“There’s no way I’m f***g you over, over Jason … F*** Jason “

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-11 12-13-43-771

12:12pm Danielle and Shelby in the HOH
Danielle is trying to get Kryssie or Justin out . Offers her a Final 4 with Jason, MOrgan and Shelby. Says if Justin goes home this week she’s fine with getting Kryssie out next week.
Shelby – I feel like I’m a target now.. Everyone said they were coming after me and now I’ve win 2 HOH’s I feel I’m a target now
Danielle – you’re a target with Justin and Kryssie ..
Danielle says Kryssie and Justin are together in this game.
Shelby points out they are close to Jason too
Danielle says their group is 2 couples.
Danielle – Justin’s game is vern translucent.. Whoever is head of household he gets really close to them
Shelby questions if Justin is even a threat in this game.
Danielle – Yes Socially
Danielle says Justin will use his Care package to their advantage

Danielle – the odds of us winning over Kryssie are high.. Next week I can give you and MOrgan protection then the 4 of us can go final 4
Shelby says she’s hesitate to get into a deal with Danielle
Danielle – you leave me off the block that benefits you.. Lets me know you’re serious about the deal
Danielle says Morgan will be America’s nom if Danielle is on the block.

Danielle accuses Shelby’s side to ignore her all season “Gamewise”
Danielle says she was getting rid of Alex so she would be able to work with Shelby and MOrgan in the future. Danielle explains that with Alex in the house they were never going to have that chance.
Shelby says that’s crazy

Shelby – you’ve become the BIG player.. You’ve won the most and I feel like I’m the second biggest target behind you..
Shelby – You broke the deal last week … You didn’t have to come to us with a deal so… I know I’m a sitting duck next week.
Daneille – My deal with you will be 100% solid they’re will be no faulty lines..
Danielle wants to get her and Jason through to the following week.
Danielle offers to shake on it now
Shelby says she needs to think about it.
Danielle says she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it far in this game, “If that means cutting Justin and KRyssie so be it”
Shelby – I do believe you are going to make deals.. It’s just that we already had a deal

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-11 12-44-54-839
12:30pm Kryssie and SHelby HOH
Kryssie – I’m not campaigning against anyone… I’m the perfect person to leave because I have no blood on my hands..
Kryssie says Whitney leaving was all Danielle
Kryssie – with my HOH I sent home someone on my side of the house
Shelby – We’re in the same boat
Kryssie – you’re HOH got hijacked and we got lucky

Kryssie asks her what she wants Protection? “I’m open to anything at this point nobody has wanted to game with me except for when I was HOH”
Shelby – I know you guys aren’t going to turn on each other.. It doesn’t give me much wiggle room
Kryssie goes on about wanting to be in the final 3 with the strongest players, says she was “Grossed out” by Shelby’s side wanting to take out the strong players first.

SHelby says Kryssie is the most trustworthy of her side
Kryssie – I wanted to play the least icky game of Big Brother possible (ZOMG)
Kryssie says Danielle was ready to send Justin home last night she’s not loyal.
Shelby – so the deal you’re offering me is you’ll go after MOrgan instead of me next week
Kryssie- OK.,. I’ve only won 1 HOH no Vetoes

Kryssie says Morgan has broken deals before but Shelby hasn’t
Shelby says danielle has lied to her 2 times in the past week..
Kryssie says Jason probably isn’t coming up to talk to SHelby he saying he’ll just win the veto.
Shelby – OK so he doesn’t want to make any deals..
Kryssie says her and JAson agree that Justin is throwing HOH’s all season, “Justin’s not here to win Big Brother”
Kryssie says Justin isn’t her main she just started gravitating towards him when he was close to Whitney.
Kryssie – I don’t have a number 1 my number 1 was Neeley
KRyssie brings up Jason wanting her and Justin in the final 3, “Whitney said the same thing she wanted to take me and Justin”
Shelby – that little backstabber
Kryssie says Justin was attracted to Justin and she used that to her advantage.,
Kryssie – her being gone has made him gravitate towards Danielle HARD
Kryssie – I would be more concerned that him Daniele and Jason are doing something

KRyssie wants Jason to stay because early in the season their side agreed to bring people to the end that NEED the money not WANT the money.
Kryssie – He’s poor, so am I
Kryssie brings up a player saying they wanted to get Rims on their car if they won.
Shelby – who the f*** said they want rims on their car
Kryssie – I feel like I should say it..
Shelby – is it someone that’s still here
Kryssie – mmmmmhmhhhmmmmmmm
Kryssie – Danielle … I never said that..
Kryssie says the only thing Jason ever lied about was the final 5 deal they made last week with the girls, ‘They only did that honestly to f*** with MOrgan”

