Izzy – “I’m voting out Jag” Cirie – “It’s the right thing to do” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Jag & Blue
POV Players: Jag, Cameron, Blue, MEME, Jared, Red
POV Winner: RED
Veto Ceremony: Veto wasn’t used. Nominations are locked
Havenots:  Izzy, Corey & Bowie

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Jag’s being evicted if the power doesn’t get played. Tough to determine who has the power. We think Cirie, Matt, Corey and Jag got voted.

10:23 am Houseguests waking up

Jag packs the chicken suit

10:31 am Izzy and Cirie
Izzy – I’m voting out Jag
Cirie – it’s the right thing to do right?
Izzy – Yeah.. this is F***ing messy it’s the right thing.
Cirie – You agree?
Izzy – yeah, You always make me feel like I am the deciding factor.. I’m think it’s the right thing 100% I’m just sad about it.

10:36 am Jared and Jag
Jag trying to get JAred’s vote.
Jag – I’m not going to forget that that’s one thing I can tell you
Jared – I got you doggy bone..
They hug
Jag – I appreciate that

11:12 am Corey, Cirie and Izzy
Corey says he feels the worst about voting out Jag. More than Hisam and Reilly.
Cirie – Jag yes he was with his alliance but what else has he done?
Izzy – he’s in a sh1t position
Corey – Matt was up here lied straight to him I’ll vote for him. It’s what everyone is doing but I didn’t expect it
Cirie – Me either
Corey – He’s a good liar. I am.. the more I talk to Matt the more it makes me mad that I trusted him. I feel good about him but I’m trying to keep my guard up
Cirie – I do to.. are you all stoops?
Corey – we have to really watch him around Cam and Red.
Corey – at this point America would put up Cam and Red she’s pissed off enough
Jared joins them. They mention Jag thinks the vote will be 8-2 for him so stay.

11:46 am Jag and America
America says that Red told Blue that he hates her.
Jag – Hwy you?
America – cause I don’t flirt with him I guess.. straight up

Cameron comes into the bathroom for a moment. After he leaves America fingers the door “F*** both of you”

America – I asked him yesterday like are we good? What’s going on I haven’t talked to you in a couple days. He was like I’m good with Corey so I’m good with you. I’m like OK sure we’re good I’m like I’m not good with Red or Bowie and he was like ohh I understand. Red told Blue that you know If you were to come in single it would have been a little bit easier or some sh1t liek that. If he (red) came into the house single he would be playing a different game.. Blah blah blah.. Ohh America is always flirting with Cameron
Jag – ohh is that what? BRO what the F***
America – he’s like I don’t respect
Feeds cut..

11:51 am Feeds cut to the pound.

1:30 pm Feeds return

1:40 pm America and Cirie
America – I want him (Jag) to know before hand I don’t want to blindside him. IF you want to do that we can do that I’m down
Cirie – Corey and them don’t want to do it I mentioned this morning maybe we should tell him
America – I don’t know what the reasoning is behind it..
Cirie – I’m down to do it
America – I’m down

2:55 pm Yikes

3:22 pm Houseguests getting ready

3:28 pm Izzy, Felicia, Cirie, Jared.
Izzy – Yesterday I was sitting at the counter
Izzy explains that Cam and Red were blowing on the bottles to make sounds. “Boo BOoo bOO bOO BOO”
Izzy – now you’re taking my job. Can I have one thing? One thing? He says Ohh I can play the flute I just can’t read music.
Izzy starts to clap “OKAY good job”
Felicia – Anything somebody says they can do he wills ay he can do better.

3:36 pm Feeds cut to the pound

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Sheez, Jag is in your alliance and you are not even going to tell him he is going home. What a bunch of you know what…. Hope Red wins HOH and takes his shot at all of them.

Izzy’s bushy pits

Hope Red wins but opens his damn eyes to the coven…. Seeing Izzy otb would be very satisfying

un autre nom

For people that don’t believe the whole house knows but can’t talk about the stuntcast family:


multiple cut paste montage of a longer answer taken out of sequence.
It’s not difficult. It’s a remix.

