Justin – “Straight up I’m cold hearted right now in this game”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-12 12-40-34-502

12:31pm Jason and Danielle
Jason – these b1tches itch (nicotine patch)
Danielle – it’s like you have a weave

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-12 12-38-58-499
12:34pm Justin and Kryssie
Talking about Jason or Danielle leaving this week.
Justin – one of those are leaving this week
Justin says even if Danielle wins the Veto and MOrgan goes up as a pawn Jason will go home.
Kryssie- NO.. why not vote out MOrgan
Justin – umm Ya i’ll vote her out
Justin is tired of Danielle’s half ass flirting Justin want Danielle out this week that’s what he’s focusing on
Kryssie tells Justin she would never f*** him over
Justin says likewise tells her he doesn’t trust Jason aor Danielle at all.
Justin – Jason is money hungry.. That’s not in the best interest of me..
Kryssie tells him if he goes to the end with one of those “Golden Girls” he’s not winning
Justin says Jason and Danielle have been running behind his back trying to get him out this week “those Girls” told him everything
Justin – “Straight up I’m cold hearted right now in this game.
Justin says he doesn’t trust Jason he knows KRyssie does.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-12 14-47-30-499
1:51pm Jason and Kryssie Bathroom
Jason tells her they are all in pairs and Kryssie is really his pair. He’s trying to make the girls think that Danielle is his Pair and Kryssie is Justin’s .
Kryssie – it looks to me that he’s afraid that you and Danielle are selling him out .. you are but…
Jason – yeah..
Kryssie – I’ve been telling him if you are selling him out it’s to make it look that Danielle is more of a threat..
Kryssie thinks Danielle is the target this week.
Jason – we paid so much loyalty into Justin and he’s not paying us back
Jason – we keep investing in this stock that is never going to grow
Kryssie – he’s loyal to you and me but not Danielle
Jason – he’s never going to do anything with that loyalty.. He’s never winning anything
Jason – he’ll get to the end and say look all my minions helped me to the end and I did nothing for them
Kryssie – then he can take home 3rd place
Jason thinks Justin has a good chance to win the game.
Jason – he is a user.. He uses people..
Jason says Justin steps on people to make it to the top.
Kryssie – if he makes a deal with those girls he’s stupid because they’re not taking him to the end anyways..
Jason – no.. he’s using them this week.. Next week he’ll suck someone else’s sh1t

Jason – we’ve invested all this loyalty, time and energy into someone who’s never gonna f***g give anything back, he’s not even trying to give anything back he doesn’t even have an excuse for the mirrors.

Jason – he’s even done trying giving excuses on why he blows everything
Kryssie – running the days yesterday hurt my brain
Jason – he’s a leech he’s leeching loyalty and leeching power
Jason wants to take out Justin then MOrgan or Shelby. After that they go for Danielle.
Kryssie – Right
Kryssie says Justin won’t even talk to her.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-12 14-57-09-232
2:10pm Jason and Justin
Justin – it’s Complicated but you shouldn’t worry
Jason – well I am worried
Jason – yeah I know but… I don’t know.. I don’t know what is going o happen to be honest with you I don’t know what the f** is going to happen.

Jason me ether.. That’s what I’m asking… you probably know more than I know
Justin – the mission is not for you to go
Jason – if i’m stuck up there with her and she wis I’m going
Justin – if that’s how it works out… but .. you just gotta believe man (HAHA)
Jason – mmmmhmmm
Justin – stay positive
Jason – mmmhhhmmm
Justin – best case you win the veto
Jason Yeah period.. Best case scenario

Justin – do I know truly their intentions … NO
Jason – nobody knows … or they’re not saying anything
Justin – you should talk to them..
Jason – I’m going ot but you know how people are … once they decide..
Justin – plead your case but I don’t know what they are going to do
Jason – right
Justin – he all know today’s first noms and she’s going to..
Jason – PIck MOrgan… nothing is going to happen today

Justin – one of us Gotta win the veto
Jason – right..
Justin – Shelby is way smarter than she portrays to be.. She’s very intelligent..
Jason agrees
Justin – best case you gotta win the veto
Jason – I know..

