MATT WON Head Of Household! Bowie “Nominations are tomorrow.” Matt “Yeah, I’m going to put you two up.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Matt
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Matt is putting up Cirie & Felicia (obviously) with Felicia as the target.

Matt WON the Head Of Household Competition!

10:38pm Kitchen – Matt, Jag and Bowie.
Jag – we have the perfect team! Every comp! Bowie – and we’ve never gone back on our word and we’ve done difficult decisions every week. Matt – We’ve never switched up under pressure. Bowie – no. Jag – that’s crucial. Bowie – even with all those buddy random votes. Jag – other than the double veto, like there’s two vetos and Blue won one … other than that twist … EVERY COMP has been us. Bowie – that’s crazy. Matt – and me winning the veto was almost ideal. Bowie – I told you we need t-shirts. DRAW THAT LINE! Jag – since day 65! And we’ll go all the way to 93… all the way from then till now .. us three have won every single comp. Matt – you’re right! Bowie – that’s crazy! Jag – other than the double veto. Bowie – and the biggest mistake Cameron made was he could have worked with us. Jag – we never needed him. Bowie – you’re right. We just had to play a bit more careful. But he would have been difficult to deal with right now. Jag – we just got to win this veto. Bowie – yeah, yeah. Jag – now its my turn to step up again! Bowie – I want to win this one. Jag – I got to win, I need to step up again. I am gunning for it. Bowie – nominations are tomorrow. Matt – Yeah, I’m going to put you two up. They all laugh. Matt – it will be those too (Cirie & Felicia). Matt – I am going to have to talk to Cirie alone first .. its going to be awkward. Its going to suck. Jag – just say that she did us a solid by not putting us up … you need to just return that. The goal is for Felicia to go .. so just say that. Matt – yeah. What I need you guys to do is tell her that she (Cirie) is not going home. I don’t want her to be like f**k you. You know?! Bowie – absolutely. Matt – I knew this was going to happen but someone has to go up as a pawn. Bowie – yeah and you either win or you go up as a pawn. They talk about how they had no time to talk during the double. Matt heads into the diary room. Bowie – I feel good. Jag – yeah I’ll talk to him too because he is fully good. We’re solid. Bowie – and that’s true .. you can’t just not win. Jag – and you pulled your weight. She (Cirie) just hasn’t won .. she has to be the pawn. Bowie – I’m going to get jack sh*t jury votes.. I don’t care I just want to make it to three. Jag – that’s the thing the amount of blood. Bowie – we’re f**Ked! Jag – f**ked because Cam was under your HOH and my veto.. he was pissed. Cory is not going to vote for me. Bowie – I just sent home America, Cory is not going to vote for me. Jag – and not for me. Blue said you did this to me .. word for word. I as like okay, pissed. America went to the side over there and said PLEASE! Bowie – yeah we’ve got blood all over our hands. The good thing for you is you’ve been a comp beast so people would respect that. Although Matt is catching up and so am I.. just kidding. Jag – you’ve pulled out wins when you really needed too.

10:40pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Felicia are still trying to come up with big words thinking the veto will be a spelling comp. Felicia – I wish Matt would come to his senses and realize that he needs to put Jag’s a$$ up on the block. Cirie – he’s too scared because of the veto. Its still too much time for him. That’s why I wanted to win it girl. His a$$ was going. If I won it, his a$$ was going! Felicia – see if he puts up me and Bowie Jane and then he wins veto he could pull one person’s a$$ down and put Jag’s a$$ up and take him out. Cirie – we need to win the veto. That’s what I am going to talk to him about. Felicia – if you win that veto, you might want to rethink your plan. Cirie – once he has the veto in his hand then I’ll talk to him. Felicia – exactly and I am going to talk to his a$$ too! He made a goofy statement to me that let me know that he is willing to take the shot.

11pm – 11:30pm The house guests are chatting and eating in the kitchen.
Cirie gives Jag a hug. Jag – I hope Blue is okay. Cirie – yeah I think she is. She told me she loved ya’ll. Jag – she was upset at me. I gave her a hug and she said you did this to me. I was like F**K! I was like damn dude! Cirie – I think she will be alright though. I think once she gets some drinks. Cry a little bit. I would cry.. then she will laugh and shake it off. Jag – she literally said yeah, I was going to cook ya’ll. I said I know that’s why this had to happen. She was like it was going to be you first. She was going to cook my a$$. Cirie – crazy. We did it. We’re here! One more week.. I really didn’t think I would make it past a week. It worked out.

