“If you want to attempt one final deal. I know it’s far fetched and obnoxious”

Head of Household Winner: Nicole
Nominations are: Jackson & Holly
Power of Veto holder: Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony:
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11:37 am Cliff talks to camera forever.
C – it’s day 90 and I’m still here.. that’s not bad.
Cliff says he’s put a lot into this game. It was a long term commitment and a once in a live time opportunity.
C – casting, Being away from family, losing my job
Cliff says the best prize ever is his family waiting back home for him.
Cliff says he’s the old guy this season and he’s proud of how well he did. Nobody expects the old guy to do well.

1:55 pm Nicole and Cliff
Nicole says if Cliff goes to Jury next it would mean Holly has a guaranteed spot to final 2
Cliff – yeah I could see that
N – So if I walk out you know one of them won it if Michie walks out you’ll know I won it
Cliff – you got my vote no matter what
Cliff backtracks and says not ‘no matter what’ she deserves the vote. She deserves his vote.

N – I’m holding out hope that Ichie will get Guilty and change his tune
Cliff doesn’t think so “I really doubt it”
C – The only thing that will make a difference is asking him about jury votes

Cliff mentions how Jackson was calling him out for making deals and setting himself up to go final 2 not matter what. Cliff says that’s the game he makes deals.
Nicole – he makes everything someone else does seem so negative. He did it to Tommy saying Tommy set himself up for success. We’re all setting ourselves up for success we all want to win.
C – He told me he got a little irritated from two things I guess I said, one, in the kitchen he said something like he and Holly were going to stay a bit to themselves because he said this could be tour last six days together in the house and I said ‘well it will be right’
C – I mean… that was our deal
C – I said well yeah I assumed that’s the case, The other one was giving her (holly) permission to play. He said she’s a grown-ass woman
C – I said yeah but she had an agreement that she was going to throw it. We were just saying go for it. (You were drunker on power than I was on Kraken)
Nicole says Michie talks to her the same way. brings up when he was in the HOH and said “NOT NOW NICOLE”
N – wasn’t that talking down to somebody
C – there’s a little bias in there. A little hypocrisy it’s ok when it comes from one end but not the other (ZOMG)

Nicole says she’s known all her life whether you are mean to her nice to be a villain. she always returns with empathy
N – I never said to Bella when she was on the block you were mean to me you don’t deserve my compassion you don’t deserve my empathy. IF I did I wouldn’t be an empathetic person. I should her empathy because that is my character there are no conditions to it
N – If he wants to show his characters is his WORD is WORD his WORD than put your money where your mouth is DO it. Show that despite what people have done to you. you are still a man of your word. Ther are no conditions to that and if there are conditions to that than that is not your character.
C – yup. I agree

N – if I go out third and it’s them two sitting on those chairs I’m not going to mope it’s a game. Yeah them two did maneuver their way through this game Kudos. I’ll vote.
Cliff – I went down swinging up to the very end I was making deals trying to help me a little bit more. The very last competition I played in I gave it everything I had.
Cliff says he considered throwing that last veto and he’s glad he didn’t even though his time wasn’t very good he gave it his all.
Nicole – I played to win

Nicole says maybe if Cliff talks to him one more time then on a personal level it’ll get to him “if you want to attempt one final deal. I know it’s far fetched and obnoxious”
N – Shake hands say listen you have guaranteed final 2
Nicole – do we honor it or don’t go for it (LOL)
C – yeah I know.. we’ll think about it
Cliff is going to bring up Michie always saying he wants to be against people that “fought the whole way through”
Nicole – break out the tears. it’ll get to him. Appeal to him as a person and what it means to you and your family.
C – I’m not going after a partner of his I’m going up against girlfriend and that’s pretty rough
Cliff says Michie might be worried he can’t win against CLiff in the final 2.
Nicole again says for Cliff to bring up “him honoring his word the jury will go YEAH Cool”