Kryssie says she doesn’t want to be the pawn.
Jason tells her him and Danielle are going up and Kryssie will only be used as a pawn in the event one of them come down.
Kryssie – i didn’t look at it that way
Jason – what I was telling them me and Danielle are a pair..
Jason explains they are a threesome and he’s trying to hide that from them and Making Danielle a target.
Jason tells them bu doing this it hides their threesome but puts him in some danger because he’ll go up.
Justin – they want Danielle gone and I want her gone too… so.. That’s the plan.
Jason – I’m fine with that plan
Justin – I farted… I’m sorry my nerves are bad. (And with that line Justin has a fan 🙂 )
Justin says when Danielle goes he’s guaranteed the care package after that “you know how the deal goes.. So I don’t even have to speak on it”

Justin – they told me a lot of sh1t you said… and it looks like you and D were throwing me under the bus
Big-Brother-18 2016-11-12 15-10-46-731
Jason – that was D’s plan but I mean.. The plan was to get Morgan up they’re.. If Morgan was up there she was f***d…
Jason – D would be happy to see you go but I’m not in that position
Justin says Kryssie has been trying to convince him that Jason isn’t flipping on them.
Jason – I’m not..
Kryssie – I told him .. you’re making Danielle a bigger target
Jason – I know she’s coming after me and Danielle together so i’m making it that Danielle it the more viable
Justin – I’m telling you if I win the veto and y’all are up there I’m taking MOrgan down
Justin – I’m taking MOrgan down… BOOOM if she’s America’s nom
Jason – yup
Justin – Ya DIG…
Justin – I’m voting Danielle out of here..
Jason – ya .. that’s fine.. I don’t care..

Justin says the girls don’t trust Jason or Danielle
Justin doesn’t care if Danielle goers he’s never trusted her.
Justin says next week it’s all of them Vs Morgan
Justin – that’ll be a perfect time to get her outta here.. Or we get Shelby out.. Whatever way you want to do this
Jason – yeah.. Or get Shelby out
Kryssie agrees
Justin – we can cross that when we get there.. In order for me to make this deal with them I had to sell you all out

Justin says he made a deal with the girls this week to protect his own ass and get someone out in this game he doesn’t care about.
Justin – at the end of the day I’m going to cut that deal with them .. BOOOM D’s going to be outta here this week if everything goes well and I’m going to get the care package.
Justin – The only scary thing is you are going to be on the block against her (Danielle for POV)

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-12 15-14-53-199

Kryssie burps in some mocks about Shelby and MOrgan…

Kryssie – I’m not voting Jason out
Justin – the plan is to get D outta here..
Jason says he’s down with that

Justin says the only thing Danielle likes is D1ck … goes on a rant about her being the most complicated person.
Justin says he doesn’t want it to be him, Kryssie, Morgan and Shelby he’s never had any loyalty to those girls.
Jason asks Justin wants Happens if Danielle wins veto.
Justin – She deserves to be here.. that shit crazy (Danielle for VETO!!!)
Kryssie – “if she’s going to pawn Morgan we can just send Morgan home”
Justin – yeah

Jason – I’m obviously the plan B
Justin – you are the plan B you are the plan B

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-12 15-37-43-341

3:30pm Bathroom Jason and Justin
Justin – just trust me boo .. the only reason i’m here is because of you and Kryssie..
Justin – it’s us to the end.. no matter what ..
Justin – You’re not the target.. and I’m not voting you outta here..
Jason – Kryssie knew and KRyssie wasn’t telling me.. I talked to Kryssie this morning..
Jason feels like he’s the tag along with Justin and Kryssie.