11:35pm – 12:04am Bedroom – Jag and Bowie.
Bowie – I think I would prefer to be in a four with Felicia. Jag – well I don’t care about either of them (Cirie / Felicia). I am just thinking about what’s our best route to make it. Bowie – if Cirie was in the two .. if she was against you she would win. If she is against me she would win. Against Matt.. not sure. Jag – I don’t think so I think Matt would. That’s what Blue was saying.. she said that Matt is playing the best game. Cory said that too. So that’s two people right there and if Cory is saying that .. then America .. that’s three. Bowie – its all over. Jag – yeah you need one more. Bowie – and you and I are just f**king covered in blood. When people said its about jury management I was like I’ll be good managing the jury.. I am good a managing people.. Jag – no chance. I knew I wouldn’t be good at managing the jury.. what am I supposed to say .. sorry?! Bowie – to Cam I was like I am literally not sorry. Bowie – my whole game is being loyal so when I put people up its like double the pain. Matt joins them from coming out of the diary room. Matt – I still have to go back in two more times. One for the veto and another for the HOH. They start talking about the double eviction / comps. Matt – I was like if I don’t make this Jag and I are gone. Jag – I was like I’ve got a mustard seed too. Bowie – this was like a dream. Jag leaves. Bowie and Matt high five. Matt – I almost got three wins today.

12:05am Living room – Jag and Felicia
Felicia – I have this yucky feeling in my gut. Jag – about what? Felicia – our final four. Jag – why is that? Felicia – I don’t know. Is Bowie Jane in the final four? Jag – no. Bowie Jane in the final four? Felicia – yeah. Jag – no. Felicia – okay. Jag – why do you even ask? Felicia – I don’t know. I know I am going to go on the block again because for whatever reason nobody wants to put Cirie on the block so I always end up being the pawn. Jag – have you talked to Matt or anything? Felicia – no, I’ll talk to him tomorrow. Jag – all we need to do is win this veto .. that’s what’s important regardless of who is sitting there. Felicia – just a feeling. Jag – well you’ve had a lot of feelings and you’re still in this house. Felicia – yeah.

Bedroom – Bowie, Jag and Matt.
Jag – Felicia was out there and she was like I have weird feeling. And I was like why? She was like ah .. I don’t know. She was like is Bowie Jane supposed to be safe? And I was like why are you asking that? I was like what made you think that. She was like I just have a feeling. She was like I know I am going to go up tomorrow because for some reason no one wants to put up Ciire. I was like have you talked to Matt. And she was like no. Felicia joins then and the conversation ends.

12:30am – 12:48am Big Brother calls Bowie to the storage room. When the go in they find Bowie HOH basket stuff for winning the first HOH competition. They bring it all into the bedroom so that Bowie can go through it all. Her HOH letter is from Emily the person that is running her social media while she’s in the house.

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The “new” BB has more diversity in its casts. Are we all being played for fools in that production is also committed to those diverse people winning every season now? They have manipulated the game to make sure a person of color – or a handicapped person will win. Im convinced it’s more rigged than ever.

Let’s Go Felicia

100% agree!


Do you really believe that people of color can only win if production is involved?? That sounds stupid and a bit racist.

Spot ON

” That sounds stupid and a bit racist”
Not really…..IT IS…..

But what do YOU mean by “people of color”?? I can’t find THAT particular race in the distinctive classes of races that are officially recognized in the world.

Gan ainm

No it’s always been rigged.Most of Grod’s hand picked winners were white males who tended to be problematic which finally led to the blowback to counter that narrative.It just seems like white viewers didn’t notice when someone who looked like them was being protected and dragged to the win.

The Beef

While it’s true to say that “most” of the winners of Big Brother US have been white males, you make it sound like it’s some outrageous percentage, when in reality 14 of 24 previous winners (58.33%) have been white males. 4 of the last 6 winners have been minority representatives, or at least partial (I’m not sure of Kaycee’s heritage), and the last 2 have been Black.

I acknowledge the recent winners have impacted and drawn down the white male winner percentage and certainly agree the show needed and “worked for” a Black winner, by adding more Black contestants during the past 3 seasons, as they should have. Maybe now they’ll start adding more people over the age of 50 so we’ll have a geriatric winner? Is that what we really want to see happen to our beloved show? More “what’s in the picture”, “how long can Jag fly” and random “golf” comps like Felicia won earlier this season, so the oldsters will have a chance to win?

I truly hope they don’t do that, and I’m one of the oldsters.