Nicole says she will offer anything to get Cliff to stay.
C – I’ll see what he’s thinking is.
N – say, I want to be in finale I want my family there it would mean so much. Moneywise, Holly said she’ll take fourth. Maybe say to him I have nothing at this moment and if you did this I would take you to final 2.
Nicole – I have nothing to lose you say whatever you want I I can say whatever I want.
Nicole says if Cliff makes a final 2 deal with Jackson and honours it she won’t be made She would rather see Cliff in final 2 than Holly and Jackson.
Cliff says he’ll start with Final 3 deal and work his way up “We’ll see”
N – say you know Michie you always say I have no bird I have no Bush. That’s where I am right now. If you were to keep me I would owe you.

Nicole says Michie should never have made the deal with Cliff to take him to final 3. “Holly would have won that HOH he won the veto it would be me and you next to each other it is what it is”
Nicole says if Cliff gets evcited she has 6 days in the house until Finale.
Cliff – I can promise final 2 but he probably thinks he has it anyways. Holly wins he’s in the final 2. You’re probably the only one that matters.
N – he never factors me in. He never factored me in with the BBcomics Veto he never factored me in with this veto. he’s not factoring me in if I win this HOH That’s what is so frustrating
Nicole says she could tell him she’ll bring him to final 2 if he keeps Cliff but won’t if he keeps Holly.
N – I fear it’ll let the inner beast come out of him. I would rather him feel more comfortable with me going into final 3
Nicole wants Jackson to think that Nicole will take him anyways “So maybe he won’t fight as hard” (IN the final HOH, ZOMG)
C – don’t do anything to affect your game please, it’s not worth it

2:30 pm

2:43 pm Nicole and Cliff
They agree they can’t watch reality shows any more the same way. They’ll both continue being Big Brother fans and watch.

3:00 pm Nicole’s Soda exploded
Nicole – Big brother I didn’t know this thing froze
Nicole – Big brother I am sorry I am such a hazard to this house. I will clean it later I promise. WOW. I didn’t know frozen soda would explode but it makes sense..

3:51 pm
Nicole tells Cliff one of her biggest fears is finding out a person she was close to in the house will be like “Nah” when they get out.

4:48 pm
Cliff – I didn’t come to play for third.
Honesty integrity. word. yadda yadda

5:42 pm Nicole and Cliff
Cliff says if there was no blow up pre-vote last week they would have still sent Tommy home.
He’s going to fight for her in the jury house.
Nicole mentions how a lot of people in the house have come to her and said she’s taught them to be nicer and to think before they speak.
Cliff brings up how CHrsitie mentioned during the Nick fight that he was honorable. He likes that in the game what was his reputation Honourable.
Nicole parrots him “Honorable” goes on about how he can’t dishonorable if he’s being honorable to the person he shook hands with first.

Nicole brings up one reason she was worried about Tommy
Nicole says when Jessica spilled their entire game she never said her name “that’s a testament to my social game she never felt comfortable saying my name. Jess said she heard it from someone”
Nicole – I know deep down Tommy knows that It was me (that told Jess)

Nicole then brings up when she found out from Nick that Tommy was going to put Kat and Cliff up. She told Kat and framed it that it’s was only speculation but Kat took and ran with it.

Nicole Jess always says Jacksons is going to plow through and win the game.
C – if he wins. I’m upset about a little bit of it here but I’m okay with it. By the time I’m out of here Who knows who I will consider. I don’t want to be a biter juror
C – is it, biter, to vote for a person that honoured their word over one that didn’t
C – do I reward a person that was a competition beast even if .. this one time they did something
N – I try to look at the whole season. In my head since day one he was camp director, Day 1 you fought bad that’s why I want you
C – It’s not the end of the world.

N – you never know there’s a lot of days until Thursday as well. You never know. There’s plenty of times in this game where thought Christie was gone and all of a sudden Sis was. I thought I was gone then no offense you were. Plenty of times.