D/R monkey: so, Blue, tells us about what you and Jared have been talking about
Blue: Jared’s been dropping all these hints (list hints*1) that his mom is here.
D/R monkey: did he say who?
Blue: well obvi got to be Fe or Cirie.*2
D/R monkey: so why would it be Fe?
Blue: unused prattle
D/R monkey: so why would it be Cirie?
Blue: I think it’s Cirie *3 because pratttle.
D/R monkey: so are you going to tell anyone?
Blue: I can keep a secret.*4

Remix clips in order of 2,3,1,4
you have her d/r clip.


Matt getting on Cirie’s radar? Don’t worry it will cycle around to suspicion on Meme, Cory, America, Izzy, Felicia, and anyone else she’s ever made an alliance with ?. Yeah Matt is suspicious because he can lie, just like what all yall are doing as well!

Game fan

it was corey who said that .cirie is prob playing along


lol it’s so funny to me that a muslim houseguest will leave the week the pressure cooker is played again


what’s even funnier is how the propro were making Reilly and Jag look like the new gen Janelle and Kaysar in the edit


LOL what’s funnier is that he’s not Muslim but a Sikh…..


Jag is Sikh, not Muslim.


Jag is not Muslim brainiac. He’s Indian…

Rolling my eyes at some of you

India is a country, he is Indian-American. Sikhism is his religion. And for the record, Islam is the second highest practiced religion in India…brainiac.


My point was correct. You’re being a snowflake…and most likely an Icky fan this season.

Rolling my snowflake eyes

I just found irony in the fact you used the term “brainiac” to disparage someone whilst failing to really quite grasp the inaccuracy in your comment. It’s like if I said, “I’m a not a Buddhist, idiot. I’m American!” See how that sounds not so brainy?

Spot ON


There are namely 4 major races, white/Caucasian, Mongoloid/Asian, Negroid/Black, and Australoid.

Oftentimes, the less-enlighten confuse “ethnic origin” as being a “race”.

BTW, for all we know, JAG could have been born in NEW YORK, NY. That would make him AMERIKA by birth. He would arguably be “Indian-American” IF he had been born in New Delhi, and later became a NATURALIZED citizen.


Rolling my snowflake eyes

I think you’re shadow-boxing with a wall dude. Why tf are you bringing up ethnicity? I was explaining how someone conflated a religion with a nationality. No discussion on race. And your understanding of multiculturalism is astounding. Jag is indeed American, but one of Indian descent. I’m sure that matters to him. I’ve ascertained it matters little to you. (zero surprise)


he’s not muslim


He’s Sikh not Muslim

un autre nom

he’s Sikh. Sikhism is an Indian/Punjabi born religion.
Muslim is an Arabian Peninsula born religion.
Their spiritual texts aren’t the same.

To be more clear

Muslim is not a religion—it is Islam. And, for clarity, Islam is the second largest practicing religion in India.

un autre nom

Muslims are practicers of Islam, and the religion began in The Arabian Peninsula.
You don’t generally call a Muslim an Islam.
If I’d stated Islam instead of Muslim in response to the original post, I feared I would get ‘nobody said anything about Islam’ answers.

Thank you for your clarification, I appreciate it.

To be more clear

After interacting with some people in these comments, I can now see why you felt it necessary to dumb it down.


Blue is one of many who simply takes up space. At this stage in the game everyone should be playing chess instead of tiddlywinks. The tiddlywink list is long—welcome to BB25.
Side note: Cameron works hard at putting a target on his back; if I were him I wouldn’t think so highly of myself (Hisam 2.0).


Any thought on what the HOH competition will be tonight?


BB Slalom followed Pressure Cooker in BB12.
So likely some sort of race witg obstacles.

The Beef

The last time they did Pressure Cooker was BB6, not BB12. They followed it up with a “Face the Facts” question and answer comp about previously evicted house guests, and Janelle won.

