Big Brother 25 Spoilers – Episode One Season Premiere

Big Brother 25 will run for a historic 100 days which brings us deep into the fall, like BBOTT deep. It will also be free with ads on PlutoTV. The barrier to become a feed fan has never been lower. OnlineBigBrother will be here transcribing the juiciest parts of what we see like we’ve been doing since Big Brother 8. (OMFG I’ve been doing this for a long time).

Looking at the Cast for this season I am optimistic (I know I say that every year). My only hope is CBS doesn’t ruin it with poorly thought out twists or returning vets. This is likely not the case. Either way buckle up we’ll make the best of it and maybe have some fun 🙂 .

Don’t forget to enter your ranks for the houseguest here -> Big Brother 25 houseguest Ranking

Julie says there may be more than 16 houseguests (This makes me think of one thing Kraken)







First four: Matt, America, RED, Felica

Second four: Corey, Blue, Jared, Izzy

Kirsten, Luke, Bowie, Jag

Hisam, Mecole, Reilly, Cameron

First competition is for Nominations not Head of Household

America is first to be safe.
Bowie is second to be safe.
Mecole is safe
Jared is nominated for eviction

Matt is the first to be safe
Hisam is second
Blue is Third
Kirsten is nominated for eviction.

Jag, Izzy and Cameron are safe.
Felcia is nominated for Eviction

Corey is nominated

Live feeds Start tonight 9:30 pm PST
We’ll find out HOH and Veto this weekend. Eviction is next Thursday.

Cirie a survivor legend has been dropped into the game. We are now at 17 Houseguests (No idea who Cirie is)

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Or 2


Thanks! Nice to have you guys back. Hopefully this is a good season. The only thing that I don’t like is Felicia being nominated already


So glad you are back.


Luke already annoyed me and then Matt had to say that Ryan Lochte was his idol lowering Matt’s value in my eyes….

Barbara H Hoots

Matt’s a swimmer so not surprised Lochte’s his idol. Matt’s one of my favorites.


I know live feeds start after show but I can not even find the live feed tab. ??


Thanks Simon


For some reason the link is not working


I’m sure its been asked but how do i put a pic by my name here?


Thank you once again Simon.


It’s so wrong but I absolutely loved the “Kicking yourself in the ass competition , lol


I know you don’t like returning vets Simon but how do you feel about Siri. I know she has never played big brother but she is one of the best to ever play survivor to have never won and she straight up dominated traitors. It seems a little too unfair with her experience with games like these and let’s not mention her son is in the house as well. This kinda feels like BB 19 with Paul. What do you think? Is it kraken time


Well, her son is up so he may be no help


Well, Jared is a goner now that his mom has entered the game


Wrong woman


I did like the twist of the losers ending up as the 1st nominees

Paul Sucks

Could have done without the Survivor twist. I did like the losers get nominated opening, seems better that way.


Same – not a good vibe and setup. It was completely unnecessary. The show will be pushing Cirie like Paul ugh similar to the last two seasons the show is not a game about strategy anymore but a platform to seek approval for an ideological agenda.


its not better that way, it shuts down a lot of gameplay that comes with having an HoH and noms,..especially for the first week of feeds.
plus CBS already has a show for comps like that, its called…The Challenge !!

This is Big Brother not the Challenge


Simon and Dawg!!!! Excited for another year of you guys.

Team Taylor

What a great premiere!! Never expected Cirie to play Big Brother, but I’m excited!

My 3 pre-season picks are Izzy, America, and Jared – fingers crossed he can survive the first eviction.

If nothing changes for nominations, I prefer Cory out first. Otherwise, it’s Kirsten going out first.


I am hoping Felicia stays


Simon, we shall soon confirm but with this cast you may be able to sleep normal hours unlike last season!!


Haha that would be a nice treat!


Cirie is a 4 time survivor player and Jared is her son , he’s on the block so this will be interesting lol


lol just realized I’ve been loyal to the site since big brother 12, I’m excited for the season, looks like it has a chance to not suck


Nice!!! Thanks for coming back each season! Let’s hope it’s a good one!


