saw rumors today about the house being spilt in half, with two teams going head to head. A pink team vs. A blue team. Some have said that they’ve notice the HG’s wearing either blue(ish) or pink(ish) clothes during their cast reveal videos and that’s how the teams will be divided. I think this idea is a stretch. I call malarkey on this idea. Loudly.

And your thoughts?

Here We Go

I so agree! 100% on Freakie. Excellent analysis. Hope the comps are more difficult and the season isn’t a lux vaca. Don’t want to see primping all day. Can’t wait for live feeds. Less fish!


Lol, the “Wiener room” should have been around during Derrick’s “Lemming season”

The Beef

Looks like a nice house at least to start (finally) the new season! Looking forward to the updates and comments again this year Simon and Dawg! Can’t wait for tomorrow night!


No air conditioning would have been a pertinent new twist.

Here We Go

Yep….keep them most uncomfortable.


That is what the latest invasion of the ants is for