There’s so much wrong with this show in its current form. A lot of it CBS can correct but some of it is caused by the culture and there’s nothing that can be done with that.

One thing, Stop these marathon seasons. Have one Summer season that is the main show small cast 2.5 month duration. Have a second lower key season modelled after BBOTT make it raunchy like BB9 have it’s duration 2.5 months .


minorities frequently operated at a huge disadvantage when there were fewer of them in the house as culturally they just had way less to bond over. the increase in their numbers both mathematically and socially helps their game, but there’s no real conspiracy beyond that. if anything the problem has been with the white people they cast who seem to be either super racist or so afraid of being accused of being racist that they make bad game decisions.

Spot ON

“They have manipulated the game to make sure a person of color – or a handicapped person will win”

EXPLAIN what exactly constitutes “a person of color”.

Go ahead, illuminate us with knowledge and understanding.


Matt better watch his back, Jag telling Bowie, Cory, America & Bowie all saying Matt’s playing the best game, Jag nor Bowie want to sit next to Matt in a final 2.

Matt better play his butt off in the Veto comp or since Matt and Jag love throwing Comps, if Matt can throw the veto comp so Cirie wins Veto, then Matt can put Jag up when Cirie uses the veto to take herself down.

Bowie would vote to evict Felicia, Cirie would vote to evict Jag, Matt breaks the tie, sends Jag to the Jury house. That just might make Matt the winner if he makes it to Final 2.

Cory, America, Blue, Cam, might all vote for Matt over Cirie, because Matt evicted Jag. We all know Felicia & her Tooth will most likely hold a grudge, she will be pissed at Matt and Cirie, Felicia has and will always be Jealous of the relationships Cirie had with everyone in the house. Who knows how Felicia will vote.

As for Blue’s eviction, so glad I don’t have to look at, listen to her phony fake ass. Blue was so full of herself, and thought that she looked so good tonight, Blue really thinks she’s going to be dating Jared. Bro, Brah, Blue has such LOW standards for a boyfriend.

Wonder what all of these people are going to say, when they find out Jared is Cirie’s son?

I still can’t get over Cam thinking Felicia might be related to Denzel Washington, and these idiots could not look at Cirie & Jared, and see how much they looked alike? I truly believe if this season had good game players, someone would have noticed Cirie & Jared.

Hope Cam wins AFP, I want Felicia to see Cam was liked, Felicia actually thought that she had a chance at winning AFP if she didn’t win BB25 LOL…..

Bowie, Jag & Matt all we’re talking shit, about how they are winning comps, and how they have played such a great game after Matt won HOH tonight. I do agree, Cirie should have won something, she’s the only person in the house who has won nothing.

Cirie would have won earlier in the game, Jared’s 1st HOH, Cirie threw that comp, and let him win. As for tonight’s Double Eviction, I think she threw this comp, she didn’t want to be the one to evict America.

I’m hoping Cirie wins Veto, Matt has the balls to put jag up!! I still don’t understand why Bowie thinks she’s never to be nominated as a pawn, she’s not suppose to be nominated.

Spot ON

“Matt has the balls to put jag up!! ”
There is no sack there.

The Beef

Not only does he not have the grapes to do it, I don’t think he has the strategic thinking to do it. If he votes Jag out, who’s going to tell him what to do? Yeah, I know Cirie will gladly take on that role, but he’s been listening to Jag for so long, and doing exactly what he tells him to do, I think he’s afraid to switch it up this late in the game, plus I honestly think he believes he can beat Jag with the jury, and he might be right given how badly Jag’s jury management is.


Matt is playing like a Sad Sack…geeez

Gan ainm

Whether Matt puts up Cirie or Bowie he’s got some explaining to do after telling both he wouldn’t.Can’t play the middle anymore.


eh, people get super butthurt over getting nommed at final 5 when the reality is noms don’t really matter until post veto. matt’s obviously not putting up jag and the other three have to know that it’s win veto or the decision is out of their hands. like they could form an alliance and try to throw the veto to the one that’s not on the block (which is the argument for keeping the weakest competitor (felicia) off the block) to force jag to go up, but everyone knows that’s not the game the house has been playing.

matt’s best move, though it sounds like he’s not gonna do it, is to put up felicia and cirie. he tells them that his real target is bowie but he doesn’t want her suspicious and plans to backdoor her while he tells bowie “hey we’ve gotta a final 3 so of course i didn’t put you up.” cirie’s the only one who maybe sees through this but what’s she gonna do about it? actually win a comp? fat chance. then jag and matt spend the week deciding who their actual target is.