Justin – she’s just probably trying to save her own ass
Justin – you’re not a tag along.. you’re my day one fool
Justin – I care about you as a person.. .actually… .D I don’t care about her

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-12 15-35-26-062

3:35pm HOH MOrgan and Shelby
Hoping the plan works this week and next week…

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-12 17-52-25-590

5:39pm Shelby and Morgan
Morgan is getting sketched out by Justin.
Shelby practicing her nomination speech..
Shelby – fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on me.. OK I got it
Morgan – don’t screw it up..
Shelby – she can pull out her bibles, letters, and son’s toy all she wants… I’m not christian and.. .like I have something BIG I’m playing for too..
Shelby – so
Morgan – we’re all here for different reasons.. one reason’s not better than the others
Shelby – the way KRyssie put it she doesn’t even need the money she’s just proving this to her son
Morgan – ya .. well I could use the money

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-12 18-25-45-152


Big-Brother-18 2016-11-12 23-05-56-859
7:03pm safety ceremony

Shelby picks Kryssie and Justin to be safe.

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Shelby's implants

I’m on team Justin!


hey all want don’t we put up Justin America nom this week
I think Jason is right about him he goes to the power of who got hoh



I hate to say this but from what I have observed watching the feeds Krissie is the most loyal. I think Shelby comes in second in that department but Morgan well not so much. Yes krissie needs to stop with all the burping and farting(I actually think she might have a food allergy maybe gluten that will also make you sick and overweight) but she really isn’t as vile since Neely left. I think the girls wish that the would have been more inclusive with her now and not gone back on every deal with her. When you have such a divided house its hard to salvage that. I think both sides played poorly when it came to the divisiveness and when any one won, they were all bad at rubbing it in. You got to keep deals(at least some) and you have to sometimes compromise in bb it is a social game .


I hop Dan is gone this week. Fingers crossed.

I have a Degree

I agri,, Mcdonalds Jasun is gon to wen nex wek



I think the final three should be Jason Shelby danille

Comey Rocks

1-3 Shelby is OK. This game is really losing steam.


Finally if all goes well this week, we will see some much deserved REDEMPTION for the Ball Smashers in this game. All I care about is seeing Dani or Jason going home at this point. The evil stepsisters can get the fuck out as far as I am concerned. I hope Jason never shows up on BB again. Such a horrid little creature. No wonder he has not elevated his career, he is probably like that at work and nobody wants that type of behavior and attitude in any type of work place. Justin is starting to grow on me again, he is unpredictable and going to start some drama soon I can see it. Kryssie is just boring and dull. She is the Victoria of the season that burps farts and falls apart.


We need to get Kryssie as AN and vote out Danielle, my ONLY worry is jason or Dani coming down and Morgan said she’d go up as a pawn, if Shelby let’s that happen DUMB move. They will vote out Morgan

Shelby's implants

Team Justin all the way!


Justin fans need to vote Kryssie for 3rd nom. She isn’t loyal to Justin at all, Jason is her number one.


it depends which ofJustin’s team you’re referring to. Cause he’s still playing both sides or should I say riding both sides!! WIN BS GIRLS!


I know how to we could save Jason an daneille if you they fans
here how we nom Justin America nom Jason wins pov
we vote out Justin Jason vote out Justin morgan vote out danille
Justin goes home
I hope it happen just like that come on shane vote Justin America nom danille an Jason fans vote Justin America nom

I have a Degree

I completely agii,, Come on Shane! I know you can do et! Shane for the final 9!

am I crazy

For some reason Morgan looks more like Alex in last day or wo,…did they switch them?


Simon, can we see a poll for Americas nominee please?


Thank you!


Why? This poll results haven’t correlated with cbs poll in weeks, just saying.


Well the last poll had Kryssie with at least a 25% lead on Alex for America’s Nom and in about a 15 minute time period around 7am ET the vote flipped to about a 15% lead for Alex. Have not seen that all seaso. Yes the final vote ended with Alex ahead for the Nom but why the huge shift so quickly. So weird. All of the other polls had Kryssie with a comfortable lead to be nominated.


Kryssie for AN for me. I for one am really glad Justin is working with the girls. Danielle needs to go but I really hope Kryssie is FINALLY nominated by America this week!


Yes! But even if Kryssie leading in this poll, cbs poll results usually end up different.


I guess Jason and Danielle don’t expect Justin to choose how he play his own game in order to save his own behind! Especially Danielle being so bitter and talking crazy about putting hands on Shelby. Just leave now Danielle, everything don’t revolve around you chile


Gee, wonder why children grow up yo be violent???


We teach them WAR is the answer.