Cliff is going to talk to Jackson Wednesday morning or tomorrow night.
Nicole suggests Wednesday afternoon or Wednesday night.
Cliff agrees.
Nicole says if he’s outside tonight or tomorrow with her she’ll “Calmly” start dropping hints.
C – Nicole I trust you just tell me what you do so we can coordinate. Don’t screw your game up any.
C – lay some groundwork with Holly right now
N – that’s the thing. If they weren’t so close I could lay groundwork wit both and say to Michie like you’re a duo Holly’s the more well liked. You have a better chance with me. Tell Holly he’s a competition beast
C – the more you lay the groundwork with Holly and if Michie notices it and feels like he’s losing Holly does that make him just a little bit more likely to pull the cord if it actually was a decision.
C – Sau Holly neither one of us can beat him when it comes down to Jury vote. Wheres your head at? WE could take each other
H – if she reports to him. He might actually think I’ll take him to final 2 if he doesn’t think that he might go even more beast mode

8:24 pm more of the same….

*** FYI Veto ceremony is Thursday on the eviction episode. The backyard will be closed until Finale after tonight (I hate this all the best BB memories are backyard memories)

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Nicole better not throw her game away for Cliff. This is one time production better step the bleep in!!!!!


Agreed roadie.

She’ll be a good third place

At some point people have to recognize Michie as the greatest ever though. Flawless game from day 1 and he has had Holly to snack on the whole time. The hottest chick in bb history and a flawless game. Much respect.

Michie you are loving the dream bud.

Joey Versus Corn Pop

Not the best ever but he has played a great game. If he wins part three he will get a lot of respect from the BB community.


I totally agree with you. All the thumbs down are people who love floaters and not the real game players who actually have to get dirty to get far, not like cliff and nicole who just floated to whoever was in power.

Cotton Weary

upvoted. trollgasmic!!!

Cat Lady Nicole

What would make Jackson the best ever is if when he evicts Cliff he does the shirt pull and the finger snapping.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

You are E-V-I-L…I like it.

Jan Nan

This has to be sarcasm. His game is far from perfect. He’s played fair but he has had some help from production, plus other players not taking the shot when they could have. And Holly looks nice for 40-45 but not so much for early 30’s. I’m not hating I just don’t see what you see. I can name at least 3 other women from this season that look better than she does, sorry. I’m crossing my fingers for Nicole to take it all. I’ve said before that’s the only ending that will save this crappy season.


I wouldn’t say he was the greatest ever.. and Holly is definitely not the hottest chick in bb history.. ( LOL) she is pretty but not the hottest in history.. that’s a BIG stretch.
He did play a good game (with productions help) .. he is strong and his personality is very strong so he is able to get people to do what he wants through intimidation ( and productions help) …. but lets not forget how much of an asshole he was to so many people … while he has toned it down by a lot (with productions help) he’s still a POS at times and as for Holly…. lol she basically floated just as much as Nicole and Cliff has… she won about as much as Nicole has.. so it definitely doesn’t make her any better. She is just aligned with a strong player and they were able to dominate a big part of the game together. I think the stool in the bathroom did more than she did….. lmaoooooo… Im not hating either with my comments.. He is a pretty good player and he is that type of player that sticks to the alliances and for the most part he kept his mouth shut… so good…or better than a lot from this season? Yes.. The greatest? Hell no…


First time reading these posts. If I may ask..what is meant by the (with productions help) comments? Does this mean that they have actually assisted him in the game? If that’s the case It’ll be the last season I watch. I have watched since season one and guess I have just never really paid much attention to the blogs and spoilers. I like to be surprised on viewing nights. LOL 🙂


Yes its been proven for many years that production helps certain people get ahead in the games.. On some of the live feeds you hear some of the conversations where the players would say that production helped them or gave hints .. that type of stuff.. .. for many seasons it has happened.. Jackson has said at some points in this season that they gave him hints.. ( for example: in that comp where they elected crusty, Jackson and sis to go head to head doing the egg through the fence comp? Jackson told sis to shake the egg and it makes it more stable… I believe in one of the live feeds during that time he said he got hints…. That is just the one that comes to mind as an example


When already has. Two weeks ago when she didn’t backdoor Jackson, which she knew was the smart thing to do.