Blowme Jane’s rictus grin

Was waiting for this convo between BJ & Jag ……wheels are in motion now to get rid of Matt sooner rather than later… really hoping Felicia becomes a pimple on their butt & wins veto


That’s a disgrace to butt pimples everywhere

Game fan

i hope bowie reports that convo lol
anyway i think they are not neccarly willing to truly cut matt as i think it was more so buliding a case for final 3 to be carry on to the f2

un autre nom

Let’s be real.
Matt doesn’t want to take Jag final 2. Cirie has been his choice as easy to beat layup forevah.
Does he cut Jag and stay with 3 women? He was in the first season convo of men angsting over a girlliance. Chance less than this moment. Wait until Saturday night to see if this changes. Given how the comps are skewed this season? risk. Matt is a risk averse player in 90% of cases where he has to own it.

Cirie and Fe have semi mended out of necessity. They’ll still shit talk each other and attempt pole positioning bs, but right now it’s about convincing Matt to stab Jag. post veto.

Bowie is agreeing with Jag that Cirie is more dangerous than Fe. wait until post veto or veto ceremony to tell Matt.
They’re also realizing at least 2 jurors are goldenboying Matt. That’s a final 4 problem.

Remember, there’s 3 min between live and feeds. So if they’re bleepcutting again, then the spew is starting again and prodo is in current hg sanitize mode so they don’t have season 19 problems.
We didn’t get goodbyes on show. extended interview with Blue maybe. America’s will be made tomorrow and sent to jury house, as per custom since at least 18. This was a time block issue.
Fe thinks she set a nom record. the demented dentist had 9 noms.

Remember Jag before he started to believe his own hype? His ego is huge now. Matt isn’t letting Jag’s HOHitis binge determine the plan. Protect Cirie mode engaged.
Yeah…. things will get ugly no matter what this week.
Fe’s already pushing and getting bitchmode bagofcats. Bowie gonna conniption. Jag gonna dog and bone.

Scenario a: if Matt noms Bowie / Felicia and Jag wins veto? possible oops. possible line.
Scenario b: if Matt noms Bowie / Felicia and anyone else gets veto? possible oops. possible line.
Potential for backstab either way? microwave not fresh popped theatre style.
Let’s see them get messy when there’s no one else to blame.
Evil grin.

un autre nom

Matt’s entire game has been based on ‘whatwouldreillydo”
I eyeroll everytime he says her name. I cuss under my breath every time he perpetuates one of her bad reads like they were a newfound book in the Bible.
Prodo makes his HOH a shrine to Reilly.
Dis here some Arnold Shapiro level pre-Grod grodding level shit.
Damn, prodo really hated their fill in mances, didn’t they? Didn’t get a full season of blonde leading the blond… now everyone’s going to pay.
Well at least 14 year olds and Grod will hearteye emoji over this crap.
Pass a barfbag.

Everyone glazing him about Reilly connection and loyalty and shit.
Calling showmance to gas him.
Everyone but Felicia has been promised they won’t touch the block.


Here’s hoping that somehow Matt and Bowie get voted out … they’re just sycophants of Jag, and in my opinion, have not done anything of significance other than follow orders. Matt and his clinginess to Reilly and Cirie is just icky and suspect. Add to that his Andrew Tate quote, his daily bible readings, and the way he shit talked about America …. toxic combo. Bowie Jane is simply too daft for this game … she has the personality and mind of an actual zombie. I’m sure no one is rooting for her and no one is keeping in touch with her after the show.

I never wanted any of these people to make it this far but if we gotta award someone: Jag has worked his butt off (and exhausted us all), Cirie has been everyone’s confidante (what a bunch of suckers they are for letting her get this far!), and Felicia has added some drama and fireworks with her antics.

un autre nom

jag. don’t confuse comp wins for good strategic game.

Another Dixie

Did you catch when Jag almost blew it with Bowie? After talking with Fe, where she was questioning the final 4 deal he promised the mommas, he, of course, had to run back and report it to Matt & Bowie and almost let it slip to Bowie that they supposedly had a deal with Fe & Cirie for final 4. He managed to hide that part but if Bowie had any sense of awareness, she’d have caught that. I guess she really is this year’s Victoria and it will play out at the end the same way. So the question is, will Jag or Matt be sitting next to her? This should be when Matt strikes but he won’t. I predict Jag and Victoria, oops, Bowie, with Jag pulling it out.

Game fan

felicia would soon tell bowie about the deal. i cant wait.


I have always held the belief since season 1 that bb is racist.