“I will promise you I will do everything in my power to keep you all safe. I will go after them that have done this to me.. that is a fact!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Felicia
Nominees: Cameron and Jag Hisam
POV Players: Cameron, Jag, Felicia, Izzy, Red, Corey – Host is Bowie
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Jag used the veto on himself. Felicia nominates Hisam in his place.
Havenots:  America, Matt, Red

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation First Blindside.. KABBOOOM

6:55pm Bedroom – Hisam plotting how he will get out of this mess he’s in.

6:57pm Havenot Room – Matt and Izzy.
Izzy – hey, I wanted to check in with you. Has Hisam talked to you today? Matt – No, that’s what I am wondering. I was wondering if he was going to talk to me .. because Bro I know you campaigned against me all week so like I want to see what he says. Izzy – he pulled me right away. Matt – I didn’t know if he was giving you a death stare or? Izzy – He was giving me.. I’ll tell you .. I think I told you .. because he knows this game for me. But I talked to him in the HOH for like a long time. Matt – I saw that. Izzy – it was awful! Because he is like delusional .. and so I just wanted you to know that he is basically lying to me about what everyone … like you know what I mean? Like the conversation he had with you. He has lied about to me. Because I said I am not going to lie to you. I was like this is why this needed to happen and one of the things was you’ve been saying all this bullsh*t to everyone so your actions and words don’t align. And he was like well I never tried to do anything with Matt. And I never tried to do anything with America. Matt – BULLSH*T! Izzy – that’s a lie! So just so you know I am looking out for you. He is like denying. Red joins them. Red – do you need a minute? Izzy – no, its okay. Red – I told him that I was the last one to find out and it was out of respect and I basically told him the truth. He is wanting to campaign to get the people back on his side. Izzy – yeah he was trying to get you (Matt). Matt – he was trying to use me to turn you guys. And its just bullsh*t because I’ve never done anything against him. The only thing I had against him was that I was close to Reilly and you just take that super personal. Izzy – right. Matt – but he’s made me promises. Izzy – but also he kept reminding me that you beat him in that very first comp. He kept saying well I can’t beat Matt. I can’t beat Matt. Matt – not with that attitude. But he’s won 5 competitions and I’ve won 0 .. its like not everything is physical strength. Izzy – anyway I just want you to know that I see how unfair it is what he is doing now and what he had been doing. Matt – That’s what I hope he is not going around talking sh*t about me because I’ve never made him any promises and I’ve never made him any deals. And he’s made me promises. And I am hearing from other people the same sh*t that he is telling them oh I always wanted to work with you. You’ve said that to every f**king person so how could I ever trust you?! I told him after the Reilly situation we could talk .. and the first day he was already targeting me so why am I going to work with you? Izzy – its like unbelievable, right!? Its sad. I feel for him. I feel bad for him. I was sick to my stomach during the veto ceremony. Red – I don’t care for it. I even went in to check on America to make sure it wasn’t an intimidation situation. I was like cool your sh*t! I love the guy, I really do but he put himself in this position. Izzy – yeah I care about him but he’s gone of the deep end so I can’t save him. Izzy leaves.