I don’t think she’s just doing it for Cliff. She’s got a much better chance of winning if Cliff stays.

Houka Inumuta

I know for a FACT that Nicole is going to win Big Brother 21. I’m am always right (expect Michie’s final 3). Michie’s evicition party is cancelled but that doesn’t mean he’ll win. I looked into the future and Michie lost the final HOH and went out at 3rd.

Joey Versus Corn Pop

Houka how much did you bet on the Miami Dolphins winning the Super Bowl this season?

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I believe he put a bet on the Toronto Blue Jays.

Cat Lady Nicole

Didn’t Houka suggest the Watermelon Oreo too?


You are friggen hilarious. You need to stop saying things cause when you do .. the total opposite happens.. Or maybe you do that because you already know this… LOL Dam .. you just jinxed Nicole’s win. 🙁


Woohoo! Kat’s Gaining traction! I see she is currently #4 in the AFP poll. Is Cliff actually going w vote for Jackson once he is in jury? Sure looks that way

Deep Thoughts

Kat gets my vote too.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

As much as I wish there were a chance, and I will vote for her, but unless something dramatic happens, it sure looks like Nicole or Tommy will get it.

If Nicole goes out F3 she’ll get the sympathy vote. If she makes it to F2, and wins, Cliff probably would have pulled it out, but now that everyone BUT Nicole knows his game, he’s burned that chance. The last image/memory of Tommy that the viewers have is the teary eyed victim…completely forgetting how much of a $hit he was during the season.

Kat's Alien Bitch

Kat was by far the most entertaining.


The house was a lot more fun when Kat was in the house. She is very pretty and funny as hell.


Voting kat too! Conspiring bitch

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Now that would make a great t-shirt (someone call Swaggy…we’re not talking since he got the brow transplant).

“Conspiring Bitches For Kat”

Kat's Alien Bitch

The brilliance that is Kat:
Kat- I have another mission. I’m going to talk to Nick. Nicole- Be aware that he might not tell you. Kat- Bitches get snitches, my friend. I dont know what that has to do with the situation. I just always wanted to say that

She is kind of like Yogi Berra. If Yogi Berra was blond and had large breasts.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“If Yogi Berra was blond and had large breasts.”

Well there’s a mental image that will probably send a few readers into therapy.


For some reason this season has made me long for simple twists of the past (like the season when twins switched places with each for several weeks)

Joey Versus Corn Pop

I did like that it was all new players. I don’t like the handful of past players thing. For me either go All Stars or all newbies.


Omg forgot about the twins! Lol

Don’t over think it

Nicole to Michie: “So Michie, if you keep Cliff then I promise I’ll take you to the final two.” Bwuhahaha As Simon would say, ZOMG

Cheryl Brown

What is “ZOMG”?

Swaggie's Missing Brow

OMG (oh my god) with an accidental Z in front of it that stuck.

Deep Thoughts

Cliff voted out Tommy because he thought jackson would take him to the final three. Jackson had Holly throw the HOH because he wanted Cliff to trust him and take him to the final three. They both threw their partners under the bus and are selfish.


I would say they both played their version of Big Brother. When it comes to final 4 all the players should be selfish IMO. Its a lot of work to get that far – for some more than others if you know what I mean.


A Jackson vs Holly final 2. I would like to see what Jacksons pitch will be. How will the jury perceive him? Many of them claimed if he stayed in they game the would vote for him. Did they really mean it?
A Nicole vs Holly final 2 would like to hear what Nicole would say. When her n Cliff blew up their own game, Nicole now has some explaining to do.
Cliff in jury could help Nicole but I fear he talks too much trying to sound smart that he may potentially hurt Nicole more in the long run.
The more convincing argument versus bitter jury will come into play.
I am curious to see what the best arguments from people here are pro Jackson and pro Nicole. Comp wins? The beginning alliance?
The switching of alliances and potential deals that were handshakes but not for real handshakes isn’t going to quite cut it for final arguments to jury.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Well the very first thing Holly or Jackson would need to make very clear to the jury would be the Crusty-Tommy connection; if they are allowed to reveal it. (If not, I’d sure as hell make a regrettable mistake in the heat of the moment and let it slip out. Oops, sorry.) I would then let the jury know that Tommy tried to parley that knowledge first to them, later to Cliff and Nicole, for safety.