Shelby tells her she’s not coming after her.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-11 14-26-05-417

1:02pm HOH Justin, Morgan and Shelby
Justin – I’ll do whatever I want to stay here.
Justin says he’s ready to make a big move..
Shelby and MOrgan sell the final 4 deal to Justin. Justin wants to do it with Kryssie. SHelby just talked to KRyssie and she told her she’s not selling out anyone on her side.
Shelby – that’s what this deal involves.
Shelby tells him Danielle and Jason broke 2 deals with them in 1 week.
Justin knows, “They can’t be trusted”
Shelby wants to put the personal stuff aside and move ahead with this deal
Justin says he’s ready to do it

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-11 13-22-47-685

1:11pm Morgan and SHelby HOH
Morgan and Shelby are say they are more willing to trust Justin and KRyssie.
Morgan – Danielle is FREAKING out
Shelby – Kryssie actually told me Jason’s her main so if we made this deal..
Morgan – Kryssie is so delusional
Shelby brings up KRyssie saying Justin has money and shouldn’t win
Morgan – we have a fighting chance against Kryssie and a fighting chance against Justin
They agree Jason and Danielle did a lot more in the game and have good arguments to win it.

MOrgan – I bet JAson and Danielle are just wishing and wishing that they took that deal with us
Morgan – Jason i’m sorry that’s what you get for being an ass
Morgan says Kryssie will take their final 4 plan when she finds out Jason is going around telling them it’s him and Danielle to the end.

Shelby brings up Danielle wanting to buy new Rim if she won the money.
They want to put JAson and Danielle up and take Danielle out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-11 14-36-28-276

1:17pm Justin and Kryssie
Justin says they want Danielle out and want to cut a final 4 with them.
Justin 0 I’m not I just had to say yes.. I don’t want to do it you know that.. but if that is what guarantees me another 2 weeks.. at least with that deal I’m good with that
Kryssie- OK ..
Justin – goes up there and talk to them
KRyssie – right now
Justin – at some point

Justin says in 2 weeks he can to whatever the f** he wants

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-11 13-23-33-996

1:28pm HOH Morgan and Shelby
They talk about Jason being a evil person and making up that deal last week just to f** with them.
Morgan – I wish Kryssie wasn’t a idiot
Shelby – I know
They talk about Kryssie thinking it’s “Disgusting” to take out eh strong players. Morgan and Shelby agree that’s going against the point of the game.

Morgan – Jason and Danielle you are stupid you should have taken the deal with us..
Shelby – guess what when you try and sell them out they’ll come talk to us..
Morgan – they must have really thought they are stupid too than if they think they won’t come talk to us..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-11 13-29-35-579

1:29pm Justin and Kryssie
Justin – I got to win the f****g veto.. At some point she wants us to all shake on it.
Justin says Jason and Danielle were selling her under the bus
Kryssie says jason is only doing it because it’s a game.
THey seem convinced Jason is trying to get Danielle out

Justin – they are pushing me to get the f*** outa here.. Jason is going to have to stay up they’re..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-11 14-44-38-907

2:13pm Tokyo Room Kryssie and Shelby
Shelby offers up the final 4 deal.
Shelby tells her both Danielle and Jason were up in the HOH trying to get her to take out Justin
Shelby – they want him out and they want me to do it for him
Kryssie – I have to go if they are going to win
Shelby – if you guys do take this deal what odds are in our favor..
Shelby – i know you are not willing to back stab anybody but they are more than willing to back stab you
Kryssie – there comes a time in this game you ahve to … 3 and a half weeks left this is make or break.
Kryssie says Danielle is ready to turn on them at the drop of a hat.

Kryssie – I want to protect me..
Shelby says Jason came to her on her last HOH and said that Kryssie was the person he’s closest to. Today he came to her and said he had lied to her and it was Danielle he wanted to keep safe, “Danielle is my number 1”
Shelby – we need us all to agree to take down the America’s nom.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-11 14-50-55-778

Justin joins them.
Shelby – it’s best we put them both up .. so they can’t pull the other down
Justin – Ohh ya.. I’m feeling it.. I know this is a serious matter because all I care about are my muscles.
Shelby – my plan is for us to do this final 4 deal
Kryssie- I’m here to win
Justin – that’s my girl
MOrgan joins them.. “I’m on the same page”

Kryssie says Morgan lied to her face.
Morgan – I need Scott to stay just 1 more week.. I wanted to get a big threat out
Kryssie I get that.. I’m not playing this personal .. I though that was shitty that was week 4
Kryssie – If I make this deal with you guys does that mean I make it to the end..
Shelby – do you think we want to take Jason to the end.
KRyssie – he’s proven he’s a f****G dick.. at least to you guys he’s been great to us