Havenot room – Matt and Red.
Matt – how was your talk with him? Red – it was okay. I told him the truth. I think he accepted pretty much that he will be leaving. I just wanted to be upfront and forward with you.. I’d see you and Jag having a conversation in the mirror and I can read lips. And I seen ya’ll say my name a couple times. I am just curious, is he planning to put me up? Matt – when we in the hammock? Red – yeah. I won’t say anything I swear. Matt – its because they think you’re close with Hisam. SO that is why and they’re afraid. But I already know who I am putting up and its not you guys. My direction would be different obviously. Red – of course. Matt – Because I do trust you and Cameron. Mine would be the same thing that I told you. It would be Meme … and I don’t know if it would be Bowie because you said she was sticking up for me… its not you… its … Its definitely Meme because I know my name was said and that would be my reason. It would be .. I am not going to tell that… It could be Jag. Red – right. Matt – it could be .. I don’t … I am trying to think pawn-wise.. I am not going to do Cameron because he has been up so many times. Do I put Bowie up and say to everyone don’t do Bowie? Red – that’s scary. Matt – yeah that’s scary but its hard when you do a pawn because who knows what’s what you know!? Red – I think you could put her up and we could keep her safe. Matt – yeah I feel like everyone wouldn’t vote against Bowie. Red – what do you think about America? Matt – I don’t know. Red – she is in the middle and playing both sides. Matt – Here is the thing, the most game talk I’ve had is about Hisam. I think what is worrying is Me and Jag are close but we have no promises like I will take you to the final 5 or 3. My plan is still Meme .. like I am not aligned with anyone like that but I don’t mean that in a way like I am floating like her. Like with today I am still trying to catch up.. like what is Hisam saying!? Red – I think for sure you’ll make it to jury. Matt – yeah. Red – as far as the people I know, no one is gunning for you. Matt – its just hard because I have no idea what Hisam is going to do. Like if he is trying to ruin my game because he thinks I’ve campaigned against him. And I was like bro I didn’t even have to because you did it yourself. Red – nobody bought it. nobody! Don’t worry about Hisam. I was kind of close to him in the beginning but then he made a lot of bad decisions. Matt – yeah he is a lost cause. It would be good if I won this week because I wouldn’t put you guys up. Red – if it came down to me and you.. Like I would want to win because I want to see my family but I think it would be good for you if you won. What it comes down to is people I think I can trust and I trust you. Matt – I will let you know if you or Cams name comes up. I could easily take the focus off you guys and be like them.. America and Cory, Meme. I could throw those names out easily and take the focus off you guys. Its just a small group .. I don’t know what the full groups are yet. Red – all we need to do is get rid of 3 more. Felicia joins them. Felicia – on the front side I thought this was going to be so much fun but on the backside I just see the pain and that really hurts my heart .. but again he is now feeling what Reilly felt. And everyone at some point .. except for the person that wins .. is going to feel this.

7:34pm Bedroom – Hisam and Jag.
Hisam – right now my alliance has voted me out and there is still a lot of game players left. I am a strong competitor. I can win things. I would be a good alliance member. I have been loyal to my group .. till the end. I have been trying to protect them to the end. I have been winning to keep them all safe. Right!? That was not my plan when I came here. My plan and my game was to stay under the radar because there is already.. I already look like I workout. And I was already concerned that people would see me as a threat. So my gameplay was to actually be quite but then I got aligned with a bunch of people .. right!? That happened that way.. Right?! Nice people, likable people.. we aligned. Right!? And then I find out that if I don’t win.. that we are not going to be safe. And everything inside of me… everything about me is to protect the people that I am with. Its what my name means! AND I literally think about using the veto on Felicia because I don’t want the oldest person to be out of the game because I am aligned with her .. because I like her.. Right!? And then she tells me not to use it .. so that is why I don’t… and that is the TRUTH. And so my pitch to you.. is right now the numbers are still even.. with me being on the block. If your side .. the people you’re aligned with choose to save me .. I will promise you as I have promised the other side that I will do everything in my power to keep you all safe. And I will go after them that have done this to me.. that is a fact! And then the two of us are not on opposite sides. What happened to me .. really hurt my feelings but I understand that I also hurt people and I am apologizing for what I have done. So if there are things that I have done that have hurt you, then please tell me so that I can apologize for the things that I have done. Right!? Like honestly. Whole heartedly.. accepted responsibility of hurting you. Right?! That has not been my intention. Jag – with the meeting that we had ..with me you and Blue. There were things that were talked about in there including everything we say doesn’t leave that room. We are going to be honest with each other. We are going to bring things up with each other. How much did you stay true to those things that we had mentioned? Hisam – I had stayed true to the fact that I was telling you what was happening. Right!? I didn’t know about the Felicia thing. As far as the things that we had been talking about staying true. It was a sticky place to be because I was working with a group of people and I was working with you guys and I was hoping to maneuver being in the middle of that. And not putting you up.. and to this day in my heart of hearts believe me, I was never putting you up. Right?! Jag – right. Hisam – I was never putting Blue up. Jag – that is something that I do believe. If there is any solace in that.. I believe you meant that. We had that meeting with the three of us .. and word got out. Hisam – Hhhmmmm.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Jag – I give people the benefit of the doubt and with that I also have too.. but at the same time if someone is telling me something and it doesn’t line up.. I have to make sense of that. And that is where I am at. I know you’re chatting with everyone.. as is your right.. and I would encourage you but something that would concern me is you’ve been put in a tough position where you have to make promises to people to stay here and its hard to know which ones you would have to stay true to. Hisam – the people that vote to keep me in are the ones that I will protect and stay loyal to. Its that simple! Right?! And everyone that votes me out, I have nothing against them and that is the promise I can make. Right!? Jag – have you mentioned my name to anyone in terms of wanting me up or wanting to get me out? Jag – no, because I didn’t have a thing against you. Felicia mentioned your name. In all honesty I said in how hard you’re campaigning for Reilly to stay.. you’re painting a target on your back. That I did say. Right?! Every single one of the people on my side were talking about you.. with the exception of Red. They were all exhausted with you.. They felt like they couldn’t leave the room without you hunting them down and cornering them… you and Matt.