Keeping in mind it was the supposed previous relationship between Holly and Kat that blew up the alliance; with an outraged Crusty and Tommy leading the charge. That should give some of the jury pause to consider why their alliance was blown up and why they’re sitting in jury.


Jackson may have the edge here. Love him or hate him, you have to admit he’s pretty good at presenting arguments. Hearing him go at it with Tommy made me wonder if he had any debate classes. Even when he’s bullshittiing he stays calm and cool.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Completely agree, I’d give him the definite edge speaking; I’m hoping to hear Dr. Wills take on the “heinous lie”.

I believe Holly should be able to deliver a credible performance given her background.

Nicole does have one benefit that Holly doesn’t have with this jury: she’s used to dealing with preschoolers all the time. As long as she doesn’t lead off with that silly arse speech she intends to deliver to Jackson.


The old slip of the tongue trick?
Liking this lol I mean its $500,000 and in the heat of that moment just about anything could come out
On to something blowing up alliance with Tommy angle.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“The last thing I wanted to do was lie about you Tommy, but with your family relationship to Chrus…oops! Was I not supposed to mention that?”

Miss Conception

Michie,”ladies and gentlemen of the jury,I now present to you my greatest accomplishment of this season,behold,exhibit “A”,the shower stool’!


LOL. Miss Conception got to hand it to you, your comment is funny as hell.


Miss Conception
Thank you for your well thought out assessment of Jackson’s final pitch.
I’m over here dying!


Dear NICOLE, you can win this! Just focus on the money, and then pick Holly for final two. I want to watch Michie’s reaction when it happens. Michie crying: Oh Mama…I wish you were here to hug me.

Miss Conception

If that was to happen,and Holly won,Michie would just say,”Way to go Holly,I am so glad that WE won! Now let us go and spend our money because you won because of me”!


Nicole dont deserve to win over anyone. Maybe if jess was there nicole would have a chance. Anyone that votes for nicole to win shouldnt be playing big brother.

Cat Lady Nicole

She seems like a nice girl but as a player she is a load.


Nicole is where she is for a reason. She has had a great low key social game. strategist.

Melted Snowflake

She is there because nobody needed to vote her out since she is not a threat.


wow – your conclusion is so rich with facts I can see you gave this a lot of thought!

Joey Versus Corn Pop

Nicole would be the worst winner since Josh.


It would almost be like another Jordan win. She was super sweet but IMO didn’t deserve the win.

Jan Nan

Where’s Mama when you need her ( squeezes tear from eye) bahahaha

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Please, please, please Nicole, yes, go to Jackson and promise him F2 if he takes the Howg to F3. Pinky swear, swear on both your sister’s lives. Shake on it. Give him your word. You know he’ll jump right on that.

But give that great speech of yours first.

Pure genius…and so disappointing.


Nicole is in denial. She was saying how much she was dreading being alone in the house with Jackson and Holly. I find this ironic because Jackson and Holly were extremely nice and respectful to Nicole Everything was fine between the 2 couples until Cliff and Nicole decided to flip.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Maybe things will be cool again once Cliff is gone and not dragging her down into his vengeance hopes. There are times when he talks like he expects her to go out at F3; and join him in voting against Jackson.


u mean the flip after mitch & holly’s double final 4 , they really had everyone’s back, so that was ok ?


I can’t believe Nicole is still talking about making deals and seems to think there is some idea that Jackson won’t give it his all to win final HOH. Apparently she thinks her and Cliff were such great players they should be the only 2 at the finale. What a load of BS! I wish this week was the end of this season. I hope neither one gets AFP.