Anyone find the bb live feeds on Pluto ?? I looked around the time there suppose to be on and don’t see it !


You have to do a search for big brother and takes you to reality tv section


I did but found nothing for BB ????

Feeds Gold

for bb live feeds on pluto tv go to the main page, click on the pluto icon menu top left corner, then scroll down until you see ‘watch free now’ in yellow, then channels appear on left, scroll down to big brother section and click on it, then you can select quad, or channels 1, 2, 3 or 4

if youre not in usa, have a usa vpn on before doing all this…the usa vpn only needs to be on to first get into the first channel page…if you want to you can turn the usa vpn off once the stream begins, it doesnt need to be on the whole time

hopefully a decent ad blocker extension in chrome browser blocks ads


Thanks ! Didn’t know I’d need a vpn !,

un autre nom


bb25 WEEK ONE.jpg
Feeds Gold

legendary feeds queen Paloma is the 18th houseguest…we are in a simulation

Feeds Gold

Simon, Dawg and all, hope everyone enjoys the season

As always thanks for providing such a great site to chat about bb


Thank you!


Hi all back here again for hopefully a good BB season. Btw I hated Cirie on Survivor and they seemed to give her a good edit on the show.


So what’s the point of HOH? Maybe they choose 2 of the 4 to stay on the block and compete for POV?


Cirie is a legend! One of the best survivor players ever. She is one of my favorite survivor players. She also played on a show called the traitors with “Cody” from big brother also. She did ever well at that show also.


Hi Simon and Dawg! Looks like this season is going to be very interesting with the addition of Cirie, I know you don’t like the twist though


haha I love the mommy


I like it too, but I don’t think Simon likes the twist lol


haha no, yeah he hates it .. probably not as much as he hates Frankie though..


Lol! Seems like everybody hates Frankie!


ive seen all her survivor seasons, she convinced a guy not to use his immunity necklace at tribal council and he got voted out lol


Yeah I remember that one lol


Simon and Dawg I just donated. Keep up the good work!


Thank you so much Chessie! We really appreciate it! You’re the best!


You’re most welcome!


Hello Simon and Dawg and fellow fans. Happy Season 25 Day!

Something I noticed tonight, there are three people living in Tennessee. Red is from Pigeon Forge, which is about two and a half hours from Nashville, where Reilly and Cory live. Interesting. It shows Cory’s hometown is in Florida, but his intro said he goes to Vanderbilt. The bar Reilly was filmed at I believe is about 10 miles from his university. Interesting.

Has Cory revealed to Cirie who is brother is yet?

Did Jared (?) know his mother was going to be in the house or do you think he was surprised to see her when he walked in? I think it would be hilarious if he didn’t know.

Looking forward to the season guys!


I know Simon isn’t happy with this twist, but Cirie is LEEEGENDARY! Anyone watching The Traitor (and Survivor!) could see her Social Game excellence! Watch out, #BB25 ya’ll are going to get Cirie played & slayed. And I’m so here for it! ??? I’ve been here since BB14 & really appreciate all the hard work Dawk & Simon do for us. Donating now! $$$


Hey Simon I am liking some of these new house guest, not quite time for kraken yet lol

I like the Cirie twist just to bad son is already on the block.

I speculate that the HoH will get the power to remove 2 of the 4 nominees.

Barbara H Hoots

Cirie’s Jared’s mom. Wonder if he knew she was gonna be there?


I see this website is still a petri dish of racist c*m socks ??? Every single white person is ranked on top even though one of them disappeared after fifteen minutes yesterday? So predictable. Can’t wait to watch you guys cry again this year!


Hello everyone! Great to be back!


Let’s Go! Howdy to Simon and Dawg! Ready for another season!


Lets go! I’m ready!


Ugh, that last competition was like watching painot dry. Who’should idea was that?


Ugh auto correct!!


Hi everyone, I live in Canada and i can’t seem to find BB25 on Pluto TV. Is it only available on Pluto TV US?