7:54pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.
7:59pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the kitten cams.
8:08pm Still blocked.
8:42pm Still kittens..
9:22pm Nothing..
10:10pm No feeds for you..
10:23pm The feeds return, it looks like the houses guests got a pizza dinner. Felicia – Hisam over there is acting like a pouty little teenager.

Games Room – Cory and America
America – I think we’re cool. Cory – I think so too. America – she said that she really likes you and that in tern makes her trust me. Cory – is Jag doing that for you? Yeah Jag is like I got Matt for you. Yeah because when I talk to her in private I am like I don’t know the complete truth of what America told me. She told me and I believe her but he also said that he was never targeting me and we know that was bullsh*t. America – Mmmmhmmm. Cory – So what is more likely? What she is talking to me about is … she had two questions.. How do I get closer to America and I was like… America – tell her to kiss me. Cory – yeah is that it? And What I told her is that America is a big fan of the show, she likes the game .. so talk game to her. Even if they think you’re closer to that side. America – I am closer to you. Cory – well you’re closer to the middle. And I will say when they’re asking me, I am fully shutting down the showmance sh*t. America – you are? Cory – yes. And if I met my wife in this, I would not kiss her on the .. Big Brother switches the feeds.

10:32pm – 10:50pm Bedroom – Jared and Blue
Jared – I did tell you what we doing and this game is separate. So I do understand that part of it. I think what made me most upset about that whole situation was thinking like I was starting to get like where I would protect you over anybody else in here. So I was thinking that would be the same .. so I understand. Blue – yeah. Jared – Besides the Izzy’s and the Cirie’s in here I like don’t have that relationship with people in here to feel like how you feel about Jag. Blue – yeah. Jared – So I did consider that part of it too. Blue – well I appreciate that. And you and I have been getting a lot closer in the past couple days. From the beginning was that Jag was someone that I was getting pretty personal with. Its not like I am choosing Jag over you because clearly we’re getting a lot closer. And that is something I do want to consider how much I do want to protect you compared to other people in the house. Like thinking about it in a strategic way.. the way you have people is not the same way that Jag has people. So that was something I was considering as well, like personally I would also want to keep you as well. Or like I would want to keep both of you. And as the game goes on it is a possibility that you could both be on the block together. But also in a game sense like what is going to take me further. And like you could take me further in your ways and Jag could take me further in his ways. Jared – did you get mad at me? Blue – no I thought you were mad at me. Jared – at first it caught me off guard. But I am glad that you actually admitted it. So moving forward .. I don’t want to say I expect it but that I know that its a possibility. If you were the deciding vote .. that would hit a little different. Even still yes I would be upset but like I told you in the beginning I want you to play this game for you. Whatever you feel that is best for you in the moment I want you to go with that.