Alright Cliff, go pack your bags..enough is enough!

Nicole!! Quit listening to anything else Cliff has to say and get your head back in the game to get to final 2!!

Joey Versus Corn Pop

Cliff needs to get to steppin.


When has her head been in the game.


Am I the only one that thinks Nicole has a lot of nerve to be on Michie about him “keeping his word” when last week she was gonna break their alliance? I mean… pot… there’s the kettle… it’s just killing me to hear her whining about it! It’s ok for her to be the villain if it gets her further. It’s big brother, right? Michie does it and he’s an awful person. So hypocritical!! Just saying

Deep Thoughts

You think you are sick of hearing her whine just think what her cats are going to have to listen to for the next 30 years.


Who was that player that won BB that NEVER LIED or went back on a deal? Asking for a friend.

Ovi's tongue

You’re right, Michie is an awful person.


Lol what? Awful for playing big brother? Don’t be silly


nobody whines more than blockhead & stool girl , they disgust me


Listening to Dickson brow beat Nicole with his man splaining is pissing me off. Blaming her for the breakdown of the alliance…. that prick was never going to pick anybody other than his mattress to go with him. Him trying to give Nicole advice and telling her how to be outside of the house….”come on Nicole I’m your big little brother talk to me “ such a patronizing ass. Does he think viewers don’t see through that bs?

Cat Lady Nicole

How are you going to feel once Jackson bounces Nicole and sends her back to her Mom’s basement?

Noneya Bizness

Can you imagine what he will say to the Jury? Lol. We all know the mattresses will be vote for me for all those girls who couldn’t ….jump on some psycho path on reality TV and be a drama queen worried about her destroyed image.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“Does he think viewers don’t see through that bs?”

Yes, of course they do…but I’m not referring to Jackson. I’m referring to Cliff. The viewers have seen right through his game, how he has used Nicole and how he continues to use her.

That might be the question you should be pursuing…when will Nicole see through it?


Nicole will be disappointed when she sees all the conversations Cliff had. With allies like him…

Noneya Bizness

Jackson’s only chance to win is to take Cliff. Let’s count the votes

Jessica – female Holly or Nicole
Tommy – anybody but Jackson – unless it’s Cliff
Crusty – same as Tommy
Kat, Holly, Nicole Jackson Cliff – in that order
Nick – Nicole , Holly, Jackson, Cliff – in that order
Jack – Jackson
Sis – Holly, Nicole, Jackson, Cliff – in that order
Cliff – Nicole, Holly, Jackson – in that order
Nicole -Cliff, Holly, Jackson – in that order
Holly – Jackson Nicole Cliff – in that order

8. / 1

8. / 1

8. /. 1

Jackson isn’t smart enough to figure this out on his own and he won’t listen to anyone. So Holly will walk off with the $500k and laugh at Jackson. I think Holly is an ingrate who thinks far too highly of herself. I most definitely will not watch a show or support either of these two oxygen thieves and I certainly hope the rest of the world does the same. But believe I’m dayum close to right with this prediction.

I’m pretty sure Nicole wins against Cliff – although I think Cliff deserves it.


What makes Cliff a deserving player? His come back and being banished n still making it this far?
Just curious

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“What makes Cliff a deserving player?”

Nicole said he deserved it more then her?

Noneya Bizness

Jackson immediately kicked him out and he was the first back in. He did get blindsided, evicted, kill the battle back, just to win HOH. He was the first to take a big shot. All be it Crusty ruined it. He threw Nicole’s first HOH to her. I’m not a huge fan of all the deals but it worked for him. I’m also not 100% thinking his attachment to Nicole helped him. I feel like he has been the underdog from the moment he got cast and he has fought like hell ever since. Is he threatens player in BB history? No but there have been far less deserving win in the past


Jackson will win 7-2 vs holly
Jackson will win 8-1 vs nicole
Cliff is done so no need for that one.