I have no idea what they’ll do tonight – probably whatever will prove most advantageous to Cirie, Izzy, Felicia and Jared’s game and or provide safety for that group. Heck, they seem to be sitting pretty as it is, so I don’t think they’ll have to do much anyway since this group seems perfectly willing to just hand the money over to Cirie and/or Jared, Izzy or Felicia without so much as a whimper.


imagine if Red wins HoH and says his target is America and the secret service shows up at the BB house

Spot ON



Spot ON



Maybe Bowie had a lot of rubber cement and permanent makers to sniff, or ate a lot of paint chips, drank Elmer’s glue… the key to her …. Candyland vibe

I’m finding her more and more fascinating ,
In a strange, weird, mysterious and magical way

Spot ON

She is weird


Are the Manson family wrong? I mean, what other game is America playing besides flirting?


Giggle giggle flirt flirt cuddle cuddle — rince & repeat.

Yep, BB really can pick ’em. More so this season than ever before.

Spot ON

Anybody cares to nominate Stormy for next summer if THAT is what you want to see on BB ??


I saw another podcast says jag won he’s playing w them all and will show his color’s tonight I hope he opens his eyes and gets cirie corey the two biggest snakes out

un autre nom

Something stuck in my head:
How is house treatment of Bowie different than house treatment of Taylor in terms of shunning and insulting?
The behavior is the same.
Why does bbtwitter cheer the chaoscoven for being the ‘bullies’?
not looking for race bias diatribes in any answers because this is an observational statement not me trying to incite any prejudices.

Personally, i feel like viewer’s hero worship means they discount the heroes flaws.


Yeah Ciries pre existing popularity is definitely saving her. I loved her in survivor but can’t stand her currently if she was a new player playing like this she would be despised

Spot ON

“How is house treatment of Bowie different than house treatment of Taylor in terms of shunning and insulting?”
No difference. Same. But isn’t that part of the BB “script”? Why blame the “house guests” for the behavior ??

Bowie is kinda weird in a way. It’s gotta be, in part, because she lives in LA according to the bio.


I was attacked on twitter for even suggesting this!

un autre nom

If I were a houseguest, and I wanted my target to leave, I’d pull a spicy V and tell the coven sorry, Cirie has to be the pawn so we don’t have any flip talks.

un autre nom

According to Cam,
Reilly was like a daughter
Red is like a brother
Cirie is like a big sister.

Hello, 23 and me?
Call Maury…. we’ve got an emergency.


It is very annoying that they tell the person that they are going to be evicted. And they all have to vote with the house. Can’t think for themselves. A bunch of lily-livered losers!


If I recall correctly, back in the day there were rules that forbid telling who was going to be nominated and who was going to be evicted. Or did I just imagine that?


the rule was you could not say but you could speculate. That had apparently been changed because they have been doing it the last 4 seasons.


It has almost always been a unanimous vote for several seasons now. “Sorry, I have to vote with the house.” It doesn’t make any sense to me. In the good old days, people thought for themselves or their small alliance! The way they play today is total crap! I wish they would go back to not being allowed to say for whom you are voting! I bet it would shake things up again. Unfortunately, the show is now more scripted and production always has a favorite that they are pushing to win.


jared vs the veto puzzle was actually painful to watch #bb25 pic.twitter.com/1IqoXh30yd

— lexie (@haseuIsz) August 31, 2023

I REEEEELLLY want to see Jared’s Veto Comp time! This top 3 nonsense has got to be the Production teams way of covering up such BAD game play, right? Does that make sense to you? ((LOL HIsam))


Julie has her ponytail up!! WATCH OUT.


(Ooops I forgot to attach photo.)
Julie has her ponytail UP!!


Current watching and jarat thinks he is an all star material riiiiiiight


It is absolute crap that Cirie was one of the top four. Her rating on pretty much all websites is half of Americas or Matt’s


On tonight: Jag really needs to give his head a shake. His entire trusted alliance just voted him out.


I hope he wins HOH

Spot ON

Doubt it if he will pick THAT up.


I am pretty sure they will spin it and he’ll be all good again!


Hopefully, someone opens his eyes.