Comic Bedroom – Bowie, Cirie, Izzy and Red.
Red – He (Matt) had mentioned putting up Meme. And I was like well Meme is kind of on my side and then he was like oh well then I won’t put her up. Like immediately. Cirie – this will not leave this room. Red – and well he was real weird about it getting to Jag mostly or that side. I kind of to develop trust, you know because Matt is not gunnin for us at all. Cirie – perfect, thank you for that Red. Izzy – controlling the upstairs .. lets go! Red – well and he’s a good dude too. I mean its almost impossible to not talk to the guy. Bowie – and he’s loyal. Cirie – yeah I like him a lot. Izzy – absolutely. Cirie – he is trustworthy. Bowie – all the snakes have to go. I don’t like the snakes. This is not cool! Its like half the house is good people and the other half aren’t. I don’t mean each side.. there is like a handful of people causing problems. Izzy – yeah.

10:54pm Backyard Hammock – Matt and Cirie.
Cirie – Izzy is going to have the same conversation with you as is Bowie. Just a heads up. Matt – is that what we’re doing? Cirie – we would love to. Matt – no you know I am with you. I just don’t know what the main thing was. Cirie – the main thing was me, Izzy, Red, Bowie and Meme. And I think there was some questions recently about Meme but as far as we know Meme is still with us. Matt – Red was telling me that he vouches for me. Cirie – we were sketch about Meme because we heard that America said that she can pull Meme to her side. And if you with us, nobody can pull you. You’ve also had conversations with Jared and Cory. But Red is skeptical about Jared because he told him something that Jared must have told Blue and then Blue came to him and told him something. But we should all have a conversation. Izzy will have a conversation with you and I think we should get together with Red too.

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un autre nom

Maybe the feed block is so they can play another round of bb squares….

Queen B

Any idea why the feeds are down?


This has been the best part of the season seeing Hisam’s own alliance turn on him along with Cameron next to him. This eviction is absolute karma for last week. He is so vile and egotistical with zero accountability. Hisam is getting what he deserves after how he has acted with Reilly. It was not Reilly’s fault she left when Hisam devin-ed himself. After this week hoping cam izzy and jared are the next few players to go.


I really hope Icky Izzy is the next one out but I don’t think she will be.

Hisam’s problem is that the he can’t think past himself nor can he take responsibility for his actions. He really believes all of the deal that he spews. In his mind, he doesn’t think he has done anything wrong. He doesn’t realize that EVERYONE in the house is against him. Someone needs to tell him that he has done all of this to himself. He turned the whole house against him. Maybe when he goes home someone there will tell him because I haven’t heard anyone in the house try to wake him up to how he really is.

un autre nom

Feeds are down because Bowie jane dressed up like a ninja and released the eels.
Production handlers took the opportunity to tranquilizer dart the crazy kookie chaos coven.
meanwhile….is that jared’s dog on petcam?



un autre nom

Feeds are down because they had their first wall yeller….

Spot ON


un autre nom

1/5 of the way pizza party. have nots included.

Hisam is still jawing with Jag about all the ways they’ve hurt each other.
Red told the comic room that Matt should join them.
Matt told Cirie that Red reads lips at a distance.
Cirie told Matt about the Professors.
Cirie told Matt that Red doesn’t trust Jared, Red is fickle.
Cirie doesn’t want to play with flip floppers.
Sorry, had to check that twice… thought maybe i’d had a stroke.
No….she said it. eyeroll/headdesk/sideye. mmhmmmm.


Gotta love Cory the Geek saying he is “shutting down the showmance Sh*t”, like there is any girl in the house that would even think about having one with him.. lol