“I’ve got 3 world class athletes angry & not talking to me because I want to win also.”- Tom

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8:15pm Lounge room. Tom talking to the cameras. Tom – Weirdest but possibly the funniest thing I have ever been through in my life.. this whole thing. I’ve got three world class athletes out there in the kitchen angry and not talking to me because I want to win also.. UMMM Okay!? .. I’m head of household because I keep winning all these competitions. I put a couple of them on the block finally and they’re taking a big cry baby fit. Give me a break guys! Its a game! I don’t know if I really care if I win or lose, I just want to have some fun here. They’re sulking out there. I would like to say that to them but then they would freak out and I just don’t feel like getting into a big argument really strong angry people. So I am probably just going to avoid them .. basically. I think that’s called maturity. I think they could exude some too. I will just try to win the veto competition tomorrow so that I can leave them on the block. Get one of them out of here .. and maybe some of the bad energy will go with it. Its just been a month of everybody.. poor sportsmanship, hating each other. Man I miss Johnathan, Joey. I guess they’re trying to scare me… they’re trying to intimidate me.

11:45pm Tom and Dina playing pool.. Dina – let the chips fall. Tom – I don’t care anymore. Some times why you get more you just don’t care anymore. Like a crazy person. Kamikaze. Dina – should I get like that. Tom – I am in a unique position because I don’t give a f**k. Dina – you swear you have my back? Tom – I’ve got your back. Of course I do. Dina – you pinky swear? Tom – Its pretty obvious at this point.

12:25am HOH room. Tom and Dina. Tom – I really want to vote off Ricky. He is just constantly testing me. It is so stressful. I need to. Dina – She (Natalie) stresses me. Tom – I know but.. Dina – since day one! Tom – I won the HOH so I should be able to decide right? Dina – right, is that right!? Tom – right, but I still need you guys to agree because you’ve got to actually vote. I would just really appreciate it if you and Kandi just voted.. if Ricky is even on the block after the end of the veto competition. Dina – if he is not then we do the other one. Tom – if he is not then we do Natalie.. yeah. But if he is I would just appreciate it because he just keeps hammering away at me and its driving me a little bit batty. Dina – but she does it to me. Tom – yeah that will be next week okay?! Dina – MMMHHHmmm. Tom – because we won’t have any time to talk .. is there a live show tomorrow? Dina – I don’t think so. Tom – ok.

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Tom Is a A Canuck

It’s great to see Tom turn the tables on the three athletes. They may be trying to psych him out but instead they come across like spoil sports.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

It IS ironic that the poorest sportsmanship is coming from these athletes. Isn’t that what you learn in sports? Everyone else has taken their turn(s) on the block. So put your big girl compression panties on and grow up.


In my experience the sport types have the worst sportsmanship

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

My impression of Ryan Lachte was negative, with his “smack talk” at the Olympics, the arrest in Rio; but I gained a new appreciation of him in the BB house. He has some humility & self awareness that are lacking in the other athletes. Ricky is older and should know better. Loco needs anger management. It’s a bad look, especially for sponsors and endorsements.


I have to agree with Tom. While he may have had a stickly prior HOH, the athletes lack maturity. Lolo wins gold for the longest pity party ever. Ricky is likely one of the most hypocritical ever. I sure wish he would take some of his own advice. I liked Natalie Marie until her conversation with Lolo and Ricky both before and after nominations yesterday.
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Natalie Marie


Ricky may need a little extra smoke time the next couple of days. Maybe Snoop can host the veto and help him out.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

That’s about right for me too. Tamar started out bottom for me but she’s adjusting in the house and seems to see clearly that her room is not on her side. I miss the Mooch! It really is time for Kandi to win something. Dina too; I’m just not hopeful. Stranger things have happened!

Mom of 3 Boys

Wasn’t it Ricky who told Kandi she shouldn’t cry or be upset when she was on the block bc it’s a GAME??? Funny how that seems to be forgotten when he and Natalie are put on the block and their alliance is in trouble. And Loco saying Tom should put up the weak players and compete against the stronger ones???? While also acknowledging that what he did is a GOOD GAME move? That’s laughable!!! Who would the three of them have nominated? TOM!!!! They are making themselves look so spoiled and petty. I LOVE it that one of them is going home. And then I hope Kandi wins the next HOH (can’t believe I’m saying that!) bc I don’t trust Dina to be strong enough to put up whichever two are left.

Guano Loco

Wow, Loco/Ricky/Nat come off as petty assholes! Waaah, not used to losing ? It’s ironic that Ricky says he came on the show to fix his reputation when all it’s done is shown him as a big , sulky baby. I dislike Tamar more and more because she feeds in to their toxicity as well


Dina – you pinky swear?

Well, pinky swearing didn’t work out too great for a certain house guest last Summer.


We need another twist, to help Tom after this week


no twists

another name

If i’m reading the situation correctly, Loco is now on her second hissyfit of the day. This time… if i can understand her whining correctly, because she wasn’t chosen for veto?
So, it’s been a broken bungee cord of misery for the bandleader of the zen anger cult. It was interesting to watch her be a sympathy seeker yesterday to the people on the block… because she wasn’t on the block. At least if anyone spills anything in the house they can just rip off a couple sheets of loco brand paper towel, the Olympic standard of self absorbent paper towels.


Zen Anger Cult ! best name for a band!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Grunge or Heavy Metal right?

Julia Pierce

Lolo was on The Challenge All Stars and acted like entitled 2 year old.