Shelby – there’s no way I’m f***g you over over Jason … F*** Jason
Shelby – he told us you two (Kryssie/Justin) were playing personal games and there’s no way you would work with us and that’s why we had to work with him and Danielle
MOrgan – he said the only option was for us to work with him and Danielle
Shelby – he thinks you’re not playing this game.. and now it’s time for you guys to show him a big move
Kryssie – i have seen them palling around more

Kryssie – Jason is playing for Jason.. Jason is using Danielle.
Shelby – you guys need to be careful because Jason is good.. I’m sure yo know that.. he is so good at spinning stuff

Kryssie says Jason “lost his sh1t” when they almost lost Justin
Shelby points out none of them will beat Danielle and Jason in the final 3.

Shelby tells her they are taking Kryssie ti final 3 and Justin will take her to the final 3 so if their final 4 deal works out Kryssie is making it to the finale. (LOL Kryssie is winning this season the vote will be split)

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-11 17-11-28-126

5:10pm Kryssie and Jason
Kryssie says she’s worried about being a pawn this week. Kryssie says they need to get Danielle out this week it’s the only way to protect Jason.
Jason thinks the girls want Justin out.

Jason says it’s smart for them to take one of the girls to the end. Would prefer Morgan over Shelby.
Kryssie doesn’t think Shelby should get to the end she’ll have a good chance to win. Jason agrees.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-11 19-09-57-592

6:55pm Justin, MOrgan and Shelby
THey talk about Danielle now being close to Justin after Shane left. Justin says he’s told them this in the DR “If you didn’t pick me first you didn’t pick me at all”
Justin – She’s the only one I never had any trust in my alliance.
Shelby – I know you and Jason are close but he’s being trying to get us to take you out so he doesn’t ahve to do it himself
Justin – I already know
Justin – I’m keeping to my end of the deal 100%

Justin – we gotta make it happen we gotta win the veto
Shelby – yup.. it’s 4 on 2

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-11 19-23-51-470

7:24pm Justin and Kryssie
they both don’t want Jason to go home. They have to win the veto so that Danielle doesn’t
Justin says Danielle has to go home.
Justin – she openly told the girls she’s flirting with me for game.. I’m a southern playa baby
Kryssie says she knows

Live Dr’s starting soon..

8:16pm live dr’s

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Send Jason packing

Ugh. I want Jason to go home!

Dependocrat Purge

Back to the basement.


That picture of Kryssie scared the sh#t outta me, lol


yeah, looked like a polish sausage tucked between her bottom teeth and her lip………..lol

tech difficulties

Thats what happens when that huge belch just wont come up!


Kryssie and Justin would be stupid not to take this deal. Play the game kids and make a big move. Jason and Danielle will cut you in a heartbeat. Still hoping America’s nomination is not Morgan…


Either Danielle or Jason works. Make it happen.


I don’t understand why everyone wants the two best players of the season out


Does anyone understand how the game ends this season, with no jury? Who votes? Does America vote?


Send Jason home


So Dani and Jason will go up with Dani out the door unless she wins the Veto. Can we plz all agree that Kryssie needs to be AN next week? Thumbs up for yes.


Heads up to all, Kryssie is finally working out at 8:35 BB time.


I know I posted in this already, but watching Kryssie’s live dr, she is so delusional and really has no clue. I hate name calling, but she is one of the worst players ever…


Agreed…delusional. And the HOH she won was pure luck. (And I’ve never heard someone burp and fart so much.)


We need to vote for Kryssie AN. Did you all watch her in the Live DR she was talking so rude about Shelby and Morgan. She’s a very wicked person! I definitely don’t want her to win! And those two girls want her to win, and she is insulting them like that. KRYSSIE NEEDS TO GO HOME AMERICA’S VOTE DESPERATLY NEEDED. BYE KRYSSIE!!!


Agree 100%. I really want Dani gone then Krusti. They are disgusting and despicable. I realize it’s a game, but most of this is not necessary. Never had a favorite till now. Shelby or Morgan win this. 4 on two. Vote Krusti if Dan isn’t on the block.


Kryssie dosen’t deserve to be there but this is the week to make a big move. Kryssie is not a big move!! Danielle or Jason this week!! Then let’s watch them gravitate to the power and stop being such cocky aholes!

James Ruined Season 18

Kryssie needs to go on the block. Not evicted, but strategically placed there. Danielle or Jason need to go this week.


For those that are allowing their tongues to cut Krissy for doing what we all do on a normal basis, then talk about how she looks! Let’s put all of you in the BB house and see what these comments would read. God don’t make no trash. It’s people like you that enjoy acting like it, and on that note, Bye Danielle