I agree with you Moe. That’s how the votes should go but the last few years the “popular” players have been winning. And the “popular” players don’t necessarily deserve the win IMO.

Kat's Alien Bitch

I really don’t get what all the drama is about: Jax was always going to take Holly and it was absurd to think otherwise.

So N and C nearly flipped: they are trying to win.

I suspect most of this is fake.


I agree. Only a delusional person would even consider for a second that he would take ANYONE over holly. It’s ridiculous. And cliff would be a jerk if he took anyone but Nicole. It was a stupid proposal to begin with and one I assumed they would both know is a crock of crap when they said it.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Folks, I don’t want to cast aspersions on one of our hosts, but if you haven’t taken the time, I very highly recommend listening to the Big Brother 21 Breakdown with their guest, Simon.

A really great talk but…I did find it a little unsettled when the host thanked Simon and said goodbye, Simon responded with “My pleasure, SDK143.”

Roll Tide

Nicole keeps talking to Cliff about her getting to the final two. She talks about how she is going to win, constantly. What Cliff can do to get her there. Did it never cross her mind that Cliff wants to win also?
Her head grew 2 sizes to big.

Roisin Dubh

This turned out to be a good season. Love it when the greed goes into overdrive.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Some players will (actually) start out with their eye on the prize and keep it there throughout the game. Others seem to just make it up as they go along.

No Name


another name

The holder of the veto told both of them yesterday that Cliff is toast.
The holder of the veto is the only vote.
I don’t understand. Cliff is already sitting next to Julie. what win also?


What is so odd, is perhaps there is a way around things for Jackson. Give Holly the Veto, she come off the block, Cliff goes up, and Holly Evicts Cliff. Jackson technically doesn’t break his word to Nichole or Cliff, because it is Holly that evicts Cliff. Holly make a game move, and Jackson still comes out on top. Just a Thought!

SD Bird

They briefly discussed that. It’s my thought is that’s why they were reading the rulebook last night and commenting on infractions committed. Jackson may have too many or close to enough – to risk a Pentalty Vote.
One can dream that he’s out on a technicality if he grandstands that move. PD

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Isn’t the holder of the veto allowed to use it on either person on the block?

Summer Gowen

He has broken so many rules, he should have something before now


Nicole stop letting these guy manipulate you. Stop worrying about everyone else and focus on your game. Cliff made his own bed, so stop trying to make it for him since he did it wrong. Nicole’s family is probably flipping out right now.

Summer Gowen

Plus she need to stop and think, he keeps saying ” I didn’t come here for 4th or 3th but to win”….that she make her realize to leave it alone and let him go out.


Nicole – Big brother I am sorry I am such a hazard to this house. I will clean it later I promise. WOW. I didn’t know frozen soda would explode but it makes sense.. NICOLE DON’T LOSE IT NOW.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Second thing of hers to blow up in as many days.


Why y’all should have voted Holly out instead of Tommy, duh. This is the consequence.


Nicole was so irrelevant the first 75 days of this game.what a joke. Mickie deserves the win and will get it.


I just imagined Jackson going out 3rd AND on finale night he is given a broom to clean up all the confetti from announcing the winner – Nicole!

The broom had writing on it: recycled from shower stool – wear gloves. It’s a long handled broom and the font is small so if you look closer…no bird, no bush, no BB win..

One can imagine!.

Don’t over think it


another name

All This Gentlemen’s Agreement Code Stuff. What does it actually mean?
All the talk of honor code, code of southern gentlemen. blahblahblah. Based on chivalric code? Oh. So it’s part of the old school. Got it.
If we remove our 21st century moral ambivalence and look at the code, I’m sorry, both of the guys are damned. literally. This gets full of preach. be warned.
By the code Cliff’s word and honor are now sullied in the eyes of all other gentlemen and God. Renegotiating or Forming a second covenant while the first is ongoing for the sake of leverage? No. Not permitted.
What does that mean in terms of what comes after?
By the code, a gentleman would preferably never enter into a pact with a welcher again. No gentleman would. However:
If by necessity, a gentleman were required to enter into a bond with an honorless curr, the honorful would be bound by the same moral code they’ve always aspired to, because their honor in the eyes of God would still be sacrosanct. You can’t welch a welcher and keep honor by the code because the bond is between the two gentlemen in the eyes of God. It’s the eyes of God part that damns them, that’s the third party in code of southern gentlemen agreements. This is why no gentleman would enter into a bond with a welcher: the same threat of damnation doesn’t apply.
Entering into a bond, pact or covenant does not mean that a gentleman can break his bond in the eyes of God, because the other person in the deal has already sullied his name.
By the code, Jackson’s word and honor are now sullied in the the eyes of all other gentlemen and God.
That’s how the code actually works. Threat of removal of social standing, shunning, and damnation.
Can we drop the southern code stuff as justification now?
Nobody wins the argument.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Okay, the backyard is closing tonight for good and the veto meeting will take place live on Thursday. Still plenty of time to sell that golden F2 deal to Jackson.

Latest strategy is to tell him the jury won’t like it if he goes back on his word (cough, cough) so he needs to keep Cliff. Of course the jurors will love him if he does something incredibly stupid that benefits their game.

The walls are going to start closing in on those folks real quick.


Nicole and Cliff should be the ones worrying about the jury they are going to know how sleazy these two are and how Nicole made Holly throw her the HOH to stay. Jackson should not have lied about Tommy but was forced to take drastic measures after keeping Cliff and Nicole safe they were going to backstab them. I hope Tommy wins AFP and Nicole and Cliff get nothing.

Deborah Sanders

Who was telling her to fall? Jackson. No one MADE her do anything. She only promised what Tommy did to get to stay. If she didn’t then Tommy already made that deal. It’s ridiculous to take a showmance to final 4. If it were anyone but Cliff and Nicole, you would say thats the game. Is this the first time you’ve watched Big Brother?


Who was the HOH that demanded Cristie to basically be his puppet for multiple weeks? Who had two final four deals in order to cover the bases? Jackson!


RE: Cliff’s finances- He had a job and left it in order to “gamble” on a chance to win Big Brother. That was a wreckless, self-indulgent move. You don’t get to cry poor after you get there and realize that there are other people who also made the choice to stop whatever they were doing in order to play the game. So, either Cliff is lying about being broke and hoping for sympathy, or he is irresponsible with family finances. Big Brother is not a charity. All of these types of shows are a gamble. If you’re unemployed, independently wealthy, or otherwise free to take the chance, great. But if you are in IMMEDIATE need of a reliable source of income, have people counting on you to pay bills, and can’t afford to take the summer off, you probably need to find a better way to handle your business.

RE: Nicole- She is really chomping down on those sour grapes. She is still very much alive in the game, but she seems to be focused on trying to book passage for Jackson on a guilt trip. Nicole, he wants to win just as much as you do. Get over it, get out of Jackson’s headspace, and get your own head right.


I think it would be better if the last two weeks were combined into maybe one and a half weeks or less. They are just too long—for everyone. Move the nonaction along and edit all day before the next show. It is dragging ass and these people are starting to reveal more than u care to know just to fill space with sound. Is it Thursday yet? Not the greatest cast but here we are. Let’s go! I think maybe some of these people really have no love for others. Pure torture.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

From your voice to Grodner’s ears, amen. This has always been so boring I don’t know why they’ve never addressed it.


Jackson’s played a solid game, which became a strong game at the end. I hate to admit it b/c I can’t stand the guy, but his Tommy/Holly flip does put him in the top ranks. It was very well done, very well thought out. The way that he used Tommy’s pitch to Cliff/Nicole as a way to make his own lie believable. And still campaigning and dealing right before eviction, while Tommy just sat and cried in his room. Getting Holly to drop on the HOH comp b/c that was best for his game….although it wouldn’t have made a difference, being that he won POV, but even so…..he’s set himself up perfectly these past few weeks. I can only hope that Nicole wins final HOH.